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Just another Tuesday for Syria. Via Syria 24

Reports that Terrorists from Al-Nusra Front are withdrawing from "Jobar", after rejecting the idea of a settlement in the district, which was a truce agreed to by criminals from the FSA, including a cease-fire and the return of civilians to their homes ... - J

Special Army Units targeted Hideouts of Armed Terrorist groups in the areas of Daraya and Joubar of rural Damascus, killing a large number of Terrorists, including the leader of the so-called "Al-Shuhada Brigade", the Terrorist Yasser Al-Litr ... - J

Armed Forces launched successful operations targeting positions and clusters of Armed Terrorist groups in the areas including, Wadi Al-Karam - Wadi Al-Nshashe - Jabal Hassia - Wadi Hawara - Wadi Al-Safa and Sirj Al-Dibes in rural Al-Qaseir, with reports that large numbers of Armed Terrorists were eliminated during the operations, in addition to the destruction of a number of Vehicles loaded with ammunition, and a number of heavy machinery belonging to the Terrorists ...

Saudi, Lebanese & Tunisian Terrorists Eliminated in Homs ..
Army units killed dozens of terrorists, the majority from Saudi, Tunisian and Lebanese nationalities in the town of Al-Zara in Homs countryside.

Combined Units from the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces detected an Armed Terrorist group attempting to infiltrate in the region of the Oil line from the Al-Basel Forest in Hama countryside, to which our Troops launched an attack resulting in the elimination of most of the group's members ... - J

#Disillusioned #FSA Militants Surrender to the #Syrian Army
The disillusioned militants of FSA are surrendering to take advantage of the amnesty offered by the Syrian government. ITV reports:
"They emerged from the shadows of a rubble-strewn street, hands raised and stripped to the waist to ensure they weren't wearing suicide vests. But this wasn't a trap or a staged piece of propaganda. These were defectors from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) who had been besieged for more than a year and had had enough.
We happened to be in the area as the defection was being orchestrated. It took several hours of negotiation to be allowed to film the moment the fighters lay down their weapons in the silent alley.
The Syrian National Forces were nervous about us filming such a sensitive operation and insisted we blurred the faces of the soldiers involved.
The men had been convinced to make the perilous journey across sniper-scrutinised streets over several days by another defector, 33-year-old Mamoun al-Khateeb. He had become steadily disillusioned by the increasing presence and influence of Islamist forces on the rebel front lines.
Men, he claimed, preached Sharia law, while looting houses, stealing food from civilians and raping women.
We were given hundreds of photos of Khateeb and his former comrades in arms -- showing them posing with weapons and the black and green flags associated with Islamist groups like the Al Nusra Front.
They give an astonishing insight into the hidden world of the Islamist rebels a few blocks away from where we had been filming. Some showed the men prone at sandbag defences, assault rifles in hand. Others gave clues about how the men are living in the warzone, relaxing with a shisha-pipe, even cooling off in a half-filled swimming pool of a villa.
Khateeb said numerous foreign fighters had joined the rebels in the area where he had been fighting. Saudis, Libyans, even German Muslims had flooded to this suburb in recent months. He claimed more than 70 per cent of the rebel gunmen in the suburb were Islamist in their ideology.
He described the streets as a lawless jungle where competing factions fight each other for food, weapons and territory. Before the war he had worked in his family's shop - a business that had been looted by the al-Nusra Front. He said the weapons supplied to the rebels were smuggled in through Jordan, paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Officially, the government has offered an amnesty to FSA rebels if they surrender now, but the Islamist fighters are unlikely to enjoy such freedom."

#Full Version: Syrian #Christians' Deadly Battle With #Islamist Persecution
"They said they'd chop our heads off if we stayed. They said we were supporting the regime and they burnt one of my cousins." Mohammed Jelloud, a local Arab man, says of the oppression of rebel groups with ties to Al Qaeda. But now the Kurds have taken this region, which is split between Christians, Muslims and Kurds. For the Christians, the most vulnerable group, it is a godsend. Elsewhere in the country an estimated 450,000 have been displaced. "The extremists said the Christians and the Kurds were infidels and had to be killed!" Mahjoub, an elderly Christian, explains as he reveals the devastation wrought on an Orthodox church. This fanaticism is why so many Christians oppose the revolution, fearing it is controlled by radical and foreign interests. Now under Kurdish leadership, a fragile but tolerant haven has opened up here. Fadi, a young Christian, has thrown his lot in with the Kurdish police, because they offer a freedom that no one else can. "I have come to work with them because they are working to secure my lifestyle. I just want to have freedom."

#Army repels terrorists, destroys their gatherings and hideouts
A military source told SANA that the army eliminated armed terrorist groups in the neighborhoods of al-#Rashideen, #Karm al-#Maysar and #Aleppo old city.
The source added that the army clashed with terrorists who tried to attack the people of Kifr Kar and blockade the road of Aleppo-#Maarat al-Arteeq, killing and injuring scores of terrorists and destroying a number of their vehicles.
A number of terrorists were killed and many of their vehicles and weapons were destroyed in a series of operations carried out by the army units in the areas near Aleppo Central Prison and in #Haylan, #Hayyan, #Babees, al-#Mansoura, #Andan, #Hreitan and Deir Hafer.
Meanwhile, the army targeted and destroyed terrorists’ hideouts in the town of Kweires in Aleppo east-southern countryside, killing a number of terrorists and destroying a 23 mm anti-aircraft machinegun.

Opposition Activists: Deaths and civilian injuries reported during severe battles between the Islamic Front and ISIS in Kfar-Hamra town of Aleppo countryside.

A special source within the Village of "Al-Zara" has reported that the death toll is around 100 Terrorists so far, mostly non-Syrians, with one of the most important leaders among the dead

Syrian Arab Army advancing in the neighborhood of #Aleppo Bani Zeid in all axes.

Syria 24
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