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More than one group was involved in smuggling heroin out of Lebanon and into the USA using PanAm flights.
Reportedly, these groups included:
A. The group working for Syrian Monzer al Kassar, a CIA asset with reported links to Oliver North and Mohammed Atta. (Monzer al-Kassar - Wikipedia / Madcow Morning News.)
B. Members of the PFLP-GC (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command) which had links to Monzer al Kassar, the CIA asset.
The PFLP-GC bomb-maker Marwan Khreesat was a Jordanian intelligence service (GID) agent with links to the CIA. (Pan Am Flight 103.)
C. The CIA unit known as Corea, which worked with Monzer al Kassar. (Franklin, Dutroux, Mossad, McKee)

Lester Coleman
According to Lester Coleman, formerly an agent of the US government:
"Members of the Jafaar clan and other DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) couriers would arrive at Larnaca (Cyprus) with suitcases full of high- grade heroin, white and crystal, and be met off the boat from the Christian-controlled port of Jounieh (Lebanon) by officers of the Cypriot Police Narcotics Squad, who then drove them up to the Eurame office in Nicosia...
"After that, the Cypriot police would take them out to the airport and put them on flights to Frankfurt, where the bag-switch routine used by 'legitimate' smugglers was employed to bypass the airport's security arrangements and load the 'dirty' suitcases on to trans-Atlantic flights."

From comments here -
CIA’s Middle East Drug Trade and Lockerbie
[...] The investigation and framing Megrahi
Within hours of the Lockerbie bombing, many CIA agents were spotted in the area43. Their job was to detract attention from the real culprits – Iran and themselves – by concocting and concealing evidence.
The CIA intended to blame the PFLP GC for the Lockerbie bombing when the investigation began in December 1988. Their preferred culprit could have been Mohammed Abu Talb, an Egyptian-born Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF) member who visited Malta in October 1988 or Abu Nidal. Indeed, Tony Gauci’s description of the person who visited his shop in Malta and bought the clothes allegedly found in the suitcase didn’t remotely resemble Megrahi, so it was likely that initially the CIA planned to blame someone else, or, at least, sent a very bad look-a-like to the shop to impersonate him.
In the run-up to the Gulf War, however, it became clear to Bush and the CIA that it was no longer politically expedient to blame the Palestinians. Syria and Iran were US silent allies against Iraq, and the PFLP GC were under Syrian protection 44. The CIA had to find another culprit – they switched their attention to Libya and manufactured evidence against Megrahi. Libya was the favourite target of one CIA operative, I call *Tomas Cattermole, who had been involved in many operations against the country, including the 1986 bombing raid.

Fukushima is about sabotage
“The smoke — It’s black” murmered Prime Minister Kan after Reactor No. 3 exploded March 12, 2012
Official at Meeting: “We recognize that there are black materials everywhere in the city” of Minamisoma March 21, 2012
Former JNES inspector: Nuclear explosion at Fukushima No. 3 had “black smoke” and “mushroom cloud” — “Hydrogen explosion does not produce such a black smoke” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS) December 14, 2011
Former official at Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission discusses radioactive contamination from “black rain” (FAIREWINDS VIDEO) July 19, 2011
Official: Plutonium detected in black substance from Minamisoma (PHOTOS) April 27, 2012

More and informative links - Tokyo Professor: We are facing a nuclear winter in Japan

From comments
If MOX is too hot for terrorists to handle, it is too hot for anyone else to handle once the reactor has melted:
MOX fuel rods used in Japanese Nuclear Reactor present multiple dangers
“The damaged number three reactor was undergoing its first fuel cycle using MOX at Daiichi. MOX fuel was first used in a thermal reactor in 1963, but it did not come into commercial use until the 1980s. One reason proponents of MOX reactor fuel support its use is because, once the fuel is burned in a reactor, it is so hot that terrorists would not be able to steal a fuel assembly.
’The plutonium that has been used for MOX by the French is a very, very small fraction, and they have discovered that they can only use it once because this spent fuel is so hot and the cost of disposing of this spent fuel goes dramatically up compared to the other stuff. ..The French may be recycling 12 percent. The rest is sailing into burials as de facto radioactive waste. So there are dreams and there are realities. The reality is that this costs a lot of money. It is not working…,’ Alvarez says.

I will leave it as an academic exercise for those here to work out what fraction this is – if inhaled or absorbed, is a fatal dose.
Good old Pu – it keeps giving.

eatliesndie eatliesndie
one millionth of a gram – unless its been changed recently due to increased levels.

If you go back to the original Beagle research, One millionth of a gramme was the minimum amount (estimated from the dogs) for a human that *could* potentially cause a fatal cancer. They calculated the amount needed to almost certainly kill a human as about 27 microgrammes (27 millionthys of a gramme).
So 1 millionth of a gramme inhaled might kill you but probably wont. Start getting much more than that though and your chances start going downhill rapidly.

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