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Libyagate: NATO’s (Globalists’) Desperate Acts of Terror

Libya 17-10-2011, the rebels were planning to attack Misrata Sirte with biological weapons
ALGERIA ISP, according Zengtena, the Misrata Libyan resistance front had information that the rebels were preparing an operation to use biological weapons to attack in Sirte. After three weeks of investigation the information has been confirmed by members of the front. This proves that the war waged by the rebels against civilians is a dirty war with no qualms. They treat their brothers and sisters in other cities as their worst enemies in their screams Allahu Akbar.
The fighters from the Misrata Libyan resistance conducted an operation yesterday at dawn to sabotage the plan to kill the entire population that is resisting in Sirte.
The question to ask is whether the proposed use of biological weapons was coordinated between NATO and the CNT?
The insurgents sent a group to Sirte to disperse anthrax in the city with which to kill the remaining population (Jamahiriya civilian patriots and resistance fighters) and then broadcast a lie that an epidemic had struck the city of Sirte and as a result of poor sanitation the civilians died.
The front of the Libyan hello Misrata has evidence that a large amount of anthrax was returned to Libya illegally transiting the region Aljagbob from Egyptian territory.
The group accompanying the shipment of anthrax was surprised by the fighters from the Misrata Libyan resistance that killed the assassination squad and recovered all their deadly cargo consisting of three canisters of anthrax, and a laptop. One of the rebels confessed that the computer held important information. This information will be made public in the near future. The insurgent was sentenced to death and executed.
It’s amazing to see that the insurgents will use any means to force the people of Libya to succumb to them (NATO)!

Security experts question U.S. support of NATO strikes against Gadhafi Joan Neuhaus Schaan
NATO launched a campaign against Col. Moammar Gadhafi in support of the rebels, while many in the security field were in disbelief.  Members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an Al Qaeda affiliate, led the rebel forces. How ironic to be targeting Bin Laden, yet supporting his Libyan affiliates at the same time.
Take for example, Abdel Hakim al Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, who admitted the very jihadists who targeted our troops in Iraq were leading the charge in Libya.
Or Former LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj (aka Abu Abdullah al-Sadiq), who was released under a de-radicalization program [], but declared of Gadhafi, “The tyrant fled and we will be after him.”
Rather than working towards a negotiated solution, these forces appear to have used reconciliation to strengthen their forces prior to launching their attack. While Gadhafi worked to normalize relations with the world by releasing political prisoners and allowing greater freedoms, they built their organization and strength to stage a revolution. There is a real possibility this group will hold senior leadership positions in the resulting state, while the LIFG remains on the State Department’s list of terror organizations.
More –

Libya and NATO´s Killer Narratives Dr. Christof Lehmann
Words can kill. The first victim of war is the truth. We know the proverbs but tend to forget that the killer force of narratives is thousand fold potentiated when there is war, and the force of the pen is combined with the force of the sword. Various media, including Arrai TV reported yesterday and today of the death of Khamis Ghadafi, commander of the 32nd Elite Brigade that stood for implementing the strategy that since has given NATO a serious dent in it´s armor, and decimated NATO´s army of mercenaries, terrorists, indoctrinated Jihadis and opportunistic vultures hired by contractors like XE. So far, the death of Khamis Ghadafi could not be confirmed for nsnbc, and even alternative media seem to be missing one point. The Libyan Liberation is a struggle against new colonialism, not directed against a family, but against all Africans. The resistance is not a family or person, but African People who are waking up to the aggression of the Anglo American Empire. Words can kill, also if they neglect to focus on central issues.

Testimony, Lizzy Phelan – ‘Her Experience in Libya during NATO Attacks’

The UN without makeup

[...] Long before the voices of the first presidents were bouncing on the floor of the United Nations in New York, between 21 and 27 September, the two most important issues on the agenda of the 66th General Assembly were case closed: the United States would veto the anticipated claim early in the Security Council of the Palestinians  to be considered an independent state, and five days before the first day of speeches, the General Assembly had recognized the National Transitional Council (CNT) as a representative in the Libyan UN.
The members of the CNT deal since those days with the seat of Libya in the multilateral body. Only the African Union (AU) and the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) refused the appointment. Three days later, the AU accepted the majority decision, but reiterated its rejection of Alba: the seat of Libya should not be occupied “by a faction or a transitional authority illegitimately imposed by a foreign intervention.”
The alliance between Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines was the only block in the UN to act in a coordinated, responsible and coherent manner in response to the case of Libya (and also to the Palestinian case). Among the few countries that voted against the recognition of the CNT included Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.
Continues –

NATO, faced with extinction (McCain – if Gaddafi remains in power NATO is finished) and their terrorist insurgency – faced with obliteration as up to a thousand, sometimes more hirlings are killed each day, around double the kill rate per day being injured – are using desperate tactics. Anthrax was intended to be used against Sirte by the insurgents  as they have yet to score a victory, every advance having been due to NATO bombs and missiles and foreign forces. France alone is reported as having 5000, US up to 6000, the UK gods know how many in Tripoli alone. The backbone of the insurgency was said to be the terrorist bandits, the LIFG led by Belhaj. That is wrong it is in fact the Qatar occupation army that has done little to disguise its presence.
More desperation is demonstrated in the relentless and continuous blitz of Sirte and Bani Walid, the propaganda lies that claim over and over the death or capture of this or that person important to the resistance, the almost laughable claims of capture of towns and the flight from Libya of important NTC members.
It will be a great day for the human race when NATO is dissolved and the participants and organisers of the legally baseless assault on the sovereign nation are brought to justice for daily atrocities committed by NATO and its ground forces one way or another. Failure of this to happen will allow the same evil to be perpetrated against other nations with conjured legitimacy provided by members of the various governments that in fact are employees of a hidden government.
Libya is all that stands between the progress of the enemies of humanity, the globalists in shaping the world according to their brain-damaged agenda using any means. Around 80% of the Libyan nation is controlled by the legitimate government and its Libyan army, the insurgency even with the continuous bombing by NATO, the use of coalition supplied mustard type gas and extreme terrorist tactics including genocide have failed to secure or control any significant area, town or city, even the ‘insurgency capital’ Benghazi is less than 50% held and that by terrorism as in Tripoli where most of that city has been freed of NTC suppression.

NATO AND CIA Plan To Conduct Terrorist Attack
A new 9/11 to justify a deadly attack on Libya. THIS IS INFORMATION FROM THE RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE KGB.
1. NATO’s desperate. NATO and TNC becoming isolated in “pockets of occupation.”
2. Talk increasing of diplomatic initiatives and power-sharing.
3. Long siege of Sabha is broken. Area firmly under Jamahiriya control.
4. NATO attempt to establish bridgehead in Sirte harbor for amphibian
assault was smashed: Libyan Special Forces set fire to NATO destroyer.
5. Zawiah: NATO/TNC convoy with many weapons ambushed by Libyan and Allied Forces [perhaps Tuaregs, Ibrahim al-Douri forces].
6. Possible NATO attempt to reconquer Derna.
7. Jamahiriya forces in Tripoli awaiting final assault on rebels.
8. Libyan defectors wish to return to Jamahiriya, now realizing they contributed to destruction of their country [This confirms information that appeared in an earlier Update report].
9. TNC and NATO approached Russian diplomats to broker a cease fire to negotiate peace deal and power-sharing.
10. Swiss Diplomats failed to bribe Libyan tribal leaders to not deploy fighters to Sirte [to support resistance], and to withdraw from the battlefield.
11. Swiss bankers fear illegal transfer of Libyan funds to TNC.
12. High-ranking NATO officer talked to Dr. Lehmann in confidential phone call. NATO commanders are afraid they’ll be tried, Nuremberg style, for war crimes: “Some of us are encouraging our boys to refuse orders to bomb civilian targets; we have had enough.”
13. Intelligence analysts warning of false flag event conducted by US Special Operation Units to create an excuse to invade Libya in October.

Also, see comments under the following post for teapot and others' news updates:

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