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10 April 2013 @ 10:07 am
Just another NWO Mafia sponsored crime against humanity  
The mafia heads: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Hit men: Obama, Rompuy, Cameron, Hollande, Netanyahu and their regimes
Financers and enablers: taxpayers, civil servants, free masons, voters, tithe payers

Photographic Evidence. Terrorist Bombing Rocks Crowded Area in Damascus Leaving 14 Dead, 146 Injured
A terrorist explosion rocked the area between al-Shahbander and Sabe’a Bahrat Square in Damascus on Monday, leaving 14 martyrs at least, 146 injured people and huge material damage in the surrounding area.

Director of Damascus Health Directorate, Dr. Adel Mansour, told SANA that the bodies of 14 citizens martyred in the terrorist bombing arrived at public and private hospitals, in addition to a container containing limbs and 146 wounded people among them women and children and some of the suffering from crucial injuries.

Mansour said that all medical and ER personnel have been put on alert to treat the wounded and perform emergency operations and procedures for the critically injured.

SANA reporter said that terrorists detonated a car bomb in a crowded area near Salim Bukhari school, Buaeir Mosque and residential buildings.

SANA reporter denied that any clashes took place in the area, as some malicious TV channels alleged, pointing out that some authority personnel fired gunshots in the air to open streets for ambulances.

One of the locals told SANA that the bomber chose a time when students were leaving schools and when people were going to pray at the nearby mosque. A woman who was helping to get students from Salim Bukhari School away from the site of the bombing said that the bombing shook the school, and that some of the children were martyred or injured while the others were in a state of panic. Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi visited the site of the bombing and inspected the damages it caused, affirming that Syria will continue its battle against terrorism until the end in order to achieve security and stability across Syria. In a statement to journalists at the scene of the bombing, al-Halqi said that the achievements of the Armed Forces against terrorism and the failure of the terrorists and those who support them are the motives for committing such criminal acts. He said that terrorists don’t hesitate to attack mosques similar to what happened in al-Iman Mosque because they seek to undermine the moderate and compassionate Islam which has been a mainstay of the Syrian people for centuries. Al-Halqi added that this attack, which took place near the Central Bank of Syria, also targets the Syrian economy which has withstood two years of unjust sanctions and embargos, particularly in light of the recent stabilization of the Syrian Pound due to the government’s steps in this regard.



















R. Milhem / Ghossoun / H. Sabbagh

Via Global Research News April 09, 2013
Source SANA
In-depth Report:
Edit: added Bundy to the list at the top and linked the names to "about" pages
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 08:12 am (UTC)
Debt is the money of slaves of the NWO
Secret Societies Progressing the New World Order

The illuminati Architecture of History
"We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we’ll act again, creating other new
realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."
- A statement of a Bush administration senior advisor http://www.thevisionreport.com/world-views/power-groups-paper2.pdf

Freemasonry Exposed

Knights Templars and the Priory of Sion

Trilateral Commission: World Shadow Government
The Trilateral Commission is a Council on Foreign Relations front organization, established to influence American foreign policy, and facilitate Council on Foreign Relations expansion into Europe, Canada and Japan. The Council on Foreign Relations uses front organizations to protect it from connection to illegalities that could lead to a Congressional investigation.

Planned takedown of the world's financial system (2008)

"Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves." - Norm Franz, Money and Wealth in the New Millennium

Is Bitcoin the new gold? Some former gold bugs certainly think so. And its value has skyrocketed in recent months.
What Bitcoin Really Is, 4/1/13

"EBT (electronic benefit transfer) benefits have more than doubled during the Obama administration’s last four years, creating tens of millions of new dependents who now vote based almost entirely on who gives them the most handouts."
Cashless Society is Almost Here – And With Some Very Sinister Implications, 3/12/13
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 10:46 am (UTC)
The Army Eliminates Terrorists in Several Areas, Seizes Weapons (SANA)
PROVINCES, An army unit on Tuesday foiled an attempt to detonate a truck loaded with three tons of explosives.
A military source said that the explosives were put between potato bags for camouflage, adding that the army unit dismantled the explosives on board the truck which was heading to Idleb City on al-Mastoumeh road near a military checkpoint.
Armed Forces Dismantle Explosive Device Attached to a Car in Jaramana
A unit of the Armed Forces dismantled an explosive device attached to a private car in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside.
An official source told SANA reporter that the explosive device was attached to a pickup parked in al-Baladia St. in Jaramana.
Armed Forces Destroy Terrorist Dens, Eliminate Armed Men in Daraa
Units of the Armed Forces pursued armed terrorist groups in Daraa and Homs provinces.
A military source told SANA that a unit of the Armed Forces clashed with an armed terrorist group near Izra town and inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists.
Army Units Repel Terrorists in Homs Province
A military source told SANA that an Army unit repelled an armed terrorist group who was attempting to attack a military checkpoint in al-Mhyar in Palmyra, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.
The source added that 9 terrorists were killed and the rest members of the terrorist group were injured.
The Armed Forces carried out a special operation in the town of Abel, eliminating tens of terrorists including foreigners and destroying two cars equipped with machineguns.
Among the dead terrorists were four from Saudi Arabia: Majed Jadaan al-Khalaf, Khaled al-Othman, Odai al-Dakhil and Tamer al-Rashid, in addition to a Lebanese terrorist called Ayman al-Zaatari.
The Armed Forces also destroyed terrorist hideouts and killed a number of terrorists in al-Rastan, al-Dar al-Kabira, Tirmaala and al-Ghajar.
An Army unit repelled an attack by a terrorist group against a checkpoint near the town of al-Taouna in al-Houleh area, injuring a number of terrorists and killing others, in addition to ceasing weapons including AK-47 rifles and RPG rounds.
In Homs city, the Armed Forces continued pursuing terrorists, inflicting heavy losses upon them and destroying their equipment in the neighborhood of Jouret al-Shiyah, al-Qusour and al-Qarabis.
Army Units Eliminate Terrorists in Damascus Countryside
Army units carried out a series of operations and killed scores of terrorists in Jobar, al-Shifonia Farms, al-Abbada and al-Otaibah in Damascus countryside and destroyed their dens and gatherings.
An official source told SANA reporter that an army unit eliminated several terrorists in Jobar.
The source added that other army units destroyed a terrorist den in al-Shifonia Farms and killed all terrorists inside.
The source noted that an army unit carried out a qualitative operation in al-Otaibah town and destroyed a car equipped with a heavy machinegun and mortars. /continues
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 10:49 am (UTC)
SANA report continued
In al-Abbada town, an army unit destroyed a terrorist den and killed scores of terrorists.
In Khan al-Sheih area, an Armed Forces unit carried out an operation targeting terrorist hideouts and gatherings, resulting in the destruction of five cars and a bulldozer which the terrorists were using, in addition to killing and injuring a number of terrorists.
Army Units Inflict Heavy Losses upon terrorists in Idleb Countryside
Units of the Armed Forces pursued terrorists in Idleb countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.
A military source told SANA that an Army unit destroyed 4 terrorists' cars at al-Janudia crossroad along with weapons and ammunition inside them, in addition to killing all members of an armed terrorist group who were perpetrating acts of terrorism in the area.
The source added that another Army unit killed a number of terrorists in al-Shougr area in Jeser al-Shougur, destroying 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns.
In the same context, another Army unit killed and injured a number of terrorists in Ma'art al-Nouman, Kafrouma, al-Hamama, Bnesh and Sraqib in Idleb countryside.
Terrorists Killed in Aleppo and its Countryside
Units of the Armed Forces carried out operations against terrorist groups, killing a large number of terrorists, in addition to destroying their equipment.
An official source told SANA that the Army units clashed with a number of armed terrorist groups in Rasm al-Aboud and Kouyrs in Aleppo countryside, killing most of their members and destroying an armored car, in addition to destroying a convoy of cars loaded with weapons and ammunition.
The source added that citizens of al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside clashed with an armed terrorist group which was launching mortar shells on the city, killing the leader of the terrorists Ahmad Muhammad, AKA Abo al-Islam, and 8 others of the terrorist group.
The source pointed out that the Army carried out a number of special operations on al-Mslmia road and Handarat, destroying 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns, in addition to destroying 3 other cars equipped with 23mm anti-aircraft guns .
In Aleppo city, Army units targeted terrorists' dens in al-Shqaef, al-Sheikh Maqsud, Bua'den, and Castillo area, killing scores of terrorists.
In the same context, Army units and the authorities set up an ambush in al-Zbdia area, killing several terrorists. Among the dead terrorists were Yaser Abo Sharafo, known as "al-zbdia sniper," and Hussein Sukar.
Meanwhile the authorities arrested 10 unauthorized money changers who were manipulating the exchange rate of Syrian Pound.
B. Mousa / Mazen / H. Sabbagh
Apr 10, 2013 http://sana.sy/eng/337/2013/04/10/476520.htm

Is this increase in terrorist defeats due to the 2 divisions pulled out of Gaza?

Edited at 2013-04-10 10:58 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 10:56 am (UTC)
Army Kills Terrorists in Several Areas, Weapons Confiscated Apr 10, 2013
PROVINCES, (SANA) – An army unit confiscated big amounts of weapons and ammunition including machineguns and RPG launchers during storming into a terrorists' hideout in Aqrab town in Homs Countryside.
A military source told SANA reporter that all the members of the terrorist group were killed during the operation.
Army Carries out Qualitative Operations against Terrorists in Hama
[...]The army also destroyed the terrorists' vehicles and dismantled an explosive device weighs 40 kg planted by terrorists on the road of the village.
Army Kills Terrorists in Daraa
Army Targets Terrorists Hideouts in Idleb Countryside
Full report http://sana.sy/eng/337/2013/04/10/476672.htm
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 11:50 am (UTC)
Breaking News Syria
1:01 PM No radioactive release from the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (Iran) - IAEA

12:26 PM Ghouta’s strategy operation continues, and Syrian Army prepares to control Aleppo countryside
Syrian Media Sources say that “Syrian Arab Army prepares for Large-Scale military operations in many areas of Aleppo countryside that are controlled by Free Army militia, while Syrian army continues its operations to re-domain Damascus countryside”.
Full report http://breakingnews.sy/en/article/15386.html

7:05 PM 7 mortars target Damascus 2 of them near the ministers’ council.
Armed rebels have fired 5 mortar shells on the surrounding of Kafer-Sousah area of Damascus, what resulted in the martyr of a citizen and the injury of two others, in addition to material damages in the surrounding buildings.
The correspondent assures that two mortar shells have been fired on the Council of ministers, while the other one has targeted al-Karelton ax, as other mortar shell has struck the Egyptian embassy and the last one has fallen near the commercial mall Sham City Center.
Armed men have fired two mortars on al-Tahrer square of Damascus near al-Fardous mosque and no human causalities were recorded.

3:08 PM Free Army militia bombards villages of Homs and Syrian Army advances in the city.

2:40 PM Al-Qaeda in Syria threatens al-Ekhbaria channel and Syrian Army protects Edlib.

12:59 PM Al-Qaeda announces its birth in Syria.

2:11 PM Homs: armed men commit a massacre in the right of father and his wife and 8 children in Zeta village near al-Qusair.
2:01 PM Aleppo: a mortar shell has been fired by armed men on the wall of al-Qaser al-Baladi in Aleppo city, what resulted in the injury of many civilians.
1:04 PM AFP: al-Nusra Front pledges of allegiance the chief of al-Qaeda organization Ayman al-Zawahery.
10:07 AM United Nation: weapons are transmitted from Libya through Turkey to the extremists in Syria.
9:08 AM The Independent: al-Qaeda organization controls most of the insurgents in Syria.
8:38 AM Al-Watan: Syrian Army prepares for wide operations against the armed men in al-Sheikh Said and al-Saleheen in Aleppo.

Is Cameron STILL sending public funds to support terrorism in Syria? Will no-one prosecute him?

Edited at 2013-04-10 11:54 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 11:59 am (UTC)
Syrian Documents 9 April
Syrian Army kills each of Ahmad Afash and Mahmoud al-Hes and Abed al-Salam Zeton of “al-Tawheed” brigade during heavy clashes in the surrounding of al-Kindi hospital of Aleppo.
Damascus Countryside
Fresh clashes occur between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Ebada town of Damascus countryside claiming injuries of both sides.
Activists: Syrian Army bombards many locations of Tareq al-Sad neighborhood and Daraa Camp, what resulted in material damages and human casualties.
Fresh bombardments carried out by Syrian Army take place on locations of Free Army militia in al-Qusair city of Homs countryside claiming many victims.
Two mortar shells have been fired on Kafer-Sousah neighborhood, one of them has targtted the park of the council of the ministers and the second is on a residential building in the neighborhood and no victims were recorded.
Deir Al-Zour
Anti-government media sources announce the death of the rebel leader of al-Qa’qaa brigade “Ali Matar al-Husai” due to assassination attack carried out by “Anonymous” in al-Mayadeen city of Deir Ezzor countryside.
Heavy clashes take place between Syrian army and Free Army militia in Sabaa Bahrat and Bustan al-Basha neighborhoods of Aleppo and no victims were recorded.
Bombardments carried out by Syrian army on the positions of Free Army militia in Rabia township of Lattakia countryside what resulted in, material damages.
The opposition’ activists talk about victims, including civilians due to the bombardments carried out by Syrian Army on many locations in Eb village of Daraa countryside.
Damascus Countryside
Artillery bombardments carried out by Syrian Army on the strongholds of Free Army militia in Reema village on the outskirts of Yabroud city of Damascus countryside, as no victims were recorded.
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 12:08 pm (UTC)
Couple more from SANA
UN Report Stresses Flow of Weapons from Libya to Terrorists in Syria across Turkey and Northern Lebanon
[...] The report, which was made by the UN Security Council's group of experts, who monitor an arms embargo imposed on Libya in 2011, stressed that the arm shipments which had been organized from various locations in Libya, including Misrata and Benghazi, were transferred to Syria via Turkey and northern Lebanon.
The report said that the significant size of some shipments and logistics involved suggest that representatives of the Libyan local authorities might at least have been aware of these shipments, if they were not directly involved, Reuters stressed according to the UN report published on Tuesday.
The report added that weapons spreading from Libya at an "alarming rate" fueling the war in Syria, Mali and other countries and enhancing the arsenals of extremists and the criminal gangs in the region.
Details http://sana.sy/eng/22/2013/04/10/476667.htm

Citizen Martyred, 2 others Injured by Mortar Shells in Damascus
Apr 09, 2013
DAMASCUS, (SANA) - A citizen was martyred and 2 others were injured after two mortar shells launched by terrorists fell on the residential Kafarsusa area in Damascus.
[...] Meanwhile, another two shells launched by terrorists fell near al-Fardous Mosque in al-Tahrir square in Baghdad street, causing a fire and material damage in the site.
Images http://sana.sy/eng/21/2013/04/09/476636.htm
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 12:55 pm (UTC)
Syria update via MT
Iraqi al-Qaeda, Syrian militants announce merger
Al-Qaeda's branch in Iraq said it has merged with Syria's extremist Jabhat
al-Nusra, a move that is likely to trigger renewed fears among its
international backers. A website linked to Jabhat al-Nusra confirmed on
Tuesday the merger with the Islamic ...

Syria's Escalating War Bleeds Into Lebanon
Security forces inspect the scene of a Beirut blast in October that killed
Brigadier Gen. Hassan, who organized arms shipments to Syrian rebels.
BEIRUT, Lebanon—Syria's civil war, two years in the making, has come to
neighboring Lebanon ...

In Syria, some brace for the next war
RAQQAH, Syria — As this remote corner of northeastern Syria fast slides
out of government control, many Syrians are bracing for what they fear will
be another war, between the relatively moderate fighters who first took up
arms against the government ...

Official: Iraq searches another Syria-bound Iranian cargo plane, finds no weapons
BAGHDAD — An Iraqi government spokesman says his country has forced a
Syria-bound Iranian plane to land at Baghdad International Airport for
search it for weapons. Ali al-Moussawi said that only humanitarian aid and
commercial goods were found on ...

Syrian crisis divides opinion between Russia and the West
Events in civil war-torn Syria have demonstrated the lamentable inability
of Russia and the West to agree on a mechanism to overcome the crisis. The
only consolation is that it has made leading powers think about how to
structure dialogue and where the ...
BRICS want a negotiated peace, bilderberg wants regime change and or chaos, aka sharia deocracy.

Syrian airstrike kills at least 15 in Aleppo
A Syrian government airstrike on a heavily contested neighborhood in the
northern city of Aleppo on Saturday killed at least 15 people, including
nine children, activists said. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights said the air raid hit ...

Syria's Jihadists face test of government in eastern city
AMMAN (Reuters) - A month after they pulled down a statue of President
Bashar al-Assad's once feared father, people in a city in eastern Syria are
living under a Jihadist regime that could be a taste of what is in store
for the country if Assad himself ...

Syria: Car Bombing Kills 15 in Damascus as Regime Launches ...
“The capital Damascus appears to be resistant to the opposition's armed
men, particularly because it is the power center of the Syrian Government.
Violent clashes are currently taking place between the armed opposition
militias and the ...

UN: Libya Arms Fueling Mali, Syria Wars -- News from Antiwar.com
A new UN report addressing the now fairly longstanding problem of arms
smuggling out of Libya reveals that despite huge outlays of money from NATO
the weapons continue to flow out of Libya at “an alarming rate,”
fueling wars across the ...

SecDev Foundation to Monitor Syria's Digital Security
When Syria “disappeared” from the Internet last year, no one seemed to
know exactly what had happened. Researchers later determined that the
nearly-complete blocking of Internet traffic flowing and in and out of the
country resulted from ...
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 12:59 pm (UTC)
Libya update via MT
Libyan parliament approves law to criminalize abduction on same day official ...
TRIPOLI, Libya — Libya's parliament has approved a law that criminalizes
torture and abduction, a lawmaker said on Tuesday, shortly after the prime
minister's chief of staff was freed following eight days in captivity by a
suspected militia.

Libya PM's aide Mohamed al-Ghattous freed by kidnappers
An aide to Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has been freed after being
kidnapped nine days ago, officials say. Mohamed al-Ghattous, was said to be
with his family in Misrata city following his release. An official
statement did not give details of who ...

Libyan court to start considering an appeal by convicted Ukrainians on April 10
Libya's Supreme Military Court will start considering on April 10 an appeal
by Ukrainians who were sentenced to ten years in prison for aiding the
regime of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the Ukrainian Foreign
Ministry has reported. "On April 10 ...

Rogue Militias Challenge State Security
Tripoli — Tripoli's Abu Slim police station was blown up and set alight
last Thursday (April 4th) in just one of the latest incidents highlighting
security challenges to the Libyan state. The police post was assaulted by
gunmen who tied up the guards ...

USAID and Western Union Launch the Libya Diaspora Marketplace
Washington, D.c. — United States Agency for International Development
(USAID) and Western Union have launched the Libya Diaspora Marketplace
(LDM). The LDM will award up to four winning businesses with matching
grants of between $25,000 and ...

Old animosities thrive in post-Kadafi Libya
Seif Islam Kadafi, son of the late Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi, addresses
supporters in Tripoli in 2011. The rebels who captured him after the civil
war that year have refused to turn him over to the Libyan government or the
International Criminal ...

Oil subcontractor Ponticelli pulls out of Libya
French company Ponticelli has pulled out of Libya. Observers close to the
industrial piping specialist which has operated as a oil field
subcontractor cite the lack of security and fear of an attack on its
employees as the main reasons of the ...

Libya stops second ship carrying contraband fuel to ... - Times of Malta
A second ship suspected of ferrying contraband diesel to Malta from Libya
has been impounded in Tripoli. The Libya Herald said that the
Panamanian-registered Levante was stopped by a Libyan patrol boat in Libyan
waters and diverted to ...

U.S. diplomat killed in Afghanistan died doing what she loved
Anne Smedinghoff, the first American diplomat to die on the job since last
year's attack in Benghazi, Libya, was one of five Americans killed Saturday
in a suicide car bombing while they were delivering textbooks to school
children. The Taliban claimed ...
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 01:27 pm (UTC)
Iran update via MT
Iran announces uranium mining after nuclear talks fail
Iran said on Tuesday operations had begun at two uranium mines and a milling plant and that Western opposition would not slow its nuclear work, days after talks with world powers made no breakthrough.

Iran says it hopes to restore tourist flights to Egypt
Egypt suspended tourist flights from Iran on Monday. It did not give a
reason but the move followed an outcry from hard-line Sunni Muslims angered
about visitors from the mostly Shiite country, only a week after direct
flights between the two countries ...

Eni Says Its Iran Activities Could Lead to US Sanctions
Eni has operated in Iran for several years as part of four service
contracts: South Pars, Darquain, Dorood and Balal. Eni said all the
projects have been completed with the exception of Darquain, which is in
the process of final commissioning and is ...

In Iran talks, North Korea parallel goes only so far
If you have nuclear weapons, all sorts of bad behavior will be tolerated. That's the lesson some are worried Iran may be learning from North Korea's increasingly confrontational stance against South Korea
and the United States.

China inflation data, Iran lift oil prices
A SUBDUED inflation report from China, Iran nuclear plans and a weaker
dollar helped to lift oil prices on Tuesday as the market awaited key US
oil inventory data. New York's main contract, West Texas Intermediate (WTI)
for May, closed at $94.20 a ...

Take immediate steps to reduce tensions: Obama tells Iran
“It's a solution that would give Iran access to peaceful nuclear energy
while resolving once and for all the serious questions that the world has
about the true nature of the Iranian nuclear programme,” Obama said
speaking directly to the people and ...

Iran's 'axis of resistance' loses its Palestinian arm to Syrian war
Syrians gathering beneath the shattered facade of a building damaged by a
car bomb, in Damascus, Syria, Monday. After two years of bloodshed in
Syria, Hamas has abandoned Damascus and distanced itself from Iran, a major
supporter of the Assad regime ...

Kerry: No 'open-ended, endless' Iran nuke talks
The United States won't allow Iran to indefinitely drag out negotiations
over its nuclear program, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Prime
Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Tuesday, before heading to Ben
Gurion International airport.

6.3 magnitude quake strikes near Iran's Bushehr nuke facility
Thirty-seven people have been killed after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake
struck near Bushehr in Iran. Around 850 people have been injured, according
to Iranian media.

Iran Announces new reactors, cooperation with Russia
Russia has agreed to help Iran construct two new nuclear reactors in the
coming year Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Tuesday, its
“National Day of Nuclear Technology.”

Obama Talks Peace to Iran, But Dishes Out Violence by Jamasb ...
Four years ago, President Barack Obama quoted the beloved 13th century
Persian poet Sa'di in his first Nowruz message to the Iranian people. The
address, with its veneer of peace and diplomacy, was a well-received
gesture to both civil ...
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 03:12 pm (UTC)
Syria: U.S. Creates New Gang - Ignatius Doubles Insurgent Numbers
Purposely leaked form the Obama administration to the Washington Post:
The United States and Jordan have stepped up training of Syrian opposition forces that may be used to establish a buffer zone along Syria’s southern border, according to U.S. and Jordanian officials.
Jordanian security officials said a previous timetable to complete training of about 3,000 Free Syrian Army officers by the end of June has been moved up to the end of this month in light of the border victories.
“Buffer zones on the Syrian side of the border is the only way to keep the conflict away from Jordan,” said Mahmoud Irdaisat, head of the Amman-based Center for Strategic Studies at the King Abdullah II Defense Studies Academy
Rebel officials who say they have taken part in the U.S.-Jordanian training at a Jordanian military base say they are being prepared to maintain the zones using surface-to-air missiles and heavy artillery without military invention from outside forces.
Several senior Israeli military officials have voiced support for buffer zones.

The leak to the Post is message to AIPAC and other hawks who are increasingly impatient with the progress in Syria. The U.S. is training its own gang for creating safe zones in Syria on behalf of Israel and Jordan who do not want the conflict to further cross their borders.
[...] There are of course many other gangs in Syria and the Post's David Ignatius is trying to sort them:
The biggest umbrella group is called the Jabhat al-Tahrir al-Souriya al-Islamiya. It has about 37,000 fighters ...
The second-largest rebel coalition is more extreme and is dominated by hard-core Salafist Muslims. Its official name — Jabhat al-Islamiya al-Tahrir al-Souriya — is almost identical to that of the Saudi-backed group
[...] Rebel sources estimate about 13,000 Salafist fighters are gathered under this second umbrella.
A third rebel group, known as Ahfad al-Rasoul, is funded by Qatar. It has perhaps 15,000 fighters.
The most dangerous group in the mix is the Jabhat al-Nusra, which is an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq. By one rebel estimate, it has grown to include perhaps 6,000 fighters.
Idriss and his Free Syrian Army command about 50,000 more fighters, rebel sources say.

Realistically, the best hope for U.S. policy is to press the Saudi-backed coalition and its 37,000 fighters, to work under the command of Idriss and the Free Syrian Army.
If one adds those Ignatius numbers up there are 65,000 in three big Islamist groups, 50,000 under Idriss and 6,000 Jabhat al-Nusra Jihadists. In total an army of some 120,000 men.
That sounds impressive but, as Aron Lund points out, is completely wrong.
Idriss does not have any troops at all. The first and second group Ignatius mentions are nominally under his command, take the money and weapons he offers but otherwise do not care what he says. The third group Ignatius mentions does not really exits. If one adds the still dubious numbers after correcting for Ignatius (willful?) errors the total is 50,000 plus the 6,000 al-Nusra Jihadists, less than half the force size Ignatius claims.

My best guestimate for the real numbers is less than half of Ignatius' corrected numbers. These are roving gangs that sometimes work together for a while to create a temporary Schwerpunkt and to attack and take this or that small military base. Another type of their action is to take some town or city block and fight from there until they get kicked out again. Rinse, repeat. There isn't that much manpower needed do those two type of action and we have seen little else. All the insurgencies "brigades" are actual the size of small companies, some 100 to 120 men. Their "battalions" are little more than platoons. Then one has to account for the insurgency's combat losses which are significant.
Without U.S. air support the new gang trained in Jordan will have problems to hold any larger area.
The numbers in play and movements under way still very much favor a positive outcome for the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad.
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Syria: U.S. Creates New Gang - Ignatius Doubles Insurgent Numbers
Gehenna commented - The Druze are not taking sides. Never mind that BS piece in an Israeli newspaper or the bogus reports about Druze "batalions" (as b pointed out it's platoons at best) joining the fray.
Curious as to how the current lay of the land is. With Qatar and Saudi Arabia vying for control of the terrorists and both using Turkey to achieve it. (not to mention the unrest in Jordan caused by Muslim Brotherhood proxies for Qatar).
The alliance against Syria seems fracturable and I wonder if it can be broken. Turkey is walking a fine line between the 2 financial backers while the US still seems bent on pushing this proxy war forward.
For Syria Turkey is a no go because that would give NATO the reason they've been praying for. Neither is Israel. So I suspect a counterblow will/could be given through either Lebanon or Jordan.

Penny wrote -
The Four Seas Strategy that Assad had been promoting explains quite a lot about why the destabilization of Syria is taking place.
Syria was certainly set to become an economic powerhouse with this plan
Turkey was included, but the rewards weren't as bountiful as now thanks to NATO. Think Cyprus and all that energy in the Med.
Israel will now be the powerhouse beneficiary, rather then Syria as would have been the case under the strategy Assad was touting. China is again stymied.
The 3 part series explain some of the geopolitical machinations in that entire region of the Med, including, but not limited to what I see as the intentional take down of Cyprus and a nice reward via NATO to Turkey and Israel for their help in destroying Syria....
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 03:53 pm (UTC)
Decent conversation on the Korean situation and the unjustifiable pompousness of the US in the comments -
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 04:19 pm (UTC)
Are paedophilephiles simply daft, or is there something else going on?
In today’s Daily Telegraph, there is a report (which I have checked out fully) about how Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to relax rules automatically banning sex offenders from caring for children. The usual bollocks is applied, viz: such a ban “could breach their human rights”.
In an article in the somehow ‘respected’ Child and Family Law Quarterly, Miss Reece suggested that reoffending rates were not high among sex criminals, adding: “despite growing public concern over paedophilia, the numbers of child sex murders are very low.”
Ah, right: children abused, not many dead. OK, that is unpleasantly insouciant….but the ‘low reoffending rates’ assertion is simply a lie. Why tell a lie?
Last November, Jon Brown of the NSPCC said: “Reoffending rates for sex offenders have risen in recent years, but until now we did not know how many of these involved the sexual abuse of children.
Who are her sponsors?

Dav Guy commented
I am not advocating this obviously, but I wonder how Helen Reece would feel if she were, for example, brutally gang raped, reported her case to the police, had it ignored, and later had another Helen Reece clone write sympathetic letters to the Daily Bellylaugh saying that Gang rapers should always be given a second chance, because there is no proof they would re-offend?
I think I know the answer.
Which raises an altogether different question.
For me this is the public face of power-paedo’s hitting back.

In regards to “possible” re-offending, I like to make three points;
1) Why take the chance!
2) Why take the chance!!
3) Why take the chance!!!
These people will never change.
I would urge people to listen to some radio downloads by Alan Watt

This is the way things will go.
Guest Post: Your Kids Don’t Belong To You
clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 04:34 pm (UTC)
ITCCS update
Stopping the Vatican and the Crown
Church actions in five countries mark start of Easter Reclamation Campaign as Queen of England may resign
On the verge of the possible resignation of Elizabeth Windsor as Queen of England, groups in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland and Italy banished the Roman Catholic, Church of England and other churches from their communities as part of an escalating campaign to stop criminal institutions, and arrest their leaders.
The groups staged protests, church occupations and infiltrations of Catholic and Protestant church services. They plan to mobilize even greater numbers for next Easter Sunday.
"The groundswell is finally building because the truth is irrefutable" remarked ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett, who along with Cree activists read and posted the Common Law Court Banishment Order at the main Catholic cathedral in Vancouver, Canada. (see attachments)
"Our campaign is now even forcing the Queen of England to step down because, like the former Pope Benedict, she is personally implicated in crimes against children, and she knows it" .
More http://itccs.org/2013/03/26/stopping-the-vatican-and-the-crown/

Bishops begin Breaking Ranks – “Existing authority is replaced now by the People”
From the steps of the Vatican to Catholic churches in Vancouver, New York and London, ITCCS groups commenced church occupations and the issuing of liens against Vatican property this week, as part of a Global Reclamation Campaign to enforce a Common Law Court sentence against heads of church and state, including the new Pope, Francis 1 – Jorge Bergoglio, and Queen Elisabeth Windsor.
Bergoglio, Windsor and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are among those officials who have been lawfully banished from their communities and face standing Citizen Arrest Warrants.
And despite a massive pro-Vatican blitz in the corporate media, Catholic Bishops have begun to publicly break ranks as new divisions emerged in the church hierarchy.
[...] "We've broken the ice and set an example. The walls of church and crown are crumbling before our eyes. Now it`s up to everyone to learn again the habits of liberty, and seize back power from the convicted criminals in charge. For existing authority has now been lawfully replaced by the People."

Appeal from Survivors of Canadian Genocide
Two indigenous elders and survivors of Christian internment camps, Stee-mas and Wahtsek, describe why the Queen and the Pope must be arrested for Crimes against Humanity. Their appeal to other countries is to help them ban the Vatican, the Crown and the government and churches of Canada from their territories. Both elders are advisors to the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. Interviewed on ©Squamish / Skwxwú7mesh™ Government land ("Vancouver") on April 8, 2013 by Kevin Annett.
(Anonymous) on April 10th, 2013 05:39 pm (UTC)
Re: ITCCS update
Kevin Annett is a real crackpot.

"Kevin Annett is a defrocked priest who had taken-up a second career as a con-artist/grifter. Annett has convinced a bunch of unwitting people that he is the saviour of Indigenous people everywhere, and the only person who is working on their behalf. This is not true- rather, he is using their cause for his own personal gain.

Kevin is most famous for his faking of the discovery of a ‘mass grave’ at the Six Nations Reserve in Brandford, Ontario. Apparently, he is pulling the same con at other reserves- one has to feel sorry for all of the people who he is building false hope for.

Curiously, Kevin Is an International Socialist, and has deep connections to the people who were involved in hijacking the occupy movement. Some of his relations include Winnie Ng, Sakura Saunders, and Judy Rebick."

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clothcapclothcap on April 10th, 2013 06:13 pm (UTC)
Syrian Documents 2013-04-10
Deir Al-Zour
Syrian Air forces bombard Free Army positions in al-Matar al-Qadem neighborhood of Deir Ezzor.
Forces of Syrian Army clash with members of Free Army militia in Tal Bredej of Hama countryside, what resulted in the death of Sultan Muhammad al-Shaqran and Khalid al-Auni and the injury of others.
Damascus Countryside
Eye witnesses: severe clashes occur between Syrian Army and fighters of the oppositions near Police Housing in Harasta area of Damascus countryside and no human casualties were recorded.
Ekhbaria: Syrian Army kills many armed men, including Mazen al-Khateeb during clashes with Syrian Army near Binnish town of Edlib countryside.
A mortar shell has been fired on the surrounding of al-Qaser al-Baladi, what resulted in the injury of many people and material damages.
Reuters: A report of UN talks about the influx of weapons from Libya to Syria through many outlets in the South of Turkey and the North of Lebanon.
Syrian Army bombardments carried out by Syrian Army take place on the strongholds of Free Army militia in al-Ghanto town of Homs countryside claiming injuries of the armed militants.
The opposition coordination: Anees al-Jamous, one of Free Army rebel leaders, has died after transmitting him to Jordan for treatment as a result of being injured during armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Daraa countryside.
Heavy Clashes occur between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in the Southern side of al-Sanameen town of Daraa countryside, as artillery bombardments take place on many spots of the town.

The EU, UK and N. America have been defeated already.
(Anonymous) on April 11th, 2013 03:34 am (UTC)
locativerativantRe: Syrian Documents 2013-04-10
No reports about this sort of thing.

Report: Thousands killed in Syria air strikes.
"Air strikes have hit bakeries and hospitals among other civilian targets in Syria, a watchdog reported Thursday, accusing the Syrian government of killing thousands in such raids it said amounted to war crimes.

"Individuals who commit serious violations of the laws of war wilfully, that is intentionally or recklessly, are responsible for war crimes," HRW said in a report titled "Death from the Skies."

"Syrian government air strikes that have deliberately or indiscriminately killed civilians appear to be part of systematic and widespread attacks against the civilian population that Human Rights Watch previously found amount to crimes against humanity," it added.

Basing its findings on investigations in rebel-held areas of three war-torn provinces, the New York-based group documented air strikes on four bakeries and two hospitals, along with other civilian targets.

One hospital in the northern city of Aleppo, the Dar al-Shifa, had suffered at least four attacks alone.

"In village after village, we found a civilian population terrified by their country's own air force," said Ole Solvang, a Human Rights Watch emergencies researcher. "These illegal air strikes killed and injured many civilians and sowed a path of destruction, fear, and displacement," he added.

Citing a network of activists, HRW said that "air strikes have killed more than 4,300 civilians across Syria since July 2012."

The report detailed the use of highly explosive munitions that sometimes flattened several houses in a single attack."
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