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No VIPs were inconvenienced by the Boston marathon bombing (BMB)

The Boston marathon bombing stinks of knowledge aforehand if not actually conducted by security services and or contractors with a spectrum of Sandy Hook type performers.

NATO took over international Gladio ops from the CIA, is the CIA still carrying out domestic ops - in partnership with other security services?

Mystery Military Men in Boston Were Part of WMD Response Team
Updated with video footage showing their reaction to the bomb.
After much speculation around the mysterious "military contractor" types with black backpacks in the bomb zone of the Boston Marathon before and after the explosions took place, it has been revealed that they were part of an elite government WMD response team.
Originally thought to be Navy SEALs in civilian field gear, or private mercenaries from The Craft due to one member wearing a hat with their logo, the Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) that was on duty in Boston during the attack is run by the National Guard.
[...]The original speculation that this team was part of the Blackwater-type mercenary organization called The Craft came from a hat worn by one of the CST soldiers displaying the company's logo. Craft uses a skull logo on their gear as shown in the image below.
This confusion can be that this member may have received training from The Craft whose unofficial motto is "Violence does solve problems", according to their website.
Now that we know who these mystery men are, it still seems odd that they were lurking in the shadows of a sporting event that happened to experience a terror attack.
And it does appear that a backpack carried by one of these agents was the one implicated to have delivered the bomb:
Craft mercs in sheep's clothes? Else why was the advert on the hat?
From various comments, the CST looks to be an NGO outfit that is directed by the DHS. Members were present close to the site of the bombing shortly before the explosion and at a safe distance at the time of the explosion.
**The CST dudes in Boston are Israeli
Global? - CST (Israeli Mercenaries)
They are mercenaries and not National Guard­utUs/Default.aspx
"Global Group of companies provides a comprehensive solution package for a range of national challenges and needs – to governments, international organizations and state bodies across the world.
The group, established in 2009 by senior military staff and Israeli security forces' veterans, amalgamates three subsidiaries
*"To me,the official story that they were conducting drills just further exemplifies government ineptitude. They're conducting a drill, but cannot stop a real event?"
**"The REAL STORY is the failure of these teams to stop the bombs."
As well there are plenty of ideas as to why these ppl are legit.

Boston Bombing Will Boost U.S. Support for Israel, Says Netanyahu Aide
Ron Dermer, a diplomatic advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and candidate for the post of Israeli ambassador to Washington, told a closed meeting of U.S. Jewish leaders in New York last week that the Boston marathon bombings would increase American support for Israel - just as that support increased following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.
Vid and text
From a comment -
"No Rothschild is English... No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians."
- Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast
P.S. Ezra Pound was incarcerated in American mental hospitals ..... Now you know why.

Catherine Herridge reports details on how the bombs were triggered.
Vid and text

17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask
Some intriguing comments that imply state services involvement. I would put the CIA ahead of FBI.

Loose Ends in Boston Bombing tied to House of Saud and Haliburton
[...] The most important aspect about the involvement of the Tsarnaev brothers however, is the fact that their uncle has been working as a contractor for Haliburton, and this fact seems to be systematically kept out of the mainstream media.
[...] The brothers were not only patsies, but it is highly probable that the elder of the Tsarnaev brothers was murdered after he was arrested. Murdered, by those who have committed the false flag operation or by his handlers. According to the official narrative, the brothers were confronted by law enforcement and a gunfight ensued. During this gunfight, the elder brother was purportedly shot, and subsequently run over by a car, driven by his escaping, carjacking younger brother. It sounds dramatic, and had a dramatic effect on the population, but how realistic is the scenario?
The problem with that story is, that the aunt of the allegedly driven over and killed “terrorist” is swearing that she can recognize and positively identify him as a person who appears in a video, in which he is naked and led to a police car.
The aunt, who apparently is too intimidated to make additional statements, has however, not retracted her statement either, and her statements must be considered as having the status of evidence or at least of indirect evidence through the agancy of the journalist, to whom she reported her observation.
[...] Many, if not most of these non-state actors, including Chechen “rebels” as the USA until very recently euphemistically described the Al Qaeda associated Chechen “men who went to the forest”, have very close ties to Al-Qaeda and other Wahhabi and Salafist organizations, which are systematically and consistently being sponsored by the main Arab US ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.
[...] After 9/11, after members of the bin Laden family have been flown out of the USA while there was a ban on all flights over the USA. It would not be surprising if Al-Harbi was deported even though he was involved, but was he? It would not have been surprising either, that the two Tsarnaev brothers would have been used as decoy, as patsies, to cover-up Saudi involvement.

Associated Press Ties Boston Bombings To Online Conspiracy Sites
'The government controlled corporate media is now claiming Boston Bomber Tamerlan was influenced by online conspiracy sites.
Let's not call the kettle black and raise even the slightest possibility that there may be some kind of anger over daily news headlines of his fellow Muslims, including innocent woman and children, being slaughtered overseas by endless assassination drone strikes.
Nor should we mention the unequivocal support for Israel despite repeated documented war crimes with hundreds of UN resolutions against Israel being blocked by a single veto vote - The United States.'

What a pathetic mainstream 'journalist' wrote on the day of the Boston bombing:
'Why the Conspiracy Theorists Will Have a Tough Time With Boston'

Theatre performers
SMOKING GUN! Boston Bomb HOAX - Amputee Actor Exposed

Amputee actors help make Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax look real!
In comments -
Navaehya - Have to have a good laugh at the people saying wake up to others, yet they are the ones being duped by the government and the government owned media, without actually realising themselves, just walking about with their heads in the clouds , i wonder how they would explain the family guy? episode that predicted the bombings 3 weeks in advance .. or how that guy walked out still with his backpack on and he other 2 (cia agents?) did not have theirs
1LtMike - Why did they take people in wheel chairs with open wounds down 2,3 maybe even 4 blocks before getting to a vehicle. I have no idea how far they went.
Why did a police suv, what looks like a police van and a black water type black suv? get there so quickly, but they couldn't get any aid cars in?
See, we have questions too. Explain our questions and maybe we will start to accept the story that is only being told in the virtual world.
1LtMike - If it was a drill that was approved by the city of Boston, it most logically does mean that no one was hurt. Could you imagine the lawsuits if they really did get caught and were taken to trial over this? They got lucky and only 2 amateur photographers have produced any? real incriminating evidence so far.
Kel Gloria - there are pics all over the net that nick has no left pinky finger
there is also a pic of jeff holding? a ball while bradley cooper was beside him

Makeup Artist in action

Which Photo Best Represents the Victim?
[...] - here is a photo of Bauman in the hospital:

Circumstantial evidence of psyop?
Boston Bombing Suspects' Aunt ID's Naked/Alive Detainee as Slain Nephew - FBI Lies
Russia warned FBI of suspects AGAIN just 6 MONTHS ago, after repeated visits to US-backed Chechen terrorists.
The FBI Has Now Lied Big, TWICE

Boston: The Tale of Two Backpacks

Is This Proof That Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Had Backpack On After Boston Bombing?

FBI Caught in a Web of Lies in Boston
Why did the FBI make a spectacle out of releasing the photos of the alleged Boston bombing suspects to the public feigning ignorance on who they were, asking for the public's help to identify them, when they knew all along who they were?
Fact: the FBI has been involved in staging numerous fake terror plots using patsies to make themselves look like heroes when they stop the attack. Now they've been caught in a web of lies surrounding one that went live and resulted in the deaths of Americans.

FBI and Tsarneav: What Did They Know and When Did They Know it?
This is getting awkward. Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee were told today that:
Russian authorities warned the FBI about the potential threat Tamerlan Tsarneav posed not once but “multiple times” and “at least once since October 2011.”
Also, in a blow to some Russophiles who want to draw the US into Russia's fight against separatism in the Caucuses -- "it's the Chechens!!!" -- a statement appeared on a website run by Russia's North Caucasus rebels that disavowed any link to the Boston Marathon bombing.
So what gives?
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