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Libyagate: Selected twits, Oct 20

[Midnight uk]
Rebels have been spreading alot of rumors because Hillary killall came for a visit. Media Goes insane everytime politician visits

Analyst at start of war "if Abd-fatah Younis dies then whole NTC will fall apart he keeps Brigades and Abd jalil and Jibreel glued together"

John Pilger: The Son of Africa claims a continent’s crown jewels
[Mostly accurate and perceptive, recommended reading]

Abd Fatah Report: "plan to attack Tripoli first. But we will lose worlds trust. It's better we start invading Benghazi first"

The racist targeting and killing of black Libyans and Sub-Saharan Africans continues to the present... (cont)

Yousef Shakir "there is still fighting in city they killed today 160 rebels and injured more. at night"

Zionist Bernard levy said "1 million libyans dying is worth the cost and we need more" Zionist Bernard levy started the War on Libya

Obama isn't telling us public they have 2+ trillion invested in defaulted Greece that's nearly 100% USA GDP/Yr soon to be GONE!

[1am uk]
EU meet to consider a 50% Bank WriteOff on Greek Debt. Evil  Zionists US Media omits that is a 1+ trillion loss for USA

Fox News: Israel and Saudi Arabia made up fake Iranian terror plot

It is essential to mask your face or wear dark sunglasses to defeat biometric recordings of your facial features by authorities.

NATO [continues] enabling humanitarian crisis in Sirte as incompetent terror brigades of LIFG NTC "relaunch" attack

360CNN Global Carbon Emissions super saturating world's oceans and choking infants reaches record levels
[Bolleaux, some shallow coastal areas near to urban industrial centres have seen fractional inceases. Look at the white cliffs of Dover if you believe the oceans don't benefit from extra CO2, formed of animal shells during high levels - up to 7000ppm in the air - as the planet's flora and fauna including crops benefit. Farm run-off, radiation, traffic pollution, untreated sewage, and tourists are the biggest threat to ocean life. Choking infants due to CO2? C'mon, Algore speak.]

Russiatoday: Sabri Maliki NTC said "Gaddafi unifies the country and he is able to make impossible into possible. NTC cannot do anything"

New definition of NATO Peace = man that has nothing and no freedom and no money and no pride and no assets. simply nothing to attack = peace
[Sirte, Bani Walid being exceptions.]

Fact check : worlds problem is solved by 200 billion dollars and investment in longterm project in farms. we spent trillions on wars instead

Fact check : why is World peace not possible ? because UN and NATO do not want world peace and it would disturb their looting ways of life
[UN & NATO are tools, a means to an end. Look to the Ashkenazi usurers' agenda - ]

---Algerian report that 80-yr old leader of the Warfla tribe, Ali Ahwal, was shot at home by NATO-backed NTC thugs

Mathaba News Real

Iranian 'assassination plot': Cooked up to further U.S. aim of regime change?:

"Invisible Empire" by Jason Bermas, German subtitles - 2:13:59 - YouTube

NTC of USA: Occupation 101: The documentary Israel does not want you to see

Libya S.O.S. updated

Persecution of black people continues in Beni Walid. - YouTube

Gross and systematic violations of human rights in (NTC-controlled) Libya being reported

[2am uk]
Fukushima Update - 2011/10/19 (Video)

NATO war crimes charges - English

Government Now Officially Above the Law - GRTV - YouTube

Fact check : There will be world peace when super powers follow the laws they enforce on others. There will be peace when UN gets abolished

zzzz MuammarLGaddafi We are retreating from baniwalid and sirte its over the rats win

[3am uk]
zzzz MuammarLGaddafi African - Serbian - Russian - Arab - Latin and Asian friends Thanks for all your help, Time to start a new life. god bless
libya ...End

zzzz MuammarLGaddafi Green team no need to blog about anything relating to me or green resistance, it over! its a different reality on the ground

MuammarLGaddafi shaddup whoever has hacked the account. bloody US sockpuppets everywhere.

Hahaha ya pathetic trolls: you couldn't fool anyone = desperate indeed to pull this - Viva Green Libya

Somalis Under Relentless Drone Attack as U.S. Tightens Military Grip on Continent

Infrastructure of Libya bombed back to stone-age based on lies & illegal under International Law

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 20, 2011

Must see The politicians are the ones to protest so they prosecute the crooked bankers.

Antiwar Blog: Fox + Werritty + Mossad = ?

[4am uk]
RT_com US resumes nuclear talks with North Korea

NATO puppet Jibril will resign soon
[If he survives long enough, green resistance has a price on his head and Sabri Maliki [rebel] Democratic libya party has made his death a priority. ]

---Libyan Defense Forces [pro Gaddafi] engage in fierce battle around Tripoli airport

NTC facade is crumbing. Jibril foreshadows resignation, says Libya's becoming chaotic battleground for foreign powers

[5am uk]
Benghazi NTC fighters entered (Sirte) battlefield..but came under friendly fire which killed 13 fighters & 2 commanders
[19-10- 2011]

Greece revolution becomes violent as the regime refuses to listen
[Bank clerks listen to goyim? An expectation of ostriches]

Turkey Resumes Shelling as Five Iraqis Are Killed in Other Attacks

Dear Obama, you're known as "Warlord" as "Bomber" as "DroneObama", dishonourable names and expression of great disappointment
[Just another bankster henchman]

AfriSynergy: Breaking News October 18, 2011 -- Libya, Qatar, Wall Street and War, 3 of 3

[6am uk]
NATO-led troops in Kosovo have confronted Kosovo Serbs manning their road blocks as tensions escalated in the volatile north of the country.

Why the Libyan war may/will end on May 1st

Andrew Cockburn, author of Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall and Catastrophic Legacy, disc...

Pepe Escobar, journalist and author of Obama Does Globalistan, discusses his article...

[7am uk]
---Green resistance in Ajdabiyah has killed a NTC representative and 18 rebels they came for Meeting in the area. Convoy ambushed on way bk
[19-10-2011. NTC rep's name?]

Pandora's Box

Hillary Clinton in Tripoli - by Stephen Lendman   Obama is a...
["in Tripoli" are you sure?] [Suggestions wanted - "Obama is a..."]

PanAFNW: Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT Satellite TV: 'NATO Has Bombed Libya Back to Ston...

Prosecute The Banks In 2012  : Must Watch Video - Dylan Ratigan MSNBC:
[The bankster families rotfaltao, they own the justice system]

Syria- large rallies support Assad gov- US/Israeli armed terrorists waning Turkey knocked off high-horse as it butchers Kurds in Iraq

[8am uk]
Why is it stopped in the US??? -
...Anger in Athens: Video of riots at mass Greece protest - read the comments

NATO continues to kill Libyans with indiscriminate bombing, even while discussing end to intervention.

Russia again calls on NATO to respect international law. UN continues to refuse NATO violations of international law.

NATO-led rebels accused of violating international law by NGOs; UN fact-finders silent, unable to act to fulfill mandate.
[Gagged by a mountain of cash]

Libyans resist NATO and NATO-led rebels attempts to occupy Sirte with increasing support of local tribes.

NATO-led rebels summarily executing Libyans fleeing Sirte.

It is b/c honest ppl call out liars & manipulators that Wikileaks & Thaistory are failures

Cherif Bassiouni, led UN Factfinding on Libya & now Bahrain Commission, says US arms deals contributing to killing Arabs are okay

Leonore: Brian Souter informa desde Twitters...20/10: Crimes of NATO in Sirte uncovered by CCTV17....
[Leonor's page in En -]

Local sources report as many as 10,000 Libyans arbitrarily detained by NATO-led rebels.
[Bankster imposed "democracy" in action, psychos in charge]

RT_com Gaddafi stronghold Sirte reportedly captured
[AJ on tv reports most of Sirte under insurgent control]

[10am uk]
NATO-led rebels accuse Libyans and Africans of fighting for the independence of Libya against the NATO-led occupation of Libya.

reports out of Libya indicate that "rebel victories" are merely Qaddafi forces falling back = drawn out war as Qaddafi redeploys

Leonore: Brian Souter Twitter...20/10: Neo-Colonialism, Subversion in Africa and Global Conflicth...

RT_com RT’s Maria Finoshina reports from Kosovo-Serbian border: KFOR threatens use of force against Serbs, uses pepper spray
[Hitler would be proud]

"What Gaddafi never did to Benghazi – and there’s no evidence he might have – the TNC is doing to Sirte"
[And NATO bombing civilians]

Syria - seems Kurds didn't buy West's story about Syria killing leader - battle breaks out between Kurds & Turkey instead

Professional liars at Reuters claim "US fears more plots from Iran's Quds Force" DEA bomb plot 1st of many false flags?

Despite hype over Syria city centers are calm, residents call protesters paid agents

Syria "army defectors" cover story for US-armed Muslim Brotherhood militants

Who has the West as a friend, does not need enemies!

Mass media spreading the lie that Sirte has fallen. Dont believe!

[11am uk]
As US-armed thugs murder Syria troops REAL rallies w/10,000s in Damascus & Aleppo support Assad

Wonder if UN is getting numbers & details of Syria deaths from same sort of sources they got it from for Libya

Article19 is funded by George Soros, UK gov. & US Ford Foundation same corporate interests backing Thaksin Thaistory

Alaa: rebels lost many rats yesterday, they raised the white flag in one of the areas! Alaa said We r here, we will win!

By the way: Alaa is from Delingat, Beheira :) He is alive! Fighting! Kicking some rats' backsides :) This is my good news of the day!

11.35am Tripoli residents have been warned not to start firing in celebration at the fall of Sirte, BBC producer Jonny Hallam [Spoilsport]

There are reports that some Gaddafi loyalists are continuing to fight in Sirte. BBC News [Against the insurgents in the outskirts.]

Capital market collapse How economics has been corrupted

Some residents are returning to Sirte to protect their homes from being looted by forces loyal to the new government, BBC
[Misurata insurgents are not loyal to the NTC. Tell the truth for once.]

[Midday uk]
RT_com Peacebreakers: 'NATO re-ignites frozen conflict in Kosovo'
[surprise surprise.]

RT_com Libya rebels say Gaddafi might be in Sirte, Libyan TV channels report Gaddafi already arrested
[RT gone over to the dark side. Medvedev is a bank clerk. RT has lost its independence.]

According to latest...
...According to latest reports fierce battles continue in Tripoli with complete media black out. Fierce fighting have been reported around Tripoli air port, Libyan Defense Forces used rockets and grenades to slowly route out Mercenaries.
This comes as Tuareg fighters from Southern Libya and bordering nations such as Mali advance northward to help with the resistance and defeat NATO's occupation. Tuareg fighters have already helped with the liberation of Ghadames and fighting in southern bordering towns of Tripoli has already been reported.
NATO media outlets have stayed silent and at the same time working hard to hide the genocide in Sirte.

Turkish military:"wide scale land operations w/air support" launched in Turkey and north Iraq, using 22 military battalions against PKK

Mahmoud Shammam, the NTC's information minister. was just on al-Jazeera, and alluded to the capture of Gaddafi but refused to confirm i

NATOMercenaries have so far captured Qaddafi, Moussa, al Islam, Mutassim and at the same time have killed Hilary Clinton??

[1pm uk]
WARNING: conflicting reports re: Qaddafi "hiding in hole" "dead" "wounded" "captured" "shot up in a convoy" "bombed by NATO" already claimed

Al Jazeera is actually canvassing idea that Ghadafi be buried at sea, Osama style. Am I hearing this? Didn't even mention a 30 min DNA test

Looks like NATO can't continue the air, so claim kadhafi is dead to give ntc credibility to request UN boots on ground in Libya

RT_com NTC claims Gaddafi killed in NTC forces attack, NATO says Gaddafi heavily wounded in its airstrike

If kadhafi shows up at a rally tomorrow, what will the world do to the lying bastard in the media. I say occupymainstreammedia

[2pm uk]
SUSPECT: Qaddafi 's "body" being taken to "secret" location. If they really got him they'd parade him east 2 west no?

On the ground Green sources still deny 'Gadaffi death' - seen as a way to try and get his position revealed

They're trying to keep you confused and busy while they dig mass graves and hide the massacre of civilians

Small statement from from administration of the site and from the honorable al Qaddafi family. Brother leader & commander of the revolution is secure & all the news that are broadcasted by the media false.

RT_com Moammar Gaddafi's son Mo'tassim captured alive in Sirte - Al Jazeera

RT_com Gaddafi's body being taken to location kept secret for security reasons - NTC official

RT_com Unconfirmed reports of Muttasim Gaddafi found dead in Sirte - Al Arabiya

Farrakhan presents vision for Black survival, beginning with land and economic program

Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi "dead or alive."

The analysts who are close to the Libyan leader said that the aim of the rumours is several fold. On the one hand, they wish to demoralize the Libyan resistance which has held out for over 7 months against the strongest terrorists and invading armies in the world. On the other hand, they wish to thus lure the Leader out to make a call in order to attempt to get a fix on his location. via

The Secretary-General of the International People's Conference Organization said that there is also...

The IPCO Secretary-General said "Clinton wishes to lay her hands on the over 100 billion dollars of Libyan Jamahiriya assets which have been frozen. She cannot do so legally

WP: Libyan state TV reports Gaddafi killed after his home town is overrun: TRIPOLI, Libya — Revolutiona...
[Ignore the text, look at the pic of what Nato and the insurgents have done to the town with their indiscriminate bombing and shelling.]

TV channel Al-Libiya: Gaddafi is alive October 20, 2011, 16:34

[3pm uk]
Tommorow 21-10-2011 after the friday prayers we march in all the cities of Libya to honour the blood of...

As NATO & NATO-led rebels claim to have killed Libyan leader, Libyan tribes say his death reinforces their resistance.

RT_com Tear gas & tension as Serbs block breakaway Kosovo border

Libya S.O.S.: Muammar al Gaddafi is alive and is still leading

BBC confirmed that the Gaddafi video was FAKE

Egypt's Arab Spring Has Led to Military Dictatorship

TV Al.Shababiya - URGENT::: We thank God that the leader is fine. He is not in Sirte

[4pm uk]
RT_com News Alert: One person confirmed dead in Athens clashes during mass anti-cuts protests

We Are Occupying Los Angeles

Libyan leader is still alive and says TOZ FI NTC / NATO (20 October 2011)

How NATO Rebels abused Dead Bodies of Libyan Green Soldiers Earlier this

And in other news. William Hague says Ghadafi will return from Venezuela soon; Carla Bruni ask Nicolas why her baby

RT_com Protesters encircle convoy of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi - Libyan military source

Former Guantánamo Prisoner Speaks Out On Lawsuit Seeking Bush’s Arrest in Canada for Torture.

[5pm uk]
Dy Yussuf Shakeer, the main Jamahiriyan journalist, says that Moammar Kadhafi is alive”

UN probe accuses Iran of humanrights abuses, says many prisoners secretly killed, held without trial
[The privately controlled UN has zero credibility]

E.G. UN SG Ban Ki-Moon endorsing the summary execution of Muammar Qadafi in violation of UN most basic principles.

SYRIA-Three Sisters Martyred by an RPG Fired by Terrorist Groups…

RT_com Confirmed reports over death Gaddafi's son Seif Al Islam - Al Arabiya news

@RT_com This story just gets more Hollywood by the minute - was Elvis found in Libya too ?

RT_com US drones bombed Libya more than Pakistan

[6pm uk]
"Those who feel irritated by our friendship with President Gaddafi can go jump in the pool."~Nelson Mandela

Keiser Report: Live and Let Fail (E199)

Obama admin delays $53 million military sale to Bahrain after outcry over crackdown on Shiite protesters.

Algerian newspaper claims Gadhafi is alive and well, protected from the traitors (Spanish):

RussiaToday: ‘Gaddafi death reports a hoax’: The official reports coming over the Western media are fal...

[7pm uk]
Ok.. The dead man denies his death.. Gaddafi spoke to deny his death
[The only living martyr family.]

10,000 Turk troops into Iraq + airstrikes against Kurd population - can Syria go into Turkey to snatch MB militants?

AfriSynergy: Breaking News, October 20, 2011 Libya - Muammar Gaddafi Dead is Very Questionable

[8pm uk]
Message from brother leader Muammar Gaddafi ( after mainstream media said he was dead )

RT_com NTC decides to bury Gaddafi in an unidentified place - Al Arabiya

Daily Libyan Post:

[9pm uk]
RT_com Libya PM says Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam is alive and has escaped
[More bs? Which pm, NATO's or Libya's?]

Report Sirte : green resistance continues in Sirte the rebels were pushed out of parts of city. Maumar Gaddafi was killed by NATO airstrike

Reported Sirte : Maumar Gaddafi was Martyred by very Heavy NATO airstrikes confirmed. He was fighting at front lines with Rebels in Sirte

Report Baniwalid : the Green resistance has killed 360 rebels and 700 injured the Green resistance of Baniwalid continues.

I do not believe this. even CNN casts doubts now. sounds like bullshit to me. fake videos, fake pics. only 1 realistic

RussiaToday: Global reaction to Gaddafi’s death: Justice or Danse Macabre?:

Dear brothers and Sisters. you see the Issue is that Dr.hamza of jamahiriyah announced Martyrship of Maumar at frontlines of Sirte.

whatever. arrai tv also said khamis dead. maybe its a strategy to confuse NATO, and stop bombing. if not- its all too weird
[Occured to me too.]

Hamza has lost his mind!!

Saif al islam is Alive and Continuing the battle against NATO

Alex Jones: The Burzynski Research Institute's Cancer Cure Threatens Big Pharma.:

Gaddafi is not dead! His son is not dead! Sirte is stll under control of Green resistance! Saif...
...All TV pictures shown are UN-CLEAR! Pictures from "celebrations" in Libya show ONLY Bengazhi!
According to latest news (SKY-UK), there are still ongoing fighting in Sirte, even that RAT-NTC/RATO and other LIER claimed a fall of Sirte, early this morning!
According to our secure sources, Gaddafi is alive and his last word is not said yet!

Report : Sirte and Baniwalid the green resistance continues they are still fighting and pushing rebels back. heavy fighting continues

Its important to understand that Rebels will now Fighting each other. at this moment clashes are starting.

[10pm uk]
Libyan resistance announcement - Abdullah al sanussi , will lead the resistance starting today

NATO used chemical weapons and very large bombs on Sirte and Baniwalid for the last 3 days. NATO stated it increased strikes even more.

Libya Descend Into Chaos by Dr. Christof Lehmann nsnbc

Saif al Islam : we have 20 thousand green resistance armed in tripoli and this is without counting the armed volunteers.

Fox News says the Pentagon has told it that a US predator drone also engaged Gaddafi's convoy alongside the French.

France's defence chief has said it was a French fighter jet that fired on the convoy carrying Gaddafi

AfriSynergy: The Revolution Becomes Bigger

We learned that "leadership" of Gulf and NATO and have become traitors. we will have to go to war with NWO UN. we will Burn the UN

Whole region will be changed after short period. we will fight Traitors first in the region then we will come for you UN we will stop ur NWO

SYRIA- Al-Akkari Confesses to Perpetrating Acts of Killings, Abductions, Rape, Thefts in Homs

Russian ambassador said "Gaddafi's killing by NATO... u should Know the war will get worse and longer"

Dr.Hamza says "The rebels want to kick the people out of their homes and Bring Zintan and israeli and u should stay in your homes tripoli"

Saif al islam will speak very soon and he will speak on Arrai Tv. and he announced he will discuss the past events.

I doubt they will end it and leave Libya, at least not until the crisis clears out

TelegraphNews: Col Gaddafi killed: tribal and religious differences darken Libya's new dawn

All we need to repeat is Ghaddafi dead. After week NATO will withdraw. Thats all. Pray for shakhids who martyred to do this

Rebel insider source "We couldn't believe he was at front lines and we didn't enter deep into sirte" Gaddafi always fighting at front

This is what it was all about in
UPDATE 1-IMF, World Bank to visit Libya again-IMF spokesman

[11pm uk]
Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced the alliance now "will terminate our mission" in Libya

Dr. Hamza's kids captured by rats ? Maybe reason to confirm Gadafi's death !?

Libya - Only the spokesman Ibrahim Moussa is aware of the state of Gaddafi (October 20, 2011)

This is an end of one era but the fight over the new government has started already," said Ali Abdullatif Ahmida, CNN

Saif al islam will speak soon on subject and I will continue Investigating. and To me Legacy of Maumar itself is a victory.

WP: Greg Sargent: Happy Hour Roundup: * Scoop of the afternoon:

Moussa Ibrahim: Libyan leader was in a convoy of several cars.The assassins of NATO pilots bombed the convoy.His car was hit.

Moussa Ibrahim confirmed Gaddafi's death ? (Massive hacking operation, beware, news could be fake)

In Tripoli, Libya's Interim Leader Says He Is Quitting
[The truth for once?]

Brothers and Sisters we will See events Because Saif al islam and Moussa ibrahim will speak and discuss matter. not sure if its today

[Midnight uk]
More later and hopefully the truth will emerge. Kidnapped kids, hacked accounts, NATO anxiousness to leave, needing an exit strategy, WW-of-the-west needing a booster, etc. Nothing seems right in any of the reports.


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