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31 January 2013 @ 01:03 am
Germans gold repatriation via Mali. Israel at war with Syria?  

(Was Venezualan gold repatriation via Libya?)
The French regime attacking the terrorists and rebels opposing the unpopular Mali military dictatorship.

Is the French intervention in Mali legitimate?
The intervention, of course, is far from legitimate. How can a French military operation in a North African country be legitimate, when not too long ago France undertook what was then called a legitimate intervention in another North African country, Libya, with the opposite aims:
Not to support, but to topple a legitimate government;
Not to stop the spread of radical Islam, but to help radical Islamists, some of them foreign jihadists, strongly connected to terrorist groups like Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, overthrow a legitimate government

In other words, the Mali operation is the very antithesis of the Libyan one. Yet, according to state officials in France, the United States and Britain, along with their jingoist Western mass media cheerleaders, both interventions are legitimate. Where the Mali intervention protects a legitimate government, the Libyan intervention toppled one. Where the Mali operation opposes radical Islamists, the Libyan operation aided them.
It can’t possibly be true that Western governments are against radical Islamists as a matter of principle, when the principal financial and ideological backer of militant Sunni Islamism, Saudi Arabia, is a treasured ally.  Nor can it be true when Western powers backed radical Islamists against:
    The leftist Afghan government in the 1980s,
    Yugoslavia’s social democracy in the 1990s,
    Gaddafi’s economic nationalism in Libya,
    Assad’s secular nationalist government in Syria.

It can’t be true that Western powers are against despots, dictators, and absolutist monarchs, when they’ve backed so many of them in the past, and continue to back them in the present, from the potentates of the Gulf Co-operation Council to the military regime in Mali.
Neither are Western powers committed to backing struggles against tyrannies as struggles against tyrannies. On countless occasions, they’ve either stood idly by as tyrannies repressed democratic rebellions, or energetically aided their autocratic allies’ efforts to crush opposition.
Full report herald.co.zw/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64453:is-the-french-intervention-in-mali-legitimate

Mali, why now? What is the connection between gold repatriation?

Mali: One war can hide another by Thierry Meyssan
A long time in the making and announced by François Hollande six months in advance, the French intervention in Mali was portrayed as an emergency decision in response to dramatic developments. This scheme aims not only at seizing Mali’s gold and uranium, but more especially at paving the way for the destabilization of Algeria.  voltairenet.org/article177190.html

Pepe Escobar On Mali Audio
Interview with Pepe Escobar on the currency, gold and energy war in Mali
And from - Burn, burn - Africa's Afghanistan
[...] Muammar Gaddafi always supported the Tuaregs' independence drive; since the 1960s the NMLA agenda has been to liberate Azawad (North Mali) from the central government in Bamako.
After the March 2012 coup, the NMLA seemed to be on top. They planted their own flag on quite a few government buildings, and on April 5 announced the creation of a new, independent Tuareg country. The “international community” spurned them, only for a few months later to have the NMLA for all practical purposes marginalized, even in their own region, by three other – Islamist – groups; Ansar ed-Dine (“Defenders of the Faith”); the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO); and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).
Meet the players
The NMLA is a secular Tuareg movement, created in October 2011. It claims that the liberation of Azawad will allow better integration – and development – for all the peoples in the region. Its hardcore fighters are Tuaregs who were former members of Gaddafi’s army.
But there are also rebels who had not laid down their arms after the 2007-2008 Tuareg rebellion, and some that defected from the Malian army. Those who came back to Mali after Gaddafi was executed by the NATO rebels in Libya carried plenty of weapons. Yet most heavy weapons actually ended up with the NATO rebels themselves, the Islamists supported by the West.
Full essay, recommended atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/OA19Dj02.html 

Canadian special forces on the ground in Mali
(Via @anthonyfenton )

Soon to be joined by UK forces and no doubt (the alleged managers of the Libya and Syria destruction and the Algeria kidnap incident) the CIA and its bankster cohorts, MI6, DGSE, Mossad etc. NATO. Paging NATO.

Uranium Rush: African resource grab behind Mali mission?
The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed the terrorists behind the recent deadly hostage-taking in Algeria got their weapons from Libya. The attack was staged in response to France's intervention in Mali. RT's Maria Finoshina looks at why French troops are there at all.
The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed the terrorists behind the recent deadly hostage-taking in Algeria got their weapons from Libya. The attack was staged in response to France's intervention in Mali. RT's Maria Finoshina looks at why French troops are there at all.

youtube.com/watch?v=lsaSk0lpeWM (Via @Dputmadre ) 

Military success in Mali raises fear of sectarian revenge attacks
As French, Malian and troops from other African countries enter the key northern Malian towns of Gao, Timbuktu and Kidal, reports are emerging of revenge attacks against the Islamists and some of the local Tuareg and Arab population. As Malian and French forces closed in and retook Gao last weekend virtually unopposed, residents have been hunting down and beating up suspected Islamist extremists who did not have time to flee into the desert. Malian troops then bundled the suspected terrorists into a truck. Members of a youth militia called the Gao Patrolmen, went house to house hunting for suspected Islamists.
Full report rt.com/news/mali-conflict-islamists-revenge-106/

A Gold Mine in the Desert – The Story of Mali lostislamichistory.com/a-gold-mine-in-the-desert-the-story-of-mali/
Via @stand4haq 

The French regime backing the terrorists and rebels opposing the popular Syrian gov't. 

Haven't We Seen This Movie Before? The Open-Ended Global War on Terrorism
Syria: A jihadi paradise Syria has turned into a remix of 1980s Afghanistan as Sunni hardcore faithful rush to crush President Bashar al-Assad on al-Qaeda's call. This is hardly what the petromonarchs and gilded Western powers backing the Syrian opposition have in mind. What they want is a military dictatorship without the military dictator; what they've put up is a jihadi paradise with Assad not moving anytime soon. 

Systems normal. All fkt up - as usual.

Free Syrian Army turns against France
France organized the Free Syrian Army (FSA), going so far as to endow it with its own flag, that of the French Mandate of Syria (1920-1946). She officially provided the FSA with arms and funding, in breach of international treaties. And, unofficially, she flanked it by officers and trainers with the aim of overthrowing the legal and legitimate government. The FSA has devastated the country’s infrastructure and launched major battles that have cost the lives of nearly 60,000 Syrians, yet failed to seize power.
[...] After two years of conducting a secret war, France is now cut off from Syria and jeered by the FSA.
Full voltairenet.org/article177322.html

Staying with psychopaths, sociopaths and for "profit, glory and the agenda" nutters running the show -
The [wannabe Greater Israel] Israeli regime thinks nothing of contravening international law and HR by intruding in others' land and airspace to murder and destroy. It has regularly flown drones and jets over Lebanon and elsewhere.

Lebanon reports heavy presence of Israeli jets in airspace
BEIRUT (Reuters) -- Lebanon said on Wednesday Israeli jets had flown over its territory overnight, part of apparently increased air activity which comes as Israel has expressed concern about weapons in neighboring Syria falling out of government control.
A Lebanese army statement said that four Israeli planes entered Lebanese air space at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday. They were replaced four hours later by another group of planes which overflew southern Lebanon until 2 a.m. and a third mission took over, finally leaving at 7:55 a.m. on Wednesday morning.
Lebanon frequently complains that Israeli jets overfly its territory. However the recent activity was much more concentrated than usual.

Why? To provoke a response from Iran after failing to do so with the mini destruction of Gaza?

Israel fighter jets enter Lebanese airspace, hit targets on Syria border
Israeli air force jets reportedly attacked a target on the Syria-Lebanon border after repeatedly violating Lebanese airspace Wednesday night. The Syrian military, however, says the jets targeted a scientific research center near Damascus.
The overnight IAF strike was directed at a weapons convoy traveling from Syria into Lebanon, RT correspondent Paula Slier reported from Israel, citing Lebanese media. The convoy may have been moving anti-aircraft rockets from Syria, Slier added, citing foreign sources who spoke on Israeli TV.
“There was definitely a hit in the border area,” the source told Reuters on condition of anonymity, without elaborating further.
Several squads of Israeli air force jets breached Lebanese airspace overnight, the Lebanese army reported in a statement earlier on Wednesday. The army said that four warplanes flew over the southernmost coastal town of Naqoura and hovered for several hours over villages in southern Lebanon before leaving the country's airspace.
The airstrike came amid Israeli concerns over Syrian chemical arms falling into militants’ hands. The Israel Defense Force refused to confirm or deny the reports. "We do not comment on reports of this kind," an IDF spokesperson said.
Later on Wednesday, the Syrian army’s general command has issued a statement claiming that Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace and
launched a direct strike on a military research center in Jamraya, near Damascus.
Over the past week, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of IAF planes sighted in the airspace of Lebanon, which borders Syria. At least 12 jet missions were reported by the Lebanese military.
Full rt.com/news/israel-strike-syria-border-091/

Possibly 2 strikes then. It sound as if the regime wants the weapons traffic to be one way, into Syria, not out.

Thanks to scoop.it/t/saif-al-islam for some links

Penny has it covered -
Israel attacks Syria: Details sketchy and of course contradictory
clothcapclothcap on January 30th, 2013 11:15 pm (UTC)
Escobar: Shadow wars & no interventions - US plan for MidEast & Asia
Responding to the Obama-Clinton talk, Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar says the destabilization of North Africa will only get worse.

clothcapclothcap on January 30th, 2013 11:36 pm (UTC)
Turkey, Qatar, KSA behind increasing violence in Syria: Nasrallah
The Hezbollah Secretary General says Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are responsible for fueling violence in Syria and the increase in casualties.
[...] He said Takfiris are behind countless massacres and bombings in Muslim countries and particularly Syria.
And of course the US (Stevens,weapons shipped from Benghazi, cash, mercs), UK (logistics, cash, intel) and France (heavy weapons, cash, intel)and the ubiquitous state terrorism org NATO (training, leadership) are innocent of any wrong doing just as they were in Libya and now in Mali.
clothcapclothcap on January 30th, 2013 11:38 pm (UTC)
'Two killed, five injured in Israeli airstrike on Syrian research center'
The attack was carried out against the center, which was tasked with boosting Syria’s resistance and self-defense, "after terrorist groups made several failed attempts in the past months to take control of the site."
"This assault is one of a long list of acts of aggression and criminality against the Arabs and Muslims," the statement added.
"They... carried out an act of aggression, bombarding the site, causing large-scale material damage and destroying the building," the army said.
The Israeli regime claimed earlier that it had targeted a convoy of chemical weapons in Syria.
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 12:30 am (UTC)
Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists Perpetrate Mass Execution in Aleppo
A media source underlined that terrorist groups of Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo carried out a mass execution against tens of abducted persons, throwing their bodies in Queiq river at Bustan al-Qasr area in Aleppo.
"The families have identified a number of the killed, stressing that Jabhat al-Nusra abducted them because of their rejection to cooperate with this terrorist group," the source said in a statement on Tuesday.
It added that the competent authorities along with the families are following evidence on this new massacre which adds to a series of brutal massacres perpetrated by the terrorist groups against unarmed civilians.
Reporter in Aleppo said that clashes between the Syrian armed forces and terrorists in Bustan al-Qasr are taking place in the surroundings of the region, adding "there are no presence for the army on the banks of Queiq river."
The reporter added that the competent authorities earlier put barbed wires along the stream of the river to prevent terrorists from infiltrating into the safe areas .
"The bodies, which terrorists and TV misleading channels have claimed that the army killed their owners, were found in the side where terrorists present.. if they were killed in the safe areas, their bodies would stick to the barbed wires before reaching the region where they were discovered," the reporter said.
She clarified that the height of water in the river is very little and it is stagnant, so it can't carry the bodies along the river.

Thanks http://www.facebook.com/Syriaonline.sy

Edited at 2013-01-31 12:42 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 01:05 am (UTC)
Syria updates via MT 29 Jan
Syria's Aleppo University tries to carry on after mystery blasts
BEIRUT — Before the first explosion, Laila and fellow architecture students at Aleppo University in Syria had gathered by chance in a stairwell, which shielded them from flying glass and shrapnel. In an instant, the less fortunate lay dead and injured ...

Peace Envoy Says Syria Is 'Being Destroyed'
The international envoy to Syria told the Security Council on Tuesday that "Syria is being destroyed bit by bit" and his mediation effort cannot go forward unless the council unites to push the Syrian government and opposition forces toward some ...

Syrian War Brings Grisly Find
Syrian state TV quoted an anonymous "media source" saying the victims were Aleppo residents kidnapped and later executed by al Qaeda-linked fighters active in the city. Attempts to reach residents and activists inside Aleppo were unsuccessful and ...

Sixty-five people executed in Syria's Aleppo: activists
U.N.-Arab League mediator Lakhdar Brahimi told the U.N. Security Council "unprecedented levels of horror" had been reached in Syria, and that both the government and rebels had committed atrocious crimes, diplomats said. He appealed to the 15-nation ...

Obama Delivers Video Message to Syria as Death Toll Rises
President Barack Obama released a video statement to the Syrian people attesting to the U.S. commitment to their humanitarian needs amid fresh reports of civilian killings by the Assad regime. The three-minute video with Arabic subtitles was circulated ...
[Obama supports the terrorists that caused the refugee crisis]

Has Obama administration gone wobbly on Syria?'
Syria, chemical weapons and the United States. If nothing else, President Barack Obama last month was emphatic. “I want to make it absolutely clear to Assad,” Obama declared at the National Defense University in early December, “….The world is watching.

Sunni discontent and Syria fears feed Iraqi unrest
Across Iraq's western desert, thousands of Sunni Muslims block highways, chant and pray in protests against Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that grow more defiant by the day.

Barack Obama Pledges $155 Million More In Aid To Syria
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama authorized an additional $155 million in humanitarian aid for the Syrian people Tuesday, as his administration grapples for a way to stem the violence there without direct U.S. military involvement.
[What does the UN do with the billions that countries give it every year? Non accountable. Stop giving to the UN crooks. Give direct.]

Syria refugee crisis worsens – This Just In
The number of refugees who have fled Syria and are registered with the U.N. jumped by over 110000 in the month of January, according to the High Commissioner for Refugees. The new number is just under 585000.
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 01:14 am (UTC)
Libya updates via MT Jan 29
UN's Libya chief warns that French advance in Mali may drive Islamist ...
UNITED NATIONS — The U.N.'s special representative for Libya warned the Security Council on Tuesday that France's military offensive in northern Mali may drive Islamic insurgents out and across the porous borders with Algeria and into Libya. U.N ...

Libya: national consensus needed for building institutions, security – UN envoy
29 January 2013 – While the new Government of Libya has evinced determination to tackle the many challenges faced by the nascent democracy, national dialogue must be held so that difficult decisions on a range of issues can be taken with broad popular ...

Mali crisis could exacerbate security challenges in Libya: UN
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A military intervention by France in Mali to combat Islamist rebels could exacerbate a "precarious" security situation in Libya, where armed groups have targeted security officials and diplomats, the United Nations said on ...

UN Security Council Says Libya Has Come Far, But Still Has Far To Go
At a surprisingly brief Security Council meeting on Tuesday, the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL, pron. UHN-smill), told the Security Council that Libya still has a ways to go, particularly in the security sector, to ...

Benghazi tries to escape its ghosts, past and present
(CNN) -- Bilal Bettamer is a 23-year-old student who wants to save Benghazi from those he calls "extremely dangerous people." But his campaign against the criminal and extremist groups that plague the city has put his life at risk, and he says that if ...

Graham Demands Panetta Testify on Libya Before a Hagel Vote
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he opposes voting on former Senator Chuck Hagel's nomination as defense secretary until current Secretary Leon Panetta testifies to Congress about the deadly attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Bombs thrown at unused UN compound
Two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were thrown over the wall of an unused United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) compound in the capital in the early hours of this morning. No-one was injured in the attack which took place at around 1.30 am.

Libya may try Senussi and Saif separately
The investigations related to the assassination of Gaddafi's opponents and the regime's brutal attempt to suppress the Libyan revolution. Senussi was arrested in Mauritania ten months ago in a “sting” operation involving French and Mauritanian ...

UN special representative says Mali rebels may be heading to Libya
Mitri said that he was also concerned about the continued detention of 7,000 people, still being held in Libya. Reuters reportedFrench-backed Malian troops searched houses in Gao and Timbuktu on Tuesday, where they found arms and explosives brought in ...

Libya tightens Security; All Foreigners Now Need VisaLibya
In what has been described as an attempt to tighten border security and clamp down on illegal immigration, Libyan authorities have announced that all foreign visitors to the country must have a visa.

Mali; HRC; Egypt; Libya
Mali: USG for DPA, Jeffrey Feltman, represented the UN at the donors'
conference for Mali held on Tuesday at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa.
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)
PressTV selection from Jan 30 news
PressTV selection from Jan 30 news
More at http://clothcap.blogspot.com/2013/01/presstv-selection-from-january-30-news.html

‘UK fuel price hikes need full probe’
British campaigners have voiced frustration over the Office of Fair Tracing’s (OFT) decision not to hold a full investigation into whether fuel prices in Britain are being manipulated, local media reported.

Mali could be UK’s Vietnam: experts
British lawmakers and military experts have warned Prime Minister David Cameron that Britain could become involved in a lengthy Vietnam-style conflict in Mali.
[Admiralty law forbids wars of aggression by UK forces. Cameron gives a **!t]

‘Iran gas to reach Iraq next summer’
Iran Oil Ministry spokesman says the country will start exporting natural gas to Baghdad by next summer via an under-construction pipeline between the two countries.

‘Climate change threatens Americans’
A federal government agency has released a warning that approximately half of all Americans are under threat from the effects of global climate change.
[Advancing glaciers? :) ]

clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 02:18 am (UTC)
Syria online reports -
Syria News 29.12013, Belgian Senate: Foreign powers support extremists, Army Restores Stability,
*Belgian Senate Speaker: Foreign powers support extremists from different countries to Syria
* Tehran's Islamic Unity Conference Calls for Peaceful Solution to Crisis in Syria
* Larijani: Political Dialog Best Way to Solve Crisis in Syria
* Army Restores Stability to Ared al-Khaleej in Daraya, Inflicts Heavy Losses Upon Terrorists

Daily Newscast of Syrian TV, the state television, Wednesday

The BritAm trojan horse
Why did only one email get leaked?
Of the entire 200 megabyte archive, only one email is leaked out, directed to the company’s manager. Usually with large leaks, a more complete archive of emails is leaked from the target’s database. Why did the hacker choose only to leak this particular email? How they he sift it out of the rest? Which leads to the second question.

The Kurdish YPG have declared a temporary ceasefire of clashes with Armed Merceneries, giving Terrorists 24 Hours to fully retreat from the City of "Sere Kanyeh" Ras Al-Ain, or face their wrath, vowing "We will not stop until the City is liberated." ...

Another 7 Foreign Pilots planning to hijack Airplanes from the Mazzeh Airport in Damascus, have been arrested by Syrian Intelligence who also discovered plans for building of a Tunnel leading to the airport, that Excavation Experts had been sent to survey and organize prior to the large Battle beginning.

Al-Diyar Newspaper has been informed that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and King Abdullah of Jordan have made contact by phone, agreeing that the Jordanian Army will prevent any Militants from Jordan crossing the border into Syria, with the Syrian and Jordanian Armies to coordinate the safety from both sides of the border.
Saudi Arabia upon hearing of the conversation and agreement, is said to be very irritated.

Via syria's breaking news
Hasaka: armed men kidnap 4 Guards from the Grain Center in al-Shhdadi countryside
January 30, 2013 12:58 PM
Hasaka: Syrian Army confronts armed men, who attacked the 47th check point killing many of them in al-Shdadi countryside
January 30, 2013 12:55 PM
Hasaka: insurgents infiltrate into an electricity store and stealing 9 transformers
January 30, 2013 12:15 PM
The residents of al-Nerab and Sermin of Edlib city have been displaced resulting the violence
January 30, 2013 11:24 AM
Homs - Rastan: the armed men attack al-Amerya town and commit a massacre killing 10 citizens
January 30, 2013 11:14 AM
Al-Yaman: al-Haq and al-Baath parties demand an investigation claims sending thousands of Yemenis to fight in Syria through Turkey is considered a criminal act

January 30, 2013 10:27 AM
AFB - Syrian Security source: a Tunisian terrorist, called Hafs Abu Eslam, committed the massacre in Aleppo
January 30, 2013 9:29 AM
Damascus: the Scientific Searches branch has been targeted by insurgents killing two soldiers in Jemraya
January 30, 2013 2:17 AM

clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 02:20 am (UTC)
Syria online reports continued -
Syria: Subversion Stalls while Government Succeeds with Reconciliation and Reforms.
A successful subversion of the Syrian government with militants becomes increasingly unlikely. Over the course of the last week the Syrian military forces have inflicted heavy losses on the NATO and GCC backed insurgents. Also a direct military intervention by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, or any of the NATO member states becomes increasingly unlikely, as Russia and China continue preventing another Libya-style intervention. Russia, Syria and Iran seem successful at conveying that a military aggression against Syria would have catastrophic regional and potentially global consequences. Meanwhile, the Syrian government has not only been very active, but very successful at molding opposition parties reform movements as well as religious and ethnic groups into a coherent and constructive alliance for peace, reconciliation and reform.

Moscow Condemns Massacre in Aleppo as Merciless Crime
MOSCOW, (SANA)- Russia expressed its condemnation of and resentment towards the terrorist massacre which took place in Aleppo and claimed the lives of scores of innocent citizens, describing it as "a new merciless crime on the Syrian land".
A statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday stressed the need for conducting a thorough investigation into this crime and identifying the perpetrators specifically.

The Armed Forces Destroy Terrorists' Gatherings in Idleb
A unit of the Armed Forces carried out a qualitative operation and killed a number of terrorists who were attempting to attack Law- Enforcement point in Idleb –Sermen road.
The source clarified to SANA that among the killed terrorists were Houssam Eisa, Abo Hassan Altounsi and Omar Haj Hamdan.
Another Army unit destroyed gathering for terrorists who were attempting to attack al-Rami village and another gathering in Kafer Zaita, killing scores of terrorist and destroying their cars

The Army Unit Eliminates Terrorists in Damascus Countryside
Units of the Armed Forces clashed with armed terrorist groups in al-Sbaina, Alhajar al-Asowad and al-Nabik area in Damascus countryside, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their weapons.
An official source told SANA that the Army unit pursued armed terrorist groups who were perpetrating acts of terrorism in al-Sbaina and Alhajar al-Asowad, killing and injuring scores of them.
Taha Sami, Muhammad Ramadan, Ghanim Ghanim, Yaser Ahmad and Riad al-Barghash were identified among the killed terrorists.
In the same context, another Army unit inflicted heavy losses among the armed terrorist groups in the west farm of al-Nabik, among the killed terrorists were Hazem al-Rifa'ai and Khalid al-Rifa'a

Terrorists Killed, 82-mm Caliber Mortar Seized in al-Qseir, Homs
A unit of the Armed Forces stormed into a terrorists' hideout near the agricultural nursery in the countryside of al-Qseir and seized a 82-mm caliber mortar inside it.
A source in the province told SANA that two terrorists were killed and others were injured in the operation while the rest ran away.
The source added that another army unit destroyed two vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns and killed all terrorists inside them in Ein Hussein village in the countryside of Homs.
It noted that a unit of the Armed Forces also destroyed a vehicle, killing all the terrorists inside it near al-Hashimiyeh School in Jouret al-Shaiyah neighborhood in Homs city.

Israeli-made Food Stuff Seized, Explosive Devices Dismantled in Aleppo
In cooperation with the locals, a unit of the Armed Forces confiscated Israeli-made food materials coming from Turkey in al-Jamiliyeh area in Aleppo city.
The army units eliminated all members of a terrorist group who were planting explosive devices on the roads to the south of al-Sfeira in the countryside of Aleppo and dismantled a number of IEDs

The Army Foils Terrorists' Attempt to Detonate Car Loaded with 200 kg of Explosives in Aleppo
A unit of the Armed Forces foiled terrorists' attempt to detonate a car loaded with 200 kg of explosives, filled inside a water heater, in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo.
The army killed the car's driver Mahmoud Madrati.

clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 02:22 am (UTC)
Syria online reports more -
Terrorists Bury Killed People in Mass Grave in Aleppo to Accuse Army, Residents Confirm
ALEPPO – A number of residents of al-Sukkari neighborhood in Aleppo stressed that the terrorist groups are burying the bodies of people they killed in a mass grave.
In a phone call with SANA reporter, the residents said that the terrorist groups are filming the mass grave to send the footages to the channels involved in shedding the Syrian blood and accuse the Syrian Arab Army of killing innocent civilians.

Israel helps FSA in targeting a research center near Damascus early morning by airplanes after Al Qaeda failed to attack it.

FSA destroyed an Armenian church and burned the Holy Bible in Aleppo

Israeli Airstrike in Syria and Chemical Weapons False Flag
Israeli officials have said repeatedly they fear Assad losing his grip on his chemical weapons stockpile. But Dr. Ali Mohamad believes the chemical weapons danger was just a pretext to destroy Syria's military research centers to ensure that Damascus can’t produce arms for its military or to ship to its allies in the region.
“Military research centers are responsible for developing weapons in particular land-to-land long range missiles,” he explained. “And what Israel wants is to stop this research and stop this process. And of course Israel will claim that this is connected to a chemical weapons arsenal, but this is of course not true because nobody stores chemical weapons in a research center.”
Everybody who lives in Syria knows “that this is not at all about chemical weapons,” Mohamad said.

Catch you later
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 03:29 pm (UTC)
Some from David Icke site's news bites -

Britain's Hidden Child Abuse
A Channel 4 investigation into child abuse and cover up within Britain's Jewish community.

Shocking Ore
Originally from The Sunday Times – Sunday, January 26, 2003
'Some of the City’s leading businessmen are named on a confidential list compiled in an international police inquiry into internet child pornography.

Naming The Living – Part 5

Naming The Living – Part 6

New 'Poll Tax' Blow for UK's Poorest
Millions of low-income households face a rise in their council tax bills costing them up to £600 a year from April under a "poll tax bombshell", according to new study.'

Nuclear Plans in Disarray After Cumbria Votes 'No' to Radioactive Dump
Advocates should first move next to Sellafield (previously called Windscale, site of a plutonium accident) and promise to live there and have children for a decade or more. Better still, build a reactor next to the HoP and store the waste in the rat runs and nuclear shelters under the HoP, No 10 and Buck House.

CC notes/
German KiKK Study Commissioned by German Government
Increased cancer incidences near all (16) German nuclear reactors
2.2 x increase in child leukemias
1.6 x increase in embryonic tumours
Strongly linked to living near reactors
Accepted by German Government
The closer to reactor the greater the child leukemia risk
As a result of KiKK Reportr No new NPPs proposed in Germany
Instead RWE and E.ON are proposing to build them in UK
/end cc notes

World War III Has Begun – It`s the First Asymmetric War Long Awaited by Pentagon Think Tanks

Agent Provocateurs in Port Said?: Rooftop Snipers Firing Into Street

In Mali, Forces Backed by UN, France, and Obama Slaughter Civilians

Farmers Begin Planting Hemp Under New Colorado Hemp Legalization

Stop the US War Machine: The Movement to Impeach Obama

Africa: The New Focus of Western Domination

A list of British Freemason High Court Judges, District Judges and Circuit Judges

A list of past and present MPs who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees

CC notes/
A list of past and present alleged and known child abusers and murderers who are Freemasons and or Bilderberg attendees
/end cc notes
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 03:41 pm (UTC)
Parallels. Are Cameron the liar and Obama the liar interchangeable?
Obama's Economy: The Excuses Begin
Unlike what occurred after every other post-World War II downturn, not enough new jobs are currently being created to make up for the ones being lost. Why not? At the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, the post-election search for an explanation clearly had two important constraints. First: do not blame the Obama administration or the federal government for anything. Second: find something to blame which appears to be plausible and can’t be immediately refuted.
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
It continually amazes me how much "benefit of the doubt" mainstream media give to known terrorists that have been proven to be serial atrocity perpetrators. The telegraph a prominent MSM outlet owned by Barclay bros. gives a perfect example where tens of bodies, different accounts give different numbers, were carried into an al nusra terrorist held area by a trickle called a river, the tens of bodies having to negotiate barbed wire that had previously been laid across the trickle to stop terrorists from using the concreted cutting as a route into army protected areas. After negotiating the barbed wire the bodies then had to proceed into the terrorist held area then stop.
The Syrian MSM tell a far more convincing story. Al nusra murdered them for resisting their orders and blamed the atrocity on the army as usual.
I wonder, when the dust settles whether the SOHR "gentleman" will be prosecuted for aiding terrorists. The same can be asked of many MSM outlets and the UK regime itself.

Edited at 2013-01-31 04:36 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on January 31st, 2013 03:49 pm (UTC)
Libya updates via MT 31 Jan
Uganda ready to work with Libya
He, however, expressed concern over the intensifying insecurity in northern Africa and linked it to the unfortunate events in Libya during which the African peace and security mechanisms were not given a chance to work. Zeidan, according to State House ...

Canadian 'guilty of crimes against humanity in Libya'
Repeated trips made to Libya during the 2011 uprising came back to haunt Gary Peters, who is originally from Australia, after the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board ordered him deported after finding that hewas complicit in atrocities committed by

Prospects for Libya's Economic Transformation
Despite all the security and political challenges facing Libya, the economic outlook for the country seems to be more positive. Libya can capitalise on a wealth of natural resources and top tourist attractions of Roman ruins to the remaining of older ...

Mali's conflict could spill into Libya
Foreign governments have raised concerns about security in Libya and UN envoy to the country Tarek Mitri said France's military campaign in Mali had opponents in Libya. "Opposition of armed radical groups to the military intervention in Mali may ...

Address security, U.N. tells Libya
Libya has ramped up security in recent days in response to a terrorist attack on a natural gas installation in neighboring Algeria. Attacks on Western diplomatic outposts in Benghazi, Libya, raised concerns about the country's stability two years after ...

Libya workers in limbo
A few hundred people are all that's left of the exodus from the war in Libya - first, they left their own countries in search of work in Libya, then they left Libya for their own safety. Now, refused refugee status in Tunisia or abroad, they live a ...

UN 'Libya in Transition' exhibition in New York
A multimedia exhibition documenting the process of Libya's change from dictatorship to democracy has opened at the United Nations headquarters in New York. 'Libya in Transition' features a mix of photographs, videos and text, documenting some of the ...

Graham threatens to block Hagel pick over Libya
Lindsey Graham is threatening to block the nomination of Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon unless Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testifies about the deadly assault on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya. Graham said in an interview with Fox News' "On ...

Another airbus for Afriqiyah
There was a special celebration at Sebha Airport yesterday when Afriqiyah Airways' latest Airbus A320 flew in direct from France. Local Congressman Mohamed Arrish welcomed the new addition to the airline's fleet saying that it was a very good occasion ...

San Diego Firm Helps Identify People In Libya's Mass Graves.
SAN DIEGO — The San Diego based company, Life Technologies, will help Libyan officials scour mass graves to help identify missing people.

Obama Recalls His Response to Libya Crisis as One Marked by ...
The Libya uprising began on February 15 with anti-regime protests in Benghazi. On February 23, Obama delivered a statement to the press about the crisis, ...

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Iran updates via MT 31 Jan (Much zionist controlled MSM war drumming)
How many kids does Netty want sacrificed by radiation poisoning?

Netanyahu Tells America To Bomb Iran
According to a Maariv report, when speaking to a visiting delegation from the American Jewish Committee, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was simply not strong enough to force a halt to Iran's nuclear enrichment ...

Hagel Pledges Focus on Iran Military Options at Pentagon
Chuck Hagel is pledging that as defense secretary he will “focus intently on ensuring the U.S. military” is prepared to strike Iran's nuclear facilities if needed. “I agree with the president that the United States should take no options off the table ...

Hagel: Window closing on Iran and diplomacy - Army News
WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel said the “window is closing” on Iran and the possibility of diplomacy if it continues to ignore international demands to end pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

Iran on the Offensive
Iran meanwhile has some 545,000 active frontline personnel and an additional 650,000 in the reserves. Iran has 2,895 tanks, 1,500 armored fighting vehicles, 310 self-propelled guns, 2,368 towed artillery pieces, 860 rocket launchers, 5,000 ...

Analysis: Israeli attack in Syria could trigger Iran reaction
And this move would send a clear message to Israel's ultimate enemy, the regional power that backs both the Syrian regime and Hezbollah: Iran. Iran has long threatened to destroy Israel, and Hezbollah is part of its arsenal. Israel choking off the ...http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/30/16775909-analysis-israeli-attack-in-syria-could-trigger-iran-reaction?lite

Argentina-Iran deal makes a mockery of justice
Argentina has crossed a line by making a sweet deal with Iran to jointly investigate a 1994 terrorist attack against the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, which according to Argentine prosecutors and Interpol was masterminded by top Iranian ...

In election year, Iranian brothers could expand power
TEHRAN — In a year when Iran will elect a new president and could face make-or-break decisions about its nuclear program, the country's most prominent political family appears poised to extend its influence, which would strengthen the rule of hard ...


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