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WMDs: Blair-Bush lied, millions died. Cameron-Obama lie, millions will die

Sarin Gas Use Doubted Experts Don't See Evidence
While the use of such a weapons is always possible, they've yet to see the telltale signs of a sarin gas attack, despite months of scrutiny.

White House Statement on Syrian Chemicals Weapons -Full Text
Statement by Ben Rhodes [Lying "Israel first" neocon psychopath]
Our intelligence community now has a high confidence assessment that chemical weapons have been used on a small scale by the Assad regime in Syria.

"Time For The American People To Wake Up"
Ron Paul on Obama's Syria WMD Claim

"The neocons are winning this battle here at home and they're controlling our foreign policy"

Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels Was Reached Weeks Ago, U.S. Officials Say
Obama ordered officials in late April to begin planning what weaponry to send and how to deliver it.

Is the U.S. Actively Trying to Prolong the Syrian Civil War?
[Obama's goal] is to ensnare Iran and Hezbollah into a protracted, resource-draining civil war, with as minimal costs as possible.
This is exactly what the last two years have accomplished.... at an appalling toll in lives lost.

The End of Syria as We Know It?
Why Obama is Declaring War on Syria
The short answer is Iran and Hezbollah according to Congressional sources.
“The Syrian army’s victory at al-Qusayr was more than the administration could accept given that town’s strategic position in the region."

"There Will Be A Regional War"
US Decision to Arm Syria Rebels 'Will be Greeted with Horror in Russia':

"Ultimately the US has decided the rebels must win, that means this is pretty much an opened ended commitment.

Western Military Intervention will Leave Syria in Permanent Ruins Say Two Former Nato Secretary Generals
Rather than secure humanitarian space and empower a political transition, Western military engagement is likely to provoke further escalation on all sides, deepening the civil war.

Syria Protest (London) US Embassy 15 June

No Lifting of Arms Embargo
No Western Intervention
Only 24% of the UK public think the government should send arms to Syria.
Join the protest to say no to yet more war.

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