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Cameron Arming, Supporting, Aiding Terrorists

Cameron, international law breaker by his own words

What threat does Syria pose to any country, let alone the UK, to justify what is happening there?
Imagine Russian, Chinese and Iranian intelligence services started a small rebellion against the Cameron regime using the new IRA terrorists then sent in hired mercenaries, 1000s of islamic extremist terrorists they had used in other countries, and funded, trained and armed these terrorists through S. Ireland. Imagine the UK public were  subjected to the mass murder and daily atrocities Syria has suffered due to the US EU UK axis of terrorism. Imagine Putin then announced he intended to openly arm these terrorists with heavy armour.

British PM unveils plan to arm terrorists in Syria.
Cameron, already accused as a criminal under international law and complicit in the N.American State Terrorism Operation, NATO's mass slaughter of civilians in Libya, has no-one's best interest beyond his own, bankster-corporate interests and Pentagon strategic ambitions on behalf of globalist-imperialists psychopaths. The UK has been accused of covertly arming Syrian terrorists. The UK regime has openly admitted to training the terrorists, in Turkey and Jordan. UK Special Services have been sent into Syria, intelligence on Syrian Army movements has been given to terrorists, mercenaries and jihadists have been allowed to travel to Syria from the UK. Aiding terrorism is a major contravention of international law.

Terrorists? Every day recently there have been car and other terrorist bombings in civilian areas, previously the terrorists mass-murdered many tens of civilians at a time blaming the Syrian gov't, the treacherous UN saying "we can't be sure it was the opposition terrorists" despite witnesses testifying that they called for the army to get rid of the butchers, the treacherous UN also refusing to condemn atrocities. The treacherous UN is obviously complicit. The terrorists use civilians as human shields. The terrorists kill civilians discriminately, military servicemen's families, government supporters, demonstrators, civilian committees, civil servants, non Sunni superstitious.

Western (US, UK, EU) and ME sponsored terrorist hostility November 1 to 7 reported by Syrian Documents:
Free Army militia attacks the Public Committees and clashes with them in Palestine Camp of , where no victims were recorded.
The insurgents of Osoud al-Islam battalion, linking with Ahrar Horan brigade, fire 3 shells near the building of Prime Ministry in Kafarsouseh neighborhood of Damascus.
The judge Abad Nadwa gets killed due to the detonation of an explosive charge near the Telephone divider in Masaken Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus.
Osoud al-Islam battalion that links with Ahrar Horan brigade claims responsibility for firing the four shells on Mezza 86 neighborhood of Damascus, that resulted in 3 deaths and 7 injuries
Activists: a car bomb blasts near the Telephone divider in Masaken Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus.
A mortar shell has been fired near al-Dubbat square in Mezza 86 area, what resulted in 3 victims and 5 injuries.
Four explosions have been heard in al-Dubbat square in Mezza 86 area, as no victims have been recorded so far.
An explosive charge has detonated in Barzeh Musbaq al-Sunee neighborhood of Damascus, as no other information have been given yet.
Damascus countryside, three explosions occur in al-Woroud neighborhood near Kudsaia town, what resulted in victims and injuries.
A shell has been fired on al-Mansour Street of al-Yarmouk camp, as no victims or injuries have been recorded so far.
The Colonel of Syrian Army, Muhammad Ali Zidane, has been assassinated in front of his house in Ruken al-Din neighborhood of Damascus
Osama al-Lahham, the brother of head of People’s assembly Jihad al-Lahham, has been assassinated near his house in al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus
Al-Mayadeen TV : the brother of head of Syrian Parliament, Osama al-Lahham, has been assassinated
A car bomb has been detonated in Arous al-Jabal square in Mezza 86 neighborhood of Damascus, what resulted in victims and more than 10 victims and 18 injuries
A large explosion hits Mezza area of Damascus
Sky News: a mortar shell has been fired on a bus in al-Yarmouk Camp of Damascus
Free Army militia attacks checkpoints for Syrian Army and public committees in southern al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus, as no victims have been recorded so far
Insurgents fire shells on al-Yarmouk Camp area of Damascus, which resulted in the death of Tareq Sharif and Naher Mansour, as injuries have been recorded
Insurgents of al-Islam brigade of Free Army militia assassinate the lawyer Samer Ayoub Ghanem, for sectarian reasons, in his office in al-Mujtahed area of Damascus
A detonation takes place in the parking of Workers’ Union building, behind Dama hotel in Damascus city, what resulted in injuries and material damages
An explosive charge has been detonated in Al-Wadi area, which is located in Al-Tal city of Damascus countryside. the blast has led to killing one person and appear in some material damages
Five unidentified bodies have been found in al-Qaboun neighborhood of Damascus
Another explosion has occurred in New Al-Zahera area in Damascus; injured 8 people
An explosive charge went off in Al-Zahera area in Damascus, causing material damages
Opponent activists: the Lions of Allah battalion, linked with Revolutionary Military Council, of Free army, has launched attacks against the checkpoints of Syrian army that were positioned in front of Halemeh Hospital, Duma City Hall and Police Station. The very battalion fighters have killed a number of Syrian army soldiers
Armed conflicts tale place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in the outskirts of Erbin town, located in Damascus countryside, what resulted in the death of 5 insurgents and other injuries
Unknowns fire mortar shells on al-Jam’iat area of al-Sbeineh town, located in Damascus countryside, which resulted in material damages only

Media sources: a mortar shell has been fired on a building in the area of Baghdad station, situated in Aleppo city, where material damages have been recorded
Radical Islamist battalions attack a military checkpoint for Syrian Army and destroy an armory at al-Layramoun roundabout of Aleppo countryside
Free Army militia fires a local-made rocket on a position for Free Army militia in Seif al-Dawleh neighborhood of Aleppo
Tense clashes between the Syrian army and Free army militia fire out in the area located nearby Al-Hal Souk and Bab Janeen, situated in Aleppo city. Neither causalities nor victims have been recorded to the moment
Armed rebels attack the patrols of Syrian Army in al-Layramoun area of Aleppo outskirts, what resulted in deaths of the insurgents and injuries from both sides

An explosive device has blasted near the automatic bakery in Edlib city, which resulted in one death and another injury.
Activists: militants kill many persons, known for their pro-government stance, in Harem town of Edlib countryside
Battles have been erupted nearby the military Airport of Taftanaz as the Syrian fighter jets strike the HQs of the radical jihadist fighters
More than 4 mortar shells have been fired by radicals on Taftanaz military airport in the countryside of Idlib province
Radical fighters fire a local-made rocket on Taftanaz military airport in Idlib countryside
The insurgents of Free Army militia execute 70 pro-government allies in al-Qalaa and al-Qarma neighborhoods of Harem town, located in Edlib countryside after the Syrian Army shelled positions for the armed rebels and killed large number of them in the outskirts of the town
Severe clashes fire out nearby the area of Harem Castle in Edlib countryside
Sky News Arabic: the Free army, after clashes with the troops of Syrian army, controls on Saraqeb city in Idlib countryside
Severe clashes take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in Sawadnia area of Taftanaz city, what resulted in several deaths and injuries of the gunmen
An explosive charge detonates near a military checkpoint at the legitimate high school in Edlib city, what resulted in the injury of 4 Syrian Army soldiers

Militants open fire on a bus on Mesyaf – Damascus road in Homs countryside, what resulted in several injuries.
An explosive charge has detonated on Homs – al-Qusair road, which resulted in the injury of 3 Syrian soldiers
The head of Homs governor’s office, Hilal Ramzi, has been abducted by militants in his house in Homs city
Our correspondent: insurgents assassinate the head of Homs bakeries branch, Khalid al-Jumaa on Mashta al-Helou road

A car bomb blasts in al-Zyara district in al-Ghab area of Hama province, what resulted in deaths and injuries
Unidentified people have fired mortar shells on Dair Baalba district in Homs city, what resulted in the collapse of some buildings and injuries among several people
Activists: A massive blast appears in the neighborhood of Aleppo Road, situated in Hama city
Activists: an explosive device blasts in Karem al-Horani neighborhood of Hama city, what resulted in two deaths and several injuries

Deir Al-Zour
The members in Free Army militia, Muhammad Jasem Shannan and Jamil Haj Saleh, have been killed during clashes with Syrian Army in al-Jbeileh neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city
Armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Husseinia and al-Jneineh villages of Deir al-Zour city, which resulted in deaths and injuries

Tense clashes have erupted between the units of Syrian army and Free army militia at Al-Nazeheen Camp area in Daraa city
Fierce clashes take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Lajat town of Daraa countryside, in which injuries from both sides were recorded
Major terrorist atrocities timed to coincide with UN meetings and important events - Houla, 24 May 108 murdered, Qubair, 6 June 78 murdered, Tremesh, 12 July, 200 murdered. Syrian gov't supporters, armed forces and civil servants, and their families, Alawi and Shia communities were the principal targets in each case.
All the Western mainstream media outlets claim that the village of Tremseh was subjected to hours of artillery shelling and fire from helicopter gunships. Then the unknown pro-government militia, referred to as Shabiha, are said to have allegedly moved into the village to kill civilians “execution style”.
This same scenario was reported for the earlier massacres at Houla and Qubair. Yet careful follow-up reports published by the German newspaper, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung and Russia Today, among others, have found that the perpetrators of such atrocities were in fact Western and Arab-backed mercenaries. This has been corroborated independently by Catholic Church sources and other civilian sources in Syria.
Another significant factor is the timing of these atrocities. The massacre at Qubair happened just as the UN/Arab League Special Envoy Kofi Annan was about to submit a report to the Security Council on violations of the 12 April ceasefire. The ceasefire was dismissed from the outset by Washington and London as being “flouted by Assad” even though the Syrian government had signed up to it and the violations being reported at the time were by the Western-backed armed groups. The West’s Qatari ally – and arms supplier of the opposition – Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani said that the proposed Annan truce “had only a three per cent chance of succeeding”. Why was such pessimism expressed so confidently? Conveniently for the Western powers, a massacre allegedly committed by Assad’s forces should occur at that sensitive moment.
This latest outrage comes hours before another sensitive meeting of the Security Council members in which the US, Britain and France are pressurizing Russia and China to vote on a resolution that would pave the way for a NATO-style military intervention in Syria.

Excerpted from "Western Media Report New Syrian Massacre as US Pushes For Military Intervention"

THE HOULA MASSACRE: Opposition Terrorists “Killed Families Loyal to the Government”

Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre

Atrocities Made to Order: How Wall Street and London Manufacture Tragedy to Sell War and Regime Change.

An excerpt from "Humanitarian Military Intervention in Syria? Who is Behind the Atrocities?"
Who is behind the Atrocities?
Whereas the government bears a burden of responsibility pertaining to the conduct of its military operations in urban areas directed against the rebels, the gruesome human rights record of the US-NATO supported “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is unequivocal. Amply documented, the killings of innocent civilians were not carried by the government but, quite deliberately, by the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
These killings were implemented as part of a diabolical intelligence operation, which consisted in blaming the Syrian government for the atrocities committed by rebel forces. (See Michel Chossudovsky, SYRIA: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria, Global Research, May 30, 2012)
The substance of Russia’s finger pointing is confirmed by numerous reports.
According to the leaked Arab League Observer Mission Report:  which had initially been commissioned by the Arab League at Washington’s behest:
“In Homs, Idlib and Hama, the Observer Mission witnessed acts of violence being committed against Government forces and civilians that resulted in several deaths and injuries. Examples of those acts include the bombing of a civilian bus, killing eight persons and injuring others, including women and children. …  Such incidents include the bombing of buildings, trains carrying fuel, vehicles carrying diesel oil and explosions targeting the police, members of the media and fuel pipelines. Some of those attacks have been carried out by the Free Syrian Army and some by other armed opposition groups.” (League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria, Report of the Head of the League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria for the period from 24 December 2011 to 18 January 2012,
The Arab League Observer mission report was subsequently shelved because it revealed the forbidden truth, namely that the US-NATO sponsored “rebels” rather than the government were behind the massacres

More articles about on-demand atrocities -

What Obama’s re-election means for Syria
Zaatari, Jordan: Within hours of President Barack Obama’s re-election the deadlocked Syrian conflict moved into a new phase Wednesday, with Britain’s prime minister urging the U.S. to join him in working directly with Syrian rebels and Turkey saying Washington has discussed protecting a safe zone inside Syria with Patriot missiles.
The changes would mark a profound shift in Western efforts to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, and indicate that leaders have been waiting for the result of the U.S. presidential election before embarking on a new strategy to end the civil war that has killed more than 36,000 people.

What it means is more of this -
As US, European powers press for intervention as Syrian army retakes Aleppo
(August - September - October, a small sample)
US-NATO Sponsored Syria Terrorists: 40 killed, 90 wounded in Aleppo blasts
At least 40 people were killed and 90 wounded, most of them soldiers, when three car bombs struck the heart of Syria’s second city Aleppo on Wednesday, a monitoring group said.

Massacres in Aleppo by Western-armed “Free Syrian Army”
“Responsibility to Protect” crumbles as Western-armed terror front slaughters civilians while foreign sponsors attempt to tie hands of Syrian security forces.

NATO Terrorists Mass Slaughter Civilians in Aleppo, Syria
Al Qaeda-style terrorist bombings slaughter/maims scores, Western media spins war crime as terrorists "targeting government forces."

“Living as a Christian in the Hell of Aleppo”: Besieged by Syrian “Opposition” Rebels. Testimony of a Priest
Some groups in the rugged opposition, where there are also jihadist groups, "fire on Christian houses and buildings, to force occupants to escape and then take possession"

At least 10 killed, dozens injured in Damascus car bombing amid UN peace envoy visit

The UK, US, EU, Canada, NZ, Israel, Turkey, KSA, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, UAE, their mercenary armies, Moslem Brotherhood, AQAP, AQIM, LIFG and other AQ franchises' attack against Syria is not deadlocked. The Syrian Army is destroying and capturing the terrorists as fast as the West is sending them in. The latest 5000 Yemeni AQAP rented by the US and KSA have marked their arrival by the upsurge in civilian deaths in Aleppo and Damascus. Notably still markedly less than seen in Libya after NAsTO started bombing civilians in e.g. Sirte, Bengahazi, Darnah etc.
How is the Syrian Army so successful? The citizens are helping the army by advising locations of terrorist incursion.
Cameron's covert war is against ordinary people and a conscript army for nefarious reasons he blatantly lies to conceal. He wants the terrorists to be better armed. His reason$?

Ask your representative why he - she is supporting the Western leaderships' criminality. There is no credible reason for UK public money to be used in financing the destruction of Syria and the overthrow of the Syrian government .
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