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Truth emerges why US, UK, EU back AQ in Syria

Chemical Weapons Spurred Benghazi Raid – Sending to Turkey? If so, why?

According to some reports, numerous public and private servants of the United States are, in effect, taking up where Russia has brutally left off, in an attempt to keep America and NATO from initiating an unjust and immoral war in Syria — a war that could bring about World War III. The whistle blowers are not only leaking documents, they are informing numerous journalists, both professional and amateur, of the plans and actions of the CIA in Benghazi regarding Libya’s Qaddafi era stockpile of not only MANPADS rockets but also chemical weapons (at least as Russia understood and they should know).
The integrity of the people involved in this reporting and their numerous, though undisclosed sources have become mutually corroborative, in my opinion. It is assessed as follows.
These are the reports of which we may now be highly confident:
Ambassador Christopher Stevens and our other killed and wounded individuals were among numerous covert operations personnel engaged in the retrieval of these chemical and rocket weapons, perhaps along with other military grade weapons systems.
They have been in process of delivering weapons (all of these or some of these) to Turkey by sea.
An Islam-wide imperial caliphate headquartered in Turkey is the aim of Muslim Brotherhood, which, as with NATO, was begun in conjunction with the fascist (or Marxofascist) network (in Muslim Brotherhood’s case, in collaboration with actual Nazis).
Bringing Arab and Muslim nations under the control of Muslim Brotherhood, allied with NATO is the aim of “Arab Spring” and the “Civil Society” programs.
Russia discovered the weapons operation, as one might expect.
Russia and Iran were behind the Benghazi raid, using trained Ansar al-Sharia commandos, a group identifying itself as Al Qaeda in Libya.
Obama and Panetta (both with strong, historic ties with the old Soviet Russian complex) did not intervene for the rescue and defense of our personnel in Benghazi, and actually told CIA personnel to stand down.

To comprehend the scope of these data and how it may work together, one must understand the Hegelian dialectic model and related to his, the polemic manipulation and control of populations.
These are the reports or conjectures of which we may now be very concerned:
That some of this chemical weaponry was or is to be used by the Turks, perhaps with the assistance of American special ops personnel, to fire upon some of the Al Qaeda warriors in Syria who have been joining with Syrian rebels fighting Assad.
That this was to be a false flag attack blamed on the Assad regime, to concoct the inception of military engagement in Syria by NATO forces.
That Barack Obama has directed the plans involving Ambassador Stevens on 9-11-12 on a hands-on basis.
The Innocence of Muslims film, nearly unknown by 9-11-12, was planned by contingency, to be declared the reason for any attacks upon the CIA’s Benghazi operations that could feasibly be described as riotous.
That Obama and Panetta intentionally blew up the operation, cooperating with the Russians/Iranians (which would explain the command not to attempt to rescue stranded U.S. personnel on 9-11-12).
That Barack Obama may be thought of as a nexus or fulcrum point for the polemic between on the one side, NATO fascists, Saudis, and Muslim Brotherhood (the false “right”) and on the other side, the BRICS nations (and the artificial “left”) potentially moved by the hands of those who have manipulated the Hegelian, controlled polemic model of gradually subverting and controlling the populations of the world for generations.

And these reports on their surface may seem to be misinformation or disinformation, but they should also be investigated:
That the Obama administration intended for Ambassador Stevens to be kidnapped by Ansar al-Sharia. (Then why set fire to the building into which he fled?)
That it was planned for him to be traded back to the U.S. in exchange for the Blind Sheik.
Quite a lot more at the source, Gulag Bound -

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