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Luciferian Illuminati war on Syria

Here is how
It’s not too late to save Syria
It's meaning is not
"not too late to save Syria from West backed terrorism" but
"not too late to save West backed terrorism from the Syrian gov't".
The contempt these evil people that pretend to be representatives of the people show for the public and for Syrian innocents, and those in the UK doing the same is unbelievable. Supporting terrorism is an international crime. This crime is not punished in the US or the UK, it is applauded and encored in the media.
Who does it benefit? Not the US. Syria poses no threat to the US and has shown no aggression toward any other state.

In contrast to the above senatorial propaganda (that is very very likely sponsored by the Israeli regime)
Syria Swings between Hell and Dialogue by Ismail Salami / January 1st, 2013
It is admittedly not hard to imagine how someone can predict a vision of hell in a country like Syria which has become a hornet’s nest of terrorism and that which is tumbling into further chaos and bloodshed.
Lakhdar Brahimi, who represents the United Nations and the Arab League, has predicted as many as 100,000 people could be killed “in the next year as Syria moves toward Somalization and rule by warlords.
Apart from his foreboding tone, his remarks are testimony to a broader gamut of interference at the hands of those who have infiltrated into the country from abroad. In point of fact, what is corroding Syria is not an internal unrest but a ‘foreign-made’ crisis.
The Syrian opposition group insists that the start of dialogue would be made possible only with the departure of President Assad and says that it would not be ready to engage in any dialogue with Russia without any clear agenda.
“If Russia has a proposal to stop the bleeding in Syria, it should submit it and we will respond,” Mouaz al-Khatib, head of the main bloc of Syrian opposition groups, has told Al Jazeera. “We can’t meet with the Russians without a clear agenda.”
In the meantime, Russia and Iran are playing pivotal roles in preventing a human catastrophe n the country and seeking to resolve the crisis through diplomacy.
After talks in Moscow on Saturday with Lakhdar Brahimi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia could not press Assad to give up power. Besides, he has once again clarified his country’s stance on Syria and said Russia “isn’t in the business of regime change. He has repeatedly said, both publicly and privately, including during his meeting with Lakhdar Brahimi not long ago, that he has no plans to go anywhere, that he will stay in his post until the end, that he will, as he says, protect the Syrian people, Syrian sovereignty and so forth. There is no possibility of changing this position.”
The implication is very simple. Russia does not want a regime change in Syria as there is supposedly no point in seeking such a solution. This policy is also strongly shared and seconded by Iran which has already set forth a six-point peace plan for Syria. Hossein Sheikholeslam, an advisor to Iran’s Majlis speaker for international affairs has said that Tehran’s six-point peace plan would be the only solution to the unrest in Syria and that no country should intervene in the internal affairs of the Arab country.
“The six-point plan presented by Iran is a very appropriate solution to the crisis in Syria because it has been prepared based on international principles.”
The proposal was originally announced on October 14, when Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi submitted it to Lakhdar Brahimi during a meeting in Tehran.
According to Iran’s six-point peace plan, the Syrian nation has the legitimate right to decide their fate and future through an internationally recognized democratic process.
In brief, the plan urges:
• an immediate end to any armed actions;
• ushering in a UN-monitored democratic process;
• Damascus and the opposition to cooperate with UN and its special committee to stop armed operations especially in the residential areas to restore peace and stability;
• an immediate, serious and just distribution of humanitarian aids to Syrian people;
• the lifting of economic sanctions on the Syrian people in order to prepare the ground for the return of all Syrian refugees to their homeland;
• the resumption of comprehensive national dialogues by different opposing social and political parties and Damascus to rapidly form a national reconciliation committee in order to unanimously form a transitional government;
• a free and competitive election for the formation of a new parliament and senate and the composition of a constitution;
• the immediate release of all political prisoners from all parties by the government and opposition groups, and establishment of a competent court of justice to investigate cases of those who committed crimes in that country.

The plan also urges that media stop spreading wrong information about Syria.
Though a comprehensive plan which can technically and practically put an end to the ongoing crisis in Syria, it was looked upon with an eye of pessimism and cynicism by the opposition group in Syria.
In a statement, the Syrian National Coalition slammed Iran’s initiative as a “last-ditch bid to save the regime of President Bashar al-Assad”.
Continues -
The fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood's 'Syrian National Coalition' () whose militia is al Nusra and other AQ associated gangs would lose a free election. Their West backed FSA supported terrorism throughout Syria is being defeated. The fact is the West instigated and developed insurgency would have been a damp squib without the now more than 30000 terrorists that have been infiltrated into Syria by Western proxies like Saudi, Qatar and Turkey, many trained and supplied by FR UK US IL intelligence services, US merc providers and Fr UK US armed services personnel.

Will Syria Go on the Offensive at The Hague?
Even before the historic 139 to 8 vote of the UN General Assembly on November 29 of this year which opened up a plethora of legal remedies for Palestinians, a “legal intifada” — to borrow a phrase from Francis Boyle,  Professor of International Law and a longtime advocate of advancing  resistance to the illegal occupation of Palestine through the rule of law — has  been taking form in this region.
The reasons include nearly seven decades of countless Zionist crimes against Muslims and Christians in occupied Palestine and far beyond. As Professor Boyle has suggested, the opportunities presented to the PLO by the lopsided  UN vote “…can mean numerous available legal remedies ranging from  the securing of a fair share of the gas deposits off the shores of Gaza, control  of Palestinian airspace and telecommunications and, crucially, bringing the  Zionist regime to account at the International Criminal Court and the  International Court of Justice.
Syria too, currently under enormous pressure from international interference into the internal affairs of the country and the subject of an intense regime change project led by the US and France, has international legal remedies  immediately available to it stemming from the actions of the US, UK, France  and others in imposing on Syria’s civilian population one of the most severe  and clearly illegal layers of sanctions. Were Syria and others to file an  Application for an Advisory Opinion with the ICJ few in the international  legal community have much doubt that targeting civilians economically  and attempting to destroy the Syrian economy — for no other purpose than  to ignite rebellion — would be considered a violation of international law  at the International Court of Justice.
[Ends with] Syria, which the US and Israel and their allies are today working to keep  off balance and on the defensive diplomatically, should consider immediately  filing an application with the International Court of Justice, and use all other  available international legal, political and humanitarian tribunals, to directly  challenge and boldly confront the US led sanctions campaign against its  people. The Syrian Arab Republic, by taking the offensive at the World Court  and elsewhere, will help relieve the enormous pressures on its civilians and  advance the principles, standards and rules of international law—for the  benefit of all mankind.
More -
Most know that Soros orgs fund the ICC. Who funds the Hague? It is no less a tool for the advancement of political and military objectives than the various Soros org funded NGOs like the Red Cross, Amnesty, HRW, WHO, WWF and Rockefeller-Rothschild's UN, ECFR, CFR, Chatham Hse, CIA, MI5-6, Mossad, DGSE Goldman Sach's US and EU regimes, etc.

Would an honest MP ask the UK regime leadership whether aviation fuel is monitored for health harming additions like aluminium, barium etc and if not why not.

The Israeli apartheid regime offering to pay Palestinian families. Take $500,000 and leave the W. Bank.
US tax dollars?

Seen any pyramids in the UK? All seeing eyes (GCHQ, surveillance cams, satellites, drones)? Any other signs of luciferian advancement, apart from the free mason UK regime itself?

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