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19 November 2013 @ 01:36 am
The Ugly Truth - The Greatest Deception:  

How the zionist-cabal Masquerades Itself in the Muslim and Christian World

You have been victims of a divide-and-conquer strategy that has completely demoralized your people, created strife and tension and disunity which has successfully pitted Shia against Sunni, Muslim against Christian, Kurdish against their neighbors, and vice-versa on all previous groups mentioned, all benefitting the furtherance of “The jewish Utopia.” thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=70583

It is zionism/israel/zOGs-of-USA-UK-Etc., that are MANIPULATING, FINANCING, RADICALIZING, and COORDINATING the proxies known as “the rebels” in Syria, as they did in Libya; however, there is one very big difference between what they did in Libya, to what they are doing in Syria:


Once the veneer had been lifted-off of the intended obfuscation/lie that the “Arab Spring” happened all on its own, and “the Libyan people revolted” and “the Syrian people revolted” and on and on it went, the people affected PERSONALLY by all of this evil began to seriously soul-search and question all that they were told previously about who is right and who is wrong and who is doing what to whom for whatever reason(s), and then discovered the ugly truth(s), first said by a few who were ignored, the world may have been able to prevent so much catastrophe if only “the people” affected by the subterfuge and treason by the “usual-suspects” had only believed the truths sopken by these few. As one commentator stated–“This has become known as the Arab Spring. Unfortunately, like all their previous struggles, there is a poisonous snake in the background, which covertly is directing and orchestrating this Arab Spring to reap its fruits for itself.”

I tire of repeating myself as what I am saying in this essay I, and a growing number of others, have repeated literally hundreds of times personally in-writing, but it is necessary because of the importance of what is being repeated, and for the fact that obviously the information has not reached enough people, and those individuals and groups with the power and gravitas/influence to get started motivating people to speak-out and help change what is happening to OUR planet, not just what is happening to people in other nations, or with other religions.

It is becoming more and more known that there are very serious allegations that the Saudi “royals” are really crypto-jews installed by the zionist-controlled British after WW1. Other evidenced allegations say Ataturk was a donmeh jew who facilitated the destruction of The Ottoman Empire, which absolutely had to happen to be the catalyst of the physical-national “founding” of israel, because that land was part of the western boundary of The Ottoman Empire, known as Palestine, as if anyone needed to be reminded of that. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestine It also must be remembered that SUBTERFUGE is THE GREATEST TOOL employed against humanity, because with subterfuge, people never can truly know who is “the good guy,” who is “the bad guy,” what is true, what is false, if a movement legitimate or not, and on and on.

Now, having said all of that, people need evidence and proofs to share with others, and to provide a basis for the greater-understanding of why things have happened, and are happening, to the people of the world as they are:


“The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations of a number of Iraqi intelligence documents dating from Saddam’s rule. One, a General Military Intelligence Directorate report from September 2002, entitled “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots”, shows the Iraqi government was aware of the nefarious purposes of the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, often known as Salafis, in serving Western interests to undermine Islam.”

“…D. Mustafa Turan wrote, in The Donmeh Jews, that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a descendant of a family of Donmeh Jews from Turkey. The Donmeh were descendants of followers of the infamous false-messiah of Judaism, Shabbetai Zevi, who shocked the Jewish world in 1666 by converting to Islam. Viewing it as a sacred mystery, Zevi’s followers imitated his conversion to Islam, though secretly keeping to their Kabbalistic doctrines. In Europe, the Shabbeteans were eventually led a century later by Jacob Frank, claiming to be a reincarnation of Zevi. And, according to Rabbi Antelman in To Eliminate the Opiate, to them belonged the Rothschilds who had a hand in the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. The Donmeh community of Turkey were concentrated in the city of Salonika, which became a hotbed of Masonic activity, and from which the Young Turk movement evolved, which aided in the collapse of the Muslim empire of the Ottoman Turks. There is evidence that
Ataturk himself, the founder of the modern Turkish state, was of Donmeh origin as well.

Turan maintains that Abdul Wahhab’s grandfather, Sulayman was actually Shulman, having belonged to the Jewish community of Bursa in Turkey. From there he settled in Damascus, where he feigned Islam, but was apparently expelled for practicing sorcery. He then fled to Egypt and he again faced condemnation, so made his way he to the Hijaz, where he got married and fathered Abdul Wahhab. According to the report, the same is claimed in The Donmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahabis, Rifat Salim Kabar.
The notion of the Saudi family being of Jewish heritage has been published by Mohammad Sakher, who, it is claimed, was ordered killed by the regime for his revelations. The report relates a similar account, but from different sources. According The Wahabi Movement/The Truth and Roots, by Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim Al-Shammari, for example, ibn Saud is actually descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi, a Jewish merchant from Basra. Apparently, when he was approached by members from the Arabian tribe of Aniza, then claimed to be one of them, and traveled with them to Najd and his name became Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa.”


“…In the mid-18th century, Hempher made contact with Wahhab in order to set up the Wahhabi sect.
Reportedly, the purpose of the Wahhabi sect was to bring about an Arab revolt against the Ottomans and pave the way for a Jewish state in Palestine.
Hempher’s memoirs are recounted by the Ottoman writer Ayyub Sabri Pasha in his 1888 work, ‘The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism.’…”


“ZICHRON YAAKOV — There were two questions I wanted to ask, I said over the phone to Batya Keinan, spokeswoman for Israeli president Ezer Weizman, who was about to leave the next day, Monday, Jan. 24, on the first visit ever made to Turkey by a Jewish chief of state. One was whether Mr. Weizman would be taking part in an official ceremony commemorating Kemal Ataturk. Ms. Kenan checked the president’s itinerary, according to which he and his wife would lay a wreath on Ataturk’s grave the morning of their arrival, and asked what my second question was.

“Does President Weizman know that Ataturk had Jewish ancestors and was taught Hebrew prayers as a boy?”

“Of course, of course,” she answered as unsurprisedly as if I had inquired whether the president was aware that Ataturk was Turkey’s national hero…”

NOW, in-light of all of this information, what about “The Young Turks” and “The Armenian Genocide?” That was blamed on MUSLIMS who were TURKS, as we all know, but WHO BENEFITED FROM THIS MASSACRE AND SHAME THAT THIS MASSACRE RIGHTFULLY SHOULD BRING? Again…SUBTERFUGE/DECEPTION is the game that these creatures play so well because anyone would do something well if they had MILLENNIA to hone the craft.


“The plans of the 1915-23 Armenian Genocide, where a million and half Armenians perished in a barbaric way in their ancestral lands in modern Turkey, actually were drawn up and were in place by the year 1910 or 1912. There is the book “Inner Folds of the Ottoman Revolution” written by Mevlan Zadeh Rifat in Turkish and published in 1929, the author, a pro-sultan Turk, claims that the “Armenian genocide was decided in August 1910 and October 1911, by a Young Turk committee composed entirely of displaced Balkan Jews in the format of a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect which included Talaat, Enver, Behaeddin Shakir, Jemal, and Nizam posting as Muslims. It met in the Rothschild-funded Grand Orient loge/hotel of Salonika.” Syncretism means a combination of different forms of belief or practice; masonism fits that description. As the masons started the 1897 revolution in France with the cry “liberty, fraternity, equality,” Young Turks used the same slogan in
their revolution of 1908….”

For ANYONE who wants to find reasons to refute any of the above, please include in your rebuttal WHY THE ACTIONS OF THE PEOPLE/FAMILIES LISTED ABOVE HAVE ONLY BENEFITED israel AND HAVE PAVED-THE-WAY FOR THE CATASTROPHE THAT WE SEE HAVING ALREADY OCCURRED TO OUR PLANET. It must also be noted that Saudi Arabia and The Emirate states are not known for their generosity to the Palestinians, but are very willing to do business with the nation most responsible for the policies against Muslims and Christians in Palestine, and elsewhere, for that matter, israel: presstv.ir/detail/2013/07/27/315771/s-arabia-israel-army-sign-arms-deal/

So, does anyone have a good explanation for why this would be happening: “Israeli Radio reported that Saudi Arabia signed a 50-million-dollar deal with Israeli army to supply the foreign-backed militants with old Israeli military equipment and arms.  The reports added that the weapons include different kinds of anti-tank
missiles, military vehicles, artillery equipment, and night vision devices.”

This article was published in 2010, and exposed israel and Saudi Arabia doing covert deals, and I believe it is important enough to be remembered: “Israel Air Force aircraft dropped off large quantities of military gear at a Saudi Arabian military base a week ago, in preparation for a potential attack on Iran, a number of Iranian and Israeli news outlets have reported.

The unconfirmed report, first published by the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars and the Islam Times Web site, claimed that on June 18 and 19, Israeli helicopters unloaded military equipment and built a base just over 8 km. outside the northwestern city of Tabuk, the closest Saudi city to Israel, located just south of Jordan. All civilian flights into and out of the city were said to have been canceled during the Israeli drop-off, and passengers were reportedly compensated by the Saudi authorities and accommodated in nearby hotels.

The claim follows a report two weeks ago in the London Times Magazine that Saudi Arabia had given Israel permission to fly through a narrow corridor of airspace in northern Saudi Arabia so as to shorten the flight time required for Israeli jets to reach Iran.” jpost.com/Middle-East/Is-Israel-arming-in-Saudi-Arabia

Is THIS, ladies and gentlemen, the work of people and administration who have the best interests of the Muslims and Christians of the Middle-East in-mind, or the actions of pupets of and to the zionist cabal that has used people pretending to be what they are not as a strategy throughout history?  REMEMBER, IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT DECEPTION BECAUSE AS LONG AS THE PEOPLE ARE IGNORANT OF WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING, THE GOAL WILL BE REACHED AND THE “CLOCK” WILL BE RUN-DOWN DUE TO INTENTIONAL DISTRACTIONS PUT IN-PLACE TO WASTE TIME AND RESOURCES CHASING “GHOSTS.”

If you believed that the plotting-and-scheming by “Muslim”-controlled nation of Saudi Arabia could not get any worse, here is more:  ”Saudi political activist, known as Mujtahidd, has revealed that Al Saud government has helped Egyptian defense minister with one billion dollars to topple former president Mohamed Morsi.” Mujtahid who has gathered lots of attention for his tweeter campaign against Saudi government, said in his latest tweets that Commander-in-Chief of Egyptian armed forces General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who is also country’s defense minister, received a one billion dollar aid from Saudi Arabia for removing Morsi from power on July 3.”

This was the essay that provided the motivation for me to write this essay.  I am not in any way, shape, or form, a supporter of Morsi or the zionist-proxy “Muslim Brotherhood,” but I could not ignore the apparent reality that Saudi Arabia was intimately involved in the tumult-and-chaos that we all now see taking-place in Egypt,and that does NOTHING more than further destabilize and weaken that nation, all for the benefit of only player in this “The Grand Chessboard.”

I have spoken a great deal about “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War” which is mossad’s motto, so allow me to give you a piece of evidence that is quite startling in the reality that this is admitted POLICY of those who are making war upon various peoples and nations across our planet: whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/deception.html ”Our motto is: ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war.’”


“…Back in 2002, following the trauma of 9-11, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld predicted there would be more terrorist attacks against the American people and civilization at large. How could he be so sure of that? Perhaps because these attacks would be instigated on the order of the Honorable Mr. Rumsfeld. According to Los Angeles Times military analyst William Arkin, writing Oct. 27, 2002, Rumsfeld set out to create a secret army, “a super-Intelligence Support Activity” network that would “bring together CIA and military covert action, information warfare, intelligence, and cover and deception,” to stir the pot of spiraling global violence.

According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, the new organization–the “Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG)”–would actually carry out secret missions designed to provoke terrorist groups into committing violent acts. The P2OG, a 100-member, so-called “counter-terrorist” organization with a $100-million-a-year budget, would ostensibly target “terrorist leaders,” but according to P2OG documents procured by Arkin, would in fact carry out missions designed to “stimulate reactions” among “terrorist groups”–which, according to the Defense Secretary’s logic, would subsequently expose them to “counter-attack” by the good guys. In other words, the plan is to execute secret military operations (assassinations, sabotage, “deception”) which would intentionally result in terrorist attacks on innocent people, including Americans–essentially, to “combat terrorism” by causing it!

This notion is currently being applied to the problem of the Iraqi “insurgency,” it seems….”

Unfortunately, it appears that the Kurds are the next target of “the usual-suspects” in the game of subterfuge after the disastrous defeat of the FSA and their fellow proxies of israel/zionist-cabal by the SAA in recent months. “The head of Turkey’s main Kurdish party has welcomed contacts between the Ankara government and Syria’s Kurds, saying it could step up pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and help change the course of the civil war, Turkish intelligence officers met in Istanbul last week with Saleh Muslim, head of Syria’s Democratic Union Party (PYD), a Kurdish group whose militias have been fighting for control of parts of Syria’s north near the Turkish border.” au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/-/world/18209869/kurds-could-help-shift-course-of-war-in-syria/

If the above was not clear enough how this game works, there is more: “It won’t just affect Turkish-Kurdish relations but also the course of events in Syria by creating pressure on the regime,” he said. “Kurds can be effective in Syria, and we need to increase support for them. Western countries, including the United States, should establish proper ties with Syria’s Kurds.” Turkey is one of the strongest backers of the rebels seeking to topple Assad in a war that has claimed more than 100,000 lives since March, 2011. Syria’s ethnic Kurdish minority has been alternately battling Assad’s forces and the Islamist-dominated rebels for control of parts of the north.”
In order to create MORE instability, mistrust, and confusion, a couple of days ago on July 30, 2013, a car bomb killed Kurdish Syrian politican Isa Huso. What is important to note is that he was a vocal opponent of Assad, but the Kurds of Syria did not lay the blame on the Syrian government for the assassination, and this possible plan to pull the Kurds into the fight fully against Assad has apparently completely backfired: “Isa Huso was a member of the Supreme Kurdish Council, aimed at bringing together Syrian Kurdish groups, and an opponent of President Bashar al-Assad. Syria’s main Kurdish militia later issued a call to arms to all Kurds to fight jihadists operating in the north.” “He (Huso) had reportedly been imprisoned several times under Mr Assad’s rule for campaigning against human rights abuses…”

If my words are not enough, then please allow the words of CHRISTIAN Greek Orthodox Archbishop Hanna to be the game-changer: “…those who bear arms against the Syrian people and the Syrian Army – regardless of their names and affiliations – are mere pawns that serve Israel and its project to divide and control the Arab region.” globalresearch.ca/archbishop-atallah-hanna-those-who-bear-arms-against-syria-serve-israel/5344217

Finally, as for anyone who says that it is “anti-Semitic” to expose the plots, schemes, subterfuge, treason, crimes-against-humanity, and all of the other evil committed by the zionist-cabal/israel/various zOG’s across the world, all that I have to say is this: THE TRICK NO LONGER WORKS BECAUSE PEOPLE NOW KNOW THAT IT WAS ALWAYS NOTHING MORE THAN A SHIELD BY WHICH THE cabal, QUITE SUCCESSFULLY FOR DECADES, USED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM EXPOSURE AND PROSECTION FOR ALL OF THE EVIL THAT HAS TAKEN-PLACE TO GET HUMANITY TO THE CATASTROPHE THAT WE ALL SEE BEFORE US: “Anti-Semitism is a trick we always use.” youtube.com/watch?v=jUGVPBO9_cA&sns=tw

I can go on and on and this essay would quite literally become a book, but my point is made. The people of this planet are very quickly, apparently, realizing the very deep level of deception that has been employed against them to muddle-their-minds and manipulate their feelings, actions, and beliefs, and thankfully because of word spreading in Arab nations, and other across the world, NOW, FINALLY, people are putting all of the pieces together and reaching conclusions that may very well change the course upon our planet and the human-race have been manipulated and deceived into accepting.

Like in the iconic film from the 80′s that opened-up millions of people’s eyes to serious inconsistencies with the world around them, “They Live”, the people of Syria, Arab nations, zOG-controlled “West”, and other areas, are figuratively putting-on-the-sunglasses and seeing the manipulation for what it has ALWAYS BEEN.

“The moment of revelation”: youtube.com/watch?v=QVgl1HOxpj8
For those who are unaware of information regarding israel being intimately involved in 911, please do not take-off those sunglasses just yet…
The discussion that led to the essay of “Israel Did 911, All the Proof in the World” and a very large portion of unabridged information that went to create THE essay on the subject:theinfounderground.com/smf/index.php?topic=5367.0 The essay, “israel Did 911, All the Proof in the World”: ehpg.wordpress.com/israel-did-911/ Must-see video on the issue that simplifies it: Dr. Alan Sabrosky lays-out the case that israel did 911, AND THE MILITARY KNOWS IT youtube.com/watch?v=NUbTe50UUgM and his interview on PressTV.youtube.com/watch?v=EPLU4N7gmY4
Let us, please, never forget what “Bibi” Netanyahu said when asked about 911: whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/fiveisraelis.html ”IT’S VERY GOOD!…WELL NOT GOOD, BUT IT WILL GENERATE IMMEDIATE SYMPATHY FOR israel.”

If “they” did it on 911, what is stopping “the usual-suspects” from orchestrating and carrying-out ANOTHER massive psy-op on the world, just like 911, except this time, blamed on Iran? Let’s all listen to the words of “Patrick Clawson (ex-World Bank, ex-IMF, and now Director of the strongly pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Studies) questioned about what would should happen if negotiations with Tehran fail, his response was to openly advocate a false flag event to spark a war with Iran.” youtube.com/watch?v=M84l19H68mk & consciouslifenews.com/israel-lobbyist-patrick-clawson-calls-covert-means-against-iranians-pearl-harbor-style-provoke-war-video/1138271/

As long as people are sharing information that they find with others, and begin using their critical-thinking skills and asking hard questions of those in positions of authority over them, the deception that has been the greatest trick-and-trap used against humanity will no longer have its evil hold on the masses, and in-turn, will be the catalyst for real discussions and change to take place in the hearts and minds of humanity.

Lindsey LindseyNarrates.wordpress.com/

clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 03:18 am (UTC)
Is Monsanto’s RoundUp (Glyphosate) the New Agent Orange?
Monsanto has been in the poison game for a long time. All the propaganda in the world can’t erase the fact that they first poisoned thousand of Vietnamese, Thai, and Koreans as well as countless American soldiers with Agent Orange, who only now receive compensation for the effects of Monsanto’s bio-warfare decades later. The proof is finally so pervasive that the company can no longer just sweep away evidence of their evil-doing.
While it was our own government who did the spraying, they colluded with Monsanto, one of the nine government contractors who made the toxic combination of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T, which came to be called Agent Orange. Many people don’t know this, but after decades of research proving that Agent Orange is lethal and tens of millions of dollars paid to victims in settlements – it is still being used in many Asian countries.
The company has switched to using it’s best-selling herbicide RoundUp predominately now, yet another innocent product constructed of poisons even the most stalwart farmer would wince at should they really understand its fallout. RoundUp is made of glyphosate, the primary active ingredient and Agent Orange of our time. Even the RoundUp label warns not to get the stuff in your eyes or on your skin, and to wear gloves when handling it – so what makes it o.k. to eat?
RoundUp “ kills weeds because glyphosate (a salt compound) inhibits enzyme pathways, preventing plants from synthesizing amino acids necessary for growth. It basically stops plants from eating, so they die.” It is probable that Monsanto and other companies who use this substance under other names besides RoundUp are now dumping more than 300 million pounds of this toxic poison into our soil annually. It’s use has at least tripled since 1990.
More http://naturalsociety.com/still-eating-agent-orange/
Via before it's news
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 03:22 am (UTC)
FOX News Kills Monsanto’s GMO’s!
In what is being called The Most Hard-Hitting GMO Report Ever Aired By The Mainstream Media”, Fox News ‘A Healthy You’ rips apart Monsanto and genetically modified foods in the fantastic video below. Confirming that most Americans don’t have a clue what they are putting inside of their bodies, Max Goldberg drops what should be considered a bombshell on the GMO industry and warns Americans that ALL of us need to get involved to put a stop to the poisoning that is now happening to the masses of Americans w/o their knowledge or approval.
During what is possibly the most hard-hitting GMO report ever aired by mainstream media, Max Goldberg states: “No long-term studies have ever been done on humans, but when you look at the studies that have been done on animals, it’s pretty appalling. You’re talking about liver damage and kidney damage and when they fed it to hamsters, the third generation of hamsters weren’t able to produce babies, so there’s real safety issues.”
We know for certain that GMO’s have dangerous side effects on animals and we do know that there has not been substantial analysis done on GMO’s to determine their safety for humans. It only seems natural that we would stop the production of GMO’s and instead employ smarter agricultural practices instead of modifying nature in dangerous ways. At the very least, it should be mandatory that every GMO product be labelled so consumers can clearly see what they are buying.

“The real big issue in our country Carol, is that genetically modified food’s are not labeled, so people do not know that they are eating genetically modified foods. Over 60 countries around the world require GMOs to be labeled but the US does not,” Goldberg added. “And why is that? According to the Food & Water Watch, the Ag-Bio tech industry, which owns all these GMOs, has spent $572 million on campaign contributions and lobbying to make sure that they don’t get labeled.”


Edited at 2013-11-19 09:27 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 02:25 pm (UTC)
National Call To Action — ‘The Fate Of The Country Is Now In Our Hands’
Time For A Change of Government & Leadership To Save The Republic:
It is time for “Forced Resignations” initiated by our Citizens! Our leaders have failed us miserably. The following individuals of America’s leadership team must resign by the “Demand Resignation” process. A revised process will be created to replace these leaders prior to new elections.
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Harry Reid
John Boehner
Mitch McConnell
Nancy Pelosi
We know the ‘Impeachment “process under the Constitution will not be successful because of partisan politics.
Our federal government continues down the path of destroying America. Americans must now stand up and put America back on the right track. The federal government has not subsided in “sucking the oxygen” out of America and its people with legislation and without the action required to solve our problems. The National Call to Action of the people begins now! And we call to action all branches of government to do your constitutional duties and not be led astray in the cultural and moral decay of America. We have witnessed far too many lies, deception and corruption of the republic.
You see, we do not need you other than to represent us, the people, and abide by and protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence states: “To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”
Likewise, in the poem “Invictus” by English poet William Ernest Henley (1849–1903), we read: “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” Yes, America, WE are the Masters of our Fate and the Captains of our Soul.” Our nation burns and self-destructs before our very eyes but now you are starting to awaken. The majority of the country and its citizens have experienced and seen our inept and incompetent leadership In Washington! The battle is on and we shall not retreat.
We will not permit the leaders in the White House and halls of Congress to lead us down a road of progressive socialism and destruction of the republic. The patriotic revolution that I forecast well over a year ago is happening now. We constitutionalists face a battle that is unknown to our generations so we must be aggressive in our collective efforts to continue to turn back the tide. The fate of the country is now in our hands and the plea from the majority of our citizens is to enforce the Constitution, severely limit the federal government and its out-of-control spending.

Continues under
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 02:30 pm (UTC)
Re: National Call To Action — ‘The Fate Of The Country Is Now In Our Hands’
There is a growing list of documented violations of the Constitution and their oath of office by current elected and appointed government officials
Lincoln issued this warning in his inaugural address, “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one. This is a most valuable and sacred right — a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world.” Being a representative republic, not a democracy, “rising up” means for us something other than revolution by use of arms. The people must “rise up” (Stand Up) from the grassroots across this great country as we think of the greater good of this and future generations. We are limited in the peaceful transfer of power… resignation, elections, and impeachment. That is why the patriotic revolution and patriotic union must take place to ensure survival of the Union.
The oath is simple and reads: “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
Sadly, we have seen too many officials violate their oath. Fraud, lying, and corruption are rampant and some have engaged in treasonous activities, and they effectively thumb their noses at us and have sold you to the highest bidder.
The Articles of Confederation were replaced with the Constitution, which granted the federal government enough authority to cultivate, promote and secure the blessings of liberty. The balance of authority and individual liberty was understood. Power was confined to that which was enumerated in the Constitution with a certain and meaningful intent for check and balances. We must make it a local imperative and movement… of the people… by the people… and for the people.
“We the People” have had enough. Enough is Enough. The Obama White House and identifiable members of Congress must now depart from a progressive socialist and treasonous death march and bankrupting the country beyond expectations. We have watched them violate their sacred oath of office. “We the People” cannot solely depend on the results of the elections. It is now that many of these public servants (and you know who they are) must put the peoples’ and country’s interests above self-interest by resigning and stepping down immediately.
A civil uprising is still not out of the question as “pain” grips the country more each day. Hopefully, our future will reflect the citizens changing the tide in a peaceful way. This means raising your voice now to your neighbors, family, co-workers, and friends. Be the captains of your souls. I pray for another George Washington to appear within the year and lead us. This is a National Call to Action.
Paul E. Vallely MG, US Army (ret)
Chairman – Stand Up America and “The Americans”


Where are the general's loyalties? The Israeli regime wants Obama and his entourage gone. The globalists, zionist banksters and Homeland Security want insurrection. HS policy appears to be dictated by the Israeli regime and zionist leaders. The FBI is partnered with HS. The FBI dances to the tunes called by the banksters. Who would replace Obama, McCain the Israeli firster, Romney?
His loyalties need to be investigated.

Edited at 2013-11-19 02:34 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 02:36 pm (UTC)
Evidence Obama Knew You Couldn't Keep Your Plan
NewsMax's Michael Reagan Newsletter

As President Obama fights for credibility(1) in the wake of the ObamaCare rollout debacle, Newsmax reports(2) on evidence the president likely knew his promise that "if you like it, you can keep it" was false – an official, but obscure government report from June 2010. And at least one Democrat is confessing – Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) told ABC's This Week, "We all knew" Obama's promise wasn't true(3).

(1) http://news.reaganreports.com/t/3361906/87379943/1110057/1/
(2) http://news.reaganreports.com/t/3361906/87379943/1110058/2/
(3) http://news.reaganreports.com/t/3361906/87379943/1110059/3/
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 03:46 pm (UTC)

clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 04:23 pm (UTC)
Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan
Riyadh reported to give Jerusalem okay to use Saudi airspace and to cooperate on other tactical support, according to Sunday Times
Times of Israel staff
Israel is working on coordinating plans for a possible military strike with Saudi Arabia, with Riyadh prepared to provide tactical support to Jerusalem, a British newspaper reported early Sunday.
The two countries have both united in worry that the West may come to terms with Iran, easing sanctions and allowing the Islamic Republic to continue its nuclear program.
According to the Sunday Times, Riyadh has agreed to let Israel use its airspace in a military strike on Iran and cooperate over the use of rescue helicopters, tanker planes and drones.
“The Saudis are furious and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs,” an unnamed diplomatic source told the paper.
The report comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the midst of a blitz to lobby against a deal and cobble together an international alliance opposed to an agreement that allows Iran to continue enriching uranium.
More http://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-said-to-be-working-with-saudi-arabia-on-iran-strike-plan/
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 07:50 pm (UTC)
Tornado Hits Nuke Facility: Info Scarce–What Are They Hiding?
video and pictures not safe for work viewing
Monica Davis
A tornado hit a nuclear facility in Paducah, Kentucky Sunday. That’s right. It hit a nuke facility. According to plant officials, it did not damage.
I am confused. If it “hit” the facility, how could there be no damage? If it “hit” the definition of a hit is some damage. Now, it may have hit a stairwell, crashed a window, or hit a railing, but if it “hit something” by definition there had to be some kind of damage, otherwise there would have been no “hit”.
So, this brings us to the Louisville Courier Journal and writer James Bruggers, who writes:
“That’s the aging nuclear fuel factory that’s in the process of being shut down.
Local news reports out of Paducah quote officials as saying there’s no problem, however.”
WPSD reports:
Plant officials indicated a tornado may have touched down within the plant perimeter causing damage to some of the plant’s facilities. The plant’s Incident Commander requested activation of the EOC to assist in the response to issues that have occurred when the tornado struck. No injuries were reported at the plant, and there has been no off-site impact from damage that occurred at the plant. Operations are remaining stable. MORE HERE http://beforeitsnews.com/r2/?url=http://ecowatch.com/2013/05/22/countdown-to-nuclear-ruin-at-paducah/
But, go along, folks. There is nothing to see here,.
Now, what kind of facilities were hit?
Tornado Hits Nuke Facility: Info Scarce–What Are They Hiding? video and pictures not safe for work viewing
Monica Davis
A tornado hit a nuclear facility in Paducah, Kentucky Sunday. That’s right. It hit a nuke facility. According to plant officials, it did not damage.
I am confused. If it “hit” the facility, how could there be no damage? If it “hit” the definition of a hit is some damage. Now, it may have hit a stairwell, crashed a window, or hit a railing, but if it “hit something” by definition there had to be some kind of damage, otherwise there would have been no “hit”.
So, this brings us to the Louisville Courier Journal and writer James Bruggers, who writes:
“That’s the aging nuclear fuel factory that’s in the process of being shut down.
Local news reports out of Paducah quote officials as saying there’s no problem, however.”
WPSD reports:
Plant officials indicated a tornado may have touched down within the plant perimeter causing damage to some of the plant’s facilities. The plant’s Incident Commander requested activation of the EOC to assist in the response to issues that have occurred when the tornado struck. No injuries were reported at the plant, and there has been no off-site impact from damage that occurred at the plant. Operations are remaining stable. MORE HERE http://beforeitsnews.com/r2/?url=http://ecowatch.com/2013/05/22/countdown-to-nuclear-ruin-at-paducah/
But, go along, folks. There is nothing to see here,.
Now, what kind of facilities were hit?
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 08:14 pm (UTC)
X1.0 Solar Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection Nov 19
A major solar flare measuring X1.0 was observed around sunspot 1893 at 10:26 UTC Tuesday morning. A type II radio emission with a velocity of 1049 km/s was associated with this event. A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) became visible in the latest STEREO Ahead COR2 imagery. Because the sunspot is turning away from Earth, the explosion is not expected to be fully directed towards our planet.

clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 09:03 pm (UTC)
Eclipsing CO2 by many orders of magnitude.
Sun’s Flipping Poles Could Mean Lights Out For U.S.
Susan Duclos

The preliminary results from the Grid Ex II drill are out and they don’t look good, according to an article at WND. The system failed according to the report, meaning that should an EMP attack or cyber attack or even a natural castastrophe knock out the power grid, we are basically screwed to put it bluntly.
This preliminary report comes as the sun about to “flip” its own magnetic poles at the peak of its expected 11-year cycle, as WND puts it.
The sun flips the polarity of its magnetic north and south, causing huge intergalactic geomagnetic storms which can affect the earth’s grid and communications including satellites.
When that happens, cosmic rays (which are high-energy particles) accelerate to nearly the speed of light by supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy that could have a major impact on the electrical grid if earth sustained a direct hit.
Notice the headline says could, not will, so there is no definitive evidence saying we will suffer a “lights out” scenario, but knowing that the report indicates we are vulnerable, is definitely cause for concern.
2 vids http://beforeitsnews.com/space/2013/11/suns-flipping-poles-could-mean-lights-out-for-u-s-video-2469996.html
Another article suggests 28th Nov as the beginning of 3 days' lights out based on crop circle meaning divination and other sources.
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 09:09 pm (UTC)
New Meteor Explodes Over Russia!
What is now being called a new meteor has exploded over Russia and caught on cameras as shown in the videos below. If this is indeed was caused by a meteor and not a ‘transformer explosion’ as has been argued by some, what is causing this onset of meteor explosions around the world in recent days, weeks and months? Does this have something to do with Comet ISON or is this just ‘the new normal’?
Vids http://beforeitsnews.com/space/2013/11/new-meteor-explodes-over-russia-2469968.html
Recall quite some time ago I suggested the Earth passing through the "veil", an area of dust and debris that is visible as a dark area in an arm of our galaxy may provide light shows and meteor strikes. What may be more interesting is whether meteors that are passing close to our planet are being redirected.
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 09:43 pm (UTC)
DHS Approves ‘Kill Whitey’ Knockout Game?
Refuses To Fire Black Supremacist Who Called For ‘Mass Murder’ Of Whites

The Department of Homeland Security has STILL NOT fired the black supremacist who called for the mass murder of whites according to this story from The National Journal. At a time when whites and Jews are now being targeted in a bizarre and fatal ‘knockout game’, is this FAILURE by the DHS to TERMINATE the employment of a man who has brazenly called for the murder of whites another sign that this Obama administration and the DHS are giving their SILENT APPROVAL of the murder of Jews and white people? The Department of Homeland Security can be reached at 202-282-8000 and White House at 202-456-1111 with several video reports also below.
More http://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2013/11/dhs-approves-kill-whitey-knockout-game-refuses-to-fire-black-supremacist-who-called-for-mass-murder-of-whites-2454336.html
clothcapclothcap on November 19th, 2013 09:52 pm (UTC)
ISON: UPDATE- Core Explodes!!
Countdown To Disintegration The Clock Is Ticking Again And Now Reads “0? (Video)
The Earth will pass thru the debris trail. Don't know when yet. May be a fine fireworks show.
clothcapclothcap on November 20th, 2013 08:36 am (UTC)
Army general command: control established over Qara city in Damascus Countryside Nov 19
Damascus, (SANA) – The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced that army units established control over the city of Qara in Damascus Countryside.
In a statement, the General Command said the army eliminated large numbers of terrorists who were barricaded in the city, wreaking havoc in it and attempting to attack the Damascus-Homs road to obstruct traffic on this vital road.
The General Command said that this success marks an important point in striking down terrorist groups, pursuing them and closing in on them in the northern countryside of Damascus City.
The General Command noted that establishing control over Qara helps cut off terrorists' support lines and crossing points heading towards the Lebanese borders and closes the eastern gate of al-Qalamoun area in the direction of the central region, which will limit the infiltration of terrorists and weapon smuggling into Syria.
The statement concluded by voicing determination to strike down terrorism and eliminate it, affirming that the army will not be dissuaded from this by enemies ganging up on it nor by the atrocities committed against Syria and its people.
H. Sabbagh
clothcapclothcap on November 20th, 2013 08:39 am (UTC)
(1) Increasing numbers of terrorists killed in army operations Nov 19
Provinces, (SANA)- Members of armed terrorist groups are being killed in increasing numbers in continued operations carried out by the armed forces in several areas across the country.

Army units destroy terrorists' dens and gatherings in Damascus and its Countryside
Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists' dens and gatherings in Damascus and its Countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.
An official source told SANA that the army units killed many terrorists and destroyed their weapons in the area surrounding al-Omari Mosque in al-Qaboun neighborhood in the city.
The source added that the army units killed and injured many terrorists in Joubar and Harasta neighborhoods in the countryside, while an army unit killed 9 terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammunition in Karm al-Rasas farms in Douma city.
Meanwhile, an army unit targeted a terrorists' den in al-Nashabiyeh town and killed many terrorists, including Khalid Hamada and Ahmad al-Kahlan.
Other army units clashed with terrorists in Babila town and killed scores of them, including Said al-Akkad, Sami Shhada, Bader Jalil and Samir al-Hourani.
In the same context, other army units targeted terrorists in the western mountains of al-Zabadani, killing many of them, including Hmam Dasir from Saudi Arabia.

Army gains full control over Qara town in Qalamoun
Army units on Tuesday gained full control over the town of Qara in Qalamoun area, Damascus Countryside, after eliminating the terrorists' last gatherings and destroying their weapons, a military source said.
The source told SANA reporter that all the dens of the terrorists and their leaders in the city were destroyed, while scores of explosive devices, which the terrorists had planted in neighborhoods, streets and houses, were dismantled.
The reporter quoted an army commander as saying that the special operation which the army carried out to seize control of Qara took 24 hours and resulted in the killing of large numbers of terrorists, most of them are affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra and "Islam Brigade".
He highlighted that terrorists of Libyan, Saudi, Yemeni, Egyptian and Tunisian nationalities were among the dead, noting that some of the terrorists managed to flee towards Arsal town inside the Lebanese territories.
The commander said that in the process of pursuing the terrorists in Qara city, the army soldiers found a so-called "Sharia Law Court" which the terrorists had been using to "prosecute" the abductees, in addition to a prison containing torture equipment and a field hospital with large amounts of stolen medicines and medical equipment.
He added that the army units also seized scores of cars equipped with heavy machine guns and a field hospital full of stolen medicine.

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