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Hiding the Truth by Killing the Messengers

My heartfelt condolences to those close to Maya Naser.

Words From The Grave. Maya Naser -
No Civil War in Syria

Killing of Journalist Maya Naser in Damascus possibly tied to his investigation into Turkey War Crimes.
Christof Lehmann
Wednesday morning the renown journalist Maya Naser was shot dead by a sniper while he was reporting from the scene of two bomb blasts in central Damascus. Maya Naser was working for PRESS TV and Al–Alam in Damascus. The PRESS TV station chief Hussein Mortada was wounded in the event but is recovering from his injuries. Journalists are frequently targeted by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the variety of radical Islamist terrorist organizations which have been attracted to Syria since the onset of the attempted subversion in March 2011. The timing of the assassination indicates that Maya Naser may have been targeted because he came dangerously close to revealing serious war crimes of the Turkish government.
Since early 2011 more than 20 journalists have been killed in Syria. In some incidents journalists have been captured, tortured and executed. In at least one incident a journalist has been shot dead by FSA troops in an attempt to scapegoat the Syrian military. Bombs exploded in buildings of Syrian Radio and TV.
The targeting of journalists coincides with concerted efforts to deprive Syrian media from reporting on the crisis from a Syrian perspective. On the initiative of the Arab League, and in violation of international law, both Nilesat and Arabsat stopped carrying Syrian Radio and TV signals over their satellite services in June. Meanwhile, western and and western allied Arab news services continue misrepresenting facts about the crisis in Syria.
In several well documented cases, Al Jazeera employees were directly involved in provoking or organizing the violence which was than broadcasted to defame the Syrian military and government. BBC re-used a photo with victims of the war on Iraq, claiming them to be victims of Syrian military forces. CNN´s Awra Damon filed numerous false reports. Her work is documented in an exposé by Scot Creighton. (1)
Western and western allied media coverage seems to underline the NATO doctrine that absolute image control is part of every modern warfare operation. Combine this with the fact that a US Special Forces training circular from 2010 admits that the USA for the foreseeable future will predominantly be involved in irregular war (2), and NATO´s perception of the subversion in Libya in 2011 as teachable moment and model for future interventions (3) it would not be exactly alarmist to state that Syrian journalists are being systematically targeted to secure absolute image control.
Knowing what Maya Naser has been investigating during the last days of his life gives a clear indication of which images the FSA and the Turkish government want to control.
During the last days, leading up to the assassination of Maya Naser and the wounding of the Al-Alam and PRESS TV station chief in Damascus, Hussein Mortada, Maya was investigating a case which had the potential to lead to the impeachment of the Erdogan led government of Turkey and indictments for serious war crimes and human rights violations.

In my opinion if the claims are ever substantiated, it is more than suppressing information, it is murdering a witnesses to conceal crimes.

Christof ends his piece by saying "Whether the timing of the assassination is coincidental or not it is certain that the death of Maya Naser may delay an investigation. It will not stop it." Considering that common hearsay in Turkey is that Erdogan is terminally ill and has only months to live, were the assassination to have been commissioned by the Turks it could have been to simply buy time. Another consideration is that various intelligence services that are seen as the most corrupt, murderous and self-serving ever seen united for the destruction of Libya and are seen again in and around Syria. The person said to be responsible for the murders of Syrian government officials took refuge in the US ambassador's residence, thus perhaps a CIA or Mossad asset despite blame for the set-up being accorded to Bahar of the Saudi intelligence.

Turkey has played host to the US created Syrian opposition party. It also has refugee camps that are reported to be used for the training of mercenaries and jihadists to oppose the Syrian government forces. Also reported, Turkey performs the function of principal gateway to Syria for anti Syrian fighters, weaponry and funds and as a safe haven for retreating insurgents. The CIA is active in distributing weapons in Turkey. The UK is active in training foreign fighters to oppose Syria not just in Turkey. Claude Moniquet, a former member of the French secret intelligence service, revealed the role of the western countries’ intelligence services in arming gunmen in Syria. Moniquet said that agencies including the UK’s MI6 and French intelligence services were all involved in smuggling arms into Syria (Breaking News Network). NATO, perceived as the grand master of operations also has a base there, maybe two.

NATO, therefore, with its entire operation to destroy Syria and or force a regime change under threat, (it would be given the bums' rush were Erdogan and his party found guilty of the crimes claimed, possibly even arrested as parties to the crimes) with world's most cold blooded and professional murderers at its disposal had even greater motive and multiple means means at its disposal to kill Maya.

45 Journalists Killed in 2012/Motive Confirmed
1 Media Workers Killed in 2012
24 Journalists Killed in 2012/Motive Unconfirmed
The highest number in Syria, the insurgency there acting under NATO's auspices.

47 Journalists Killed in 2011/Motive Confirmed
5 Media Workers Killed in 2011
34 Journalists Killed in 2011/Motive Unconfirmed
Many happened in Libya, the insurgency there acting under NATO's auspices.

One has to wonder if it were possible to totally eradicate NATO whether the survival rate of conflict zone journalists would increase. Ditto that of popular governments in countries targetted by NATO. With this in mind the wonder is the concord of popular media in their promotion of NATO often to the point of lying and in Google-Yahoo's case, concealing evidence by removing video clips.
As NATO acts under bilderberg's auspices, the same question applies to the covert world government.

There are many sites dedicated to opposing the NATO organisation. StopNATO is a good one for facts.

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