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25 September 2013 @ 02:20 pm
Zionist Apartheid: A Crime Against Humanity [?]  
By Amjad Alqasis

September 24, 2013 "Information Clearing House -   In 1973, the United Nations rightly condemned “the unholy alliance between Portuguese colonialism, South African racism, Zionism and Israeli imperialism.” Only two years later, it determined “that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” At the behest of the U.S. administration, this resolution was revoked in 1991 in order to pave the way for the Madrid Peace Conference that same year; however, equating of Zionism with racism is still valid.

Apartheid is based on the establishment and maintenance of a regime of institutionalized discrimination in which one group dominates others. In the case of Israel, Zionist ideology is the driving force behind the ongoing Palestinian reality of apartheid. Not limited to the occupied Palestinian territory, the Israeli regime also targets Palestinians residing on the Israeli side of the 1949 Armistice Line (known as the Green Line) and millions of Palestinian refugees living in forced exile while promoting Jewish-Israeli colonization to the expropriated land. As such, the Palestinians, wherever they reside, are collectively exposed to one coherent structure of Zionist apartheid. That structure discriminates against Palestinians in areas such as nationality, citizenship, denial of reparation (return, restitution and compensation), residency rights, and land ownership. This system originated in 1948 in order to dominate and dispossess all forcibly displaced Palestinians, including the 150,000 who were able to remain within the “Green Line” and who became Palestinian citizens of Israel. The occupation of the remaining part of Palestine by Israeli forces in 1967 subjected the Palestinians living within that territory to the same Zionist apartheid regime.

The findings of the South African session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine concluded that Israel’s practices against the Palestinian people constitute the crime of apartheid within all of Palestine (also referred to as Mandate or historic Palestine). However, the Zionist Movement—and later Israel—had no interest in creating a system of apartheid in order to simply construct and maintain the domination of one “racial” group over another. Israel neither aimed to exploit the indigenous Palestinians for labor nor limit their political and social participation. Rather, its intention has always been to establish a homogeneous Zionist state exclusively for Jewish people. This has been apparent since the early years of the Zionist Movement and is further illustrated by the fact that Israel has hitherto no defined borders. Israel’s former Prime Minister Golda Meir explained that “the borders are determined by where Jews live, not where there is a line on a map.”This statement, in combination with David Ben-Gurion’s writings in 1937, in which he stated that “the compulsory transfer of the Arabs from the valleys of the projected Jewish state could give us something which we never had,”[1] offers broad guidelines for transferring Palestinians out and implanting Jewish settlers into the territory.

The creation of a Jewish nation state in a land with a small Jewish minority could only be achieved by forcibly displacing the indigenous population and implanting Jewish colonizers from abroad. Accordingly, Zionist apartheid’s main manifestation is forced population transfer.

Forced population transfer has been defined as a practice or policy that has the purpose or effect of moving persons into or out of an area—either within or across an international border:

Transfer can be carried out en masse, or as “low-intensity transfers” affecting a population gradually or incrementally.

Forced population transfer is illegal and has constituted an international crime since the Allied Resolution on German War Crimes, adopted in 1942. The strongest and most recent codification of the crime is in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which clearly defines the forcible transfer of population and implantation of settlers as war crimes.

The intention on “transfer” in Zionist thought was encapsulated in 1905 by the words of Israel Zangwill, one of the early Zionist thinkers, who stated that “if we wish to give a country to a people without a country, it is utter foolishness to allow it to be the country of two peoples.”[2]

Already 66% of Palestinians worldwide have been displaced by Israel’s ongoing forcible displacement of the Palestinian people.Today, this population transfer is carried out by Israel in the form of its overall policy of “silent” transfer—not by mass deportations like in 1948 or 1967. This displacement is silent in the sense that Israel carries it out while trying to avoid international attention by displacing small numbers of people on a weekly basis. It is thus distinguishable from the more overt transfers achieved under the pretense of warfare in 1948 or 1967.

Population transfer is achieved by creating an overall untenable living situation that leaves no choice for the inhabitants other than to leave their homes. Moshe Sharett—one of the signatories of Israel’s Declaration of Independence—indicated the desire to foster onerous living conditions when he stated “a policy based on minimal fairness should be adopted toward Arabs who were not inclined to leave.”[3]Therefore, Israel’s apartheid system is a means to an end and not an end-goal in itself because it does not simply seek to dominate the indigenous Palestinians, but to forcibly displace them.

South Africa, on the other hand, not only invented the apartheid system, but was also proud of its creation and publicly advocated for it. The word “apartheid” itself is Afrikaans for “separateness” and became the official government policy of racial segregation in 1948. The South African apartheid structure was based on a clear-cut separation and segregation policy.[4] It was clear from the outset that the purpose of South Africa’s apartheid system was to create a permanent apartheid structure in order to preserve the established status quo. For instance, South Africa designed the 1970 Bantu Homelands Citizens Act to react and adapt to increasing criticism from the international community. This law established separate legal entities (Bantustans) and denaturalized the black population so the South African government could argue that the black population was no longer excluded from state affairs because by law they no longer belonged to the South African state. This attempt aimed at continuing the exploitation of the indigenous workforce and resources, thus fortifying the existing system while at the same time discarding its racist, anti-democratic image.

The international crime of apartheid and the subsequent Apartheid Convention [pdf] was modeled on, but not limited to, the South African apartheid system. John Dugard wrote that “The Apartheid Convention was the ultimate step in the condemnation of apartheid as it not only declared that apartheid was unlawful because it violated the Charter of the United Nations, but in addition it declared apartheid to be criminal.”Today, Israel is guilty of committing various crimes in order to forcibly displace the Palestinian people from Palestine. Israel’s crimes such as apartheid and persecution, as well as its permanent occupation and annexation-colonization, are intended to create an unbearable situation in order to expel the indigenous Palestinian population. This continuous and calculated targeting of the Palestinian people must be challenged by the international community as it was regarding South Africa where that state’s actions and policies were codified into elements of an international crime against humanity. Israel’s regime must be judged accordingly and its impunity must be brought to an end because silence—if not complicity—in the face of fundamental rights violations further entrenches politics to the detriment of law. The first significant step in that direction would be reinstating United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 of 10 November 1975, declaring Zionism as a form of racism, and paving the way for the end of Israeli impunity and Zionist apartheid.

Amjad Alqasis is a legal researcher and the legal advocacy program coordinator of BADIL Resource Center
[1]Nur Masalha, Expulsion of the Palestinians: the concept of "transfer" in Zionist political thought, 1882-1948 (Institute for Palestine Studies 1992), p. 210.
[2]Nur Masalha, Expulsion of the Palestinians: The Concept of “Transfer”in Zionist Political Thought, 1882-1948(Institute for Palestine Studies 1992), p. 10.
[3]Nur Masalha, A Land without a People: Israel, Transfer and the Palestinians 1949-96 (Faber and Farber Limited 1997), p. 3.
[4]See H. Booysen, “Convention on the Crime of Apartheid”, South African Yearbook of International Law, vol. 2 (1976), p. 56; R.S. Clark, “The Crime of Apartheid” in International Criminal Law (ed. M.C. Bassiouni) vol. 1 (Crimes), Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. (Transnational Press 1986), p. 299.
Published in The Clockwork of Ongoing Nakba: Unraveling Forced Population Transfer (Summer 2013)
ICH source badil.org/en/al-majdal/item/1934-art2

Contrast with:
A Black South African Proves Beyond Doubt That Israel Is Not an Apartheid State (Dave Swindle PJM)
The newest 5-minute Prager University course demolishes a malicious lie about the Jewish state. Send it to all your progressive friends.
[...] Kenneth Meshoe is a member of South Africa’s parliament. He and his parents lived under apartheid. In a matter of minutes he calmly, factually explains why it is so offensive and factually inaccurate to equate Israel’s treatment of Palestinians with white South Africans’ treatment of blacks.

The comments at ICH and PJM are also in stark contrast.

clothcapclothcap on September 25th, 2013 11:22 pm (UTC)
Keiser Report Episode 501

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank as ‘the greatest hedge fund’ in history and ask whether or not their quantitative easing policy is like trying to pass pork off as a prime cut of beef. In the second half, Max interviews precious metals trader, Andrew Maguire, about JPMorgan whistleblowers and the Federal Reserve Bank taper hoax.
(Anonymous) on September 26th, 2013 07:56 am (UTC)
Re: Keiser Report Episode 501
Just another squeeky voiced, short arse with a Napoleonic Complex.

Max Keiser Syndrome.

"Having watched the clowning of Max Keiser on RT over the years I have come to the conclusion that his ilk of alarmist conspiracy theorist declinists are the modern equivalent of the soothsayers and withcdoctors of medieval times with their end is nigh doomsday scenarios.Keiser lends his rantings a patina of pseudo intellectuality by invoking his past experience on Wall St but this is a mere cover for his virulent anti Americanism and anti Capitalism although he claims that he is for pure Capitalism but his constant ad hominem abuse of Ayn Rand clearly belies this.

As RT is a propaganda vehicle for Putin's Russia it is hardly surprising that the latter is the elephant in the room that never gets mentioned or critiqued by Keiser proving that he is every bit as much in the pockets of vested interests as the people he lambastes.With his sidekick Stacey Herbert they vye with one another to see who can excel in florid rhetoric and absurdist caricature of the financial world but underneath the bombastic hyperbole is the same left thinking that charcterises most conspiracy theorist purveyors."

clothcapclothcap on September 25th, 2013 11:24 pm (UTC)
Syrian Documents
Sporadic clashes have taken place between Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and YPG in the city of Tal Abyad in Raqqa countryside, what resulted in deaths and injuries, including civilians.
Deir Al-Zour --
Aerial raids carried out by air forces have targeted several positions of al-Nusra Front fighters in the northern side of al-Mayadeen city in Deir Ezzor countryside, the thing that resulted in many deaths and injuries in the front’s ranks.
Damascus Countryside --
Artillery bombardments carried out by Syrian Army have targeted many sites of opposition combatants in the area of al-Qa’a in Yabroud city of Damascus countryside – injuries reported.
Homs --
Syrian Air Forces have targeted several positions of anti-government fighters in Deirfoul town of Homs countryside, which resulted in many injuries besides material damage.
Lattakia --
Artillery bombardments carried out by Syrian Army have targeted the strongholds of Islamic State in Rabia village of Lattakia countryside, killing and wounding many besides material damage.
Hasaka --
Heavy clashes have taken place between al-Nusra Front and YPG in the city of Ras al-Ain in Hasaka countryside, the thing that resulted in death of both sides.
Aleppo --
Activists have reported “skirmishes” between Syrian Army and opposition fighters in al-Ashrafieh neighborhood of Aleppo – no casualties reported.
Damascus Countryside --
Anti-government activists talk about victims and injuries, including civilians due to Syrian Army bombarding to many locations in Htetet al-Turkman town of Damascus countryside.
Raqqa --
Syrian Ari forces shell locations of al-Nusra Front in Tabaqa city of Raqqa, what resulted in deaths and injuries from the Front.
Deir Al-Zour --
Activists: mortar shells have landed in many locations of al-Jbaila neighborhood of Deir Ezzor along with clashes on the entrance of the neighborhood, what resulted in injuries.
Deir Al-Zour --
Fresh battles occur between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Rasafah neighborhood of Deir Ezzor and injuries were recorded among the militants’ ranks.
Edlib --
Artillery bombardments carried out by Syrian Army on locations of Free Army militia in Jabal al-Zawieh and the surrounding villages of Idlib countryside and losses reported.
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 12:34 am (UTC)
Breaking News Syria
20:14PM Agencies: Victims have been reported following shooting in New York

19:48PM Deaths have been reported after several bombings in Baghdad, Mosul and Qadaa Balad

15:16PM Damascus countryside: Syrian_Army controls the bridge of Zamalka from all the sides.

10:06AM Latakia_countryside: 40 members of al-Nusra Front have been killed most of them are Arab during an operation carried out by Syrian_Army in Rabia.

00:28AM Hasan_Rouhani: Iran calls to make the world stands against the violence.

00:27AM Hasan_Rouhani: UN and its organization should work on peace and stop the war.

00:25AM Rouhani: we cannot stop our peaceful program and we are ready for cooperation.

00:24AM Hasan_Rouhani: the WMD, including the nuclear one is not in our dictionary.

00:23AM Hasan_Rouhani: the Iranian nuclear program is peaceful.

00:18AM Hasan_Rouhani: we should denounce the radicalization and the use of drones.

00:15AM Rouhani: the solution in Syria is not militarily and we reject the use of chemical weapons.

00:14AM Hasan_Rouhani: the humanitarian tragedy in Syria is a sample for the violence in our region.

00:12AM Hasan_Rouhani: Iran is not a threat, but it is the safety of the world.

Army controls Zamalka Bridge and advances in both of Aleppo and Damascus countryside
Syrian Arab Army units have today controlled Zamalka Bridge fully after a qualitative operation the units had carried out in the area, killing and wounding a number of “Free Army” militia.
Breaking News correspondent reported that army units targeted several gatherings of “Free Army” militia in al-Shefounieh farms in Duma area and on the axes of al-Qasemiah and al-Delbeh towns besides many areas and villages of Damascus southern countryside.
A qualitative operation conducted by an army unit in the vicinity of Safir Maaloula Hotel has led to killing Youssef Diab, the leader of an armed group, as vehicles and ammunition of gunmen were destroyed in Yabroud, Ras al-Ain, al-Nasseriah and al-Atneh.
Scores of militants killed in Aleppo’ eastern countryside
Units of armed forces targeted many gatherings of “Free Army” militia in the vicinity of Aleppo central prison, al-Kendi Hospital, Khan al-Assal, al-Wadeehi, Kafr Kar and Banan al-Huss. Meanwhile army units destroyed 6 cars were carrying weapons and munitions at al-Marjeh – al-Sheik Saied road, while many gunmen were killed or injured in al-Amarah village, the entrance of Deir Hafer, north of Hmaimeh and south of Abu Jabar village in Aleppo’ eastern countryside.
Army’s operations occur in the villages surrounding Jabal al-Arbaeen in Idlib countryside
In Idlib countryside, army units targeted many militant gatherings in the villages surrounding Jabal al-Arbaeen and the villages and towns of Maart Masrin, Kissen, al-Ghajar, Talbiseh, al-Dar al-Kabireh, near al-Zaafaran Mosque in Bab Houd neighborhood and behind Burj al-Hamwi in al-Warsheh district.
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 12:35 am (UTC)
Breaking News Syria
Aerial raids target Al Qaeda in Lattakia countryside; army pursues al-Nusra around Maloula</b>
Syrian Arab Army has carried out a series of operations against Al Qaeda headquarters in several areas of Syrian territories. Meanwhile, army has targeted militias’ strongholds in the northern countryside of Lattakia and continued pursuing them in Maaloula.
Army pursues militants in the vicinity of Maaloula
Syrian Arab Army has hit a den of al-Nusra Front members in the vicinity of Safir Maaloula Hotel, killing and wounding about 18 of them.
Breaking News correspondent pointed out that army is pursuing gunmen in the north of Jebadeen town and Wadi al-Sarkha, which are near Maaloula.
Army eliminates 40 Arab members of Al Qaeda
Units of armed forces have conducted a series of operations against Al Qaeda militant-headquarters in Lattakia’s northern countryside, killing many.
Syrian Air Forces have struck a large stronghold of gunmen in Rabia village causing the death of 40 insurgents and the injury of many others. Egyptian leader Taj Eddin al-Sbahi and Iraqi commander Mustafa Zaitouni were identified among the dead.
Army has carried out another operation against militant headquarters in the village of Beit Abla, destroying rocket launchers and killing dozens of gunmen, including Imad Johar, our reporter confirmed.
Homs and Daraa witness army’s operations
Syrian Arab Army has ambushed gunmen in Homs province, as it foiled an attack in Daraa south of Syria.
Syrian Arab Army has targeted militants in the area of Daraa al-Balad and repelled gunmen attempt to break into al-Jumrok al-Qadim building, killing about 10 insurgents.
In Homs, army ambushed gunmen were coming from Jandar town to the city of Hesyaa, killing scores of them, including Mohamed Hamo and injuring others.

22:14PM Iranian leader's smooth diplomacy poses new challenge for Israel
22:07PM Army controls Zamalka Bridge and advances in both of Aleppo and Damascus countryside
20:36PM Police fire teargas during anti-fascism march in Athens
18:35PM Militants Claim Kenya Mall Rescuers Buried Hostages with Explosives
18:20PM Deadly anti-govt demos escalate in Sudan
17:33PM Government is working on reactivating tourism sector:PM
16:46PM Aerial raids target Al Qaeda in Lattakia countryside; army pursues al-Nusra around Maloula
16:13PM 14 Killed in Bombings, Clashes in Northern Iraq
13:18PM Hollande calls for binding resolution on Syria
13:18PM 11 militants killed, 23 arrested in Afghan raids: govt
12:49AM Russian presidential spokesman asks Russians to respect Putin's private life
12:02AM 13 Islamist organizations in Syria reject recognizing "the National Coalition".
11:13AM Lavrov: We hope for consensus on draft UNSC text on Syria
10:29AM CW inspectors to arrive Damascus in hours.
10:01AM "Free Army" launches a battle against "ISIL" to regain what it lost.
09:24AM Syria militant fractions say do not recognize so-called Syrian National Coalition
08:21AM Moscow Suspects Syrian Rebels of Holding CW Components
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 12:55 am (UTC)
ICS picks
Iran's Rouhani tells UN: we pose no threat to the world: In his speech, Rouhani said he had "listened carefully" to Obama address earlier in the day. He concluded that if Washington did not give in to the influence of "warmongers", then the US and Iran "can arrive at a framework to manage our differences".

Skeptical Netanyahu knows he’s ‘spoiling the party’ on Iran: Jerusalem’s refusal to consider giving the Iranians a chance to prove their sincerity, as underlined by the Israeli delegation solo boycott of President Hasan Rouhani’s UN speech on Tuesday — threatens to isolate Israel rather than the Islamist foe it so mistrusts.

Rouhani’s charm offensive worryingly effective, admits top Israeli minister: “I’m more than worried. I’m distraught,” said Home Front Defense and Communications Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud), a member of Israel’s key decision-making security cabinet. “Rouhani’s language is having its effect.”

US Refuse Visa To Syrian Foreign Minister To Attend UN General Assembly: according to the law governing the relationship between the UN and the US as the host country of the UN headquarters, US authorities have no right to deny a visa to any official from a UN member state, if the visa is requested for the purpose of participating in a UN event.

Largest Syrian rebel groups form Islamic alliance, in possible blow to U.S. influence: American hopes of winning more influence over Syria’s fractious rebel movement faded Wednesday after 11 of the biggest armed factions repudiated the Western-backed opposition coalition and announced the formation of a new alliance dedicated to creating an Islamic state.

Syrian Islamist rebels slam Western-backed opposition: In a joint statement, 13 rebel groups including a powerful al-Qaeda-linked faction but also more mainstream forces slammed the Turkey-based Syrian National Coalition, saying it no longer represents their interests.

Cracks Widen Among Syrian Rebels: Many FSA fighters IPS spoke to in the Aleppo and Idlib regions in recent days said that their plan was that after the Assad regime fell, the more fundamentalist groups would be dealt with. A few even said they expected a full-blown war against them afterwards.

Top 45 Lies in Obama's Speech at the U.N.
By David Swanson
"Together, we have also worked to end a decade of war," Obama said. Continue

Delusion, Arrogance and Mendacity
Obama and the Usual American 'DAM' Exceptionalism
By Finian Cunningham
It is like listening to a conman whose initially charming words begin to grate on your sense of reason, truth and forbearance as he fumbles in your pockets
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 01:26 am (UTC)
A. Smith
Obama Promised Transparency: Obama @Whitehouse secretly pack independant NSA review board with insiders http://is.gd/vhdV9Q

We are at a critical stage of The #Zionist EndGame. Majority on the planet do not even realize the peril they are in. http://is.gd/nshru

Enrique Ferro
Kurdish fighters kill 83 al-Nusra terrorists in Syria | @scoopit http://sco.lt/6TZdar

Chris Sedlmair
Rockets used in Damascus CW attack fired from makeshift flatbeds, not military vehicles http://nblo.gs/PqDHL

The USG might get shut down! Who will do the killing? Who will terrorize the 3rd world? Murder children with robots?
[A. Bilderberg's CIA and MI6]

Karol con Siria


Edited at 2013-09-26 01:27 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 01:28 am (UTC)
David Attenborough: Stop Feeding Third World Nations to Reduce Population
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 01:30 am (UTC)
Huge NHS, anti-cuts rally to hit Conservative party conf.
Thousands of British protesters will rally outside the co-ruling Conservative party’s annual conference this weekend to censure the government’s spending cuts and their impact on jobs and the health service.
The massive protest organized by trade unions’ umbrella group the Trades Union Congress (TUC) will hit Manchester on Sunday as Conservatives gather in the city for the high-profile conference.
The TUC has pledged a three-mile march against cuts to the National Health Service (NHS) that will pass the venue of the Conservative conference before protesters hold a rally, named Save Our HNS, at Manchester’s Whitworth Park.
The key rally will be attended by opposition Labour’s health spokesman Andy Burnham as well as leaders of the TUC and three of Britain’s largest unions Unite, Unison and the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union.
According to TUC, the protesters will address the impact of massive job and spending cuts as well as privatization of the most lucrative services on NHS.
The body says the latter is especially scandalous as many of the private companies slated to take over the services have been major donors to the Conservative party.
More http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/09/25/326029/uk-coruling-party-faces-huge-protest/
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 01:30 am (UTC)
Fifth of UK voters trust MPs: Study
Only a fifth of the British public trust MPs to "tell the truth" as an impact of the expenses scandal in Westminster, a new research shows.
According to a study for the Committee on Standards in Public Life watchdog, faith in MPs in England dropped to just 20 percent by 2010 and it has not risen so far, while the figure was 31 percent in 2004, The Daily Mail reported.
The survey also found that 45 percent of the public believe politicians are using power for personal gain.
Moreover, it was revealed that only 27 percent see MPs as “dedicated to doing a good job for the public”, down from 46 percent in 2008, a year before it emerged that dozens of MPs had misused their expenses.
More http://www.presstv.ir/detail/325849.html
That's too many. I have to work harder.
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
US Journalist Threatened Over Blaming Syria Militants For Chemical Attack
(N.Morgan) More lies in regards to Syria. Why would a reporter be threatened over reporting what was happening? Dale Gavlak–who has worked for the Associated Press and the BBC, received threats to “end her career” if she didn’t disassociate herself from the report. The article which was exclusively published by Mint Press News was based on numerous interviews with militants, their families, doctors and other witnesses. It said the insurgents in Syria received the chemical weapons from Saudi Arabia. Sources quoting Gavlak say the threats came from a third party who was most likely acting on behalf of Saudi Intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Bandar is named in the article as having ordered the transfer of chemical weapons to insurgents in Ghouta.
Vid http://beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2013/09/bombshell-us-journalist-threatened-over-blaming-syria-militants-for-chemical-attack-astounding-video-2448982.html

Edited at 2013-09-26 04:42 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 06:37 pm (UTC)
Russia, China Hold Large-Scale War Games
Russia and China are once again holding large-scale war games together in a move that the United Nations is now planning counter actions against. What are Russia and China preparing for and who, if not the US, are they ‘war game playing’ against? This new story is currently being featured on the front page of the Drudge Report and seems to signal a new level of preparedness on the part of countries across the world. Russian officials have also denied reports that the drills would include a nuclear attack on Warsaw, Poland.
Pentagon intelligence agencies are closely watching Russian and Chinese war games now taking place in Europe and Asia involving tens of thousands of troops.
Meanwhile, NATO military forces are set to conduct large-scale maneuvers in November that will be designed to counter growing concerns of a westward Russian military encroachment, according to U.S. officials.
“The Russians are moving forces closer to Europe, and that is troubling,” said a military official.
Beforeitsnews reporter Susan Duclos recently did a story asking if Russia was preparing to invade Western Europe in response to the Zapad-13 exercises now being spoken of.
Russia’s Zapad-13 military exercises in Belarus are scheduled to end Thursday. They included practice attacks on a western state, said one official familiar with reports of the maneuvers.
Some 13,000 Russian and Belarusian troops took part with over 60 aircraft and helicopters and up to 250 vehicles.
The forces practiced “rapid reaction” drills.
Russian officials recently denied Polish press reports that the Zapad-13 would include a notional nuclear attack on Warsaw. However, Russian officials have said the war games will involve practicing precision air and missile strikes.
Have the defective NWO hydra heads defected to the other side already?
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 06:52 pm (UTC)
Comet ISON Has A Companion!
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 06:58 pm (UTC)
IHS Jane Study – Nationalities of Militants in Syria .. in Figures

IHS Jane Study – Nationalities of Militants in Syria .. in Figures.
According to a study conducted by the British institute for defense, IHS Jane’s, in September and published by the UK Daily Telegraph last week, nearly half of mercenaries in Syria are hard-line militants.
According to the British newspaper, the study showed that the number of insurgents fighting against the Syrian army is estimated at about 100 thousand gunmen distributed to about a thousand armed band, who came from 83 countries, including all Arab countries except Djibouti.
More http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2013/09/ihs-jane-study-nationalities-of-militants-in-syria-in-figures-2722078.html
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
Benghazi Investigator Won’t Deny Stevens Kidnap Plot
Questions Mount Regarding Murder of U.S. Ambassador
Hillary's Benghazi investigator confirms Egypt link
Apparently reveals classified information in congressional hearing
JERUSALEM – In a development unreported by news media, the State Department’s lead Benghazi investigator, Thomas Pickering, apparently leaked important classified information at a House hearing last week on the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack.
Pickering revealed there is evidence that an Egyptian organization was behind the attack on the U.S. mission that killed U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.
He further refused to deny there was a plan to kidnap Stevens.
More http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/hillarys-benghazi-investigator-confirms-egypt-link/
H/t B4 it's News
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 08:03 pm (UTC)
Fukushima Disaster Reaches Epic Proportions
Christina Sarich
Fukushima: One of the Biggest Crises We've Faced as the Family of Man. Which May Not Survive Unless We Stop the Blame Game and Get To Work
Almost if not all the critical disasters that have hit the planet last eighty years have revolved around nuclear fission and its lack of proper control, Chernoble and Thre-mile Island stand our, while long before that Hiroshima and Nagasaki made Mutully Assured Destruction (MAD) an absolute; yet did not stop the money lenders from continuing their core busines, now called ‘conventional’ war that keeps millions of people employed in the MIC and turns the waste of resources, including human, into the most evil art form known. And now?
To a man, “It wasn’t me!” – Tom Dennen
Consuming cesium-tainted fish is probably about to be one of your least concerns. Most of us were already aware of the generalities of Fukushima’s defunct nuclear reactor seeping tons of toxic and radioactive iodone, cesium, and strontium-89 and 90 into the Pacific Ocean. We perhaps said a prayer and vowed to start consuming fish from other oceans. Now, there is news of Fukushima’s damaged Unit 4 pool, that a Yale professor warns “is in perilous danger and could threaten all of humanity for thousands of years.”
This is one of the biggest crises we’ve faced as a human race, as some have put it, since the disarming of the Soviet Union or the Cuban Missile Crisis. We need every activist to call for immediate action and all resources to be provided to the Fukushima plant without further finger pointing at the plant’s owner, Tokyo Electric (Tepco) or its designers (General Electric) in order for this calamity to be averted.
Within as few as 60 days, Tepco will begin trying to remove more than 1500 spent fuel rods from a badly damaged area of the nuclear reactor:
“[...] Much more serious is the danger that the spent fuel rod pool at the top of the nuclear plant number four will collapse in a storm or an earthquake, or in a failed attempt to carefully remove each of the 1,535 rods and safely transport them to the common storage pool 50 meters away. Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable. The radiation emitted from all these rods, if they are not continually cool and kept separate, would require the evacuation of surrounding areas including Tokyo. Because of the radiation at the site the 6,375 rods in the common storage pool could not be continuously cooled; they would fission and all of humanity will be threatened, for thousands of years.”
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 08:36 pm (UTC)
UNESCO training to combat the looting of Libyan antiquities - Libya Herald | @scoopit http://sco.lt/8LDXs1

LIBYA - Brotherhood gangs up on Abdelaziz - Africa Intelligence (subscription) | @scoopit http://sco.lt/7kstDl

Libya example shows UN resolution on Syria might be used to justify broad intervention | @scoopit http://sco.lt/5S2G0n

Germany trains Libyan diplomats | Libya Herald [ Libyan PM Zeidan is a German ] | @scoopit http://sco.lt/50MMpV

Vigilante Justice Is Taking over Libya - VICE | @scoopit http://sco.lt/5yxj6H

Fenia Yfandi
Mutassim Gaddafi / Spencer Matthews: Colonel Gaddafi's son tried to kill me - now http://po.st/yWATpG

Filmmaker blamed for Benghazi out of jail and talking http://po.st/XqSzVs via @worldnetdaily

Al Qaeda’s Two Groups Now Fighting Each Other in Syria | FrontPage Magazine: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/al-qaedas-two-groups-now-fighting-each-other-in-syria/

Syria: FSA-ISIS clash in Idlib http://www.aawsat.net/2013/09/article55317724

Syria Kurds, al-Qaeda militants clash http://shar.es/Kuisx

Syrian rebels reject interim government, embrace Sharia http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/25/world/meast/syria-rebels/index.html?sr=sharebar_twitter

Al Qaeda-Linked Al Nusra Front Leads 13 Rebel Groups In Rejecting Western-Backed Syrian Nationa... http://huff.to/1h0sxLm

Syrian rebel groups form Islamic alliance http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-syria-rebels-20130926,0,5764703.story

Saudi Arabia’s Proxy Wars http://nyti.ms/18fDaH9

Syria crisis: In sacred Maaloula, where they speak the language of Christ, war leads neighbours into betrayal http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/syria-crisis-in-sacred-maaloula-where-they-speak-the-language-of-christ-war-leads-neighbours-into-betrayal-8839610.html

As Islamist Occupation Continues Syrian Christians Remain Trapped Weeks Later Nuns & Orphans Still Stuck in Convent http://news.antiwar.com/2013/09/25/as-islamist-occupation-continues-syrian-christians-remain-trapped

Syrian Army Inflicts Heavy Losses upon Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Terrorists in Many Provinces http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13920703000539

Maximilian Forte
Either the biggest and stupidest blunder of recent U.S. military history, or it was deliberate and calculated http://fxn.ws/1bezfjT #Libya

Some in #Libya must now be cheering: "We are all U.S. Special Forces now!" http://fxn.ws/1bezfjT

Chris Sedlmair
World’s Largest: Pentagon Completes 38-Nation European Communications, Interoperability Exercise http://nblo.gs/PsxLQ

NATO Plans To Repeat Libyan Scenario In Syria: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister http://nblo.gs/PszVV

Iran news agency slams CNN for ‘fabricating’ Rouhani’s Holocaust remarks http://on.rt.com/30wqgv

Fars: "CNN, Amanpour Should Account for Fabrication of President Rouhani's Remarks." http://www.mfs-theothernews.com/2013/09/fars-cnn-amanpour-should-account-for.html

Gray Cardinal
#Lavrov Type of Sarin used in #Alepo incident is homemade. We have evidence that type of Sarin used on #August21 was same
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 08:52 pm (UTC)
Move UN out of US, Bolivian president says
Bolivian President Evo Morales has accused the United States of harboring terrorists and urged that UN headquarters be moved from New York.
Morales made the remarks in his speech to the 68th UN General Assembly on Wednesday, AFP reported
“I would like you to be aware that the United States harbors terrorists and the corrupt,” said Morales, adding, “They take refuge here, and the United States does not help in the fight against corruption.”
The socialist president called for the United Nations to leave New York City because of US "blackmail" and bullying.
"No guaranteed visas, no guaranteed overflights. We feel threatened, bullied and blackmailed over visas," he said, adding that the United States "has never ratified treaties related to human rights."
“We must seriously think about changing the headquarters of the United Nations," said Morales.
More http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/09/26/326045/move-un-out-of-us-morales-says/
There's this island just popped up out of the sea off Pakistan...
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 09:18 pm (UTC)
The End of French Colonialism
by Thierry Meyssan
President Putin recently wrote in the New York Times that the war in Syria pits the state against international jihadism. At the same time, President Hollande told TF1 that it was a war for democracy. The latter is wrong, as shown in the continuation of his argument with a battlefield in three camps. Behind the rhetorical contradictions it’s the end of colonialism that is being played out.
The United States and Russia agreed, at the Geneva 1 conference, in June 2012, to divide the Middle East on the ruins of the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916. What is presented as an attempt to find a just and lasting peace really meant both a return to a bipolar world as at the time of the Soviet Union, and the exclusion of the British and the French in the region.
This project might seem illusory. However, fourteen months later, it is beginning to take shape.
Thus far, Europeans had played well. In November 2010, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron signed the Treaty of Lancaster House in which the two countries pooled their projection forces, that is to say their colonial forces. As agreed with Washington, the two states were waiting for the start of the "Arab Spring" to foment unrest in Libya and Syria. To their Libyan agents, they gave the flag of former King Idriss, collaborator of the British. As for the Free Syrian Army, they gave it the flag of the French mandate. It was easy to see from their symbols that these supposedly revolutionary movements were fabrications of the former occupants.
With the help of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, they were able to sew confusion in the two countries. Part of the opposition to Muammar al- Gaddafi and Assad rallied for a time with the jihadists of NATO. However, though the Libyan Jamahiriya died in the bombing for lack of international alliances, Syria was not bombed and resisted. It was no longer a question of overthrowing institutions but of choosing a future. Gradually misunderstandings vanished. Today, as in all wars, there are only two camps: on the one hand the secular state against international jihadism on the other.
Continues http://www.voltairenet.org/article180332.html
There's only the profit and power crazed and agenda driven pitting jihadism against secularism.
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 09:20 pm (UTC)
Israel’s secret NBC weapons
Israel’s secret NBC weapons
by Manlio Dinucci
Rome (Italy) For years, Syria and Egypt refused to abandon their chemical weapons facing a threatening neighbor, Israel, which develops very sophisticated ones, in addition to biological and nuclear weapons. However, while Syria has joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , we are taking a look at Israeli activities.

The Secret of Israeli Chemical Weapons
by Thierry Meyssan
Damascus (Syria) Israeli research on chemical and biological weapons historically pushed Syria to reject the treaty banning chemical weapons. That is why the signing of this document by Damascus runs the risk of highlighting the existence and possibly the continuation of research on weapons designed to kill only Arabs.
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 10:04 pm (UTC)
Turkish TV Channel threatened with Closure over Protest Coverage
Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , - The Turkish Aydinlik Daily reports, that the popular Turkish dissident TV channel Ulusal Kanal is threatened with closure over its coverage of the protests over the Erdogan administrations plans for Gezi Park, earlier this year, which developed into a nationwide wave of protests against a de facto AKP coup d etat.
Taksim 12 june 2013Aydinlik Daily reports, that Turkey´s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), which monitors, regulates and sanctions radio and television broadcasters has discussed the possible closure of Ulusal Kanal. The threats of closure, prompted the chief editor of Turkey´s dissident channel with the highest ratings, Yener Günes, to state that Ulusal does not quieten down, and that it only will speak up louder.
Continues http://nsnbc.me/2013/09/26/turkish-tv-channel-threatened-closure-protest-coverage/
clothcapclothcap on September 26th, 2013 10:06 pm (UTC)
Keiser Report Trickle-Down Flamethrowers (E502)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss flamethrowers and jihadists in the banking world. They also note that houses in London earn more per day than the average worker in the city. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com about the Fed’s balance sheet, housing bubbles around the world and putting lipstick on pigs.
clothcapclothcap on September 27th, 2013 12:32 am (UTC)
Syrian Documents
Latest Events
Aleppo --
Heavy clashes have taken place between Syrian Army and opposition fighters in the area surrounding Azizah village in the southern countryside of Aleppo, the thing that resulted in many injuries.
Damascus Countryside --
Fierce skirmishes took place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Masaken al-Diabiah area near al-Sayyeda Zainab area in Damascus city, the thing that caused casualties from both sides.
Raqqa --
Syrian Air Forces have targeted locations of ISIL in the vicinity of Division 17 in the city of Tabqa in Raqqa.
Homs --
Positions of anti-government fighters in both of Jouret al-Shayyah and Bab Houd neighborhoods of Homs have sustained aerial bombardments, and a number of injuries were reported.
Daraa --
Activists: Many sites in the town of al-Mseifrah of Daraa countryside have been hit by artillery fire by Syrian Army – material damage reported.
Aleppo --
Aerial bombardments conducted by Syrian Army target several positions of Free Army militia in the village of Andan, the thing that resulted in casualties and material damage.
Damascus Countryside --
Syrian Air forces bombard locations of opposition fighters in Marj al-Sultan town of Damascus countryside and no casualties were recorded.
Daraa --
Syrian Air Forces bombard strongholds of Free Army militia in al-Naimah and Nawa villages of Daraa countryside and casualties were recorded.
Raqqa 2013-09-25
Sporadic clashes have taken place between Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and YPG in the city of Tal Abyad in Raqqa countryside, what resulted in deaths and injuries, including civilians.
Deir Al-Zour 2013-09-25
Aerial raids carried out by air forces have targeted several positions of al-Nusra Front fighters in the northern side of al-Mayadeen city in Deir Ezzor countryside, the thing that resulted in many deaths and injuries in the front’s ranks.
Damascus Countryside 2013-09-25
Artillery bombardments carried out by Syrian Army have targeted many sites of opposition combatants in the area of al-Qa’a in Yabroud city of Damascus countryside – injuries reported.

Last newsletter 2013-09-26 http://documents.sy/newsletter.php?action=download&id=761&lang=en
clothcapclothcap on September 27th, 2013 01:01 am (UTC)
Breaking News
Latest Articles
19:46PM EU raises security level for Somalia team after Kenya attack
18:11PM Presidency of Syrian Arab Republic denies al-Akhbar newspaper reports citing al-Assad
17:42PM Syrian-Iranian relations solid, Iranian President
17:09PM Twin Yemen blasts wound 12: security
16:01PM Syria conflict means profit for Aleppo gun seller
15:59PM Mortar shell kills woman at Iraq Embassy, Army operates near Damascus
See under
15:06PM UK announces another $160.7 million in humanitarian aid for Syria crisis
14:59PM Russia says ready to help guard Syria chemical weapons sites: agencies
14:43PM Iraq warns foreign military aid sent to Syrian rebels could end up in hands of jihadists
14:17PM Qatar World Cup construction 'will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead'
14:05PM War in Syria complicates the mission of UN aid agency for Palestinian refugees
13:43PM US-Egypt relation unsettled, Egyptian minister
13:40PM Iran calls parties that support terrorism in Syria to stop backing extremists
12:48AM Homemade sarin was used in attack near Damascus, Lavrov
12:07AM Russian Landing Ship Nikolai Filchenkov in Syria
11:35AM Split between Jihadists and Free Army militia undermines chances of toppling Syrian regime
See under
11:09AM Death toll in Pakistan earthquake reaches 348, another 552 injured
09:58AM The CW inspectors visit an unknown place.
09:06AM 13 killed, 53 wounded in violent attacks in Iraq
08:40AM UN Security Council likely to adopt Syria resolution in 2 days: Russia

Split between Jihadists and Free Army militia undermines chances of toppling Syrian regime
Al-Watan newspaper, which is closed from the Saudi regime, said that “Salafi Islamist groups are fighting in Syria to establish sectarian states that serve al-Qaeda’s interests.”
“Now, there are in Syria al-Nusra Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Ahrar al-Sham movement, al-Tawheed brigade and the brigade of Islam and Sukkour al-Sham,” reported the newspaper.
“The last three groups were combined with “Free Army”, but what happened is that these groups have signed on a statement to reorganize the opposition insurgents under a clear Islamic framework . Briefly, they announced their defection from “Free Army”, the newspaper added.
The newspaper considered that the join of some fighters of “Free Army” to Jihadist groups and vice versa has hindered any direct military intervention against the Syrian regime.
“The announcement of Jihadist groups to split from “Free Army” undermines any possible chance to topple the regime militarily,” the newspaper said.
clothcapclothcap on September 27th, 2013 01:05 am (UTC)
Breaking News

Mortar shell kills woman at Iraq Embassy, Army operates near Damascus
A mortar shell fired by militants has hit the consular attaché of Iraq’s embassy in al-Maliki district of Damascus.
Breaking News correspondent to the very area has confirmed that a woman was martyred and two others wounded after the incident. He also said that huge materila damage was caused by the shell.
Army operates near Damascus
Syrian Arab Army has today morning carried out operations in each of al-Qaboun near the Great Mosque and in al-Cornich al-Westani in Jobar, in addition to al-Sheffouniah, al-Qasemiah, al-Delbeh, Daraya and al-Muadamiah areas.
Army has also conducted an operation against gunmen in Htaitet al-Turkman, the thing that resulted in the killing of 70 insurgents besides a considerable number of injuries.

23:21PM Lavrov: We agreed on a resolution about the Syrian_chemical_weapons

17:28PM An official source denies what has been reported by Le Figaro that former Defense Minister Gen. Ali Habib is in Paris

17:12PM Rohani: Israel is the only one that did not sign the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons

09:36AM Russian Foreign Ministry: the NATO tries to repeat the Libyan’s Scenario in Syria.

23:36PM The major states in the Security_Council agrees on the resolution project on Syria's CW.

20:14PM Agencies: Victims have been reported following shooting in New York

19:48PM Deaths have been reported after several bombings in Baghdad, Mosul and Qada' Balad

15:16PM Damascus countryside: Syrian_Army controls the bridge of Zamalka from all the sides.

10:06AMLatakia_countryside: 40 members of al-Nusra Front have been killed most of them are Arab during an operation carried out by Syrian_Army in Rabia.

00:28AM Hasan_Rouhani: Iran calls to make the world stands against the violence.

00:27AM Hasan_Rouhani: UN and its organization should work on peace and stop the war.

00:25AM Rouhani: we cannot stop our peaceful program and we are ready for cooperation.

00:24AM Hasan_Rouhani: the WMD, including the nuclear one is not in our dictionary.

00:23AM Hasan_Rouhani: the Iranian nuclear program is peaceful.

00:18AM Hasan_Rouhani: we should denounce the radicalization and the use of drones.

00:15AM Rouhani: the solution in Syria is not militarily and we reject the use of chemical weapons.

00:14AM Hasan_Rouhani: the humanitarian tragedy in Syria is a sample for the violence in our region.

00:12AM Hasan_Rouhani: Iran is not a threat, but it is the safety of the world.
clothcapclothcap on September 27th, 2013 01:37 am (UTC)
Ziah's smashing it right now, some very important facts and points about #Kenya #Nairobi #israel #falseflag - listen: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tutradionetwork/2013/09/26/moz-report-sept-26-2013

Is Assad in a recent interview basically saying #Syria has weapons to "paralyze" Israe,l talking about electromagnetic pulse weapons?

Fierce Clashes between Kurds and ISIL in Aleppo, UAE Emir Killed http://www.almanar.com.lb/english/adetails.php?eid=112649&cid=23&fromval=1

Just to show you What the NEW FREE LIBYA IS ALL ABOUT….. | LIBYA AGAINST SUPER POWER MEDIA http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2013/09/25/just-to-show-you-what-the-new-free-libya-is-all-about/

United States Has Hidden Hand in Kenya-Somalia Crisis of Relations http://www.4thmedia.org/2013/09/24/united-states-has-hidden-hand-in-kenya-somalia-crisis-of-relations/

Israel Acknowledges Involvment in Kenyan Attack http://www.4thmedia.org/2013/09/24/israel-acknowledges-involvment-in-kenyan-attack/

How the Syrian Chemical Weapons Videos Were Staged: Detailed Video Analysis on GRTV http://www.4thmedia.org/2013/09/26/how-the-syrian-chemical-weapons-videos-were-staged-detailed-video-analysis-on-grtv/

Russia – China and CSTO draw Red Line about #NATO Despotism http://nsnbc.me/2013/09/23/russia-china-and-csto-draw-red-line-about-nato-despotism/

Tripoli jail stormed, illegally detained prisoners found http://wp.me/p225MK-1Yn

jose nascimento
White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite becomes world's most wanted woman after Interpol issues arrest warrant for British terror suspect

Blog: The War in Afghanistan is Escalating, Not Ending http://ow.ly/pfHF1 @worldcantwait

Chris Sedlmair
SANA NEWS SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 http://nblo.gs/PtXdA

Tactical Things
US tests nuke, Iran urges disarmament - UN MUST TELL USA TO STOP WARMONGERING? http://shar.es/Kctl7

#Obama Administration Blocks Drone Victims’ Lawyer from Testifying in Congress http://shar.es/K5T2f

#Israel Prepares to Drill for Oil in Occupied Golan – New Jersey-Based Genie Energy Granted Drilling Rights http://shar.es/K5BRV

Amid spying scandal, billion-dollar #NSA data center may secretly open http://on.rt.com/rqhkwu

Horacio Calderón
#Kenya. #WestgateAttack. Two days after the alleged end of the siege, there are no news over the fate of both the hostages and the attackers

Révolutions Info
Goldman Sachs Chief Says Solution To Occupy Wall Street Is Reeducation Of Public http://bit.ly/1fJrf9Q
[In FEMA camps?]

Activist Post
"We chose democracy & human rights over banks" - Iceland president... http://fb.me/20lPPg59A

"Assad dubs chemical weapons a burden" a neat little headline for Russia Today, you mean like the burden of choice? http://rt.com/news/syria-chemical-weapons-assad-397/

Children in #Syria|n town perform mock beheading, this is what the #US govt did to our country. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TliLEw0e8AI

Tatjana Dimitrijevic
American AlQaeda Eric says CIA helped them smuggle weapons across Turkey into Syria via Syriangirl Partisan | http://sco.lt/54n4gj

jose nascimento
Bloodlust Blair Still Pushing For Syria War http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/bloodlust-blair-still-pushing-for-syria-war/

#Amanpour asks is #Libya a failed State? "Libya is still not yet a state"- Libyan PM

Breaking: Whistleblower Reveals U.S. State Dept. Ships Arms Directly to al-Qaeda - http://www.infowars.com/breaking-whistleblower-reveals-u-s-state-dept-ships-arms-directly-to-al-qaeda/

Sophisticated U.S. Arms Flowing to Jihadists - http://www.infowars.com/sophisticated-u-s-arms-flowing-to-jihadists/

Democracy Now!
"Essentially it is a wealth transfer from teachers, cops and firemen to billionaire hedge funders," explains @MTaibbi http://owl.li/pfbdE