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Bankstergate: The Banksters' Regress

First off a few vid links to news from the ME & NA
US-backed Sunnis push Arab Spring to rule Muslim world
US & its regional allies [Israel, Saudi, Qatar and other bankster controlled ] dream of bringing Iran to its knees. (E.g. Soros-CFR's Arab Spring designed to set up Sunni rule in the Muslim world.)
Saudi-funded jihad targets Syria as last secular Arab state
Saudi has no money. Funding is probably from tax funds at the banksters' (bilderberg's) CFR (Soros) and ECFR (Rompuy) discretion, routed through Saudi and Qatar using the CIA/Mossad/MI6/DGSE
Assad may stay? [The banksters'] UN gives in to Russia
The draft resolution on Syria under discussion at the [CFR/ECFR controlled] UN Security Council is reportedly being softened to take into account Russian concerns. It's likely to have references to President Assad stepping down, and an arms embargo removed from the text. RT's Marina Portnaya reports from New York.
RT also talks to Michel Chossudovsky, Director at the Center for Research on Globalization.
[Russia allied with China and backed by S.America and maybe Pakistan and India could walk over the US as cash dries up for bankster gold digging and expansionist adventures like the Ivory Coast, Somalia, Libya and the unjustifiable assassination of Gadafi engineered by masons and secret service products such as Rompoy, Cameron and Sarkozy - at the banksters' behest (with the royal nod)]
Protesters vs police & tear gas in Cairo
Clashes continued into the night on Thursday between Egyptian security forces and protesters in central Cairo.They were protesting against the security forces' failure to prevent a soccer riot that killed more than 70 people in Port Said on Wednesday.
I have a suspicion that the now seemingly hollow threat of WWIII was engineered to keep the West in a state of fear and to coerce co-operation of Pentagon hawks (that would relish another global conflict) in the assault on Gaddafi, Assad et al.

Bankstergate news (KR from early Dec to date)
It's interesting to see how the global financial collapse is playing out in public despite the best efforts of the satanic masonry to avert the public eye. Max and Stacy are doing an amazing job of reporting considering the reputation of the monkey brained banksters for resorting to assassins against those that threaten their kleptocracy.
Royalty and corp'n leaders/controllers are included in the collective noun "bankster".

Keiser Report:
Economics is the New Rock'n'Roll (E220)

Gold-for-Bonds & Debts-for-What?! (E221)
....central banks and governments 'saving the day' and hostage taking paper silver markets and gold for bonds in Japan. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Satyajit Das, author of Extreme Money, about the European debt crisis.
A commenter -
Max asserts that the banksters are clueless as to the public hatred and explosive potential. That concludes that they are somehow all terminally stupid and so conceited they can not believe the public hates them.. that is absurd. They are just slick fraudsters and gangsters.. not naive. They are fully prepared [using their law n order forces i.e. robotic grunts] to deal with the herd. These guys ran the Soviet Union and the PRC. Slaughtering millions and starving billions is all in a day's work.Max asserts that the banksters are clueless as to the public hatred and explosive potential. That concludes that they are somehow all terminally stupid and so conceited they can not believe the public hates them.. that is absurd. They are just slick fraudsters and gangsters.. not naive. They are fully prepared [using their law n order forces i.e. robotic grunts] to deal with the herd. These guys ran the Soviet Union and the PRC. Slaughtering millions and starving billions is all in a day's work.

World Currency War I (E222)
....virtual dollars and American plots and tinned goods and small-caliber weapons. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Detlev Schlichter about elastic money and financial crises.

Möbius Strip of Fraud (E223) Alec Baldwin's cake and eating it too. And, as Al Capone before him, JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon complains of the thankless task of being a "public benefactor". In the second half of the show, Max talks to Reggie Middleton about German debt and MF Global

Exotic Pet Banking Fraudsters (E224)
"A study by think-tank the New Economics Foundation found the average banker destroys 42 million GBP a year in value while creating just 5 million GBP"    
[ ]
[Cameron and his gang are bank clerks as are the banksters' neu lab & eulib as well being masonry (illuminati) collectives. The EC is a bilderberg org, bilderberg being a bankster org. The next bankster that threatens to move abroad, deport them - minus assets.]
Max - "....blew his brains out so we have  something to hope for." :-)

Victims of Banking Terrorists (E225)
Barclays' downgrade gets a mention. UK banksters are shown to be leading the pack.
Alabama has filed for bankruptcy due to JPM & GS (that are worse than the Haitian quake)

Capitalism Without Capital? (E226)
US - Comex doesn't have the metal to fulfill claims against deposit receipts. Bankster theft (selling non existent property) is a not considered a crime.
UK - City traders are depriving pensioners and savers of £000s via high managment fees that are often hidden.
"City bankers are tapeworms. ...Cameron is the biggest..."
"Securities fraud is not considered a crime, it is considered the basis of the economy"
"UK banking sector debt is 4-5 times that which caused the US catastrophe." "...600% [of GDP] ..." !
 Excellent quip 1 min from the end. How fast would the UK economy crash if...

Merry X-Max & Happy New GIABO! (E227)
Goldman Sachs' free masonry outed. Most if not all main parties' members are masons. That is how the banksters and corp'ns mafia control countries.

Parasites With Bailouts (E228)
Talking of parasites, Bill Gates and the meds' mafia have hooked up to flog a dead horse, an old malaria "cure" that didn't then and won't now.
(Check out this place to find out why the meds mafia flogs cancer cures that don't work and legislate against those that do. Not just cannabis. Shades of DDT whose UN ban efficiently slaughtered thousands)

Breastfeeding the Bankers (E229)
Changing the law to put banksters ahead of non bankster clients.
"...paper driven mkts ...bankers deliberately set that up to suppress gold and silver they could steal from clients"
"...if Comex [officially] defaults we could see the price of gold and silver double or even triple overnight."

Outrageous Predictions for 2012 (E230)
Space filler

From Russian Oil with Love (E231)
Russia, a booming economy.

Wall Street saints above God & law (E232)
[Bankster motto - "Wealth=moral superiority." "We determine what's legal, what's moral, therefore we're innocent."
Responding to bankster clerk's criticism, Stacy tells us that the local head of the religion protection racket - A B o'Canterbury also compared urban rioters to banksters.
(JPM et al own Hl security) Local cops ready for war (e.g. victims against banksters) with homeland security funded military weapons (not forgetting the tens of thousands of multi occupant plastic coffins and the concentration camps) already prepared, taxpayer funded of course]

Spiral of debt towards the paranormal (E233)
[1 in 7 Britz using high interest payday loans to meet mortage payments, many being interest only mortgages.
Silver may double in value by the end of 2012.]

Hollywood Cons Congress (E234)
[Movie industry wants to kill peer to peer, claiming piracy costs 58 bil, numerical reality is 6.1 bil and just a few mil of that in the US. Real reality is that zero is lost and in fact circulation of media via peer to peer is free advertising without loss because the downloaders wouldn't have bought the media even had p2p not been available. Bankster clones at work.]

Death by Thousand Revelations (E235)
....death by a thousand revelations and destroying the City to save the City. In the second half of the show, Max talks to author, Nomi Prins, a former investment banker, about the role of JP Morgan in Jon Corzine's MF Global crime
[Max explains that the headline - UK's bailed out banks face new 30bn hit - is wrong, the 30bn is not new. It is debt that existed previously, off the balance sheet and now the first target bailout has been finessed the play for the second is in progress. A 3rd in the serial crime series will likely follow as long as bank employees remain in charge of the major western countries.]

Wall Street Gangsta! (E236)
....corruption with a clean face and Jamie "Spaghetti Face" Dimon. In the second half of the show, Max talks to investment adviser and blogger Michael Krieger about Ron Paul, the Fed and political futures.
[Mafia news; the Mafia is the no1 bank in Italy, Corzine sued, Obama et al cover up corruption and fraud; there is no rule of law in the US.]

Economics of Suicide (E237)
....the great unmentionables: Ron Paul, Vermin Supreme and In the second half of the show, Max and Stacy discuss Treasury Secretary Geithner trying to coax China into committing economic suicide and learning your maths in America by counting slaves.
[Ron Paul is invisible - non grata on/in/to bankster media - despite his popularity. China's gov't continues to buy gold. They know that ponzi schemes such as debt currency require constant increasing investment and eventually collapse, the time is nigh. Libya was strongarmed into submission and what is leeched from the country along with that of other captured African and ME countries now with a bankster controlled gov't is/will keep the ponzi from crashing a short while. When it happens QE4 (doublespeak for large devaluation by mass issue of currency) will destroy the shreds of pretend confidence that remain in the bankster fraud currency system.]

Scam On Epic Scale (E238)
.....419 scams and Tim Geithner's gimp. In the second half of the show, Max talks to financial blogger and semi-retired Wall Street executive Warren E. Pollock about MF Global, wealth confiscation and bank holidays
[Goldman Sachs committed fraud to get Greece into the euro. gosh.]

Sinking Ship In Credit Sea (E239)
....captains of the financial industry abandoning ship while tripping into TARP. In the second half of the show, Max talks to former oil market regulator, Chris Cook, about the imminent collapse of the oil market [again] and about the role of Goldman Sachs, BP and passive investors in driving the price of oil.
[Bankster - the mkt accidently made me a billionaire. Had the trillions in bankster bailout been used to bail out home owners the recession wouldn't have happened. The banksters' Greek gov't is having a car boot sale of assets despite holding the whip hand, despite the criminality in the creation of their debt.]

Dangerous Species of Bankers (E240)
Google searching Davos; the Federal Open Market Committee getting high on its own money supply; bankers leaving the planet to live in parallel universes and the evidence for the manipulation of precious metals.
[Banksters are pushing SOPA - Internet regulation Chinese style.]

Kill Hollywood! (E241)
....killing Hollywood, poor Chris Dodd and how Mubarak's fall brought about the assault on the internet. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Mike Ruppert about SOPA, the NDAA and Iranian oil.

State Of The Banana (E242)
....the State of the Banana Republic, the blowout at Apple with its profits 'trapped' overseas and the gloomy State of the Stiff Upper Lip as UK family debts soar by nearly 50%. And, finally, Max and Stacy examine a proposal that bankers, like Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein and JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon, should compete like strippers on the open job market.

Starving the Economy (E243)
....banking zombies and clowns and their magical thinking on zero rates while starving the economy of interest income. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Ned Naylor-Leyland about the silver, gold, backwardation, manipulation and more.
[The manipulation of the gold and silver markets is now so blindingly obvious - the public is waking up to the true nature of money, what it used to be and what it will be again. (True nature, a money mafia ponzi scam called debt currency, used to be metal backed and will be again - unless the money mafia manage to impose digital currency and chipped serfs.).]

Chutzpah Economics (E244)
....chutzpah economics, unrequited transfers and shakedowns. In the second half of the show, Max talks to economist, Saifedean Ammous, about the standoff between Egypt and the IMF debt pushers as well as the war against the online free market by Hollywood middlemen.
["Why doesn't GS take chutzpah public?" Umm. Isn't that what they've always been selling? & "The cost of (EMU) breakup are exaggerated and the costs to the Netherlands & Germany of staying in are enormous..." As for the banksters' EU currency scam, so for membership of the EU under their bilderberg run EC dictatorship.]

(SOPA Opera: Megatrash) The Vaporized & The Deleted (E245)
....the vaporized and the deleted - the new American soap opera in which the assets, wealth, jobs and economy of the 99% have been stolen. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Daniel Collins of about China's imports of gold and their recent purchases of Germany's legendary mittelstands.

It's All Legal, Folks! (E246)
...the supercommittee that runs America, the perils of Draghi's "blitz" and the IMF turnaround on austerity for Greece. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Gonzalo Lira about austerity, printing and running.
[JPM and GobS want negative interest rates. Put money in the bank and you are charged interest for "lending" money to the bank. Stand and deliver, robbery legalised.]

My thoughts, the attempts to kill the metals and papermarkets was/is an attempt to strongarm the introduction of a paperless economy where serfs are implanted with microchips, the banksters fear not just the supplanting of their mafia debt currency system (seen in the murder of Gaddafi) but also fear rival paperless currency such as bitcoin as seen in attacks on the bitcoin system.
The solution to societies' woes is to make membership of masons a jailable offence and of covert shadow gov'ts (bilderberg, chatham hse, ECFR, CFR etc) a hanging offence. Let's face it, the banksters and their minions are killing millions via e.g. their NATO/CIA/Pentagon in Libya, Syria, Somalia, Ivory Coast and much of the rest of Africa, and by poverty in e.g. the UK, the EU, S. America, Haiti etc., through illness via med frauds and bent legislation and via the crooked UN wherever-whatever it touches, plus many other ways.

(It'll take a little while for me to catch up on ME-NAfrica machinations.)

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