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Paedophile And Satanic Networks - an example

The Paedophile And Satanic Network In Australia Involving Government Officials, Leading Politicians, Television Executives, Top Tv Presenters, And The Police.

By Reina Michaelson 2004
A must read because this is how it works all over the world,

The following is a summary of events that detail the infiltration of a high-profile, powerful group of child sex offenders into my child abuse prevention organisation. What was uncovered as a result of this infiltration was the existence of an Illuminati-based child pornography and pedophile ring that is operating in Australia, under the protection of senior-ranking members of Victoria Police. The members of the network include senior management and executives from a major television network, media celebrities, high-ranking politicians, police officers in charge of pedophile and child pornography investigations, senior management representatives from the Department of Education, directors of "child-focused" service clubs, wealthy businessmen, and others. I have tried to keep the account as brief as possible while trying to include all relevant information. The description covers events from 1995 until present. The names of individuals have been changed. 
Department of Education Protects Pedophile Teacher
In 1995 I started running Australia's first child sexual abuse prevention program in schools, the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAPP). This school-based program teaches children how to protect themselves from sexual abuse and what to do if someone tries to sexually abuse them. The program also teaches adults how they can best protect children under their care from sexual abuse. My assistant and I were at a particular high school in the northern region working with Year 9 boys. We received a note written anonymously by one of the boys asking "What do you do if you get raped by a teacher and no-one will believe you? What happens if you get raped and you enjoy it?". Later during that day we were asked exactly the same question by a boy who was flushed red with embarrassment. I replied "Talk to the Student Welfare Coordinator", to which he replied "What if he is the one who won't believe you?". I emphasizied that it is important to keep telling until someone believes you.
During the day my assistant and I noticed the strange behaviour of a particular teacher, called “Dick Newman”. Later that afternoon I learnt that the car I had been driving had been rammed in the school's car-park. Witnesses reported that the car had been rammed deliberately by a man who then drove off very quickly.
The local police were called and ran a licence check on the car and discovered that the number-plate was fake. They then took photos of the crime scene using the school's camera. Later, when it was revealed that a teacher was under suspicion of sexually abusing the children at the school and then organising the ramming of my car to intimidate me, the photos went "missing", and no further action was taken.
”Dick Newman” was the only person at the school who knew my car, as he had taken it upon himself to show me to my car to give me directions to the shops during a break in classes.
It was organised that the boys in Year 9 would be interviewed in order to find the victims and give them appropriate support. Three people (including myself, my assistant and a counsellor from a sexual assault centre) were responsible for conducting the interviews. At the completion of the interviews, there were concerns for approximately 12 of the boys. These concerns related specifically to sexual assault by a teacher at the school. However, by this stage (over a week had passed since the initial program) it was clear that the boys had been threatened. For example, when I interviewed the boy who had asked the questions about sexual abuse by a teacher and not being believed, he huddled into a foetal position, started crying, and said he could not tell me what happened. When I asked him why he couldn't tell me, he replied that he had been threatened with his life. His best friend told me he would never tell what had happened.
Some time after this, we organised a theatre company performance for the students (on the topic of sexual abuse). While the children were seated and waiting for the play to begin, “Dick Newman” made an unscheduled visit to the hall. He proceeded to stand in front of each of the boys we had identified as potential victims and stare them down. The boys, who had been happy and laughing in the excitement of waiting for the play to begin, went grey with fear. Finally, I stood in front of “Dick Newman” so that he could not intimidate the boys any further.
I was then told no further action would be taken as the boys had not named the offender.
Program Infiltrated by Pedophile Board of Management
In 1996/97 I was named 'Young Victorian of the Year' for Community Service, and later 'Young Australian of the Year' for Community Service. One of the judges was a well-connected government official Don Hyde, and another was Robert Osmotherly, the General Manager of one of the major Australian television networks,  Network Ten.
After winning this award, Robert Osmotherly approached me and said that he had never heard of this terrible crime (child sexual abuse) before meeting me. He said wanted to help me get my program into every school in Victoria within five years and said he had the money and the connections to do this. He said he would raise half a million dollars in six-weeks and have it matched within 6-months. He said that he and Don Hyde would set my program up as an independent organisation and that they would establish a Board of Management consisting of all of their powerful and influential friends. Don Hyde would become President of the organisation and Robert Osmotherly, Vice-President.
I agreed to Robert Osmotherly's proposal as it sounded as if he would enable the program to receive substantial funding and therefore be able to reach many more children within Victoria, and across Australia. I did not consider for a second that Robert Osmotherly and Don Hyde could have been deceiving me in order to get control of, and ultimately, to destroy the child sexual abuse prevention program that I had developed.
The Board members and supporters that they brought to the organisation were very powerful and from the highest echelons of society. These included the Editor-in Chief of a major Australian newspaper, the former head of a child-focussed service club, the head of the largest agricultural society in Victoria, the partner from a well-known law firm, an extremely wealthy businessman and former Network Ten board member, the head of a well-known accounting firm, the head of a successful advertising company, and others.
Despite having such wealth and powerful connections, in the two-year period that they served on the Board they organised only one donation of $25,000. The board members subsequently despised the donor and ostracised him from their community (which at the time I thought was incredibly ungrateful!). This is compared with over $200,000 my family and I raised doing the fundraising ourselves in the same time period!
Furthermore, my efforts to secure funding were being actively sabotaged. For example, after an interview on the Channel 9 'Today' show, I was contacted by a well-known multi-national company, who said that they would like to fund my program. This well-known company was located in Sydney, and as Robert Osmotherly frequently went to Sydney, I asked if he would have a meeting with them on behalf of our organisation. He agreed. However, when he returned from the meeting, he said for me not to have much hope and not to contact them for six months while they sorted out a new tax issue. I found this very odd, as they had been so keen to fund the organisation when I had spoken to them. I phoned the woman whom I had spoken to, and she confirmed my suspicions. She had been at the meeting and Robert Osmotherly had told the company not to bother funding us, as "the organisation won't be around in six months". Needless to say, we did not receive the funding.
During this time period, I was without any income for four months. Many other people would have quit and sought other employment, however, I believed passionately in my cause and did not give up, much to the chagrin of Robert Osmotherly. On one occasion he said to me "You have given so much to this cause in your life, why don't you just give up? You have achieved more good in your short life than many do in a long life-time. Why don't you retire down in the country (I was 28 years old). Go on, just give up". When I replied that I would never give up, he stormed away! I was confused by this behaviour, but as I trusted him I did not think too much more about it at the time.
The Board members achieved one other "in-kind" donation. It was the use of a Honda CRV vehicle. I appreciated the use of the vehicle while I had it (approximately 18 months). However, I later discovered that the head of the company that donated it, a close friend of Don Hyde, had just been convicted of child sex offences. These offences included the production of child pornography.
Meeting with VERY POWERFUL Pedophile Politician
After winning the award, I had a meeting with a very powerful state politician, Jeff Kennett. At that time, Jeff Kennett was the most powerful person in the state. As well as being politically powerful he also had key business interests, including in the media. When I was first introduced to him, he was staring at me quite sleazily. After he asked what work I do, and my response "child abuse prevention", he would not make eye contact at all and sought to exclude me from the meeting in a very bullying manner. It was well-known that Jeff Kennett was a serious domestic violence offender, and that his wife was frequently being admitted to shelters in secret. However, given the power and status of Mr. Kennett, the issue was never raised in the mainstream media.
I was later to be informed by a very reliable and trusted source from the child welfare field that there is a file containing serious child sex offences (against boys) by Jeff Kennett, but because of his enormous power in Victoria, the police would not act on it. I also discovered from a former sex worker that Jeff Kennett frequently paid St. Kilda boy sex workers for sex, and that one of these boys "talked too much to the wrong people and ended up dead with an 'accidental' heroin overdose". It was also alleged that Jeff Kennett intentionally abused the boys in unusual situations (for example, in a helicopter) so that if it ever got out, the boys' testimonies would seem unbelievable. This of-course, is exactly the same strategy used by offenders in the U.S child-care centre cases. Interestingly, Jeff Kennett has recently commissioned a statue of himself - as a gargoyle.
Later I met with another politician (from the same political party) who told me that "Jeff Kennett is REALLY into that (child sex abuse)". This same politician told me that in the late 1980's and early 1990's, the police were "getting too close to the truth, too close to people in high positions of power who are also pedophiles" and so the unit that had been established to investigate organised pedophilia was shut down. (Soon after a pedophile police officer was put in charge of investigating these offences to ensure that the truth never got out and that this high-ranking network of offenders would never get caught).
Network Ten Produces Pornography
One day I was working on a computer at Network Ten. As I was working, Robert Osmotherly approached my computer and put a floppy disk in the machine. He said "Look at this" and proceeded to bring up images of pornography involving humans and Sesame Street characters. I was very embarrassed and did not know how to react. I asked "Where did you get that?" and he replied "Oh, someone put it together here", indicating that Network Ten was producing pornography. I was later to discover that Network Ten is also producing child pornography and is, in fact, an Illuminati-owned and run television station. I was also later to discover that Robert Osmotherly is a passionate member of the Illuminati "religion".
Robert Osmotherly introduces me to Mr. Television.
After winning the Young Australian of the Year, I was invited to go on one of the morning television shows on Network Ten. (This was before my association with Robert Osmotherly. Ironically, after my association with Robert Osmotherly, Network Ten did not do any promotion of my work at all!). It is hosted by one of the most famous and longest serving television personalities in Australia, Bert Newton. I was asked to prepare a number of questions that Bert would ask me. I prepared very straight-forward questions that focussed on the work, so I was quite shocked when he glared at me and said "Are you doing this because it happened to YOU?". I was also stunned when he refused to allow the phone number of my organisation to be presented on the air for donations.
When I later became closely associated with Network Ten Robert Osmotherly would often say to me "You know, Bert Newton REALLY likes you. He REALLY likes you!", This surprised me because my experience of Bert Newton had been the exact opposite of that. (Interestingly, Robert Osmotherly also frequently said to me "Jeff Kennett really likes me since I started helping you. He has me sit next to him at all of the formal functions we attend now". This was indeed true, Jeff Kennett, Robert Osmotherly and Don Hyde were all the best of friends.)
After my experience with Network Ten, I subsequently discovered that in the late 1980's Bert Newton was frozen out of the television industry due to allegations of his involvement in the production of child pornography. Although his alleged involvement in this activity was well-publicised at the time, he was never charged and about a year later he joined Network Ten. Since then he has continued to play a significant role in the production of child pornography in Australia. One contact who works on the set of the morning program hosted by Bert Newton finds the work to be very distressing as other on-air talent are very open about their pedophilia. This contact is disgusted, as his sister is a victim of child sex offences, however he does not want to publicly disclose the information as he will lose his job.
In addition to the above, I am now in contact with a boy who was paid $2000 a night to have sex with Bert Newton, from the ages of 15 - 18 years.
Introduction to the Pedophile Police
There is a specialised police unit in Victoria that, since the early 1990's, is responsible for investigating all child sex offences involving multiple-victims, offences committed by teachers, as well as child pornography offences. I had a meeting with the head of this unit, Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Flanagan, and was very surprised when the first thing he said to me was "Does Jeff Kennett know about your program? Jeff Kennett should know about your program". I found this a very odd thing for him to say as an opening statement, and especially so, given the information known about Jeff Kennett's alleged sexual abuse of boys. I thought it impossible for this police officer not to know of these things, given his specialist role.
Relationship between Nick Flanagan and Robert Osmotherly
I subsequently became aware of the "unusual" relationship between Nick Flanagan (police) and Robert Osmotherly (Network Ten). I invited Nick Flanagan to do a presentation for the board members. Don Hyde was "so impressed" by Nick Flanagan that he wanted to invite him onto the Board of Management (along with all the other pedophile members). I later discovered that Nick Flanagan and Robert Osmotherly, although pretending not to know each other at the Board meeting, have a very cosy relationship indeed.
Specifically, a couple of years ago, a senior staff member at Network Ten was charged with procuring children for prostitution. At the time, the wife of a detective working in Nick Flanagan's unit (Jan Pummell) received a very sudden and significant promotion to become Robert Osmotherly's Personal Assistant. It was a clear conflict of interest and deeply comprising to the investigation. Jan Pummell's husband should not have been involved in investigating Network Ten staff for their involvement in procuring children for prostitution or any other child sex offences connected to Network Ten. However, with the appointment of the detective's wife to Personal Assistant of the General Manager of Network Ten, it was guaranteed that no other information pertaining to Network Ten's illegal activities involving sex offences against children would be pursued by Nick Flanagan or his unit. And Jan Pummell enjoyed her unexpected and incredibly well-paid, new position at Network Ten.
Pedophile Police Called in to Investigate Pedophile Teacher and Other Offences
In 1999 fresh allegations were made against Pedophile Teacher, Dick Newman. This time, teenage girls reported that Dick Newman approaches students and asks them to meet him after school to meet 'Winston the Baseball Bat'. They indicated that 'Winston' was Dick Newman's penis. They reported that other students were very affected by this behaviour, and some had taken to writing warnings to each-other on the desks, such as "If Newman asks you to meet Winston, don't do it - its his dick!!".
At last, Newman had been named and the victims were prepared to come forward. Newman admitted to these offences and received 5 sessions of counselling. I then discovered that Newman had conveniently taken up a temporary position in a country school (like a priest being moved from parish to parish when things get too hot). The principal at the original school had not told the new school the circumstances surrounding his transfer and had instead said "Poor Dick, he's had a difficult time lately". I later discovered that this Principal was an expert liar and had gone over and above the call of duty in protecting this pedophile teacher.
At this new country school it was not long before further allegations of child abuse by Newman came out. Incidents of verbal abuse, such as calling students "fucking stupid" were revealed, as well as physical assaults, such as dragging students out of the classroom and throwing them on the floor. In another physical assault, Newman grabbed the 12-year-old boy by the neck and held him by his neck against a wall. Newman admitted to the latter assault, wrote a letter of apology and provided financial compensation for the loss of the necklace.
With Newman being named and various offences being admitted to, I reported his behaviour for criminal investigation to Nick Flanagan's unit. It also provided the opportunity for the 1995 offences to be re-investigated. However, Nick Flanagan interviewed only 2 of the 12 boys on the list from 1995, and reported to me that as the first two boys did not disclose anything, the others would not be interviewed. In relation to the offences against the teenage girls, Flanagan said that, at 15 years of age, the girls were "too young", and he did not want to distress the girls' families by bringing up the topic of child sexual abuse. Therefore, these offences by Newman would not be investigated either. I could not believe what I was hearing! Child sex offences are offences because they happen against children! And at 15, the victims were hardly at the young end of the age-spectrum! It was a completely nonsensical reason for not investigating Dick Newman.
As for the physical assaults, Flanagan said that he was not responsible for such investigations, so those cases would not be pursued either.. (Interestingly, Robert Osmotherly also frequently said to me "Jeff Kennett (very powerful politician) really likes me since I started helping you. He has me sit next to him at all of the formal functions we attend now".) He said "You do understand, don't you!" (it was not a question) and I replied that I did not. However, Nick Flanagan was not prepared to discuss the situation amicably and Dick Newman evaded investigation, by both the police in the unit established to investigate such offences, and by the Department of Education.
Further Dealings with the Pedophile Police
Whilst at the country school (Goldtown) disclosures of child sexual abuse by other offenders were made by many children. The disclosures centred on two offenders in the town. The specialised unit arrived to "investigate". However, the main victim of the sexual abuse, Sammy, a 12-year-old girl, did not attend school that day. She arrived after school on her bike and her face was visibly disfigured. I was told by her best friend that she had been bashed but her friend would not tell me who did this to Sammy. Her smashed-in face was warning enough for all of the children. The police later went to her house, where she fainted upon seeing them. She did not disclose any abuse at all. Despite the fact that her face was visibly disfigured and swollen from a recent assault, the police did not pursue the matter further.
The specialised police unit totally destroyed any chance of the truth being revealed and the victims receiving the justice they deserved. For example, they left children waiting all day to be interviewed and did not end up interviewing them, including witnesses to attempted child-rapes. They interviewed one 12-year-old victim (Lucy) and totally intimidated her. When the girl indicated that the police didn't believe her the first time she told them what had happened to her, one officer lent right over the top of her, pointed his finger directly in her face and hissed "Don't say that! You don't know that!". I was shaking, and I was an adult sitting next to the girl! As she walked out of the interview room, the officer said in voice loud enough for the girl to hear "We have serious concerns about the truth of what this girl is saying". It had the desired effect, Lucy burst into tears and said "The police don't believe me. I don't want to keep going". The Welfare Co-ordinator, who was also in the room during the interview, and who is also an experienced sexual assault counsellor and child protection officer, said to me "That wasn't an interview. That was designed to stop a child from talking".
The police did not pursue the case any further on the following grounds: No-one would believe Sammy if she disclosed the abuse in the future, as she hadn't disclosed the first time. (The fact that she had been bashed would not be seen as relevant to her hesitancy to disclose?!) Lucy had led all the children on (to make up "stories" of sexual abuse for fun, even though the children were visibly traumatised). In relation to the sexual abuse of a boy, "men try to touch other men's penises after football matches all the time" (!) so it was not worthy of pursuing. And finally, that there was not enough evidence - this is despite the fact that there were WITNESSES to the attempted rapes of the children, and the testimonies of many victims provided significant corroboration. Also, many adults reported having been sexually abused by the same offenders when they were children, but the police refused to interview these adults.
The Case is Stonewalled by the Pedophile Police
The police recommended that the Welfare Co-ordinator make reports to the Child Protection department as they stated it was a "protective issue, not a criminal one". The Welfare Co-ordinator did this, but weeks passed and the children were not interviewed, and she inquired as to why. She was informed that the Child Protection Department would not be taking any further action "on the advice of the police". So, after telling the Welfare Co-ordinator to take the case to Child Protection for investigation, the Police effectively stone-walled the investigation by advising Child Protection NOT to investigate.
Relationship between Robert Osmotherly and Nick Flanagan
During the two-year association I had with Robert Osmotherly, Don Hyde and the Board of Management that they had established, I trusted them implicitly. Although incidents occurred that often left me confused, and often baffled, and of-course, frequently without funding, I continued to trust them. Don Hyde always said to me "I'm here to help". It was his favourite saying. I therefore reported all of the events that had occurred at the northern secondary school and the Goldtown school, to Robert Osmotherly. Robert Osmotherly then told me that he knows Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Flanagan (in contrast to his earlier pretence of not knowing him at all!). He stated that Nick Flanagan is a "really good bloke". However, when I spelt out the stonewalling of the Goldtown case, Robert Osmotherly's face twitched and he became visibly uncomfortable. I had never seen Robert Osmotherly react in this way.It was soon after this that very strange events began to occur.
On one occasion Robert Osmotherly was on the phone to his "boss" (of Network Ten). When his boss realized that I was present he began to speak aggressively, not knowing that I could hear him. He was saying "put her on the phone to me, I'll sort her out!". Of course, I found this all to be very strange as I had never even met this man before. However, when Robert Osmotherly apologised on behalf of his boss, I accepted it and put it out of my mind - again, because at that time I trusted him.
I had recently purchased a very cheap country property that I planned to use as a retreat for abused children. I invited the board members to view the site. None attended, however Robert Osmotherly said that he wanted to go - alone with me. He said he had set aside the whole day for it and was putting me under enormous pressure to go with him. I felt very uncomfortable about it as he had insisted on a number of details. First, it had to be a complete secret. I wasn't even allowed to tell my parents that I was going, let alone where I was going. Second, he had to drive. I wasn't even allowed to drive my car to the station and for us to drive together from there (my car had to stay at my unit car-park). And third, Robert Osmotherly insisted on picking me up from my unit before day-break. This was unnecessary as the trip only takes two-hours. Of course, all of these bizarre "conditions" and the huge pressure that Robert Osmotherly was putting me under made me feel extremely wary. With my parents' help I made up an excuse at the very last minute and did not go.
However, if I had done as Robert Osmotherly had wanted and if anything had happened to me that day, I would have gone missing without a trace.
Sammy's relationship to Network Ten
Sammy, the 12-year-old-girl from Goldtown, was the main victim of the sexual abuse being perpetrated against children in the town. She referred to the offender (a man in his 60's) as her "boyfriend", and her close friends knew of the sexual activities between her and the man. The offender also happened to be the best friend of her father. I was asked to provide support to Sammy, and in one session it became apparent that Sammy's personality had been totally fragmented. In her words, she was like "a house with mirrors everywhere, smashed into broken bits". It was later that I learned about the Illuminati use of trauma-based mind control, sexual abuse and satanic ritual to force children to create "alter personalities". Other information from Sammy has led me to believe that she has been subjected to all these forms of abuse.
Sammy also told me that her relative takes her to Queensland (Australia) "whenever I want" and that she can get "whatever I want, too". It was only later that I learned of the immense significance of what Sammy was telling me. Sammy's relative is a Board member of Network Ten, who is based in Queensland. It is my belief that Sammy was being used in Network Ten's production of child pornography, both in Victoria and Queensland.
Here is another example of the police's failure to investigate a case with ominous connections to Network Ten. In particular, the police unit that has been established specifically and exclusively to investigate such cases well and truly ensured that this case would go NOWHERE.
After two sessions with Sammy I was told that the school had "received complaints" that I had "brainwashed the children" and the support sessions were terminated.

Continues with More Connections to the Illuminati - the Satanic Cult in Goldtown



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