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Cameron, Hague continue helping AQ in Syria

The pretend "Free Syrian Army" is no more than tens or hundreds of disparate mostly islamic groups, many with conflicting ambitions from looting, rape and murder to a sharia law governed society. The "FSA" is in fact led by a Syrian Army deserter, the group oversees distribution of received military aid to favoured groups, probably for a profit. The criminal regimes in the West that are aiding the insurgency have zero control over who gets what. Weapons and other logistics bought with Western public's taxes are without doubt reaching AQ and its associated groups. The "FSA" distributors formally partnered with al Nusra that is a listed terrorist outfit that has formally aligned with AQ. That means the "FSA" is aligned with AQ. All the groups benefitting from the FSA umbrella must also be included. This means that the UK, FR and US regimes, pretending that they are aiding a secular group in arming and funding the "FSA" are in fact helping the disparate groups mentioned and al Nursra. KSA and Qatar have been aiding the known terrorist groups from the get-go. Israel that has been covertly aiding the insurgency looks to be joining the criminal regimes in the West in openly aiding terrorism. What is even more clear is that the different groups are fighting for anything other than democracy.

Washington and its allies continue funding and arming al-Qaeda in Syria
Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Thursday addressed two identical letters to the UN Security Council Chairman and UN Secretary General on the continuation of the US and its Western allies and regional tools to provide funds and arms to al-Qaeda and its offshoots and the rest of the armed terrorist groups in Syria.
The Ministry stressed in its letters that the continued funding, arming, recruiting and sending of terrorists to Syria by the US, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and other countries clearly violates the rules of the international law and the principles governing the international relations and good neighborliness.
It added that these practices are also a violation of the UN Security Council's counter-terrorism resolutions and a blatant breach of Paragraph 4 of Article 2 of the UN Charter.

ISIL seizure of Syria's Azaz exposes rebel rifts
Turkey closed a border crossing to Syria after an al Qaeda-linked group stormed a nearby town and expelled opposition fighters from an Arab and Western-backed unit, officials said on Thursday.
Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on Wednesday killed at least five members of the Northern Storm Brigade, a rebel unit that controls the border, highlighting the deep opposition divisions.
The confrontation in the town of Azaz was one of the most serious clashes between the al Qaeda affiliate, made up mostly of foreign fighters, and the more ideologically moderate home-grown rebels.
Their struggle, however, is less about ideology and more about a fight for territory, resources and the spoils of war - with armed ISIL fighters positioned to defend the town and a nearby rebel brigade trying to broker a ceasefire.
There have been many instances of clashes between (often foreign to Syria) groups. The clashes are occasionally ideologically based but usually they are about control of an area and its wealth.

And on the CW false flags, the most recent in Ghouta, perpetrated by insurgents:
Bogdanov: Russia may submit Syria's evidence on opposition's CW use to UNSC today
Moscow, The Russian President's Special Envoy to the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said Russia may today submit to the Security Council evidence proving that the "Syrian opposition" used chemical weapons in an attack in al-Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside on August 21.
Speaking to the reporters in Moscow on Thursday, Bogdanov pointed out that the Russian side may pay subsequent visits to Syria for consultation with the Syrian leadership on the various issues of the crisis in the country.
He added that the focus however will be placed on the necessity of launching the political solution process as well as addressing the humanitarian issues.
He also did rule out visits by representatives of the Syrian leadership to Moscow, adding that "the communications with representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition could take place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting."
In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister stressed continued coordination and communication with the Syrian leadership to implement the internationally-approved Russian initiative on the chemical weapons on Syria.
[...] On the information which Moscow recently received from Damascus on the use of chemical weapons by the "opposition", the Russian diplomat said "We will study this information through our specialized experts and will immediately convey it to the international Security Council and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)."
Bogdanov however noted that while formulating the final and comprehensive version of the UN report in this regard, it should be taken into consideration that the report would include all the cases and possibilities if the use of chemical weapons or chemical substances on the Syrian land

Syria gets sarin nerve gas from Turkey - report
A number of circumstantial evidence that the chemical weapons attack, considered to be the main reason for a military operation in Syria, was carried out by the Syrian opposition is growing. The US army is reported to have confirmed that nerve gas sarin is in al-Qaeda hands now. It was transported to al-Qaeda through the Turkish territory, and the amount seized during an operation in Adana is just a small part of chemical weapons stored. This information may put Erdogan, who continues blaming Assad, in a difficult position.
Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof wrote in his column on the WND News website that he had obtained a report, confirming that al-Qaeda possesses chemical weapons and uses them. The data in the report contradict insistent statements made by US President Barack Obama that the Assad regime is responsible for the use of chemical weapons.
According to Maloof, the report was prepared by the US army intelligence and he got hold of it via channels in the National Intelligence Center.
The report says that al-Qaeda possesses sarin nerve gas, used for producing chemical weapons, and that it was delivered by the al-Qaeda-linked Salafist group. It was transported through the Turkish territory to the al-Nusra Front which is al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.
Full article
The WND article mentioned -
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