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Whose world is it, theirs or ours?

Once upon a time...
Banks pay their staff millions in bonuses. They don't produce anything. Where does the money come from?
Top civil servants are paid 6 and 7 figure salaries. Where does the money come from?
Governments employ millions to chase paper and produce nothing. Where does the money come from?
Politicians pay themselves 6 and 7 figure salaries. Where does the money come from?
The money comes from the blue and white collar working classes. They work to produce. When there isn't enough from taxes politicians get as much as they want trading bonds for pretty paper.
Politicians are the enemy of the people. They work with the bank families to defraud the public. They do this by buying the pretty printed paper that the bank families print. They buy it in exchange for interest bearing government IOUs called bonds. These bonds are backed by future tax income. The pretty paper the banks print and hand to the politicians has no value. Politicians give it value by saying it has value and they accept it in settlement of tax. Investors buy this pretty paper in exchange for pretty paper with a different pattern issued by another bank. This is the arrangement where the appearance of value is created. Banks try to get as much of the pretty paper as they can by selling and buying different pretty paper. The currency fraud is a ponzi scam has been used in many fraudulent ways to relieve the less well off of their income. Iceland jailed some bankers and politicians and created a new government, the only country where the people have stood up to the crooked arrangement between the wealthy and the government. Bailing out banks merely paid pretty paper gambling losses of banks and all they did with the bail out funds was gamble more, not invest in business. Banks, like overblown governments and civil service are life-sucking parasites.The system is collapsing, as planned because the interest can never be paid off, a permanent compounding debt. Cypriots were fleeced using fraudulently created debt as the excuse. Poverty imposition is planned to force acceptance of a non physical global currency like bitcoin but under the control of the bank families at the expense of your wealth, health, freedom and possibly your or your children's life.
Politicians controlled by private interests, notably the Rothschild family sought to persuade the public that CO2 was harmful. Only the poorly educated, stupid and those that profited went along with the argument based on scientific opinion expressed through computer generated scenarios of "if, then" projections by activist, bought, ignorant and jobsworth scientists. As with any financial scam many bandwaggoned to make a profit. The major reason for demonising CO2 after land acquisition (IMF, GEF) and impoverishment (dearer fuel, food, products) didn't become clear until the idea of a global tax based on CO2 emissions was floated, with the UN as administrator, part of the plot to impose a world government without consent - on the West, initially. (The EU was an experimental model of imposed world gov't.) Neither evidence, the weather nor the climate has done anything to support the lunatic idea that CO2 drives the climate. Arctic sea ice melt is due to many factors other than CO2 and has been compensated by Antarctic ice increase.
Using the CO2 scam US politicians passed legislation forcing corn to be converted to fuel, the EC followed suit forcing food prices across the board globally. Insider trading made a lot of people a lot of money. In the UK, royalty, aristocrats, friends and relatives of politicians made and make small fortunes from hosting wind farms, royalty especially from those in the sea.
Using the CO2 scam politicians whose allegiance is not to sovereign nations they pretend to serve nor truth have increased energy and living costs remarkably and that has driven companies to bankruptcy and others to move abroad causing rising unemployment, politicians use trickery to minimise the statistics. The CO2 scam was used to create new government departments increasing the tax burden.
Closetted regimes
The ongoing "outing" of UK government consisting of homosexuals, perverts and pervert protectors that goes across the spectrum of parties gives a clue as to how governments are controlled. Obama is a homosexual. Most influential politicians are free masons. Free masonry is a facade that shields child abusers and reaches through the  top royalty and aristocracy, civil service, police, the justice system, intelligence services and armed forces as well as corporations. The intelligence services act as providers, united in this with the services of the US, Israel, Germany and others as well as the Russian and Italian mafia, catholic church and child services.
All these "against the people" issues are not disconnected. The facade governments including the UK, US, EU, CA, AU, NZ etc are dictated to by the hidden world government, the 300 presumably presided over by Rothschild-Rockefeller. Bilderberg meetings are where objectives of the world gov't are discussed. Private gangs like the CFR, ECFR, Chatham House, Trilateral commission direct policy such as the objective of creating a greater Middle East. Pentagon and NATO are implementers.
The Rothschild family are at the root of the debt currency fraud. Traitorous politicians either owned, blackmailed or supportive of the agenda of a feudal type world government over a diminished world population of debt slaves give them licence. Media keeps the public in ignorance, e.g. poverty especially by the destruction of the middle classes is an objective. A houseless, debt burdened, malnourished (check out Monsanto's depleted food value GM corn), starving, freezing and heavily policed society is unlikely to put up much resistance to further deductions from freedom and imprisonment in FEMA type political education and death camps where the barbed wire is to keep people in. The US is likely to be the first to start using the camps. "Thought police" policies are already being passed. The US has had a partial martial law regime since the Patriot Act was implemented. Obama is passing more laws to bring a state of more than martial law, a defacto dictatorship, he already implemented a kill list, Obama and Cameron already use private armed forces.
How has it come to this?
By keeping people ignorant. By reducing intelligence by chemicals, e.g. fluoride, chem trails spraying aluminium and other salts, street drugs and through education. By getting people into VIP positions that have been conditioned through programs run by outfits like CP and more violent ones administered by the intelligence services. By placing socio and psychopaths in e.g. presidential, prime ministerial and other important positions, deceptive news services that don't report the truth else sanitise it or lie, and through media like films and TV series that impose acceptability of gross violence and inappropriate sex both as part of the planned destruction of societal order and of acceptance of wars of aggression against international law.
Will the pendulum swing back, will the worm turn?
There are billions of us.
A few thousand of them.
A TV programme I watched made me wonder where the perverts are growing clone and test tube kids for their "entertainment" and who is doing the science, and what punishment all involved should face.
Any resemblance to any human drawn by any part of this narrative is coincidental.
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