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Fraud 2. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) a known boondoggle.

You don't need to know that capturing CO2 is wholly unnecessary to understand CCS is a stupid idea that profits the few at the expense of energy end users and taxpayers as usual.

"... Robert Bryce points out in the New York Times, "That’s a lot of money for a technology whose adoption faces three potentially insurmountable hurdles: it greatly reduces the output of power plants; pipeline capacity to move the newly captured carbon dioxide is woefully insufficient; and the volume of waste material is staggering."

Add to that what we are seeing in the BP Florida oil disaster. That was caused by a surge of gas up the pipe that reaches into the oil field. It looks to have caused the pipe to fracture above the impervious layer that caps the oil and has allowed oil to flow into the permeable layer that is now releasing it into the ocean at multiple points away from the pipe. Oil fields are never completely emptied of oil. What the CCS advocates want to do is put carbon and oxygen (CO2) under pressure into oil fields. Bonkers. Lord Oxburgh of the Royal Society is pres. of the CCS assoc. (Link)
"There is no doubt that CCS is too expensive today to become a viable solution. It will lead to a 30% increase in electricity costs and requires a 20-25% increase in the physical footprint of power plant facilities.
... For CCS to really take off, one solution suggested by Lord Oxburgh is to make it cheaper for emitters to apply CCS than to pay the carbon price". He is also famous for leading the CRU whitewash (Link).

With the death of the "anthropogenic global warming by CO2 emissions" nonsense there is no need for either CCS or the  wind farm boondoggle. Perhaps he and others have an invested interest to keep the scam alive.

There are many other reasons for avoiding collecting an otherwise benign and beneficial gas in deadly quantities. The advocates, as for wind energy are remarkably reticent about the negative side that is not least the cost to end users.
We live in Alice in Blunder-for-profit-land times. If you are threatened with CCS in your area, contact your rep and demand an independent cost benefit report.

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