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9 11 saga update

More evidence against Mossad and the Bush regime. Why have successive German gov'ts kept quiet since 2002?
Suppressed 2002 German Report on 9/11
Summary and Outlook
The terrorist attacks on American targets were fully known to many entities  well in advance. The US President was fully informed as to the nature and exact  time of these attacks.
The US government in general and the US President in specific have become subservient to the wishes and plans of the Israeli government. As these plans  encompass the removal of the Arab population of Israel and adjoining  territories, it is evident that the population of the United States is being  pushed into a situation that could easily result in more, and terrible, attacks  on their home country.
In view of this possibility, the US authorities are determined to limit any  discussion of the 11 September attacks to the official version as it appears  regularly in the US media.
It also appears from confidential sources that Bush’s plans to attack Iraq  are based mainly on a desire on the part of Israel to remove Saddam Hussein. Tel  Aviv views Hussein as a real threat and has already attacked that country  before.
There is also evidence that if Hussein is toppled by American military  forces, the oil resources of Iraq would be put under the control of a consortium  of the American oil interests that so avidly support the Bush  administration.
Pullach, April 5, 2002
Then there was the profit motive of the money barons where the gold from the underground storage was plundered but that was small potatoes compared to the profits taken by market speculators due to advanced knowledge as proven in the video below.

9 11 Conspiracy Solved Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

Watch on Youtube

(If and when this video is closed by Google's Youtube just go to Youtube and search for the title )

Responding to Gordon Duff's June 9 2012 9/11: A Decade Later, A Whole New Ballgame
CONCLUSION - These are the hard facts and accepted theories by the real experts, without any of the speculation of activists or “conspiracy theory” folks.  There is more, much more, but how much anger is allowed?
What we can’t do is walk away from our political system when we have one party of foreign controlled traitors, the GOP and another of petty mobsters and incompetents, the Democrats.  We have what we deserved.  When we were offered the candidate we dreamed of, perhaps not the charisma of Bobby Kennedy but Ron Paul, once free of the “bought and paid for” congress, could and is likely to begin restoring America.
Let us first jail those who created this upcoming election and do it quickly, ridding ourselves of Mr. Romney, Mr. Adelson, Mr. Netanyahu, Ms. “Ferkel” Merkel of Germany and the pack of thieves who have taken control of Canada.
Maybe an early place to look for our Israeli friends is Wisconsin.
Howard T. Lewis III June 11, 2012
[...] I don't know anything about any nukes placed up in the WTCs, but I have known of the ones in the basement and the thermite spray paint primer from top to bottom since 1969, when these facts were published. The Seattle Times, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, The New York Times, Construction Quarterly WERE PUBLISHED. In 1972, I found a training fim on applying the thermite in an electric field at the WTCs. On hearing of the preset to be installed, my father ordered me to document this placement of charges(or don't come home. It took two weeks to corral enough info to get a conviction, but the NYC/NJ Port Authority mandated it, as did the Nixon White House, with Bush41 doing it for his 'Grand Patron'. Father was one of just a very few who procured the successful bid for Skilling Engineering. He bailed on hearing of the preset. That was when we stopped receiving progress packages for the WTCs I and II at our home.
[...] Numerous four to five hour phone calls at our home went on after the 1969 notification of the preset charges. Protests were being made by the onsite engineers about the extremely shoddy work being done by some of the contractors. This was compounded by the developers(Rockefeller agents)and The NYC/NJ Port Authority building inspectors glossing them over to expedite construction. The U.S. government inspectors were present to install the nukes.
All of the contractors were jewish. That is not to say they were all in on a plot. I am just saying that all the contractors were jewish. This also was published in several places. Look for razor cut-out pages for all 1969 references to the preset demolition systems. Also check for missing Tables of Contents. The Chicago Sears(Willis) tower was also preset as well as being the last over 50 story skyscraper built in the U.S.


Time and time again since the big event sufficient evidence has been presented to bring the Cheneys and Bushes to court. It hasn't happened because the system in the US is controlled by the zionist money mafia. Making connections back to London Sq. Mile is difficult..
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