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Recent Syria News, some vids etc.

Will antiwar orgs get behind HCR 107 to prevent war on Syria? by Phil Restino
Well, it looks like Obama is going to attack Syria with at most token opposition by the national antiwar organizations, as was the case when he “phoned in” the order to bomb the crap out of Libya back on March 19, 2011.
Full article
Refers to US-Backed Syrian Opposition Demands Support for Al Qaeda

Turkish TV Interviews Syrian Refugees inside Turkey: Why is Erdogan Sending Terrorists to Kill Us?

Tunisian Ex Jihadist Tells Tunisian TV Why he Stopped Fighting Alongside the FSA in Syria

Last few days
SANA: 15 Terrorists Killed in Clashes after Dispute over Distributing Loot in al-Marjeh, Aleppo
Clashes erupted on Friday between two terrorist groups in al-Marjeh neighborhood in Aleppo city, following a dispute over distributing the money and loot they had stolen from the citizens' houses and shops.

Syria militants use chemical weapons
According to a commander of the Syrian Presidential Guard, at least seven Syrian soldiers were killed on Saturday after they were attacked by a chemical weapon which produced a toxic yellow gas.
The soldiers were reportedly killed within an hour after inhaling the gas.
Foreign-backed militants have repeatedly threatened to use chemical weapons against the army and pro-government civilians in recent days.
They have also threatened to contaminate Syria's drinking water supply in a bid to kill all Alawite Shias and the supporters of President Bashar al-Assad.

Militants threaten Syria Christian towns
The militants said in a video message that government troops are using the Hama provincial towns of Mhardeh and Sqilbiya to attack their nearby positions and that the locals should expel them, otherwise they will be immediately attacked.
Rashid Abul Fida, the head of the al-Ansar Brigade in Hama, made the threat.
Meanwhile, armed men affiliated to the al-Nusra Front have besieged Nejrab Airport in the northern city of Aleppo, threatening to shoot any plane trying to leave the airport.

Syria militants threaten to poison water
The troubling video posted on video-sharing website YouTube shows what appears to be members of the foreign-backed militant group that calls itself the Free Syrian Army, testing chemical weapons on lab rabbits.

Taliban militants use Turkey to infiltrate into Syria: Turkish lawmaker

Pakistan Taliban members killed near Syrian capital
Around 1,000 members of the Pakistani Taliban have been killed in clashes near the Syrian capital city of Damascus, reports say.

‘Taliban attack kills 10 US soldiers’

At least six people have been killed and dozens injured after a car bomb exploded in Syria’s capital city of Damascus.
The booby-trapped car exploded in a marketplace in the Qaboun district of eastern Damascus on Saturday, damaging nearby buildings.
Meanwhile, the Syrian army says it has lost a regiment leader in clashes with militants fighting against government forces in the Shaba'a area of the capital.
Clashes between Syrian forces and insurgents are also underway in the southern Damascus neighborhood of Hajar al-Aswad, near the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp.
Palestinians are returning to their homes in Yarmouk camp after government forces cleared the camp of militants.

'Gunmen kill Syrian TV cameraman'
Armed men have killed a Syrian television cameraman, named as Sumudi, during an attack in Damascus, Press TV reports.

Iraq stops militants from smuggling arms into Syria
The Iraqi army says it has thwarted efforts by militants to smuggle weapons into Syria as well as an attempt by men from different nationalities to infiltrate the neighboring country.

Syrian troops find tunnels near capital
Syrian troops have discovered several tunnels in the Damascus suburb of Daraya, which were used as arms depot by anti-government militants.

Syria air defense no nonsense: Russia
“Syria’s air defense system is a no-nonsense force. As a result, no one has ever used serious air combat power against it,” said Russia’s Ground Forces Air Defense commander Major General Alexander Leonov in a Saturday radio interview.

Non Syrian news
‘Turkey upgrades Israel status in NATO’
Citing Israeli officials, Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday that “the approval had come as Turkey’s request that NATO station Patriot missile batteries along its border with Syria was granted, leading them to assess that NATO was using the deployment as leverage to induce Ankara to thaw its relations with Israel.

The Mess We Left Behind in Libya
While Washington is busy fighting over a report, Benghazi is descending into chaos.

New Egyptian constitution approved (sharia law implementation)

Tens of thousands of Bahrainis hold anti-regime protest

UK budget deficit worsens in November
New official figures have dealt a further blow to the Tory-led government as they show an unexpected rise in the UK public sector borrowing last month.
According to latest data released on Friday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Britain’s public sector net borrowing, excluding financial interventions, was £17.5 billion in November 2012, up £1.2 billion when compared to the same month last year.
The news is considered as an embarrassment for British Chancellor George Osborne, who boasted earlier that he was successfully bringing the country’s deficit down.

The Assassin. Derren Brown: The Experiments, Channel 4
...shows mind control assassination is possible if the desire is there.

Syria news links
Syria TV  and
SANA (when the CIA isn't blocking it)
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