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Capturing all the bilderberg attendees would avoid a world war

All  current and previous Bilderberg attendees should be arrested as enemies of the UK. Its steering committee and subscribers are the people that are advancing the plan to covertly impose a world government on a subject global population of 2 billion or less. The steering committee and subscribers were responsible for creating the unelected European Commission and Council that form the de facto private central government of Europe and for imposing the debt currency euro. The EU state gov't is a failed part of an experiment in global government.
The religion of the globalists is Talmud-Kabbalah that is Luciferian as practiced by adherents. Sex with children, child sacrifice and male homosexuality are a major part of their religion. The destruction of other religions and enslavement of those that choose not to follow their religion is part of the agenda, hence the nonchalance displayed by western regime leaders regarding the ongoing mass murder and displacement of Christians in Syria.
Cameron and Hague as Israel firsters, Bilderberg subscribers and NWO protagonists are deeply involved in the globalists' plan that requires the destruction of UK culture and of the societal structure, derogation of sovereignty (self determination) to insignificance and subjugation of the population under a police state with the object to eliminate national boundaries and neutralise any possible opposition. This part of the plan is blatantly well advanced in the US. In the UK subversion is happening through Freemasonry and the Cameron tripartite regime supported Common Purpose, participants in either, particularly those that have advanced beyond the lower levels in Freemasonry should be regarded as probable enemies and traitors, include in that designation especially the boards of big name banks, weapons and oil companies, the Police, the justice system, local and national politicians, senior Civil Servants, big name charity organisations and of course the media like the major nationals and BBC. Think tanks like the RIIA, Fabian Society and their subject organisations (such as Tavistock) and spin-offs should get special attention.
A world war is a big part of the agenda that will accomplish most of the required population decimation and leave the survivors unwilling to resist the imposition of severe freedom curtailing regulation.
With the US being run into the ground it is apparent that the some of the NWO protagonists, maybe part of the "300", some of the US Pilgrims Society, parts of the CIA, and others want neither the US to be destroyed nor the global population to be decimated and disagree with the methods employed in the ME and NA, S. America and S.E. Asia. Don't forget that Obama has subscribed to the concept of a global government, obvious by his policies.

Gordon Duff who has some very good info sources said in his PressTV article the sides in the dispute are as follows:
The (apparently non luciferian anti fascist) team against the Israeli regime's intention to trigger a global nuclear war -
- Putin in the driving seat
- Obama, the Defense Department, State Department and Pentagon
- Iran
- Syria
- Iraq
- Hezbollah

The Rothschild-Israel firsters, the Luciferian fascists.
Duff calls this team The “Central” or “Axis” powers:
- Britain
- France
- Germany
- Turkey
- Kurd occupied Iraq
- Saudi Arabia and Qatar
- McCain and Al Qaeda
- The AIPAC/Israel Lobby in Congress
- The world’s corporate press as spokesman for world organized crime

Duff adds, "The war has begun, fighting, not only in Syria but as terrorist attacks inside the United States supported by a carefully orchestrated press campaign to spread fear and lies, setting the stage for continual escalating acts of false flag terrorism, most recently Boston and Woolwich."

In the driving seat of the Luciferians fascists I would put Rothschild (name derived from the Germanic Rottschild) and partner the German occupied British Crown (Saxe-Coburg Gotha Jewish descendancy), most of the committee of 300 (closet world gov't), the UK Pilgrims Society with their Chatham House and its CFR and ECFR, the owned/controlled parts of the combined secret services (as MI6, CIA, Mossad, DGSE, DVD etc.).
China appears to be saving its entrance until the threat develops further.
Japan looks to be in the middle of an ongoing power struggle that started before Fukushima. (The Fukushima destruction looks to have been carried out deliberately with nuke bomb(s) in the plant.) Its alignment will be determined by the outcome. If evidence is released that shows the Japanese public that the destruction was deliberate, done by a gun type nuclear bomb planted by an Israeli company, I expect the country would fall in with Putin's team.
Past world wars, as with all the other major events that have taken place like the NA-ME destabilisation, were part of the road map for the installation of a Luciferian (Satanic) Jewish (Talmud-Kabbalah adhering) world government that has been progressed by successive generations of the Rothschild family, other faux Jewish Luciferian bankster families and their sycophants.
How cold blooded are these lizards? The Syrians sank an Israeli nuclear armed sub, (a gift from Merkel) filled with Israeli commandos. No word in the MSM, no request by Israeli regime to rescue the stranded occupants or to recover bodies. It was left to the Russians to do what they could.
My only question is whether the brinkmanship by the Luciferian Israel firsters, Israel using a nuke on Syria was designed to trigger a world war or whether it was simple revenge for the sinking of the sub. Either way it was just the latest in acts of war by Israel against Syria designed to provoke. The conflagration is being aggressively fanned to become regional but the Syrians are refusing to take it outside their borders. Cross border attacks on Lebanon by the Syrian terrorists is the latest attempt to inflate the conflict.
Israel is central to the Luciferians' ambitions. Putin will likely level Tel Aviv, Haifa and Israeli nuclear plants if nuclear aggression against Syria is intensified.
Things are likely to escalate fairly quickly as Netanyahu has the cunning of a bulldozer on nitrous. If you live within 20 miles of a nuclear reactor, I'd say it would be a good idea to relocate. If there is insurrection against Cameoron's 5th column tripartite regime, the plants will likely be targets of either missiles or sabotage.
UKIP appears to be an Israel firster party. I would be very happy to be convinced otherwise. "We are not Israel first, we are UK first." would do nicely, from Farage's lips.
The choice appears to be between the snakes and the lions or to just say no, stop paying them to do this with national taxes, VAT, bank interest and council tax and gifts to charities.
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