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Lockerbie and Libya

Lockerbie families vow to force public inquiry
[This is the headline over a report by Lucy Adams in today’s edition of The Herald.  It reads in part:]
Relatives of the Lockerbie victims have vowed to pursue a public inquiry, even if it means forcing the hand of the UK Government through the courts.
On the day Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of the bombing, was laid to rest near the Libyan capital of Tripoli, Dr Jim Swire whose daughter Flora died in the atrocity, revealed the families have taken legal advice and are planning to challenge UK ministers with a judicial review.
Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister Alex Salmond have both rejected calls for an independent inquiry into the bombing in December 1988 that claimed 270 lives.

I can prove the 'Lockerbie bomber' was innocent
[This is the headline over a long article by John Ashton on the Mail Online website. It provides a very useful summary of the contents of his book Megrahi: You are my Jury.  The article should be read in full by anyone with a genuine interest in the Lockerbie case.  The last few paragraphs are as follows:]
In his report on the trial, the official United Nations observer, Professor Hans Koechler described the finding of only Megrahi being guilty as ‘incomprehensible’.
As Megrahi’s legal team prepared to attempt to overturn the verdict for a second time, one last, crucial piece of evidence was finally  unearthed — evidence that would almost certainly have caused the case against him to collapse had it been known at the time of the  original trial.
This evidence was never heard, because Megrahi was released in August 2009 on compassionate grounds after being diagnosed with prostate cancer before it was due to be presented in court.

Ex CIA Lindauer's thoughts on Lockerbie here -
[...] So Libya was innocent the whole time? In a word, yes.
Susan doesn't clarify the position of those CIA assets involved in the Megrahi trial, whether they had any connection to the Hezbollah terrorists she implies were behind the atrocity, acting on relayed on CIA intelligence or by direction.
More here -

One question comes to my mind, will the gov't refund the $2.7 bn Gaddafi paid to get UN sanctions lifted once the courts prove Libya wasn't involved?

It is obvious to me that nothing done by any of the governments since the war has been for the betterment of the UK. UK wealth has been siphoned into banks, EC bureaucracy, projects and pockets, foreign countries, fake charities, pet boondoggles, private accounts, weaponry and massive financial support for illegal wars. And half its gold (tungsten?) sold for a song. The head of the festering boil we call government sees itself as a world actor (actually a clown holding the US bank clerks' coat tails) first and foremost with the UK interests near or at the bottom of the list. Most of Cameron's excuse for his unilateral, pretended "spur of the moment" decision to illegally attack a non threating, virtually defenseless small nation was long premeditated and accomplished using fabrication and lies that were later almost 100% backed by the rest of the free-mason bank clerks in gov't (the 3 in 1 unholy coalition). And Lockerbie and WPC Fletcher's staged assassination.
Has anyone from the press attempted to interview the two pilots that deserted the Libyan airforce in return for residence permission in Europe since their disproven hearsay evidence that the Libyan airforce was bombing civilians in Benghazi, that NATO has since done in spades, including flattening towns and cities with 10000+ missions and with uncountable civilian casualties? An unreported mission by French planes bombed protesting civilians that were under attack by insurgents and their terrorist/criminal/merc/Qatar army accomplices in Benghazi for example. Sirte was flattened and is still under attack by the (bilderberg controlled) CIA/MI6/NATO's insurgents and their al Qaida, probably with allied backing. The legitimate army continues to battle the terrorists and Western created insurgency that is backed by US rented mercs and regular army as well as UK, French, UN and Qatar forces in the many thousands.
I would suggest that Cameron reads the following article but it would do no good, Cameron has neither conscience nor morals. He is a script reader like the other toe-the-line party leaders.

If it could be proved UK forces were fighting alongside al Qaida would it be possible to put Cameron and Hague in the Tower? Are there any armed forces bods that are still loyal to the UK, willing to risk their life by testifying?

“Playground War Libya” Documentary comment by Lizzie Phelan ( )
The newly released documentary by Journeyman TV, Playground War – Libya, is an extremely important and heartbreaking insight into the realities of NATO’s war on Libya.
Shot in Sirte, the city that was obliterated during the last weeks of NATO’s bombing campaign, the interviewees who participated very bravely give an extremely honest account of the suffering being endured first and foremost by the primary victims of this aggression, Libya’s children.
It shows that the result of this war, like every war and intervention the west has been involved in, has been the division of people who previous to that intervention lived side by side as brothers and sisters, in peace and unity. In Syria, if western support for the insurgency continues, Libya and history shows that the result will be the same.
To see the full piece scroll down in the above link or go here to see it by itself -

There is an enclave of al Qaida in Libya where terrorists are being trained, Derna with hundreds of camps surrounding the town (h/t Chris Sedlmair ). Assumedly the West's gov'ts know yet do nothing. Are they and MI6/CIA/DGSE/Mossad still supporting and sponsoring terrorists with public purse funds?
Derna has a history of supplying suicide bombers and "freedom fighters" to combat Western invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas. It is an al Qaida owned emirate like Benghazi and Tripoli, retaken by al Qaida due to NATO bombing of resistance. Start here -

Lubos does not often comment on topics outside his fields of expertise (the CO2 con and particle/quantum physics) but saw fit to blog about Klaus' view on conflict areas.
Klaus: Afghans not ready to take security lead

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