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RT: Homs rebels: Army must leave, or we’ll start killing civilians

The UK gov't guilty of supporting inhuman terrorism
Will Cameoron continue to sponsor, arm and allow UK secret services and UK military advisors to help and direct these lowest examples of the human life form and in so doing confirm to the world that he is even less human than those he is supporting, and Hague? Such is to be expected from the likes of African American Obama who is the caretaker of Cheney-Bush's 3rd term and the banksters that help start wars and profit by prolonging them with loans at exorbitant rates to both sides. But covertly using UK public funds and public services to help bring about this type of situation is illegal under national and international law as well as beneath contempt, and should be answered for in a neutral court - i.e. one not controlled by the closet gov't. Iceland perhaps?

Homs rebels: Army must leave, or we’ll start killing civilians Christoph R. Hörstel for RT
A peace activist is claiming the Syrian Army is reinforcing with heavy weapons and locating snipers at the borders with Lebanon and Turkey while clashes continue in villages in central Syria.
Consultant and peace activist Christoph R. Hörstel told RT that his information “is directly obtained from Syrian security personnel of various origins personally taking part in battles and other operations, and/or close relatives of such personnel – some are even well-known people."
Almost all towns are under the government control except for Homs, where rebels and ‘terrorists’ have asked the army to leave – otherwise they have threatened to kill the civilians.
Syrian officials say up to 5000 civilians have been ‘taken hostage’ in Homs, the cradle of the Syrian uprising. The Syrian army refuses to bargain with the insurgents mingled with ‘terrorists’ in the city in Syria’s west, and has not started an assault. The army has halted operations, in order not to cause loss of life among the ‘hostages’.
However, Homs’s area is completely surrounded and is being monitored by the army. The same Syrian officials state that what appears on international media as Homs demonstrators are in fact these ‘hostages’.
For the last three days ‘terrorists’ have been trying to infiltrate across the Lebanese border, but face gunfights with the regular army supported by Iranian commandos. Infiltrating mercenaries try to move directly to Damascus, but suffer heavy losses already at the borders, say Syrian officials.
As more details arrive from Syria about foreign involvement, the NGO “Medecins Sans Frontieres”(MSF)  is being accused its personnel have a "dual use” in the battles. At times, regime’s forces are unable to discern between fighters and paramedics, which has lead to MSF staff being killed or seized in government’s security operations across the Arab country.
Most of those medical volunteers have been killed or captured during raids in the cities of Idlib, Hafeh and Azaz. The volunteers were reportedly in charge of a "cargo" smuggled through Turkey; among other items, the cargo included plastic explosives. The alleged paramedics were smuggling supplies while still treating wounded rebel fighters.
Moreover, after being captured together with Free Syrian Army fighters, they reportedly confessed that they have forced pharmacies in invaded cities to hand over all medical supplies to the insurgency, which the insurgents would subsequently trade in for loyalty and support from the wounded civilians.

MSF has not responded to the allegations.

­­Сhristoph R. Hörstel is managing director at Hörstel Networks, Government & Business Consulting.

­The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Full report at RT
Hat tip commenter Lela, thanks.

Another report tipped by Lela -
NATO’s Secret Armies:fact or fiction?
[...] It is true that at a time when I was researching the subject of NATO secret armies many of my colleagues said that they were not sure that the NATO have had secret armies at all during the Cold War. But when I looked at the data available I found very clearly that NATO had secret armies during the Cold War, that they were called “stay behind” and I basically relied upon a testimony by the Italian Prime Minister Julio Andreotti at that time but also on investigations by the Italian Senate and I also relied on documents from the Italian defense department. Furthermore I relied on parliamentary reports of the Belgium Senate, I relied on parliamentary reports of the Swiss Parliament. So, there is really a lot of evidence. Also the former CIA people have spoken that they all confirm that NATO had operated the secret armies which in Italy were called Gladio and in other countries they had other names.

And more Syria news via RT -

A Jordanian UN observer in Syria says the head of the United Nations Surveillance Mission (UNSMIS) in the country is a spy. The monitor claims General Robert Mood is gathering critical coordinates and visiting military bases for his own purposes.
[Spies can be arrested, can't they?]

‘Tell Brits to remove Cameron and see what happens’ – Assad's adviser 
Colonial hegemony prevents the west from believing that Arab peoples are equal to westerners and have the right to choose their own system, Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media adviser to the Syrian president, told RT.
[We can dream can't we...]

‘UN observers to stay in Syria despite mission suspension’ – Chief monitor
The head of the UN observer mission in Syria says the Security Council's observers will remain in Syria. Brig. Gen. Robert Mood also noted that the opposition failed to assure freedom of movement for the observers.
[More spying to be done?]

Please visit where you can read more news about Syria, conflicts in general and financial notes in the comments, many provided by intelligent researchers such as teapot, mercurytraveller, lela and others.
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