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Bilderberg do not want you to know that Libya is being taken back from them by loyalists

Southern Libya that sits on Libya's share of the immense aquifer that spans several countries as well as abundant hydrocarbon bearing strata has been cleansed of NATO controlled invaders and traitors by the Green Resistance that includes the former Libyan armed forces and black Libyans that were targetted by the invaders and traitors in an ethnic cleansing exercise (link). The puppet regime's forces have targetted Sabah civilians with white phosphorous and sarin gas. Attempts by the regime to retake it on the ground have failed. Preliminary skirmishes are taking place in the capital Tripoli, perhaps probing the occupation forces strengths or keeping them occupied while the GR goes about its business. The GR has stated Misurata is the next target. Yet the controlled W. media reports nothing. The first intimation that there was conflict came with a report of a French general saying something would have to be done about the fighting in Libya, next a report of Italy training the puppet regime army recruits and now the CIA created Jamestown Foundation has published this item of disinfo - Tripoli Battles Shadowy Qaddafists While Tribal Rivals Fight Over Southern Libya to explain away the fact that loyal Libyans are retaking their country in a counter insurgency.

The Jamestown Foundation: A News Agency Made to Measure
Created by the CIA to publicly unveil the communist rogues of Reagan’s times, the Jamestown Foundation has resumed its services in the Bush Administration. It publishes specialized bulletins on both the post-communist world and terrorism, which serve as reference for Washington’s think tanks. University scholars and journalists are dedicated to depict a ghost-filled world whose very same hostility justifies the U.S. empire.

Death toll rises in clashes “Sabha” by: Alexandra Valiente
Death toll rises Sabha clashes in southern Libya between tribes and government forces and loyalists of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi late during the past two weeks to 91 dead and 141 wounded.
The increase comes after the arrival of four new bodies to a government hospital, according to our sources.
The head of the hospital in the city of Sabha has made it clear in previous statements that at least 128 people were wounded in the violence in the city, which also included the bombing of a hospital.
The Libyan news agency that the Libyan army Saturday confronted an armed group “of supporters of the former regime” entered to attack the secondary residential neighborhood on the car armed, noting that insurgents were repulsed and the seizure of two families of a number of them.
The clashes broke out in Sabha, a traditional stronghold of Gaddafi strongholds, retaliatory assault by Tabu African assets against militia leader from the tribe of the children of Suleiman Arabic.
The city of Sabha last fall in the hands of rebels who fought a civil war that lasted 8 months against Gaddafi’s forces in 2011.

The Evil Axis Forces Which Fought The Great Jamahiriya Army In 2011 And Are Still Heavily Involved In The “Libyan-Conflict”:
[...] * the forces involved in the plight of February 17: - 25000 of elite soldiers Arabs (Qatar – UAE – Jordan – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Sudan) –12,500 Special Forces soldier belonging to the NATO (Legion African French army – Major Arab Army FA – U.S. Special Forces – Malta – Italy – Turkey) - mercenaries follow-Qaeda and Alakhunjah as follows:
Full list:

Great Werfalla Tribes Speaks January 25, 2014 Submitted by JoanneM
Important, those of you who understand Arabic will enjoy this. January 25, 2014 - Short Explanation in English Below
The Great Werfalla Tribe of Libya (largest Tribe in Libya 2 million strong - from Bani Walid) speaks and tells the world what is happening in Libya. The Tribes of Libya are cleaning their country of Radical Islamists, NATO mercenaries and puppets. NOW CURRENT ATROCITIES ARE BEING COMMITTED AGAINST THE INNOCENT CIVILIANS OF LIBYA BY AL QAEDA, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, ANSAR ALSHARIA AND OTHER NATO MERCENARIES TRYING TO KEEP THEIR EVIL CONTROL OF LIBYA BY ANY MEANS. THESE EXTREMIST GROUPS (many of them from foreign countries) ARE USING BOMBS, SIRAN [sarin] GAS, PHOSPHOR BOMBS against any tribe who stands against them.
The Great Werfalla tribe stands with, fights with and supports in any way the Libyan popular resistance made up of honorable Libyan heroes to bring their country out of the darkness left by NATO and the US.
mp4 vid in Arabic (37.72 MB)
2 million is well over a third of Libya's adult population.
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