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Sacking Bani Walid, Libya

‘Death and destruction in Bani Walid’ as media silent
The Libyan town of Bani Walid is reported to be under heavy attack from pro-government forces and militias. Witnesses say that more civilians are being killed by shelling, while houses are engulfed in flames. ­Earlier reports suggested that the town had fallen, but continuing reports of wide-scale killing and armed gangs and militias patrolling the streets and looting people’s homes indicate that those reports are not true.
An individual in Italy who claims to have relatives in Bani Walid told RT earlier that over 600 people have so far been killed while the number of people in hospitals is over 1,000.
A local told RT that the troops patrolling the streets were bulldozing homes and setting them on fire. “Bani Walid was invaded by militias from Misrata,” a local woman said. “They destroyed everything; brought chaos, death and destruction with them. When families wanted to return to their homes these militias directed their guns towards them, shot at them, and they were all forced to flee.”
She also confirmed that the local hospital is incapable of treating the number of wounded. “We are unable to move the injured to other places for treatment because Misrata militias and their allies threaten to kill everybody who does so,” she said.
A local journalist reporting from the town’s outskirts amidst a media blackout in the town proper told RT that thousands of people are stranded on the desert highway just outside of Bani Walid. Those stranded had attempted to return to Bani Walid amidst confusion over whether or not the town had actually fallen.
Refugees are being prevented from going back into the town by army roadblocks.
While the army claims that it is targeting the city in order to rid it of pro-Gaddafi forces, many who have been injured or killed are children, women and the elderly. Meanwhile, reports continue to emerge about troops using unconventional weapons in the city. A local activist told RT that the army is preventing media from entering Bani Walid simply because they fear the press might report their “crimes and terrible deeds.”
“I can confirm that pro-government militias used internationally prohibited weapons. They used phosphorus bombs and nerve gas,” Afaf Yusef, an activist from Bani Walid, told RT. “We have documented all this in videos – we recorded the missiles they used and the white phosphorus raining down from these missiles.”
Many people died without being wounded or shot but as a result of gases, he said.
“The whole world needs to see who they are targeting,” he added. “Are they really Gaddafi’s men? Are the children, women and old men killed, Gaddafi’s men?”

October 26, Bani Walid, Libya Message for media
In the evening and night of 25 to 26 October the town of Bani Walid was bombed by aircraft marked as Misrata airforce and the airforce of the occupation regime of Libya. They used white phosphorous bombs against the defenders and civilians of Bani Walid. The retreat of troops of the occupying regime after the announcement of their victory was false.
The history of Sirte and Tripoli repeats, because the gangs themselves could not enter Bani Walid, NATO and Qatar used their aircraft, repainted in the colors of the occupation regime. Also, special forces may have been used, at least, eyewitness reported about Qatari and Jordanian special forces fighting against the defenders of Bani Walid. With the support of airforces armed gang entered the eastern part of the town last night and in the morning of 26 October, but in the afternoon of 25 October armed gangs were not in Bani Walid, as media reported, they shelled the town from a distance only, and fought outside the town with the tribe Vershifanna.
Today eyewitness reported about Turkish troops in chemical and radiation protection suits on the outskirts of Bani Walid collecting bodies of civilian people and defenders killed by white phosphorus bombs, chemical weapons and possibly depleted uranium, then transporting them to the dead town Taverga in order to burn them and bury the remains in mass graves. They are destroying evidence that the invaders used these prohibited weapons, especially white phosphorous.
Eyewitness reported that the “team of May 28,” an armed gang of former residents from Bani Walid who support the occupation regime and who were driven out of the town before are among the invaders. They’re destroying the houses in the eastern district of Bani Walid, where these gangs were able to enter. Previously, there was information that a tractor converted for demolition of houses was driven to the town.
Eyewitness reported that women and old men of the tribe Werfalla took up arms, they choosed to be kill in battle and not to be tortured and raped.
Armed gangs opened fire on civilians who fled their homes in Bani Walid in the early days of the siege and are now trying to return to the town. The refugees are forced to spend the night in the desert during the Eid holiday. Eyewitness reported that this is the fifth they tried to come back .
Patriots of Libya that call out on their pages for other tribes to rise and fight against the occupation are being killed one by one. Because of the resolution 8 of the occupation regime next target in list will be the town of the tribe Vershifanna, by Resolution 9 will be attack town Al Jelat. By the resolution 10 will be attack cities in the south of Libya, especially town of Sabha. In particular, the war against the tribe Werfalla and their capital – Bani Walid has been approved by Resolution 7 of the occupation regime of Libya.


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