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Soros, armchair agent of the horsemen of the apocalypse

A True-to-Life James Bond Villain


Forget Dr. No, Goldfinger, and James Bond’s most recent enemy, Raoul Silva, a cyber-terrorist who can collapse economies and alter elections with a few computer keystrokes. The world’s most dangerous man to fair elections is not a James Bond villain, but the international frontier-hopping Hungarian known as Gyorgy Schwartz, also known as George Soros, the international currency manipulator and democracy troublemaker. Replace the letter «S» in his last name with dollar signs and one is left with «oro», the Spanish and Italian word for gold. The name «SOROS» is worthy of any arch-villain created by Ian Fleming to be Bond’s nemesis. 

And considering that the villain of Bond in the two Bond films prior to the most recent release was known as «Quantum», perhaps the Bond writers were onto something – Soros’s mega-hedge fund is called the Quantum Fund and it is quite capable of causing as much mayhem as its fictional doppelganger.

With billions from his own and U.S. intelligence financial tranches available to influence vote counts and install governments, Soros has become a modern-day Prince Metternich. Soros is a template for the modern-day Machiavellian behind-the-scenes manipulator, once feeling as comfortable assisting Hungarian and German Nazi officials in rounding up Jews for deportation as he is now consorting with Nobel Peace Prize laureates in bringing about global «democracy». However, Soros’s idea of democracy is installing political leaders who willingly obey orders from the blood-sucking banking elites of London, New York, and Frankfurt…

Soros’s election manipulators, employees of his top non-governmental organization, the Open Society Foundation, have long been active in eastern and central Europe. Where Soros’s favored candidates for president lost, the Open Society operatives used the tactics of the street revolution standardized by American professor Gene Sharp. Soros’s money and Sharp’s tactics were used to foment various «themed revolutions» in Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova.

In Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, Soros has become adept at backing candidates for office who are better known to Wall Street than to the Main Streets if their own capital cities and major towns. One such example is Sierra Leone, where the Soros-backed president, Ernest Bai Koroma, a former executive of the Reliance Insurance Trust Corporation (RITCO), was just re-elected with 58 percent of the vote. Koroma’s main rival, former military leader Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, received 37 percent of the vote. The Voice of America, which is linked to other U.S. government propaganda outlets like the Soros-influenced Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, stated nothing about charges of election fraud from the Bio camp. VOA reported the vote was «peaceful and transparent».

The western corporate news media hailed Koroma’s victory as fair. Bio had a different opinion, one that was drowned out by the din emanating from the Soros media orchestra that fed sound bytes and snap quotes to the media, which did not bother to send independent reporters into Sierra Leone. Bio told Agence France Press, «The process was fraudulent and the results do not reflect the will of Sierra Leoneans . . . "The party has raised concerns about electoral irregularities including faked and unstamped reconciliation and results forms, pre-marked ballot papers, ballot stuffing and over-voting in Kono (diamond-rich east), the western area and the northern province. These and many more instances of malpractice undermines the credibility of the results».

The National Elections Commission, around which fawning NGO election observers gathered to be convinced of the free and fair nature of the election, proclaimed the election a success and free of malfeasance. Soros and his moneyed friends see Sierra Leone as a country that must remain in the hands of the8ir cronies. After all, Sierra Leone is rich in diamonds and diamonds are Mr. Soros’s best friends.

Soros’s friend next door to Sierra Leone, Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson, is the template for Soros-backed leadership in Africa and elsewhere. Former international civil servants or business people elevated to the highest offices in their nations who are more loyal to the trading houses of London and New York to their own constituents is the rule rather than the exception in Africa today. Sirleaf is a former executive of the World Bank in Washington and Citibank in Nairobi. She also served as the chair of Open Society Initiative for West Africa along with Abdul Tejan-Cole, the Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Sierra Leone and an oft-mentioned future president of Sierra Leone. Soros is able to sugar the resumes of people like Sirleaf and Tejan-Cole with glittery awards. Sirleaf is a co-recipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, while Tejan-Cole received the 2001 Human Rights Watch award. Soros is easily able to influence NGOs like Human Rights Watch, especially after having given the organization $100 million in 2010.

Prior to Venezuela’s October 7 election, Soros’s media manipulators and NGO operatives were busy at work. Socialist incumbent Hugo Chavez was said to be running neck-and-neck for re-election against the globalists’ favorite, Henrique Capriles Radonski, whose mother’s Jewish grandparents perished in one of the death camps that Soros assisted in populating – Treblinka. Capriles was sheep-dipped through Columbia University and the International Fiscal Association in Amsterdam where Israeli agents-of-influence talent spot future leaders for other nations, especially those that will be of assistance to Soros and the family that ultimately even dictates Soros’s priorities: the Rothschild banking family of Europe and North America. The influence of Soros and the Rothschilds on Capriles was not lost on Venezuelan National radio, which wrote: «This is our enemy: the Zionism that Capriles today represents . . . Zionism, along with capitalism, are responsible for 90% of world poverty and imperialist wars."

The propaganda war launched by Soros- and U.S. government-funded entities against Chavez failed. Chavez won with 63 percent of the vote and the election was deemed free and fair by the Organization of American States and the Carter Center.

Soros has his eyes trained on other nations in Latin America where the bankers and globalists see an opportunity to roll back the socialist tide. One is Honduras, taken over militarily in a CIA-backed coup in 2009 that ousted Chavez ally Manuel Zelaya. The pro-American puppet government is facing an election in 2013 and Zelaya’s wife, Xiomara Castro, is the candidate for president of Libre, the leftist Liberty and Reformation Party. Soros and his CIA and Rothschild benefactors can be expected to throw massive amounts of money into the Honduran campaign in support of the bourgeois National and Liberal Parties, both of whose fingerprints were found on the 2009 coup against Zelaya.

Soros is currently engaged in a project to oust the government of Malaysia and usher into power the type of Western-compliant government that has recently taken over in Myanmar, which, after a long battle with Soros entities, succumbed to Western pressure and «opened up». Part of the «opening up» has been the outbreak of inter-religious violence in Rakhine state among Buddhists and Muslims. 

Soros has shown himself to not only be immune to criticism but to engage in counter-attacks, including having Wikipedia publish entries like: «Many conspiracy theories have been created about Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros since his rise to economic wealth... Anti-Sorosism has come under increasing scrutiny due to the growing political currency of anti-Soros conspiracy theories in conservative and nationalist circles, with [New York blogger and CNN contributor Michael] Wolraich comparing anti-Sorosism to long-running conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family dating to 1800s Europe». Which is odd, when this author cited evidence of election fraud in Ohio in 2004 that cost John Kerry the presidency, I was shut down and cut off financially by Soros, not «conservative and nationalist» circles.

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