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Yet another false flag massacre in Syria

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Who can stop the murderous scum and their equally subhuman camp followers? With consent given by the MSM shown by its support of the perp. traitors?

Globalists Push Forward With Another New Massacre in Syria by Patrick Henningsen
Globalist operators in Washington DC and London were caught out pushing the last massacre in Houla, Syria, publicly calling for regime change – on the strength of an 11 year old, and Syrian man running his human rights outfit out of a flat in London. On closer examination, the corporate media hype immediately blaming the Assad government for the massacre… fell far short of reality.
Not disheartened by their failure thus far in getting a UN-sanctioned humanitarian intervention based on lies and half-truths, the globalists – led by the “Friends of Syria” unofficial chair Hillary Clinton and her new Syria-side-kick Timothy Geithner, may have staged another massacre in the town of Hama on Wednesday.
According to corporate media reports, at least 30 people, and possibly more, have been killed in the town of Qubair, northwest of Hama. The Washington Post reports:

There were unconfirmed reports of a fresh massacre in Syria on Wednesday as representatives from 55 countries assembled in Washington to explore ways to sharpen the impact of economic sanctions against the Syrian government.
The reports said dozens of civilians in a small village near the central city of Hama were slain by pro-government militias Wednesday afternoon, echoing the circumstances of the killings of more than 100 people in the village of Houla on May 25.

Despite the massive scale of this alleged massacre, the international media’s case – and verdict, for what appears to be yet another tragic event in Syria, is wholy based on the reports of two “activists”, Asem Abu Mohammed and Mousab al-Hamadi. Villagers were apparently ‘hacked to death with knives by unknown militiamen’. Like the Houla Massacre before, these same reports of death squads do not translate very well at all as the work of the Syrian government.
To make matters worse, other confirmed reports from sources inside Syria cited by veteran investigative journalist Webster Tarpley, have testified that the ‘freshly massacred’ victims’ bodies were in a state of advanced decay – and planted at the scene to give the appearance of a massacre event.
The White House wasted no time in trying to leverage the Houla Massacre to pressure UN Security Council members and other allies to enact tougher sanctions against Syria – even though there is no evidence available to even suggest that the massacre was the work of the Assad government.
Hours after the story surfaced on the weekend of May 27th, Houla headlines read, “Massacre of the children as Syrian forces hit rebels”, giving hundreds of millions of readers and viewers to artificial impression that it was Syrian government forces who did the crime – and not western-backed terrorist groups.
The carefully crafted – and very fragile narrative which Washington and London are trying to hold together is along the lines of:

“The Assad regime continuing to wage war on the Syrian people.”

The western powers and their Gulf affiliates have been backing terrorist guerrilla proxy fighters, as well as running arms that are admittedly for going into the hands of western-backed al-Qaida groups there, but still have yet to succeed in toppling the Assad regime and installing a favored puppet leader.
If the corporate media have actually covered events in and around Syria over the last year as they claim to have done, one would think that they would have taken a keen interest in the fact that Washington and London have been openly coordinating the procurement of arms and logistical support for al-Qaida groups and many other rag-tag militias comprised mainly of foreign fighters, who are in turn backed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia in what amounts to a multi-pronged proxy war being waged on the Syrian people from the control rooms in intelligence hubs like Langley, VA and Bath, England.

Hillary Clinton’s chief role in the globalists’ Syrian project is to provide PR via a series of high-profile statements on the subject to a fawning corporate media. Predictably, her latest sound-bite echoes all of her previous statements. Here in robotic fashion, she’s exclaiming yet again on Wednesday:

“The international community cannot sit idly by, and we won’t”.

Sound familiar?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner also weighed-in on the effort this past Wednesday at the latest “Friends of Syria” globalist steering committee – an off-the-books, unofficial NATO regime change committee meeting. Geithner stated there, “We gather in the shadow of a massacre”.
Unfortunately, the reality for Syria is that regime change has already been signed off by the globalists, as was confirmed by the attendance of Syrian opposition stooge Bassma Kodmani from the NATO-backed Syrian National Council at this year’s Bilderberg Meeting in Chantilly, VA.

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Bilderberg subject Cameron and his gang, by involving the UK in the underhand, illegal attacks on the Syria gov’t, very probably against the wishes of the majority is lowering the country’s once good name even further than he managed with his polished deception with regard to Libya.
UK to set up camps inside Syria to help rebels

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