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28 January 2014 @ 12:45 pm
Bilderberg do not want you to know that Libya is being taken back from them by loyalists  
Southern Libya that sits on Libya's share of the immense aquifer that spans several countries as well as abundant hydrocarbon bearing strata has been cleansed of NATO controlled invaders and traitors by the Green Resistance that includes the former Libyan armed forces and black Libyans that were targetted by the invaders and traitors in an ethnic cleansing exercise (link). The puppet regime's forces have targetted Sabah civilians with white phosphorous and sarin gas. Attempts by the regime to retake it on the ground have failed. Preliminary skirmishes are taking place in the capital Tripoli, perhaps probing the occupation forces strengths or keeping them occupied while the GR goes about its business. The GR has stated Misurata is the next target. Yet the controlled W. media reports nothing. The first intimation that there was conflict came with a report of a French general saying something would have to be done about the fighting in Libya, next a report of Italy training the puppet regime army recruits and now the CIA created Jamestown Foundation has published this item of disinfo - Tripoli Battles Shadowy Qaddafists While Tribal Rivals Fight Over Southern Libya to explain away the fact that loyal Libyans are retaking their country in a counter insurgency.

The Jamestown Foundation: A News Agency Made to Measure
Created by the CIA to publicly unveil the communist rogues of Reagan’s times, the Jamestown Foundation has resumed its services in the Bush Administration. It publishes specialized bulletins on both the post-communist world and terrorism, which serve as reference for Washington’s think tanks. University scholars and journalists are dedicated to depict a ghost-filled world whose very same hostility justifies the U.S. empire.
Full http://www.voltairenet.org/article30194.html

Death toll rises in clashes “Sabha” by: Alexandra Valiente
Death toll rises Sabha clashes in southern Libya between tribes and government forces and loyalists of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi late during the past two weeks to 91 dead and 141 wounded.
The increase comes after the arrival of four new bodies to a government hospital, according to our sources.
The head of the hospital in the city of Sabha has made it clear in previous statements that at least 128 people were wounded in the violence in the city, which also included the bombing of a hospital.
The Libyan news agency that the Libyan army Saturday confronted an armed group “of supporters of the former regime” entered to attack the secondary residential neighborhood on the car armed, noting that insurgents were repulsed and the seizure of two families of a number of them.
The clashes broke out in Sabha, a traditional stronghold of Gaddafi strongholds, retaliatory assault by Tabu African assets against militia leader from the tribe of the children of Suleiman Arabic.
The city of Sabha last fall in the hands of rebels who fought a civil war that lasted 8 months against Gaddafi’s forces in 2011.

The Evil Axis Forces Which Fought The Great Jamahiriya Army In 2011 And Are Still Heavily Involved In The “Libyan-Conflict”:
[...] * the forces involved in the plight of February 17: - 25000 of elite soldiers Arabs (Qatar – UAE – Jordan – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Sudan) –12,500 Special Forces soldier belonging to the NATO (Legion African French army – Major Arab Army FA – U.S. Special Forces – Malta – Italy – Turkey) - mercenaries follow-Qaeda and Alakhunjah as follows:
Full list: http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.org/2014/01/27/the-evil-axis-forces-which-fought-the-great-jamahiriya-army-in-2011-and-are-still-heavily-involved-in-the-libyan-conflict/

Great Werfalla Tribes Speaks January 25, 2014 Submitted by JoanneM
Important, those of you who understand Arabic will enjoy this. January 25, 2014 - Short Explanation in English Below
The Great Werfalla Tribe of Libya (largest Tribe in Libya 2 million strong - from Bani Walid) speaks and tells the world what is happening in Libya. The Tribes of Libya are cleaning their country of Radical Islamists, NATO mercenaries and puppets. NOW CURRENT ATROCITIES ARE BEING COMMITTED AGAINST THE INNOCENT CIVILIANS OF LIBYA BY AL QAEDA, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, ANSAR ALSHARIA AND OTHER NATO MERCENARIES TRYING TO KEEP THEIR EVIL CONTROL OF LIBYA BY ANY MEANS. THESE EXTREMIST GROUPS (many of them from foreign countries) ARE USING BOMBS, SIRAN [sarin] GAS, PHOSPHOR BOMBS against any tribe who stands against them.
The Great Werfalla tribe stands with, fights with and supports in any way the Libyan popular resistance made up of honorable Libyan heroes to bring their country out of the darkness left by NATO and the US.
mp4 vid in Arabic (37.72 MB)
2 million is well over a third of Libya's adult population.
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 04:09 pm (UTC)
Who does GCHQ work for?
The permanent gov't of course (US and UK Pilgrims Society, public face is Bilderberg whose main UK rep is Cameron), same as the W. caretaker gov'ts, the various intelligence agencies (the CIA is a corp'n, are MI6, Mossad, DGSE, DVD too?), NATO, AQ, "advising" gov't policy via (UK) Chatham Hse, (EU) ECFR, (US) CFR.
British ministers answer for GCHQ mass surveillance in European court
The court in Strasbourg has ordered British ministers to provide submissions on mass surveillance programs by the UK’s spy agency to find out whether GCHQ's secret activities went against the European convention on human rights.
Four European civil rights groups filed a case against Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) at the European Court of Human Rights over its surveillance methods in September, after being denied the chance to challenge its practices in an open court in the UK.
The UK's Big Brother Watch, English PEN and Open Rights Group, as well as the German internet activism group, Constanze Kurz, accused GCHQ of violating the European Convention of Human Rights, insisting that alleged hacking of vast amounts of online data, emails and social media breached Article 8 of the Convention, which guarantees European citizens the right to a private family life. Their case refers to two surveillance programs by the domestic spying agency, Prism and Tempora. The campaigners, who teamed up under the umbrella title of Privacy Not Prism, claimed that GCHQ has "illegally intruded on the privacy of millions of British and European citizens.”
In line with the data revealed by former US National Security Agency, Edward Snowden, about the mass surveillance programs operated by the US and Britain, the group said that "GCHQ has the capacity to collect more than 21 petabytes of data a day – equivalent to sending all the information in all the books in the British Library 192 times every 24 hours." Meanwhile, under UK law, intelligence agencies are supposed to seek permission from the Secretary of State to read an individual's text messages.
More http://rt.com/news/britain-ministers-surveillance-court-128/
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 04:31 pm (UTC)
Ukrainian parliament repeals controversial anti-protest laws
Nine out of 12 anti-protest laws passed on January 16 have been canceled during the special session of the Ukrainian Parliament. It was one of the main demands of the opposition.
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 04:42 pm (UTC)
Ukraine updates
Prime Minister Azarov resigns
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has accepted the resignation of PM Nikolay Azarov and his cabinet, according to a decree on the presidential website. The cabinet will continue to work until a new government is formed.

Putin: Russia ready to support Ukraine, regardless of govt
Moscow is ready to support not the government of Ukraine, but the Ukrainian people, President Putin said, referring to Russia’s loan to its neighboring state and its offer to reduce gas prices.
No matter which government comes to power in Ukraine, Russia will not reconsider its earlier signed agreements, he told a news conference in Brussels.

US, European diplomats meet with radicals in Kiev, see ‘no threat’ from them
Provided they don't wear a police uniform.

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clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 05:35 pm (UTC)
Syria via RT
US Congress secretly approves sending small arms to ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels
Congressional lawmakers have quietly authorized sending small arms, an assorted variety of rockets, and financial backing to so-called “moderate” rebels fighting in Syria’s civil war, according to a new report.
Providing weapons when the dispute is internal contravenes UN regulations. The US gov't continues to act outside the law. Those zionist camp followers that voted for this should be tried. Seems that the law, especially international law is for the little ppl and foreign gov'ts, the ICC is a sick joke.

UN documents war crimes on both rebel and govt side as Syria crisis persists
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 06:25 pm (UTC)
More Syria
Syria 24 English https://www.facebook.com/syria24english
4 hours ago
#Damascus Delegation: Washington’s decision of arming militias is condemned and undermines #Geneva_2

A political analyst says the foreign-backed Syria opposition groups have no support in the Middle Eastern country, Press TV reports.
“The opposition platform on the ground within the regions where there is no armed militants, within the regions that are run by the government is very, very weak,” Issa Chaer said.

Is the war against Syria’s government a freedom-seeking battle, or a terrorist one?
1) It is a battle waged by freedom-seeking forces. 6 %
2) It is a battle waged by foreign-backed terrorists. 94 %
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
Zionists losing their grip
AIPAC flips after Florida congresswoman report
A report says the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has flipped after revelations over pressure on Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is not supporting Iran sanctions legislation.
Earlier this month, the Huffington Post disclosed that Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz spoke forcefully against the bill in a private meeting at the White House.
In response, AIPAC’s Southeastern states director Mark Kleinman claimed the Huffington Post story was "inaccurate" without elaborating.
“Friends, I wanted to forward a statement issued by AIPAC national board member Ike Fisher after the Huffington Post released an inaccurate article regarding AIPAC and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” Kleinman wrote in a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon Monday.
According to the Huffington Post, “it's unclear what caused AIPAC to flip, though the sanctions bill appears to be losing momentum.”
In a statement, AIPAC national board member Ike Fisher said “Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz has a strong record of support for the US-Israel relationship.”
“She is a good friend of Israel and a close friend of AIPAC, and we look forward to our continued work together for many years to come,” Fisher said.
The statement came after Foreign Policy’s The Cable said the powerful lobbying group lashed out at Wasserman Schultz for being silent over the legislation.
Full http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/01/28/348175/aipac-flips-after-us-lawmaker-report/

Lost their grip...
Is Netanyahu certifiable?
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 07:02 pm (UTC)
Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai suspects that Washington has been undermining the government in Kabul through conducting ‘insurgent-style’ attacks, a report says.
The Washington Post quoted a senior Afghan presidential palace official as saying that President Karzai has provided a list of several attacks, in which he says Washington may have been involved, including the recent bloody assault on a Lebanese restaurant in Kabul, where over 20 people, including 13 foreigners, were killed.
The January 17 bombing and shooting attack on the restaurant was attributed to the Taliban militant group, though Karzai said it is one of the many attacks that may have been orchestrated by the United States in order to undermine Afghan government’s abilities in maintaining security and pave the way for keeping its soldiers in the country beyond 2014.

Bahraini regime forces have clashed with anti-government demonstrators protesting against the death of a young protester.
Protesters took to the streets in the northeastern island of Sitra on Monday to express anger over the death of Fadel Abbas Musalem, who died of injuries sustained during a demonstration in the northern village of Markh.
Police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators who were carrying Musalem’s pictures.
According to Bahrain’s main opposition group, al-Wefaq, the young anti-regime demonstrator died on Sunday “due to severe wounds from live ammunition” he sustained when security forces opened fire on protesters two weeks ago.

The Greatest Coup D’état in World History is Complete
Welcome to the New United States of America; the Financial and Mentally Occupied TerrorTory of Zionism and the New World Order

Thousands without heat in frigid Manitoba after huge natural gas pipeline explosion

Famous American whistleblower Edward Snowden faces assassination attempts by the British foreign intelligence service, MI6, a former security officer tells Press TV.
Txt and vid http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/01/28/348173/snowden-faces-mi6-assassination-threat/

The Problem of Usury in Western Culture (Part I)
by Jonas E. Alexis

Nothing New Under the Sun – Uri Avnery
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 07:04 pm (UTC)
Potpourri cont'd
The greedy 1%
How can we expect democratic institutions to survive when there's global inequality? Is the global capitalist system rigged for the benefit of the rich? And, do the rich do enough to invest in humanity's future? CrossTalking with Keith Pilbeam, Maxim Behar and Scheherazade Rehman.
Vid http://rt.com/shows/crosstalk/democratic-institutions-global-inequality-216/

Bursting the capitalism bubble & National health surveillance [E39]
Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the Tories’ recent announcements that the economy is recovering. But even those within the party disagree – Steve Baker MP tells us it’s a lovely story, but all Osborne’s done so far is produce chaos. The surveillance state is upon us again: this time it’s the NHS, planning to sell off everyone’s personal data to private care companies – but what does it mean for patients? Plus, we reveal where Tony Blair’s been making his millions. And are some of our ministers destined for the Hollywood hills?
Vid http://rt.com/shows/going-underground/uk-economy-health-surveillance-238/

'Someone died every single day' - Ricky Tomlinson on Shrewsbury convictions [E38]
Afshin Rattansi goes underground on what really happened to the Shrewsbury 24. The Royle Family star, Ricky Tomlinson, was one the protesters jailed and while the government has seemingly agreed to release papers about their imprisonment, he says he doubts they'll ever know the truth. The government is wasting over 500 million pounds on stockpiling medicines that haven't been properly tested, and and the Editor of the British Medical Journal reveals that bad results are routinely withheld. We look at what hasn't made the headlines from Prime Minister's Questions this week. Plus, why the BNP's Nick Griffin is cooking up a storm.
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 07:21 pm (UTC)
Mad Max and Sweet Stacy
Keiser Report: Capitalism 2.0 (E551)

Keiser Report: Hand Jive of Fraud (E552)

Keiser Report: Vassal State of Troika (E553)

Keiser Report: Endless Fiat money supply (E554)

Keiser Report: MaxCoin [KR555]

AGXIIK: Federal Takeover of Retirement Plans is Coming!
I’m going to clear the air on this matter. For over 2 years I’ve been writing about the impending federal takeovers of pension plans.
10 countries in the Europe and South America have engaged in pension theft, conversion or expropriation to fund government operations.

The Pirate Bay UNBLOCKED: Entrepreneurial freedom overrides property rights, court rules
clothcapclothcap on January 28th, 2014 07:59 pm (UTC)
Twitter snips
Breaking News
#Breaking_News: #UN: a shipment of food aids is ready to enter Old #Homs. http://bit.ly/1jDAI60

Jamila Hanan
Situation on the ground: reports of #Rohingya women distributed amongst Rakhine villages for rape, whilst men+boys witnesses are HUNTED.
Whilst #Burma gov 'considers' a 'visit' to site of the masscare, who is going to save the #Rohingya hunted right now? http://www.dvb.no/news/arakan-security-forces-search-for-missing-maungdaw-menfolk-burma-myanmar/36421
If @UN backs down on investigation into #Rohingya massacre at #Duchiradan they can back down on every #genocide to come too.
If we had called on @UN for an investigation into #Meiktila maybe #Duchiradan wouldn't have happened. Kids burned in the street on camera.

Press TV
Gunmen hit Egyptian general in #Cairo http://goo.gl/ZpBmPB

Robina Creaser
"@guardian Man plunges to death at JP Morgan European HQ in London" Maybe it will '..encourager les autres' ?
MT @ExaroNews Lockerbie victims’ families to seek new appeal over conviction of Libya's al-Megrahi. #Libya http://www.exaronews.com/articles/5180/lockerbie-victims-relatives-to-appeal-over-wrongful-conviction

Democracy Now!
We Shall Overcome: An Hour with Legendary Folk Singer & Activist Pete Seeger (Democracy Now! 2007) http://owl.li/t1tgv

Balkan news
#Kosovo: Serbian leader of SDP party Oliver Ivanovic arrested by EULEX. Serbs protesting. Belgrade angry pic.twitter.com/BMsde8IlT2

http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/27/us-eurozone-crisis-bundesbank-idUSBREA0Q0HV20140127 - Bundesbank calls for capital levy to avert government bankruptcies #communism Go comrades! http://pic.twitter.com/wp0h6tH8mW

Russian Central Bank warns against using #Bitcoin http://on.rt.com/uevent
Policeman wounded during #Ukraine protests dies in hospital http://on.rt.com/nzmznd

Nat'l Security News
Mexico says catches senior Knights Templar drug gang boss http://news.yahoo.com/mexico-says-catches-senior-knights-templar-drug-gang-210603511.html
Al Qaida-linked rebels bomb Syrian defence minister’s town http://gulfnews.com/in-focus/syria/al-qaida-linked-rebels-bomb-syrian-defence-minister-s-town-1.1283333

Fenia Yfandi
How Tony Blair absolves himself of guilt by hiding his war crimes behind religion - Stop the War Coalition: http://stopwar.org.uk/news/hiding-war-crimes-behind-religion-how-tony-blair-absolves-himself-of-guilt

#GOP in chaos-VA exguv #McDonnell indicted for bribery-#Christie facing extortion probes-FL cocaine Rep #TreyRadel quits-#SteveStockman AWOL

curtis doebbler
#Syria #peace talks seem silly, when #US and allies keep sending #foreign-backed rebels #weapons, says observer at talks.

Net News Global
NNG: Armed groups eliminated in several areas around country http://bit.ly/MayPQh
NNG: Homs governor: Ready for arranging the getting of the civilians out of old city of Homs http://bit.ly/1cqcpoe
Reef #Raqqa: #ISIS declares victory against Kurdish forces in Tel Abyad #Syria http://fisyria.com/?p=2448

Activist Post
WATCH: Did Katy Perry Really Summon Satan at the 2014 Grammys? http://po.st/ZG0nZi

Scott Horton
Social Costs of the War on Drugs http://wp.me/p3PEHM-4sH

Quociente Cultural
We check @BBC and we discover they fabricated a DOCUMENTARY abt Gaddafi Sexual Life; we check news abt Libya and we discover @UN is a BORDEL
SEBHA FIGHTING: Rat govt fails to provide medical supplies to hospital as fighting continues - 32 casualties die bcs of inadequate medical t

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