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Free Mason Cameron's Coalition Supported Terrorists Killed Another 100 In Homs

Atrocities committed by Cameron's "rebels"
Fresh Massacre in Homs Claims more than 100 Civilians

More than 100 civilians have been killed in a new "massacre" in the Syrian city of Homs, a watchdog said Thursday, as Russia slammed the United States for blaming deadly blasts at a university campus on the Damascus government.
Witnesses said several members of the same family were among those killed, some in fires that raged through their homes and others stabbed or hacked to death. Among the dead were 32 members of the same clan.
Homs is the most strategic city in the country's largest province, lying on key trade routes near the borders with Lebanon and Iraq, and with its southwestern areas not far from Damascus.

Tuesday, 87 mostly students were killed in a rocket attack launched from al-Lairamoun at Aleppo University
Terrorists Fire Rocket Shells on Aleppo University and Bani Zaid Area, Causing Casualties
A terrorist group on Tuesday fired two rocket shells from  area on Aleppo University, causing casualties and material damage. An official source told SANA that the rocket shells caused the death and the injury of a number of students on the first day of exams. It added that there were also causalities among displaced people whose areas were affected by the terrorist acts and who are staying at the University dormitory.

In a relevant context, SANA reporter was informed that terrorists fired two rocket shells on Bani Zaid area in the city, with the initial information indicating victims and injuries among the citizens. Minister of Higher Education. President al-Assad gives directives to Rehabilitate what has been destroyed in Aleppo University, Exams suspended on Wednesday Minister of Higher Education Mohammad Yahya Mu'ala said that President Bashar al-Assad gave directives to rehabilitate, as soon as possible, what has been destroyed in Aleppo university at the hands of the terrorist killers today.

The MSM BS propaganda tries the lie the terrorists don't have the missiles.
Syria: Dar'aa - Convoy Targeted, Rockets Seized Arrests Made
Special Armed Forces targeted a convoy of Terrorists in the "Tal Mattouk" neighborhood of rural Dar'aa, where Authorities confiscated vehicles loaded with dozens of Thermal Rockets, Launchers, Mortars, Machine Guns and Anti-Aircraft in addition to arresting a number of Terrorists.

One has to ask of Cameron, why he avoids and avoids others condemning acts of terrorism in Syria supported by the UK regime.

Why does he persist in supporting the terrorists. His latest support for terrorism was reported in the Mirror -
Retired British spies recruited to hack into Syrian regime's communication network
Dozens of former ­technicians, expert signals analysts and code-breakers have been approached
British intelligence chiefs are recruiting retired spies to help Syrian rebels beat President Bashar al-Assad’s forces by hacking into their communication systems.
An intelligence source said: “Britain has had an arm’s-length policy towards helping the rebellion in Syria but aiding the rebellion in listening into regime force plans will be a huge help.

"Normal" daily terrorism supported by Cameron
Coordinated car bombs kill 24 in northwest Syria
Three car bombs exploded within minutes of each other in northwest Syria on Wednesday, killing at least two dozen people in a coordinated assault on government positions, a monitoring group said.

Armed men assassinate the engineer colonel Walid al-Aboud the brother of the people council member Khaled al-Aboud in front of his house in Katana of Damascus countryside

Mortar shell of unknown source has been fired on many spots of al-Yarmouk Camp of Damascus and residents displace from the Camp to escape from the violence

Two booby trapped cars have been blasted in Edlib near the building of Political security in al-Thwra area and the second on Edlib- Ariha subway, what resulted in many victims of Syrian Army forces and civilians

The same terrorists free mason luciferian society member Cameron's coalition, secret services, British armed forces and mercenaries supported in Libya, support in Syria are being bombed (with many civilians as "collateral damage") by free mason luciferian society's Hollande with Cameron's support in Mali where the terrorists shot down a French helicopter with anti aircraft missiles provided by French free mason luciferian society's Sarkozy (ex? CIA asset) to the Libyan terrorists, AQIM (al Qaeda in the Mahgreb, a spin-off of GIA) that is closely allied with the al Qaeda associated CIA group LIFG led by CIA asset and AQ associate Belhadj.
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