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Syria: How Does Sending In Thousands More Terrorists Protect Civilians?

New Plan to Invade Syria 09 Dec 2012

France, the United Kingdom, Israel and Qatar have prepared yet another plan for intervention in Syria. 6000 new jihadists, including 4000 from Lebanon, should be poised to attack the upscale Mezzeh neighborhood south of Damascus, home to many embassies and where several top military and civilian officials reside. An incident involving chemical weapons across the country is set to increase the tension. A traitorous general would then claim to have seized power and call to the West for help, thus providing a pretext for military intervention outside the UN mandate.

Cameron, Hague, UK tripartite regime support terrorism, back terrorists, arm terrorists
This is what Cameron, Hague are supporting as representatives of the UK.

Syria militants have kid behead prisoner 10 Dec 2012
A shocking video has surfaced on the Internet showing militants in Syria having a child behead a kidnapped man.

Syrian political activist Yazan Abdallah shared with RT information that jihadist groups inside Syria might use chemical weapons to conduct "ethnic cleansing" against certain sectarian groups.

Shock Video Shows ‘Syrian Rebels’ Testing Chemical Weapons

Anonymous Message: False claims Assad Unleashed Chemical Weapons
Israeli zionist regime pays $2000 to hasbara trolls to spread propaganda against Syria
(Hasbara? E.g. )

Boy Blair may have joined the US in the illegal and based on lies destruction of Iraq either to distract from the HMgov paedophilia club investigation that reports suggest Brown at least was involved in. Or that Blair was blackmailed to enlist the UK using evidence of a paedophilia club/ photos/ vids. Is history about to repeat with Cameron, Hague and Syria?

Terrorist allied Western regimes to further support terrorism
US, Britain to 'assist' militants in Syria 11 Dec 2012
The United States and Britain have decided to provide military assistance to the militants fighting the Syrian government, a report says.
The United States is reportedly planning to send sophisticated weapons to foreign-sponsored militants fighting the Syrian government.

Bilderberg directed Western regime's illegal coup attempt using a tiny percentage of Syrian sunni muslims including extremists and bandits and thousands upon thousands of imported mercenaries, extremists, Saudi death row convicts, Libyan AQ (LIFG), Mahgreb AQ (AQIM), Yemeni AQ (AQAP), Iraqi AQ, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist, al Nusra and assorted other groups of terrorists. The conflict has become sectarian, sunni versus moderate sunni, alawite, christian, and any other non sharia proponents. Here is a recent snapshot of their activity -

15 Syrians injured in Homs car bombing 07 Dec 2012
At least 15 people have been injured in a car bomb explosion near a mosque in Syria's western city of Homs, local sources report.

Breaking news 12 Dec 2012
Damascus: the journalist Anmar Yassin Muhammad has martyred in the blast of Mezza 86 Madrasa
3 killed and 8 injured.

Obama’s Recognised Opposition Kill Innocent Syrians and Children in Aleppo 12 Dec 2012
Terrorist groups fired a number of shells on al-Neel Street near the Orphaned Girl School, al-Qalaaji Hospital crossroad and the local market in Aleppo.
The terrorist attack caused the martyrdom of nine citizens at least, including children, a number of casualties and material damage.

Explosion targets Syria’s Interior Ministry in Damascus 12 Dec 2012
The blasts, one of which was caused by a booby-trapped car, reportedly caused major damage to the building and killed or injured an undisclosed number of people.
The blasts follow a string of bombings in and around the capital, Damascus. Earlier today, at least two people were killed and several others injured in a bomb attack in the city of Jaramana, about 10 kilometers (six miles) southeast of Damascus.
Syrian Documents - The initial toll of the explosion that took place in front of the HQ of interior ministry in Kafarsouseh neighborhood of Damascus is 3 deaths and more than 12 injuries
Breaking news - A car bomb has been detonated at the outer door of the interior ministry in Kafarsouseh of Damascus, what resulted in 4 martyrs, more than 20 injuries and large material damages

Two killed in bombing near Damascus 12 Dec 2012
At least two people have been killed and several others injured in a bomb attack near the Syrian capital, Damascus, Press TV reports. The bombing was carried out in the city of Jaramana, about 10 kilometers (six miles) southeast of Damascus, on Wednesday

12 people killed in Damascus blasts 12 Dec 2012
At least 12 people have been killed and several others wounded in a string of deadly explosions that rocked the Syrian capital Damascus.

Hundreds Reported Slain in Attack on Syrian Alawite Village 12 Dec 2012
Locals Blame Rebels, While Rebels Insist Other Alawites Did It
A massive death toll has been reported over the past two days in attacks on the Alawite village of Aqrab, with some opposition groups saying that as many as 300 may have been killed.
Tolls vary, but most seem in the realm of 150-200, with some higher. The question then is who is responsible for the attacks, and while locals initially pinned the attack on rebels from the nearby town of Houla, the rebels are denying responsibility.
Syrian Documents - Media sources: 11 members of al-Farouq battalions have been killed in armed conflicts against the Syrian Army in Aqraba town of Damascus countryside
A military source in the Central Region on Wednesday denied news claiming that a massacre took place in Aqrab in Homs.

'At least seven children killed' in Damascus blast 13 Dec 2012
A car bomb has killed at least 16 people in a southwest suburb of Damascus, activists and state media said. Witnesses said the majority of those killed were children.
More & vid
PressTV -

Militants in Syria may kill journalist 13 Dec 2012
Militants in Syria have threatened to execute a kidnapped Ukrainian journalist if their demand for a USD-50-million ransom is not met.
Syrians reject the "Opposition Coalition"
coalition does not represent me

Saudis, Bahrainis will overthrow monarchies in 2013
Full interview -
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