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Time for a British Colour Revolution

Britain to double aid to Syria rebels
The UK will double the non-lethal military support for the Syrian opposition to help them withstand an "onslaught" from Bashar Assad's regime, David Cameron said.
The Prime Minister, speaking in a joint press conference with US President Barack Obama at the White House, said Assad had to realise there could be no military victory for his forces.
Mr Cameron said: "There will be no political progress unless the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on Assad so he knows there is no military victory."
Bilderberg NWO mafia members Cameron and Hague set to give cannibals and terrorists more millions while -
British man sets self on fire after failing to pay debts
Tell them to eat at a supermarket skip.
NWO UK regime shame
How to volunteer at soup kitchens
If you are looking for a way to make a difference and help those in need, volunteering at a soup kitchen is a great way to spend your free time. Soup kitchens are also called bread lines. Most homeless shelters are soup kitchens, serving a free hot meal to those who need it.

Meantime whilst Syria battles to preserve its sovereignty against NATO cannibals, terrorists, jihadists and mercenaries from 29-30 different countries sponsored by luciferian bilderberg zombies like Cameron and Hague, and defend itself against Israel that nuked Damascus, the beleaguered nation has turned a corner.

Syria destroys the Israeli domination illusions
Israeli think tanks thought that the events in Syria have imposed changes in favor of Israel. Zionist leaders have imagined having eliminated the results of Resistance victories in Lebanon and Palestine, which imposed new strategic deterrent equations, especially since the defeat of Israel in July 2006.
Based on this evaluation, the Israeli services were involved in the war against Syria by executing sabotage operations against the Syrian national defense system, and directly supporting terrorist groups in the Syrian hinterland. At the same time, Israeli troops openly moved on the line in the Golan Heights to provide facilities and protection to terrorists. In coordination with their Emirati, Qatari, Saudi and Jordanian friends, the Israelis have become full partners in the aggression against Syria, after having reconciled with Turkey, under the auspices of U.S. President Barak Obama. The operating centers set on Turkish territory play a leading role in the destruction of Syria.
In this regional climate Israeli leaders have organized a series of maneuvers and military training for offensive purposes against Lebanon and Syria and have conducted joint exercises with troops from Turkey, Jordan and the Gulf countries, with the participation of NATO units. The beginning of a major military intervention in Syria appeared on the horizon, after the exhumation of the chemical weapons argument.
However, Syria, with its army and its regional and international alliances, has shown great resilience and immunity to military action projects. The West and its auxiliaries passed then to another form of aggression, and Israelis launched air raids against Damascus as a test of the ability of Israel to intervene permanently in Syria under an American coverage by Obama in person. A sort of proxy war, because the United States are unable to start new conflicts after their defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, because of the new balance of power, Washington is more likely to reach compromises and accept the Geneva Agreement without preconditions.
Syrian strategic response to Israeli attacks will strengthen the balance of power at the expense of Israel. The situation is even more favorable to the axis of resistance than it was before the onset of the global war against Syria, two years ago. This response is based on the concept of turning the threat into an opportunity, as rightly said Resistance leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. This response is based on structural changes in balances underlying the Arab-Israeli conflict:
1-Reinforcement of the deterrence capacities of the resistance after the Syrian decision to provide qualitative weapons, capable of changing the balance of power with Israel.
2-Launch of Popular Resistance for the Liberation of the Golan, which benefit from the experience, support and capacity of the Lebanese resistance.
3-The instructions given to the Syrian strategic forces to retaliate immediately, without the need to return to the supreme command, to any new Israeli aggression.
4-The Syrian response has paved the way for a new era in the armed national struggle of the Palestinian people, through the opening of the Golan front.
In a desperate attempt to change this new balance of power, Turkey tried to exploit the attacks in the town of Rihaniya, accusing Syria of being responsible, even before the end of the investigation. This action shows that the coordination between Turkey and Israel reached high levels. But again, the response of the axis of the resistance and its allies was quick. Russia has responded by saying that the accusations against Syria aimed at torpedoing the international conference on Syria, agreed between Moscow and Washington.
Then the Syrian information minister accused the Turkish government of having turned the border regions sanctuary for international terrorism. Ankara facilitates the trafficking of arms, explosives, car bombs, money and criminals to Syria. Therefore, added Omran al-Zohbi, the Turkish government and its leader assume a direct moral and political responsibility vis-à-vis the Turkish and Syrian peoples in the violence they suffer. "Syria has not committed and will never commit such an act because our values do not allow us," assured the minister, calling for the departure of the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyeb Erdogan, head, according to him, of the misfortunes that befall Syria.
Continues with statements of HASAN NASRALLAH, Hezbollah leader, FAYSAL AL-MOQDAD, Syrian deputy Foreign minister, SERGEI LAVROV, Russian Former minister, BISHARA RAI, Maronite patriarch of Antioch and all the East, MICHEL AOUN, leader of the Free patriotic Movement, SAMIR GEAGEA, Lebanese Forces leader and AMINE GEMAYEL, Kataeb party leader.
By Ghaleb Kandil

Cameron's cannibal
Cannibal terrorist says video from Syria is real
[...] “I have another video clip that I will send to them. In the clip I am sawing another Shabiha [pro-government militiaman] with a saw. The saw we use to cut trees. I sawed him in small pieces and large ones,” al Hamad told Time.
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