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Happy festival to all that acknowledge and celebrate the Pagan Yuletide (winter solstice) festival.

Circumstances beyond my control have obliged me to temporarily abdicate the role of Libyan
genocides-assassinations-tortures-rapes-destruction-and-pillage truth bringer. I expect to be able to resume in a few weeks.

The figurehead of the chrispie protection racket speaks -

Notice how quickly the brain warped kill for profit banksters and their camp follower politico prostitutes lost interest once it was discovered the cupboard was bare (no gold).
Notable is the honesty and integrity of the the royalty and bankster cohorts, their camp followers Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama and their servant NATO that has committed crime after crime in the UN sanctioned illegal Libyan blitz, invasion and occupation. Lamb has reported another, the deceptive documentation of the taxpayer funded Libyan blitz (committed in our name by the banksters' 5th columnist Cameron). An instance -

The Sorman attack on the Hamedi home was planned as part of what NATO calls its “Joint Air Tasking Cycle (JATC).  A target development team put the Hamedi home on the June 20th daily list of targets. The team used a report from NATO intelligence analysts who determined that retired officer Khaled al Huweldi, Hamedi, one of the original members of the Gadhafi led 1969 coup against King Idris in 1969, and a former member of the Al Fatah Revolution’s Revolutionary Command Council was living on the property.  His assassination had been ordered by NATO because they hoped to weaken the regime in some way even though the senior Hamedi was retired and had no decision making role in Libya.
On June 19, the day before the bombing attack on the Hamedi family at Sorman, NATO was obliged by its own regulations and by the international law of armed conflict to conduct a “potential for collateral damage review” of this mission.
  There is no evidence that this was ever done.
A requested US Congressional NATO Liaison Office review of the Sorman bombing, initially requested from Libya on August 2, was completed in early September 2011 and found no documentary evidence or other indication that Bouchard or anyone in NATO’s Target Selection Unit, evaluated, discussed, or even considered the subject of potential civilian casualties at the Hamedi home  in  Sorman.
Following Bouchard’s green light to bomb the Hamedi home, the coordinates were fixed at 32°45′24″N 12°34′18″E . Specific aim points on the Hamedi property were chosen and eight bombs and missiles were readied and attached to the strike aircraft.
At Sorman, NATO used a variety of bombs and missiles including the “bunker busting” BLU-109 (Bomb Live Unit) which is designed to penetrate 18 feet of concrete. NATO also used the American MK series of 500 lb, (MK 81) 1000 lb, (MK-82) and the 2000 lb (MK-84) that Israel used so widely during its 2006 invasion of Lebanon. The MK series and the BLU-109 are reportedly being stockpiled in Israel in preparation for both countries anticipated next war in this region.
Following the infernal at Sorman, NATO denied responsibility but the next day NATO admitted carrying out an air strike somewhere in Sorman but denied that there were civilian deaths even as its drones filmed the scene close up. NATO’s media office in Naples issued a statement claiming “A precision air strike was launched against a high-level command and control node in the Sorman area without collateral damage.”  NATO spokespersons also told Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that “the facility was a legitimate military target and that all necessary precautions were taken before conducting the strike which minimized any potential risk of causing unnecessary casualties".
The official NATO record of its bombing of Libya for June 20, 2011 reads as follows and remains unchanged:
“Allied Joint Force Command  NAPLES, SHAPE, NATO HQ.
Over the past 24 hours, NATO has conducted the following activities associated with Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR:
[Continues with a list of Air Operations Sorties conducted 20 JUNE: 149.]

Oddly, NATO records for June 20th as well as subsequent reports of bombing attacks listed for June 20th and June 21st in its daily logs have never included the bombing attack on Sorman or the attack on the Al-Hamedi residence which indisputably killed 15 civilians.
Just before the bombs hit, eye witnesses,  reported seeing red specks in the sky and then flashes of intense light, immediately followed by thunderous ear splitting blasts as eight American bombs and rockets pulverized their neighbors homestead.
In an instant Khaled El-Hamedi’s family was dead. The children were crushed, blown apart or shredded into pieces, along with friends and extended family members who had slept overnight.
Khaled was working late, attending meetings with displaced Libyans driven from their homes and urgently in need of IOPCR help. As he returned home, Khaled saw from his car window the sky light up and heard exploding bombs. He was frozen in horror as entered his property and observed rescue workers frantically digging and futilely trying to move the thick concrete slabs of his home hoping against hope that they would miraculously find survivors.
Libyan government spokesman Mousa Ibrahim announced the death of 15 people, including three children, were killed at Sorman. He slammed the NATO bombing as a "cowardly terrorist act which cannot be justified."  Investigators, who visited Sabratha hospital 10 kilometers from Sorman, saw nine bodies, including three young children. They also saw body parts including a child's head.
For those who visited the Al-Hamidi family compound back in June following the NATO bombings, as this observer did less than a week after the crime as part of an international delegation, the scene was one of total devastation.

Above excerpted from
I wish the survivors a better future than a bankster 'democracy' run by traitors, with a debt currency and the parade of other western ailments touted as better than Gaddafi's loose leadership of the elected government that gave real democracy and was in the process of more deeply involving the electorate when greed in the form of humanitarian bombs and hired bandits arrived to rob the Libyans of life, their freedom, homes, national and personal wealth, security and their future.
In our name with our money.
With our money, spent by Cameron with support of the other bank clerks, the eudims and the commie eulab-eucon 'men'. While UK OAPs die due to elevated fuel and food bills. Part of the banksters think tanks' euthansia recommendation no doubt.

Keep up-to-date on our crimes in Libya here -
Keep up-to-date on Cameron's poverty-cold kills here -
(Will it exceed it's 9 an hour record rate?)

Lubos - Kim vs Havel in the U.N.
The United Nations' General Assembly will remain silent to express its huge sorrow caused by the death of the glorious shining leader of one of the dearest countries represented in the U.N., North Korea, comrade Kim Jong-Il. There won't be any silence for Václav Havel. This says quite a lot about the values that the United Nations worship.

On the same page -
[Commie] EU vs world: trade war over airline carbon tax

Who was Václav Havel?

Keiser Report: Merry X-Max & Happy New GIABO! (E227)
[Have banksters sunk lower than Hitler and his legacy EC in the public esteem?]
Catch you in a few weeks.

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