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Fraud 1. Maldives, Tuvalu, sea levels

Obtaining money by deception
The guilty?
UN-EU-UK-BBC-Gore-Greenpiece-Nasheed-Rothschilds and others.
The authorities borrowed money from banks under the false title of saving the planet with e.g. the UK public purse as security.

[Link] Five years ago Pacific islands became a tragic poster children of Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth. The BBC called  the Maldives "a paradise faced with extinction"
But just four of the 27 islands studied by the team - chosen because sea levels had risen in the past sixty years - had diminished in size. The other 23 had expanded, one by as much as 60 per cent.
The islands apparently expand their mass by accumulating sediment, and through natural processes - not surprisingly, since they're built on live biomatter: coral.
Nasheed won a "Champion of the Earth" award from the United Nations, and something even more valuable from the EU. In April the European Commission pledged €6.5m in climate change aid.
That's well worth a read in detail, if you want to follow the money trail carefully.
How large are the sums in question?
The Copenhagen Accord (PDF) pledged $100bn a year for "adaptation and mitigation," specifically "prioritized for the most vulnerable developing countries" including, you guessed it… "small island developing States" (p3).
It appears to be a clear case of the opportunistic pickpocketing the superstitious and the gullible. Is a fraud claim against these governments entirely out of the question?
How long have authorities been aware that claims by the IPCC of endangerment due to CO2 emissions causing sea levels to rise were specious?
Officially 2005
2007 and 2009
How do we get the money back? Sue the guilty parties.

There had been no acceleration in sea level rises, and no net rise since 1970.

Global sea levels rose approximately 8 inches in 100 years. If they hadn't we'd still be in the Little Ice Age. Warming oceans expand. Accurate measurements show levels falling since 2002.

Far from applauding the Maldives rip-off, people should be in jail. Fraud is an offence. Will this gov't do anything to redress the crimes?

Here's a clue. Governments borrow money from banks to give to the likes of the EU, the UN, whose stated agenda is world gov't, Africa, China, India. Rothschilds own or control the important banks not just in the UK but around the world. The money is paid into another Rothschild bank. Gov'ts pay high interest on the loans. Cameron and Osbourne are Rothschilds' friends. Rothschilds see themselves as saviours of the world through depopulation and centralisation of gov't by any means. They are responsible for the direction of EU and UN policy and for the sorry state of many countries, e.g. Greece was advised or bribed into its present sorry state by Goldman Sachs, a Rothschild partner. Rothschilds own or control almost all central banks including the BoE, and the Federal Reserve. They won't control Iran or S. Korea till their US, Israeli and UK gov'ts have bombed them into submission with permission of their UN and EC. It would be interesting to see whether the US aggression continued were those countries to allow Rothschild to control their currency.

How to get more money from the people into the Rothschilds' bank octopus? Give them the UK roads. (There won't be any money coming from the Rothschilds as the interest alone on money owed to their banks more than covers the cost.) Then pay them for use of the roads from the public purse, ie. tax money. Using the giveaway as the excuse, they also want to tag vehicles so they can monitor movement. (Better than police spy cameras, A co-ordinated revolt would require mass vehicle movement.)

Cameron, Osbourne, Cable (do you need a link?), Blair (and here), Brown, Mandelson, Rothschilds.

British currency and Rothschild, Goregle

De La Rue (Royal Mint contractor), The Carlyle Group, Rothschild.

Barclays (Royal Mint banker), Rothschild. (Goregle)

We really need to nationalise the banks in the UK and get Rothschilds out of gov't and out of Britain's currency before they screw it worse than they have screwed the US via the Federal Reserve.

Rothschild timeline.

Bankers, a history of the money changers.

Bilderberg 2010 (Africa next): Link1 Link2


George Galloway announces new convoys to break the siege of Gaza

Five hundred vehicles and 60 ships to break the criminal siege of Gaza.

Perhaps Rothschilds could buy the roads and charge them to deliver.


Fraud 1. Maldives, Tuvalu, sea levels
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