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Gas bag Cameron the deceiver's hot air about Syrian use of chemicals

[First sorry it has taken so long to get back on line after my change of address. DHL complicated the situation by delivering my computers in a trashed state.]

China and Russia Walk Out of UN Security Council Meeting: “This Isn’t An Exercise”
...And moments ago the Interfax news agency announced that China and Russia have left the negotiating table in response to a proposal for Britain’s David Cameron on pending intervention in Syria.

Barring last-minute hold-ups, DEBKA file sources report the US operation is scheduled to start Friday night, early Saturday Aug. 30-31.
Partial Israeli reserves call-up. US beefs up Qatar air base. Syria moves units into sheltered sites

The Daily Star - Lebanon News with an interesting take, almost giving permission for a limited strike.
Hezbollah will attack Israel if strike aims to topple Assad
Perhaps it is seen as a way of forestalling an invasion by TR and IL.
With regard to Cameron's desire to murder civilians and conscripts in other countries using national forces and tax bought weapons, here's what I have been able to find out about what went down in the ghouta area of Damascus.
The most likely explanation is that a terrorist store of Saudi sourced chemicals for making weapons was either deliberately blown up by our side, (the terrorists and covert specials) during a barrage by Syrian artillery else the store was hit by a Syrian shell.
I prefer the store was deliberately blown up during a barrage because Mossad was able to provide intelligence to the Obama regime via the CIA immediately after the event, possibly before.
A group of US, Israeli and Jordanian commandos entered Syria, headed for Damascus last week, I think it was. They may have been involved, the event could have been their mission.
The area had been cleared of civilians before previous assaults by Syrians so a civilian casualty count is likely false, the photos and vids from other theatres and or actors with kidnapped kids given drugs. The vids were uploaded to Youtube the day before the event.
The documentary evidence was provided by Doctors Without Borders, a Wall St funded outfit that provides medicines and facilities to locals to aid the terrorist death squads and insurgents, DWB got it from insurgent sympathising local medics.
Of course any external interference with such as cruise missiles is totally illegal. Such minor irritations don't concern psychopaths and sociopaths such as the 5th columnists in Parliament.

Relevant links -
CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria - There is no Evidence

“Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists

US Attack on Syria Would be Illegal 'Act of War'

Syria asks UN to immediately investigate three new ‘chemical attacks’ by rebels

UN Experts Head to Damascus Suburb to Probe Chemical Attacks

Where were 'rebel' stockpile of chemical weapon constituents found in Syria made? Saudi Arabia

In their bid to foment full regional conflict the CIA's AQ in Iraq is attacking Shi'ites, provoking a response against Sunnis. The same is happening in Syria.
Iraq bombings, house raid kill at least 80 people

Death Squads in Iraq and Syria. The Historical Roots of US-NATO's Covert War on Syria

How AIPAC's neocon gofers sell their policy, lies built on lies.
Gen. Paul Vallely to Newsmax: Assad Has Fled Syria



Former White House Middle East policy adviser, Gwenyth Todd

Always entertaining and informative on the ways we are being screwed by the cosy relationship between 5th columnist politicians and the bank mafia,
Keiser Report: The Killing of Tony Blair (E489) (ft. George Galloway)

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