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Libyagate: Selected twits, Oct 18

Continuation of twit picks from [Midnight uk]
To Isolate Iran, U.S. presses Inspectors on nuclear data

LIBYA is a war between multiparty democracy (corrupt and evil axis) vs direct popular democracy (people's congress & people's committees)

NTC of USA: Support for legalizing pot hits all-time high: A record 50 percent of Americans favo...

Report Tripoli : Green resistance entered International airport and killed 270 and Then they safely escaped using tunnels via Yousef Shakir

Ferment in US army. Could Obama Bush be overthrown? -

Trained Sea Devils eliminated by masters!...

Lies, Damn Lies And NATO Claiming Control Across Libya

I wish to state further more that Yousef Shakir said that Green resistance entered Airport cleared it and disappeared. my source said 270 [kills]

Evil [servants of the] z****sts pressuring Pres Barack Obama to pour Hundreds of Billions of US tax dollars into Greece is creating another US Econ.Disaster

Yousef shakir said "village of Daraj forced the rebels to flee and fought with them and they refused all the rebel bribe offers"

Evil [servants of the] satanical z****sts are pushing Western Nations via extremely hard-handed domestic cuts to accept their WW3 Agenda

Kenyan troops invade Somalia (Ethiopia had a few years ago w/US backing invaded as well)

[3:00 AM uk]
My Solar Flare app is holding steady at extremely high reading of 153. Indicating massive solar radiation hitting the earth

Animals,Plants SHRINKING under GlobalHeating while scientists remain too stupid to realize it's massive UV radiation
[Not too stupid. To admit it is not conducive to funding/ career advancement/ reputation/ payola]

US Policy Toward Iran One-Way Ticket to War

Fidel Castro: Washington's Stance on the Cuban Five and its Blockade is Unsustainable

Pakistani Intelligence Official Says Mossad Gave Supposed Iranian Terrorist Arbabsiar Fake Pa...

Israeli West Bank Annexation Bill

Uprising: Intensive clashes in Tripoli and fighting over the airport

LIBYA 2 BBC HARDtalk 'an example of NTC IDIOCY', NTC co-ordinator Stabilisation Team,

Gharian resistance bomb headquarters of NATO Rebels offices,

A NATO Rebel with an un exploded RPG in his ass,

[5:00 AM uk]
Facts on Information Media you should know: "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in...

NTC of USA: Ron Paul Attacks Radical Money Printers and War Propagandists:

Stop NATO: Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 18, 2011

Libya News Update Oct 17 6.00pm GMT

John Jenkins, who (illegally) orchestrated the assault on Tripoli, is now UK Ambassador to Libya!

Fukushima Update - 2011/10/18 - YouTube

NTC of USA: Jesse Jackson just said he's in solidarity with th...

lying Sean Boonpracong of US-funded "red shirt" mob, Thailand now "spokesman" 4gov flood center-ah nepotism Thaistory

NTC of USA: Reverend Jesse Jackson is here at camp. Police seem to be mobilizing to take dow...:...

[7am uk]
Listen to this fool, a town of 6000 fighters dressed and rolling like NTC But they're actually green double agents

Report: Turkey Will Host All Exiled Palestinian Prisoners  300 Green agents overthrow this commandor rat and take over his base and weapons libya they cant even guard posts!

Assad's wife unmoved by lies told by London based Syria "human rights" front Enhancement technology raises disturbing ethical issues

Ron Paul to save 1 TRILLION in 1yr by scrapping redundant federal depts (to be run by states)

Bernard H Levy - evil z****st philosopher of war. Short video about this hate-monger & war-salesman Palestinian prisoners en route to WB

[8am uk]
Ron Paul plan to ABOLISH the TSA TSA would not be missed

---Two huge explosions on Benghazi City few minutes ago and the ambulances still can be heard in the city

WHYare so many US Commercial Reactors leaking dangerous Radioactive Tritium into US Rivers? Old Age, Deliberate, Mass Gross Neglect?

NTC of USA: Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from ...

[10am uk]
Fed-UP Calif.Ore.Washington MD's angry at BarackObama openly question if WhiteHouse is on Drug Cartels Payrolls

BCPL: 10000 NATO soldiers with UN badges! and killing Libyans: violates UNSCres1973

---"Thousands of NATO troops on the ground in & around Tripoli, maybe trying to secure it for Clinton's visit"!

Syria: Arab League gives Syria two weeks to stop attacks on protesters:
[Or else what?]

Brian Souter: Sunday 16th October saw the biggest meeting for the Libyan legitimacy Leadership since fa... -

RT_com Lawyers, teachers, transport workers on strike in Greece

RT_com UK freezes assets of Saudi envoy murder plot suspects

---NATO uses internationally prohibited weapons - white phosphorus and cluster bombs in the city of Bani Walid. Confirmed by Nessbook.

[11am uk]
40 rats in video, "captured city" that has 100,000 inhabitants . AlJazeera is beyond any lying media in the world !

Reuters hack still peddling Wikileaks paid4 stunt by globalist shyster Robert Amsterdam

one thing to remember: Israel 's soldiers just as lied2 manipulated & exploited as America's troops

Grimaldi currently touring DE with his Libya war documentary: Nürnberg, Frankfurt/Main, Köln, Hamburg, Berlin

RT_com UK freezes assets of five over alleged Iranian plot to kill Saudi ambassador to US - AP

[Midday uk]
RT_com Prisoner swap: Palestinians clash with Israeli troops

Stay away bitch!!!! Tue October 18 2011, 12:52 Hillary Clinton to Tripoli by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary (cont)

Fighters Raise Flag Over Gaddafi Desert Redoubt (All Africa):

big oil/banker funded IISS report on "climate change"… BBC dutifully repeats  see how that works?

The Greeks Are Being Unfairly Maligned by Global Financiers: The truth Is Very Different

US State Dept Clinton arrives in Libya to cheer on genocidal racists

6th ? 7th? Final assault against Sirte Libya - corporate fascist Wall Street funded Washington Post claims 1000 NTC fighters storm city

UK 's Hague visits Libya to check up on nation's rape

genocide aside-Hague claims NTC making "great progress" stabilizing Libya re-establishing role as full member of intl. community (vassal)

TODAY: Unannounced, Hillary Clinton visits Libya today. anjucomet asks what future challenges the rebels face.

[1pm uk]
Libya rebel claims of taking Bani Walid suspect to say the least- Bani Walid NTC commander killed- fighters slinking away -what changed?

John McCain trying to regain street cred after throwing himself head first into supporting Obama's war in Libya ?

Libyan Rebel: Up to 2 Years Needed for Vote

RT_com ‘Star Wars’ as alternative to missile defense

RT_com Fly Away: EU cancels Yanukovich invitation

US hands LIFG terror brigades in libya $135 million to continue genocide & the implications... http://landdestroyer.blogspot....

Nuclear lesson from Libya: Don't be like Qaddafi. Be like Kim. -  

RT_com Netanyahu warns freed Palestinian prisoners

Israeli officials denied giving guarantees to not assassinate any of the released prisoners

RT_com Big explosion rattles Somalia's capital. Casualties reported

RT_com Italian PM Berlusconi cleared in fraud case

Rebel Criminals round up people in Tarhuna 16.10.11, NATO Crimes In Libya and the UN just stands by!

The red cross or ICRC has been the medical arm for the rats not civilians. All orgs connected to UN are working for NATO

[2pm uk]
Thank rebels NATO: the Jews returned 2 their temples in Tripoli & the rats say that Qaddafi is a Jew??…(cont)

South Sudan sitting on sea of oil - 100 US troops to Uganda hunting LRA over Sudanese border starting to make more sense... AFRICOM invades [Pentagon more like, Africom is busy effing up in Libya]

Referring to Alhurra as a 'news network' constitutes the most egregious misuse of language; funded by the US...

I felt sorry when AfricanAmericans & Africans celebrated when Obama became US President, I knew what he was capable off, that's Y he WON
[Hewas involved with Soros, Gore, Blood and other bankster henchmen in setting up the carbon credit con with charity money he had control of.]

Again...lies to stir up or trap from the Dutch papers:
Sirte, Gaddafi stronghold virtually owned by NTC "BRUSSELS - The Libyan cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, where Gaddafi fighters resist the longest, are now almost entirely controlled by units of the National Transitional Council (NTC). Only a few isolated areas are still  fighting, but the civilian population is seriously threatened though." That was said by a spokesman for NATO Tuesday. Sirte involves only a few blocks. ''The fighters of Gaddafi are unable to carry out attacks,'' said Col. Roland Lavoie of the NATO command in Naples.
via [Is Naples on planet gore?]

[3pm uk]
Rats again flee from Sirte,about two kilometers from the place where last night there was a front line.

RT_com Russia will support Palestine's bid for UNESCO membership - FM Lavrov

[4pm uk]
---Report Sirte : The people of Sirte have defeated the rebels again and rebel commander said "we lost many men and things are difficult"

---Report Baniwalid : Heavy fighting continued all day today. But the Baniwalid green resistance has upperhand and defeated rebels today.

Hear Jalila's recent statement. We interviewed her just last week.
...Tortured Bahraini Women Show Why U.S. Arms Sale Must Stop

---The BIG RAT commander of Misruta brigade Abdul Baset Karkout was killed today in Sirte western outskirt.

Red cross Speaks to ARRAI TV and says "people of Sirte remained in the City while NATO bombed them from Above we saw warcrimes"

The Large Families that rule the world - Pravda.Ru
Also worth a look from :
The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

Part 1: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System
Part 2: Origins of the American Empire: Revolution, World Wars and World Order
Part 3: Controlling the Global Economy: Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve

Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the "High Priests of Globalization"

Four US banks hold a staggering 95.9% of U.S. derivatives: The $600 Trillion Time Bomb That's Set to Explode

The Global Economic Crisis: Central Banking at the Centre of Power
Report Sirte reuters confirms " but the mood of optimism among NTC fighters had been replaced by despair at the mounting casualties"

Report Sirte : the current location of the Rebels is few kilometers outside of the city. rebels retreated after heavy Casualties

Gathafi has done & was doing more to end extreme poverty in Africa than the UN!

ARRAI and Sources Jamahiriyah have confirmed - There is fighting but the City of Baniwalid is in Green resistance control and media is lying

Sweden announced its withdrawal from NATO's operations in Libya October 24,

[5pm uk]
clinton in Malta for talks with PM over Libya. Did clinton actually go to Tripoli or was she to afraid?

How the hell do the NTC rebels get pinned down at conference center in Sirte? They already liberated the entire city...

Global South nations must pull out of UN all together UN is the reason they remained in absolute poverty HAHAHA

[6pm uk]
White House & Pentagon at Odds Over Iraq Withdrawal Due to Issue of US Troop Immunity.

RT_com Pepe Escobar: Oil behind US nose poking in Uganda

Supreme Court to decide if firms can be liable for intl humanrights violations as Nigerians sue Shell

Libya Sent Death Squads To Assassinate President Reagan

Clinton arrives with "mission accomplished" message in Tripoli. While fighting still rages and bombing is still bombing...

in BaniWalid, among our NTC rebels prisonners a lot of young men from tunisia and egypt

NATO Hits Libyan Capital With Heaviest Airstrikes Yet- Senate to Vote on Libya Resolution

There Never Was an Egyptian Revolution

Gaddafi forces have captured 17 foreign mercenaries in Bani Valid , including several British and French.

Gaddafi's forces in Bani Valid continuing last night to start a counterattack on the rebel...

NTC of USA: Greg Sargent: Wall Street lobbyists rage at Dems for supporting Occupy Wall S...

GOP presidential hopeful MittRomney emerges as financial industry candidate of choice.

RussiaToday: ‘US want share of Libya success’: US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says Washington wants to see the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi captured or killed. Professor Paul Sheldon Foote says that the Obama administration believes this killing would be a justified one.

The Legend Of Sirte Op-Ed by Middle Eastern Historian Pr. J Salt.

[7pm uk]
Hillary Clinton: "We want Gaddafi dead or captured." Well Hillary,we also want you dead or captured.

Sirte - More than 15 rats killed,80 wounded.

Human Rights Imposters Used To Spawn Libya War: by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

cant think of anything more democratic than taking tax $ & using it 2secretly wage war across planet w/ZERO oversight

Check out Al Qaeda LIFG 's Belhaj running entire NATO NTC ... also

[8pm uk]
Euronews by mistake broadcast a footage shows a French mercenary wounded.

[9pm uk]
The Price of the Libya Intervention: Surface to Air Missiles for All

Does Soros Own All US Gun & Ammo Manufacturers?

Did anyone notice that pro rebel aka democracy twitters are much more likely to insult opponents?

Spain Pulls Its F-18s Out Of NATO Libya Slaughter

Cain = Perry = Romney = Obama = Bush ... many puppets 1 agenda

Libya: Egyptian Army foils weapons smuggling through Libya: Cairo, Egypt - Egyptian Border Guard ...

electradiffusa Ahmadinejad reacts to the USA: ' Murder is your thing' - Pravda.Ru

Hillary Clinton to Libya LIFG genocidal racist terror brigades: "We're on your side." &dont 4get

[10pm uk]
NTC asks Tunisan workers to come to Libya, what about rebel story of high Libyan unemployment ?

US State Dept funded "April 6" Egypt who were in NYC training to overthrow Mubarak now in DC advising OWS

Anyone who claims HR Clinton was in Tripoli is a liar; those who believe it need to seek professional treatment.

Rebels in Sirte: "They are shooting at us from everywhere, with snipers, mortars and RPGs,"

Fighting continued in Tripoli - a very unwelcome message to Hilary |

[11pm uk]
it was more of a political manouvre to make u think they are not pulling out all 2gather on 24Oct

NATO has occupied Bani Walid so many times that we have lost count

US agrees to give more weapons to NATO-led rebels urging them to kill more Libyans.

Tribal leaders call for people to protect their tribes people and property from NATO-led rebel foreign occupation.

Courts Rule US Government Above the Law

As a result of all of the moronic Clinton/Obama Economic Sanctions on Iran the Iranian GDP has grown faster and is higher than USA!

Iran reacts: "Murder is your thing" - mathaba:

[Midnight uk]

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