clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Bilderberg failure, W. regimes behaving badly as usual

Bilderberg can't salvage a victory from their campaign to destroy then partition Syria. Where it says Obama read it as Bilderberg.
Face the Assad Reality In Syria
U.S. policy is going down the drain in Syria diplomatically and militarily. The choice: deal with Assad or fail.
The Syria conference underway in Geneva to transition from the rule of President Assad will fail, and the Obama team knows it. There is no incentive now in the Assad or rebel camps for diplomatic compromise, and the U.S. knows that. Nothing the U.S. and its allies are doing or planning on the military front will compel President Assad to step aside, and the White House understands that full well. The reality on the ground today is that American-helped moderate rebels continue to flounder, while Assad’s forces and those of the jihadi extremists prosper. Obama officials see this as well and realize that nothing they are doing or are likely to do will alter those facts.
So, if President Obama understands what he is doing will fail, why is he doing it? The answer is that the Obama administration sees no viable alternative. Obama officials simply can’t bear the thought of joining hands with Assad, even if temporarily and even in the right anti-jihadi cause.

Military - industrial complexes fail
Can no-one stop these outlaw governments and weapons sellers? Perhaps Libyan loyalists can put a spoke in their wheel.
Italy is training 300 - 400 Libyan recruits on behalf of the Libyan puppet gov't at a cost of $60-70 mil in order to sell weapons and military hardware. Problem for Italy's military industrial complex (and the UK, TR and US's that are hoping to join the bandwagon) is that the Libyans are retaking the country from FRUKUSIL - NATO's AQ and traitors. The Green Resistance composed of many of the original army have remained loyal to Libya and have retaken the south of the country, are poised to secure Sabah, with their next objective being Misurata.
With Saudi-Bilderberg's (NATO-Mossad-CIA-MI6's) proxy armies sent from Libya to Syria where they are fighting and losing to the Syrian armed forces the GR has timed it well.
Italy training an army for a puppet gov't that is likely to flee anytime soon doesn't strike me as a sound investment on the part of the Italians. If it's COD, the Italians may get stung.
With the conflict being internal in Libya, surely the Italians and the others trying to flog weaponry to the puppet gov't are contravening the UN regulations by interfering in the conflict. But then we have had W. governments behaving as psychopathic outlaws for so long does anyone notice?

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