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Focus on the Qatari funded disinfo project against Syria

Very, very likely false evidence, hyped by the permanent government's subject media outlets that are owned and or run by Bilderberg/Freemason subjects and "charities" financially influenced by Soros (CFR), the enemies of humanity are pigging out on the highly lucrative false propaganda routine in an attempt to portray the individual, Assad as a worse leader than those we are being poisoned, starved, euthanised, sprayed and taxed to oblivion by in the West, to rescue a hollow victory, a puppet government in Syria, from the ashes of the failed campaign to destroy then partition Syria and its popular government by violent means. The sociopaths' plan for the destruction and division of Libya is being turned around too.
As ye sow... Unfortunately we are likely to be on the receiving end of retribution for the actions of the royal family, Rothschild family, Rockefeller, the UN, Bilderberg, NATO, their subject gov'ts, the Israeli regime and the combined intelligence services.

Syria: Who are the Real War Criminals? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
The Western media, Amnesty International and various other self proclaimed humanitarian organizations are running a war propaganda campaign against Syria following the release of thousands of photographs.
This slur of disinformation focusing on alleged atrocities committed by the Syrian government has coincided in a timely fashion with the Geneva 2 Peace Talks.
According to reports, an alleged “Syrian military police photographer” supplied “clear evidence showing the systematic torture and killing of about 11,000 detainees in circumstances that evoked Nazi death camps”.(CBC, January 21, 2014)

“One of the prosecutors said the evidence documented “industrial scale killing” that was reminiscent of the Second World War concentration camps of Belsen and Auschwitz.”Bearing signs of torture, some of the corpses had no eyes. Others showed signs of strangulation or electrocution. (Ibid)

According to Amnesty International the images are “conclusive”:

Beaten, burned, bruised, strangled bodies lying on a dirty floor. Some show signs of starvation, others are missing their eyes. A number of them appear to have been electrocuted.  The horror is nearly impossible to describe. (Ibid)

While the mainstream media points to “clear evidence”, it nonetheless acknowledges that the identity of the alleged police informer codenamed Caesar is unknown and that the authenticity of the photos cannot be determined.
Read carefully, the mainstream media is refuting its own lies:

Reuters has reviewed the report but it was not possible to determine the authenticity of Caesar’s photographs or to contact Caesar. (emphasis added)

The media reports also acknowledge the usual proviso:

“This is not to say that the people on the other side have been free of serious crime. I think there is evidence that has led very responsible people to say there have been crimes committed on both sides,”

Amnesty International, without further investigation, also refutes its main argument, asserting with authority that:

“while we cannot authenticate the images, the allegations are consistent with Amnesty International’s own research into the widespread use of torture and enforced disappearances by the Syrian authorities”. (emphasis added)

Who are the Real War Criminals?
The underlying intent of this latest propaganda dribble is to present the Syrian government as a criminal entity while at the same time whitewashing the real war criminals, those who have committed extensive war crimes against the Syrian people.
Western governments and their allies –including the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar– have blood on their hands. They are directly responsible for triggering a humanitarian disaster. This is a war of aggression using terrorism as a diabolical instrument of conquest.

Continues with Western Handlers of Al Qaeda are War Criminals
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