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Syria in context

Bilderberg is subserverient to the Pilgrims Society, senior to national governments.

2012 Bilderberg Meeting Report
A report by the world's leading investigator into the secretive Bilderberg Group
Spain will be Sacrificed
Throughout the three day Bilderberg meeting, European bankers, American government officials and international money managers conducted tense discussions behind closed doors on the wisdom of Germany extending the country´s credit to paper over the indebtedness of the rest of Europe. One German Bilderberger pointed out that Germany’s resources are finite, while another German stated matter of fact that “it would be impossible in the currently rarified political and economic climate to try and convince German voters to support Spain, a country plagued by corruption and inefficiency.”
The key message from the meeting: come hell or high water, it is imperative to preserve the functioning of the banking system. Spain´s Vice President received a dose of humility when she tried to push the issue of “responsibility” telling her high powered German Bilderberg colleagues that they should issue Eurobonds to save the system. The reply was more than telling: “go pound sand, little girl,” is how Bilderberg high powered elite replied to “Soraya´s” baseless pretensions. Eurobonds are guaranteed by Germany but would be spent mostly by Europe’s PIIGS.
The conclusion couldn´t have been more frightful for Spain´s immediate future. Spain will be sacrificed on the altar of high finance. “Why would we want to save you, if Spain has lied about the depth of its financial troubles?” asked one German participant of Spain´s vice president. “Your banking system is worthless. Do you have equity that might be of interest to anyone?” The answer was a resounding, “NO.” One US government official stated that “the time has come to press the alarm button.”
The sense of panic was growing as the weekend progressed and deliberations became more and more tense. Unlike Spanish citizens, Bilderberg has access to a complete data on deposit money flight from Spain which they believe to be twice the announced 66.2 billion euros in March.
“March was an eternity ago in financial terms,” as one Bilderberg noted. Hard numbers speak for themselves. The debt of Spanish financial institutions is 109% of Gross Domestic Product, twice the amount in France or Germany, and three times that of the United States. Unpayable loans in the construction sector are 40% of GDP in real terms, and not the 20% the Rajoy government has been selling to the world.
Another Bilderberg stated that “The problem with Spain is that its construction sector is an 800kg gorilla in a china shop,” as large as the entire manufacturing sector. By contrast, in Germany, construction is 20% the size of manufacturing.
Another Bilderberg pointed out that one year ago, the ratio of financial-sector debt relative to Gross Domestic Product declined from US$8 trillion to $6.1 trillion. One trillion dollars of these loses can be attributed to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan Chase’s purchase of Bear Stearns, and the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch merger.
In conclusion, the Spanish banking system including Spanish bank held debt of Spanish households are going to die. As I stated on record on May 31, Spain´s leading bank, Banco Santander has an unpayable debt of over 800 billion euros. Bilderberg obviously knows this. Metastasis has spread to all parts of the system. Shadow Masters have spoken and the script has been written. It remains to be seen how long the actors take to play out their parts.
There is a solution. Spain must immediate leave the euro and go back to being an independent nation-state republic.
Bilderberg´s top headache into foreseeable future continues to be Russian President Vladimir Putin. Key areas of concern for the secretive organization is Russia´s opposition to war in Syria and Iran, be they spun as “humanitarian bombing” or “color revolution.” Of particular concern for Bilderberg is Russia´s insistence on maintaining “state sovereignty intact.” Another concern for Bilderberg is how exactly to deal with Russia´s “belligerence” with respect to 1) the US bases encircling Russia and 2) US missile defense pointing its warheads at Moscow. Putin´s blunt “no way Jose” has raised the stakes several notches. It remains to be seen if “we can make Putin blink” was how one US Bilderberger stated.
Russia may not be the military superpower it once was, but the country has key nuclear and strategic weapons acting as military deterrent to go along with its energy superpower status, with oil and gas accounting for 2/3 of Russia´s exports.
Still fresh on the minds of Bilderberg attendees is Putin´s 2007 Munich speech, when he shocked the West by criticizing George W. Bush´s obsessively unipolar imperial agenda “through a system which has nothing to do with democracy” and non-stop overstepping of its “national borders in almost all spheres.”
As Putin is set play a new round of hardcore geopolitics, Bilderberg is extremely worried because as one European Bilderberger openly admitted, “Putin is by far the most formidable opponent in the world stage to our plans.” What makes Bilderberg position that much more difficult is Putin´s moral position in “protecting and promoting its national interest.” Another Bilderberg stated that Putin is both “experienced” and “pragmatic” in pursuing national interests. A European Bilderberger stated that in today´s world, “economic and military power has a direct bearing on the moral and the pragmatic stance of nations.”
Russia´s strength is its energy reserves and Bilderberg is particularly concerned about the South Stream pipeline, a megaproject with a price tag of $20 billion. South Stream Gas Pipeline is to transport Russian natural gas under the Black Sea to the southern part of the EU through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia and further to Italy and Austria, supplying 63 billion cubic meters of gas annually. Bilderberg´s concern is that South Stream could turn into a major victory for Russia at the expense of EU-USA backed Nabucco pipeline, from Turkey to Austria.
Of far greater concern to Bilderberg is Putin´s attempt to integrate Asia into a cohesive block under the leadership of Russia. Bilderberg is convinced that Russia and China will preempt all Bilderberg-led meddling by turning Pakistan and Iran into full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). “The repercussions would be ground-breaking,” stated one European Bilderberg security expert.
Furthermore, with Russia, Central Asia and Iran controlling no less than 50% of world’s gas reserves, and with Iran and Pakistan as virtual SCO members, the organization becomes a counterpunch to NATO´s shady thrust towards Asia.
Behind the campaign to delegitimize Putin, stand some very angry and powerful Anglo-American elites.
Russia´s position on Syria
Staying with Russia, Bilderberg agreed that the country´s presence in the Mediterranean is of great concern to Bilderberg who would dearly wish to remove Russia´s Navy from the Syrian port of Tartus.
But as one European Bilderberg security expert commented, of far greater concern is Putin´s emphasis on Eurasia integration. Putin´s idea is coordinating “a powerful supranational union between Europe and the dynamic Asia-Pacific Region”.
One positive for Bilderberg as far as Russia´s position on Syria is concerned is that Putin´s options to oppose regime change in Syria are fraught with danger. The secretive cabal agreed that an inflexible, pro-Asad position could leave Russia out of any international future understanding for Syria. “Russia was completely left out of Libya and they won´t want to risk being shut out of Syria as well,” said one high ranking US diplomat attending the Bilderberg conference. Bilderberg is convinced that Putin would rather share Syria with the United States and the European Union and have a say in the country´s future direction.
Several options were examined as to how to get Russia on board. Against the staunch opposition from hard core right wing US Bilderberg representatives such as Marie Josee Kravis, European Bilderbergers agreed that Russia may flip flop its position on Syria if it gets the necessary assurances that it be “a part of the solution in Syria”.
What was made clear from informal discussions during breaks and lunches is that Bilderberg has little confidence in Putin´s opposition. Gary Kasparov was at one time the world´s chess champion, but according to Bilderberg sources, “his street smarts leave a lot to be desired.” As one American Bilderberger stated, “if this was a boxing match, we would be looking at a mismatch of the century.” Thus, Putin vs Kasparov will have to wait. And while Bilderberg continues to finance Kasparov´s United Civil Front in hopes of stirring up trouble in Russia, the secretive cabal is out looking for wiser and smarter and more charismatic figures to give Putin a run for his money.
Daniel Estulin, June 2012
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The stage was set. Now we have films that show Russia in a bad light, all Russia's skeletons dragged out of the cupboard and missiles on Turkey's border with Russia responding by arming Syria with missiles capable of taking down the Patriot missile sites (and sinking ships). Anti Syria propaganda is again scaling the heights of fantasy with Assad in person about to gas the whole of Syria with theorised (another taxi driver's supposition, as with Iraq?) chemical stocks that have yet to be proven to exist. Assad has constantly iterated Syria would only consider such weapons in the event of a real invasion on top of the invasion by proxy were it to possess them. Russia has told the Syrians not to use chem weapons. Bilderberg puppets have put no such constraints on their proxy invaders and insurgents.

Present possibility. A negotiated settlement of the Syrian conflict. Russia backed by China and Iran won't back down, won't be suckered as they were with Libya. Israel and Turkey will be first casualties of any escalation at bilderberserkers' behest imo. It is the US (CFR), and the EC (ECFR) that keep ramping it up. As per their instructions. Do they care about Turkey or Israel? Answer -
US Recognizes, EU Embraces Foreign, Unelected Al Qaeda Rebels as “Legitimate Representatives” of the Syrian People - Who Prefer Assad

Bombing to destruction is currently termed "humanitarian intervention" and "spreading democracy". It was previously called "war on terror". (Before that we had the Vietnam and the Cold War to keep the military-industrial complex fat.)
Historical Roots of the US “War on Terrorism”: The Pathology of a Single Superpower. NATO and Beyond

A world war may be the banksters' means to distract from their responsibility for the collapse of the West's debt currency and fractional reserve banking and multi CO2 based frauds that continue to net the usurers mega money. They would play for the West to lose against the BRICS having backed both sides as in WWII. (See: The role of Zionism in the Holocaust )

How the zionist money mafia and minions operate less violently - so far - to defraud and spread chaos in the West:
The root of all the CO2 frauds and boondoggles
How Edmund de Rothschild Managed to Let 179 Governments Pay Him for Grasping Up to 30% of the Earth

How NWO´s Pharisee Banksters Steal Our Money to Rule the World with It
 I. Sovereign Debt
II. Famine and Poverty. Can We Get out of Their Deadly Grip?

The US's "EU Style" Negotiations Will Take Us Right Over the Cliff
Ever since the EU Crisis began in earnest in January 2010, EU leaders have maintained the following strategy:
Engage in endless meetings/ discussions, none of which resolve anything.
Announce that the situation is resolved.
Wait for the world to realize nothing has been fixed.
The prime example is Greece. There have been no less than 30 “Greece is saved” press releases/ announcements, accompanied by market rallies only to discover that Greece is not saved and in fact is worsening by the week.

One of the most crooked, fines are passed on to clients:
Did Deutsche Bank Fraudulently Hide Huge Losses? [$12 billion plus]
A former employee of Deutsche Bank alleges that it embellished its financial statements and concealed billions of euros in losses during the financial crisis. If it hadn't, it may have required a government bailout. Deutsche Bank vehemently denies the accusation.

HSBC to pay $1.9B to settle money-laundering case
[...] Among other European banks to have settled money-laundering cases with the United States:
— Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second-largest bank, agreed to pay $536 million. The authorities said the bank violated U.S. economic sanctions by hiding the booming illegal business it was doing for Iranian banks.
— Barclays paid $298 million. The big British bank allegedly engaged in $500 million in illegal transactions with banks in Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Myanmar for more than a decade.
— Lloyds, another major British bank, agreed to forfeit $350 million for allegedly helping customers skirt U.S. sanctions on business transactions with Sudan, Iran and Libya.
— Big Dutch bank ING paid $619 million to settle charges that it secretly moved billions of dollars through the U.S. financial system on behalf of Cuban and Iranian customers.
Last summer, the Senate investigation concluded that HSBC's lax controls exposed it to money laundering and terrorist financing.
[...] Standard Chartered, another British bank, signed an agreement with New York regulators to settle their money laundering investigation with a $340 million payment. The bank was accused of scheming with the Iranian government to launder billions of dollars.
Anger is building up. Read the comments

How the zionist money mafia keeps the public in its domains ignorant. Of course bilderberg adherents are well placed, the BBC was chaired by one, others own or edit MSM outlets. In wars like Syria independent journos and state supportive media are targetted by NATO ground forces. Sadly al Jazz and other journos embedded with terrorists, mercs and insurgents have seen casualties too.

Gaddafi's last PM on trial in Libya
[...] A judge read out the charges against al-Mahmoudi which included "abusing public funds" and "committing acts aiming to unjustly kill people" during the 2011 uprising that toppled Gaddafi.
[...] Along with Seif al-Islam, the toppled dictator's most high-profile son, al-Mahmoudi is one of the few remaining keepers of the many state secrets under Gaddafi, who was killed on October 20 last year.
Zios like Cameron, Sarkozy want him dead to protect themselves, their patrons and zio institutions.
Petition to get Seif released. He took no part in the government nor the violence. He was arrested for having no licence for 2 camels.
Link here - Israeli model rallies support for Gadhafi son
Or go direct

Some vids -
Truth About illuminati Documentary-Luciferian Conspiracy
Get past the sensationalism and look at the human response to belief in illumanti i.e. zionist dogma.
It doesn't matter what you believe. It is what the likes of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Pilgrims Soc. (members of CoR, Trilateral Comm. Chatham Hse etc) believe and what hold they have over the regime heads and gangs of Cameron, Hollande, Obama et al and judges, senior members of civil and armed forces etc that matters.
Why did the zionists hook up with infant abuse, infant sacrifice (murder) etc? Scroll to 33 mins and find about kids that were and are abused and murdered. Having sex with and drinking the blood of infants to get their unprogrammed stem root cells to ameliorate aging is the least of it.
Think on this. Suppose you got indoctrinated, bought the package including the anti-aging carrot and knew the consequence for blowing the whistle was death, not just for you but for the family too, would you keep your mouth shut? Then consider that free masonry merged with the (Rothschild partnered) Weishaupt created illuminati in the 18th century when it was discovered that Weishaupt's plan for the French revolution, funded by Rothschild was discovered and the illuminati was shut down as an independent organisation. The illuminati continues to this day in the higher levels of free masonry because free masonry embraced its ideology. It is satanism pure and simple, hidden from the boy scouts at the lower levels that are the facade that hides the practices of the upper levels such as seen at Bohemian Grove, in the same manner real jews are the front for zionists. It is difficult if not impossible to become an MP in the UK unless you are a member of the free masons. The Queen is the (figure)head of the free masons, the Queen's cousin, the Duke of Kent is Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England

Agenda 21- Codex- Fema Camps-80% Depopulation = New World Order
scroll to 30 minutes.

Future possibility.
Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension
If all of this or even some were to be true, the reason for the zio's activity in building vast underground shelters, the creation of chaos through wars, subversion and financial machinations and the geoengineering and attempts at climate manipulation would have a basis - to psycho- and sociopaths. Self preservation along with a billion or so serfs.

Other stuff -
Background to the rise of Rockefeller from ancestral snake oil seller to modern day sociopath with massive wealth earned by corruption and manipulation.

Background to the rise of Rothschild
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