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Syria: a ray of hope

Towards Reconciliation: more than 300 fighters ready to surrender in Homs

Homs (Agenzia Fides) - More than 300 fighters in the various armed factions of the Syrian opposition in Homs have agreed to surrender, to come under the protection of the interfaith People's Committee "Mussalaha" and continue an "unarmed political opposition." This is the result of a historic agreement promoted by the movement "Mussalaha" ("Reconciliation"), born spontaneously from Syrian civil society, which is gaining the confidence of all the warring parties, families, clans, communities, sectors of the government and armed opposition. The more than 300 armed are mostly young people who are barricaded in several streets in the old town of Homs such as Khalidiye, Jouret al shiyah, Qarabis, Hamidiyah, Bustan Diwan and surrounding areas, still besieged by the forces of the Syrian army. Overall, it is estimated that the armed fighters in that area of the old city are more than 1,000.

The Committee of "Mussalaha" in Homs, which includes the Syrian Catholic priest Fr. Michel Naaman, and other Muslim religious leaders and several civil society leaders and community representatives, after a lengthy mediation effort, managed to achieve something unthinkable until yesterday. "The 300 young people ready to lay down arms are young teenagers who had decided to fight, due to the spirit and ideals of the revolution. Among them are relatives, children, friends, people that are part of Mussalaha and this has greatly facilitated dialogue and agreement. They are the children of the Syrian people," the priest of Homs told Fides.
Young people had warranties that the Syrian army, on laying down its arms, will be free and will be able to continue a "non-violent political opposition." The Committee of "Mussalaha" will be the guarantor of their safety and freedom, in an atmosphere that wants to encourage confrontation, dialogue and reconciliation. It is not excluded, the "Mussalaha" leaders noted, that many other fighters can follow this example and come under the tutelage of the Committee for reconciliation.
The main problem, note sources of Fides, is represented now by over 100 armed men who are not Syrian and are present in the area and who have no intention or possibility to qualify for this delicate operation of "internal Syrian dialogue." They demand the involvement of the Red Cross, so this is why representatives of the CRI are alerted for a possible intervention in the mediation.
Source - Agenzia Fides
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There is no possibility of achieving peace through violence as the product of NATO's "intervention" in Libya that was in fact open warfare against the legitimate government has demonstrated and Kosovo could hardly be described as ideal, Afghanistan and Iraq suggest NATO's involvement is a kiss of death.
The brief of NATO, the North American State Terrorism Operation, is not to achieve peace. It is to achieve regime change. The state terrorism op has already gone to war against the Syrian people. The influx of mercenaries, other countries' forces and secret services and terrorists, massacres performed for the camera and blamed on the incumbent government, must all be centrally co-ordinated likely from the base in Turkey near the Turkish - Syrian border. The fact that NATO has in fact intruded into Syria, covertly and interfered in an internal conflict is a breach of international law and UN regulations, likely its own as well, must be answered for.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar, hardly shining examples of democracy are working in collusion with NATO and Turkey to convey cash, weapons and external fighters to the so called Free Syrian Army. Without such the armed insurgency would be trivial. The leadership of the various countries involved in this disgusting episode must know and must have authorised the services allocated to NATO to perform NATO's bidding so must also be held to account. The mainstream media does not go unremarked. Their obvious complicity in the attempts to blame any wrongdoing on the Syrian government has at times been farcical and blatantly unresearched.

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