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UK, US Trained, Tax Funded, Intelligence Services Directed Kiddie Killers

SANA: Damascus: Crimes against children in Syria require accountability for countries backing terrorism
M. Ismael
Damascus, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed two identical letters to the United Nations Secretary General and President of the UN Security Council, elaborating on the terrorist attacks with mortars targeting the Syrian cities.
The letters said that terrorism makes it imperative for the international community to hold the countries backing the terrorist groups to account for their overt support to them.
"The random mortars launched at the Syrian cities have become one of the preferred methods for the terrorist groups to kill innocent Syrian civilians, especially in Damascus city which proved unreachable for the terrorist groups, that's why they are showering Damascus and its countryside, especially Jaramana city, with scores of mortar rounds to spread panic and kill as many citizens as possible," the ministry said in its letters.
Children and their schools are bearing the brunt of the indiscriminate acts of terrorism, the letters said.
"The Syrian Arab Republic would like to put you in the picture of the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against children,'' the letters pointed out, addressing the United Nations Secretary General and President of the UN Security Council.
"On November 11, 2013, 4 children and a bus driver have been killed and 4 children and two superintendents injured after mortar rounds launched by terrorists hit a school bus outside a school in Bab Sharqi area in Damascus."
"The same day, John of Damascus School in al-Qasaa neighborhood has come under a similar mortar attack, with a mortar round slamming into a school, killing five children and wounding 35 others under the age of 10."
"On November 10, 2013, a father and his three sons have been killed in a mortar attack on their car in Jaramana city in Damascus suburbs."
"On November 9, 2013, 4 children have been killed and 6 citizens wounded when a mortar shell fell on al-Ashrafieh area in Aleppo."
"On November 6, 2013, a mortar round fell on an elementary school in al-Zahira al-Jadida area in Damascus, wounding 4 children under the age of 13."
"On November 3, 2013, a mortar round hit a schools complex in al-Dweila' neighborhood in Damascus."
The Ministry of Education had to suspend teaching for three days, starting from November 13, 2013, in a number of targeted schools to protect children from the terrorist shells, which has a negative impact on the educational process and deprives children of a basic human right, the right to education.
The ministry pointed out that these instances are not the first against children in one month, as terrorists fired shells on a schools complex in Jaramana city on October 22, 2013, wounding a teacher and 14 students, some of them seriously.
The ministry mentioned in its letters that the these crimes targeted schools and children with shells in less than a month, as the Syrian children remain prone to numerous forms of crimes, including the recruitment of children, training them to kill, abductions for blackmailing their families, killing and mutilation at the hands of terrorist groups.
These crimes are consistent with the acts of terrorists, who want the wheel of life to grind to a halt in Syria, the letters pointed out.
The letters also enumerated methods practiced by the terrorist groups that are intended to stop the educational process in Syria, including planting explosive devices in schools and replacing the Syrian curricula with a form of education that had prevailed before the emergence of the modern educational system, teaching distorted al-Qaeda-type religious studies.
The ministry also drew attention to the terrorist groups preventing the vaccination campaigns in the areas under their control, with the result of polio rearing its head again in Deir Ezzor city east of Syria, after Syria has succeeded in conquering it 20 years ago.
The letters said that the terrorist acts of the armed groups, especially against children place the international community before its responsibilities to hold to account the countries backing terrorism in Syria, and holding them responsible for the atrocities committed and for their overt support to terrorism at a time when these countries claim to be fighting the same groups elsewhere around the world.
The letters urged the international community to not allow the thwarting of the UNSC efforts for issuing a clear condemnation of terrorist groups and the countries backing them, especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and take the necessary measures to dry out the sources of terrorism.

The point being that if the UK regime is held to account, the cost will come out of the public's pockets. These damn psychopaths that are not just financially participating in Syria's destruction at public expense, they are doing so against the will of the public. Ask any Joe or Josephine on the street whether they are happy that their tax is being used to help kiddie killers and terrorists and their reply? If the UK is held to account for the Cameron regime's part in the illegal destruction of Libya and mass murder of conscripts with civil servants and civilians "as collateral damage", it would likely bankrupt our country.
We don't need central government and we certainly don't need to be led by a choice from psychopaths like Cameron, Hague, Blair offered by banksters at each election.
That Cameron has got the UK involved in another dirty, illegal war where our secret services and military train these bastards, aiding the US and the despotic Saudi and Qatar destroy the country, pretending it is about helping Syrians to gain a democratic system by violence, where tens of thousands of members of the insurgency are not Syrian, where the real reason is to partition the country and implant a government obeisant to the West should see him tried for war crimes and breaches of international law.

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