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AGW magic, now you see it, now you don't

More bad news for those given to greenness.
What more is needed to prove the falsity of AGW propaganda than the climate losing almost all the heat gained last century in under 2 years and the oceans being proved to hold no stored heat to toast us in the future?

AGW dogma is like a hydra. You amputate one head, another grows. Let's try some salt on its tail.

We are now told the thermohaline circuclation (THC), the current that carries warmth from the tropics to cooler regions, is more complex than assumed. The latest findings indicate that instead of the single, orderly current flow previously assumed, the conveyor belt is actually comprised of many slower, more variable and possibly wandering eddies in the interior ocean. This means that all climate models based on the simpler assumption are wrong. All forecasts such as the IPCC's are based on yet another wrong assumption.

When corrected for the UHI (urban heat island effect), last century's warming amounted to approximately 0.4 degrees centigrade. That falls far short of IPCC, Hansen and co's alarmist propaganda. It even falls below best case scenario guesstimates where action is not required.

So what is UHI? Many temperature measuring stations are sited near to or within the limits of urban areas. Urban areas are much warmer than the surrounding rural areas. Due to urban growth the stations give increasingly higher readings because increasing the number of buildings, roads and parking areas raises the temperature. Each artificial surface that absorbs and emits heat from the Sun does not have a cooling system as provided by biomass in rural areas. Vehicles and buildings emit heat directly regardless of the Sun.

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The following is taken from a statement made by Dr Madhav Khandekar, (expert reviewer 2007 IPCC Climate Change) in a recent e-mail to Prof. B. Peiser of CCNet;
"Several recent papers have shown this urban bias to be about 0.18C for the recent 30 years to about 0.35C over a one-hundred year database. A paper by McKitrick and Michaels (2007 J of Geophysical Research) shows clearly that for a gridded temperature data (commonly used in climate models) the urban bias can account for up to half the recent warming of the earth's surface."
(McKitrick, R., Michaels, P., 2007: “Quantifying the influence of anthropogenic surface processes and inhomogeneities on gridded global climate data”, December 2007, Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 112.

The allowance for UHI stubbornly clung to by AGW biased scientists is 0.05 degrees C per century. Even using the IPCC inflated estimates, allowing for corrected UHI effect none of the green penalties inflicted on us and countermeasures including victimization of airlines, energy, steel, coal and oil industries are justified. Even before this revelation, temperature as measured by AGW advocacy organisations was already consistently at the unalarming level.The pariahs of our society are not sports utility vehicle drivers, they are the green agenda driven, jet set propheteers and baseless propaganda merchants including the EU and the IPCC.

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Had scientists so carefully selected by the IPCC been less deceptive, as noted in my previous post, the "errors" would have been discovered sooner and Kyoto, wind farms and all the other boondoggles would have been remained a fantasy of the greedy, the power hungry and the agenda driven. Rent seeking scientist may have been more gainfully disposed. There is only mounting evidence against the veracity of the AGW dogma and the time is way overdue for governments to stop wasting our cash on speculative research by misanthropes and needless countermeasures that are only damaging. Political interference in science and politicization of science by scientists and scientific journals and organisations is far from desirable, unless one's nose is in the trough.

The way it is going, if much more fraud and deception comes to light, we may yet prove to have experienced net cooling. An unlikely but fitting epitaph for the farce.
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