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Someone please arrest Cameron and his regime for supporting terrorism

Fifty-Three Civilians Martyred, 235 Others Injured so far in Terrorist Bombing in al-Thawra Street in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(SANA)- Fifty-three civilians were martyred and 235 others were injured so far in a terrorist bombing which took place on Thursday morning in al-Thawra Street in the surrounding of al-Mazraa neighborhood in Damascus.
In a statement, the Ministry of Health pointed out that 53 martyrs and 235 wounded people were admitted to the public and private hospitals, noting that these numbers may increase due to the critical conditions of some injured people.
The Health Minister, Dr. Saad al-Nayef, told reporters during a tour in Damascus Hospital that the terrorist bombing reflects the criminal nature of its perpetrators, adding that the Ministry is exerting all efforts to offer medical services to the injured people. The injured people roundly denounced this terrorist bombing, noting that the perpetrators aim to destabilize Syria through killing innocent women, children and old men.

A SANA reporter said that the bombing, which took place in a densely populated area near a crossroad of main streets, killed and injured a large number of civilians, including children. He added that huge material damage was caused to the houses of citizens in the area surrounding the bombing in addition to a huge fire in a large number of cars, noting that the victims are mostly passersby, school students and people driving their cars.
The SANA reporter pointed out that the blast also caused huge damage to al-Hayat Hospital and Abdullah Bin al-Zubir school in the area as well as to the minibuses in a bus station nearby.

Sources at the Red Crescent and Damascus Hospitals said the bodies of tens of martyrs and injured people were admitted to the hospitals.

For his part, Education Minister, Dr. Hazwan al-Wazz, said the terrorist bombing caused material damage in some neighboring schools and injured 3 teachers and 20 students. The Minister added that Damascus Examinations Department and the second building of the Education Ministry were also affected, in addition to wounding some employees. He stressed that the terrorist bombing will not affect the determination of the Ministry staff members to continue their role towards their homeland.

Car Loaded with Explosives Seized in the Bombing Site
In the same context, SANA reporter mentioned that the authorities seized a car loaded with cylinder-shaped bath water heaters filled with explosives in the site of the bombing in al-Thawra Street. The suicide terrorist who was driving the car was arrested, the reporter noted.

[Clothcap - The following is just Damascus. The Bilderberg-NATO (esp. F UK US IL TR) proxy terrorist campaign using approx. 60 000 imported terrorists so far has used car bombing to spread mayhem and destruction across Syria. Al Nusra, the AQ associated Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group has been the main perpetrator, funded and armed by and via Libya, Saudi and Qatar. The Muslim Brotherhood has a close allegiance with the UK and US regimes, is funded by Saudi and Qatar.]

On January 14th, terrorists blew an explosive device at Qassioun Petrol Station near Hamish Hospital in Barzeh, Damascus, causing the martyrdom of a number of civilians and the injury of others.

On December 1st, 2012, terrorist detonated a car bomb in Ish al-Warwar neighborhood in Damascus, claiming the lives of 3 citizens, including a boy and a girl, and injuring 35 others, not to mention the huge material damage at the site.

In November 2012, terrorists blew up a car bomb and two explosives at al-Worod neighborhood in Damascus, killing 11 citizens and injuring tens of the innocents in the area, some of them were in critical condition.

On November 5th, 2013, terrorists detonated an explosive device planted under a car in Mezzah Jabal 86 area in Damascus, causing the martyrdom of 11 citizens and injuring tens, including women and children.

Two car bombs hit al-Qazzaz neighborhood in Damascus on May 10th, 2012, claiming the lives of 55 citizens and injuring 372 others.

On March 17th, 2012, two terrorist bombings carried out by two suicide terrorists, one of them took place near al-Jamarek roundabout while the other hit the area linking Baghdad Street and al-Qassaa neighborhood, killing 24 martyrs while 140 civilians and law-enforcement members were injured.














Source SANA R. al-Jazaeri /


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