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PressTV January 14

A report has revealed that the former BBC host Jimmy Savile happened to be part of a satanic ring besides being recognized as Britain’s worst sex offender, who preyed on at least 450 victims.

British Prime Minister David Cameron will make the European Union referendum an in-out question, a senior member of his cabinet says.

UK communists blast gov't for job cuts
Britain's communists have blamed last week's shocking job cuts on British and European austerity policies that amount to a vicious attack on working people.

UK union pledges civil unrest over cuts
Britain’s largest union Unite has pledged to push with an indefinite campaign of “civil disobedience” over the government’s sweeping austerity cuts stressing unions and workers have a responsibility to stand and fight.

Scores of militants killed across Syria
Syrian Army soldiers have killed scores of foreign-backed militants fighting government forces during nationwide mop-up operations.

‘Anti-Iran confab in Egypt targeted ties’Head of Iran's Interest Section in Egypt Mojtaba Amani says the organizers of an anti-Iran conference in Egypt sought to undermine the relations between Tehran and Cairo.

A senior Iranian lawmaker has called on the Egyptian government to prevent measures that could undermine the relations between Tehran and Egypt.
Iran’s Ambassador to Turkey Bahman Hosseinpour says the volume of trade transactions between Tehran and Ankara can reach as high as USD 100 billion per year.

'Iran N-tech advances despite sanctions'
The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has underscored the country’s progress in the field of nuclear technology despite the US-engineered sanctions against Tehran.

Iran MP: West, KSA targeting Iraq unity
A member of Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) says the West and Saudi Arabia are attempting to undermine Iraq’s national unity.

Iraqi Finance Minister Rafa al-Essawi has escaped an assassination attempt after his convoy was struck by a roadside bomb.

Norway to boost energy ties with Iran
The Norwegian Ambassador to Iran says his country is ready to enhance its energy ties with the Islamic Republic.

Israelis disagree with Netanyahu on Iran
Despite the rhetoric by Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu to sensationalize the Western dispute over Iran’s nuclear energy program, a recent survey shows that the majority of Israelis believe the issue of economy, not Iran, is the most critical issue they face.

Turkish Army soldiers kill PKK fighter
Turkish Army soldiers have killed a member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in an operation in southeastern Turkey.

Turkey yields 8,500-year-old village
A team of Turkish archeologists has unearthed ruins of a Neolithic settlement dating back over eight millennia in Pendik district in Istanbul.

'Europe will ditch Israel sooner than US'
Europe’s patience over nonstop Israeli settlement building on the occupied Palestinian lands will run out sooner than America’s, an Israeli academician and political commentator says.

Somali witnesses say at least eight civilians were killed in a recent botched operation carried out by French troops to free an intelligence agent held hostage in Somalia.
[28 from one village via twitter comment]

'US had role in failed French operation'
The United States says its forces participated in France's failed effort to free a kidnapped French intelligence officer in Somalia.

'US-led raid targeted Afghan civilians'
A recent bomb attack carried out by US-led forces on a residential area in central Afghanistan has only killed civilians, locals say.
The US justice system is “rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach,” says the family of American activist Aaron Swartz, who was an outspoken critic of the US government and was recently found dead in his apartment.

San Diego police shoot man in theatre
The police in San Diego, California have shot and critically wounded a man in a confrontation inside a movie theater.

US arrests two for fake school bomb
Police in the US state of Connecticut have arrested two young people for leaving a fake bomb at a school and charged them with three felony counts.

‘US military wants more planes in Japan’
The United States military plans to deploy another version of the Osprey planes in an airbase on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa, a US government official says.

Thousands of people have held a protest rally in Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberto to show their support for the rights of indigenous people in the country.

Pakistan's prime minister has dismissed the provincial government of the southwestern Baluchistan province after the recent massacre in the provincial capital, Quetta, in which mostly Shia Muslims were killed, Press TV reports.

CAR opposition names PM candidate
An opposition lawyer has been chosen as the new prime minister of the Central African Republic (CAR), following a recent peace deal.

Somali pirates release 3 Syrian captives
Somali pirates have released three Syrian hostages after more than two years of captivity, the Somali government has confirmed.

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