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Supplying anti aircraft and chemical weapons to terrorists?

Syrian etc news updates and opinions in the comments here -

The SFA/FSA illegal insurgency faction has allegedly been supplied with anti aircraft weapons and nerve gas grenades.

Nerve gas grenades were found when the Syrian Army raided an Israeli harboured SFA camp in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights a couple of days ago. Libyan chemical weapons were reported to have been found in an SFA terrorist hideout in Damascus. If the Syrian Army didn't have chemical weapons before, they have now.

Several media outlets including PressTV (link) and Reuters (link) have announced the equipping of illegal insurgents in Syria with anti aircraft missiles, the type fired from the shoulder, acronym MANPAD and SAM.

News from Syria has been frequently interspersed with reports backed up by photographs and videos of the obvious, the self declared and revealed by capture or death al Qaeda associated and other terrorist organisations. The AQ associated LIFG that got around its terrorist listing by a name change is led by Belhaj who was "forgiven" and then employed by the West because he declared he had given up killing Western soldiers. The LIFG and Belhaj have been reported on several occasions as active in Syria.

Derna in East Libya has been training terrorists under the noses and in the knowledge of Western leaders and their intelligence services, likely aided by Western services' past or present members. It is highly unlikely that the destination of the trained terrorists is not Syria.

Turkey has been hosting the Syrian National Council (SNC) that claims to represent a significant faction of the multi faction illegal armed insurgency, the Syrian Free Army (SFA or FSA). Turkey has a border with Syria and easy access for terrorists, mercenaries, non Syrian armed forces, volunteers, arms and logistics via its eastern Med. coast, notably Hatay province that has the town Iskenderum on its coast. NASTO (N. American State Terrorism Ops) AKA NATO has a base there specifically for supervising operations in Syria. The CIA is also present, controlling the distribution of arms to the various groups involved in implementing the NASTO plan to visit fear, chaos and disorder by death and injury of the Syrian population and destruction of infrastructure, of that intent particularly heinous is the targetting of Syrian police, of whom approximately 3,500 have been killed to date.

Criminal gangs that operated before the eruption of the Western instigated insurgency have taken advantage of the unrest to destroy civil buildings such as court houses that hold records of criminal convictions and police stations. The leaders of illegal insurgent groups have unhesitatingly recruited them. In Libya AQIM (GIA spin-off) carried out the same function, previously known for drug running and kidnap for ransom. It is unlikely that the AQIM group has not taken advantage of the reduced control by authorities to continue their criminal operations in Syria.

Reports tell us that groups under the AQ umbrella in Iraq have been flowing across the Syrian border. Other operations include the training and arming of terrorists in Lebanon and, admitted by the UK government, in Jordan by UK operatives.

The SAS took part in sabotage operations in Libya, reportedly losing as much as a third of their entire force. It is unlikely they are not in Syria with a similar brief. Intelligence services such as the CIA that created, funded, armed, trained and directed the LIFG in assassination attempts against Gaddafi that MI6 co-operated in, Belhaj the LIFG leader lived near Langley with no known income source, is without doubt present inside Syria. MI6 was reported as having a base in Homs, likely abandoned following the Syrian Army intervention there.

Syria has been visited by at least Israeli drones allegedly for surveillance purposes, the US military has also been passing information of troop movements gained by satellite observation to the illegal insurgents. There have been suggestions that the assassination of several of Syria's top commanders was accomplished by a missile from a drone, although a planted bomb seems to be more likely as the means, the alleged assassin, a US - Syria liaison officer was reported holed up with the US ambassador following the murders. The plant could have been a radio beacon rather than a bomb.

Returning to the focus, al Qaeda associated groups being supported by Western and Turkish leaders, NASTO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and others, have been reported and filmed as having set up "emirates" in N.W. Syria in the way Derna, Benghazi and Tripoli were declared such.  The Moslem Brotherhood (MB, MosBro hoods), frequently associated with al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations, whose raison d'etre is to extend the rule of sharia law across the region has a strong influence in the SNC.

The CIA is known to have created the al Qaeda umbrella that funds any terrorist organisation that will carry out its objectives, the relationship continuing to this day through its control of AQ leaders, the former asset bin Ladin I (died 2005, natural causes), bin Ladin II retired somewhere, and Obama's Osama, a substitute that was allegedly assassinated for political advantage. The principal function of alQ is to control drug supply to the West, providing funds for terrorist and other black ops and to commit atrocities on behalf of the intelligence services to justify their existence and expansion and to justify ever increasing control of the public by politicians. To suggest that the terrorists operating in Syria are not controlled by Western authorities is ludicrous.

In order to get paid for their function in bringing islamic rule across the region it is highly probable that terrorists have passed through the West's recruitment of mercenaries and training operation.

Bilderberg puppet song. Got ma lies, got fake foes, got ma reasons and god knows, got my mercs, got ma terrorists, got my SAS, got CIA and their AQ, LIFG , Mos Bro too, I kill life,  I kill life.

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