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Libyagate: twit control

Because my selection of twits is frequently stopped for editing by telegraph moderators  @ I'm putting them here for now.

[2am uk]
AlLibya TV said, Khamis is at front and literally "bored of those channels who killed him so often"

Zionist corrupted WhiteHouse floated '100 US Mil.Advisors Sent to Uganda' now it's admitting its Spec.OPs kill teams

Nato are desperate, TNC have no control of any city in Libya, Rebels thrown out to desert btn BaniWalid&Sabha with no supply lines..

Man-Made Ocean Acidification and 6 other tipping points endangering all humanity on earth
[360cnn. Paid to say bullshit or just poorly informed? ]

The Great Carbon Credit Deception

Ali Ojali has said clearly on France24 "I have been giving Information to USA ever since 2004 even when relations between libya was bad"

Uprising: Now 2 explosions could be heard outside of Zawya,believed to be arms storages

Ali Ojali NTC rat ambassador says " Gaddafi is still at large and he has money and men and supporters and he's still a Threat"

Silvio Berlusconi says that all those who became violent against violent police will be captured and punished
[And those police that get violent with demonstrators? Gov't against the people, not for.]

OWS protesters almost managed to storm the parliament in Portugal before being attacked by police - clashes

PanAFNW: Wall Street Protests Go Global; Rebellion Hits Rome: A burning car during the World Day of Occ...

Report Tripoli : large clashes across the city the rebels are being shot and killed. clashes in Green square and bab al aziziyah

Report Tripoli : all Rebels are Dressing As civilians in order to hide from Green resistance ambushes and being picked out in the crowd

[3am uk]
The sinister Western backed dictatorship of Qatar....and its role in the Libya 'uprising [insurgency]

Uprising: Greenflags at Rixos hotel

Northeastern Turkish city of Trabzon held a demonstration against Ankara 's decision to host NATO radar missile system (Press TV)
[US missile system]

Odd the mainstream media don't give regular reports from Green Sq showing how popular Libya's new 'Government' is

Western mainstream 'journalists' agree Green resistance in Libya is minimal, suggest they hold a street party in Abu Salim to prove it

Help fix US economy (and stop a war)! Send all Goldman Sachs execs to live in Bani Walid or Sirte, effective immediately

Corporate-Fascists Clamor for Iran War another reason 2 protest corporate financier elite occupyWallstreet

[4am uk]
message to America -economy is a house of cards-start devising local monetary sys & local markets 2produce & trade essentials independently
[And the uk. Let the banksters' reps in HoP pay them back the artificial debt they created together. Better still, go moneyless, trade goods and services.]

4th "Final Assault" of Sirte Libya ends in failure after 1 week ... NATO 2continue carpet bombing as 5th "final assault" prepared
[Are there any schools, tv-radio sta's, hospitals or emergency services left to bomb?]

Tripoli : large clashes across the city. the rebels are being shot and killed. clashes in Green square and bab al aziziyah

Debka Files - if they ever even had any - dash credibility against the rocks by jumping on DEA bomb-plot bandwagon

[5am uk]
Tunisians arrested for demonstrating against the NATO war on neighbouring country Libya

Check out US arms Bahrain while decrying Russian weapons in Syria at
...Goldring pointed out that Ambassador Rice said the opponents of the U.N. resolution would rather sell arms to the Syrian regime than stand with the Syrian people. "Transferring weapons to Bahrain leaves the U.S. government vulnerable to the same accusation that we would rather sell arms to the Bahrain regime than to stand with the people of Bahrain." she added.
[Rice has skill, she can learn lines given her by bankster reps]

The First Black President of the United States has unleashed a hell on Black Libya. No decent person can ever forgive him.

BCPL: Beware Amnesty UK: signs are it's infiltrated with British intelligence: 'the incubator babies being
thrown onto the floor'
[Remove charity status and or defund all bankster, Soros' orgs incl. HRW, ECFR, CFR, UN, NATO, EU, CoR, CoB, CoM, US, UK govs, everything outside Libya marked "green", ICC, Pentagon, CIA, MI5-6, free masons, zionist orgs etc. Let the banksters pay those that work for them, not the public.]

How did the 'Tripoli Festival' go? You picked a great day for it. Any photos

Must see video [Fox unaired interview]

[6am uk]
PanAFNW: US Military Kills More Yemenis in Airstrikes: People in Yemen are demanding the ouster of the ...
[Strike kills 9 al-Qaida militants - shouldn't the CIA be paying them as in Libya and Syria rather than bombing them]

Why did @PressTV retain one of the best independent journalists to report on Libya, then delete her reports?

Libyan Resistance Updates, October 11TH – 15TH, 2011.

Al Qaeda, The End Of A Legend

[7am uk]
Bush-Cheney robbed Social Security piggy bank BEFORE being forced to get Trillions in War Loans from China at 30% interest

The New Religion of Globalised Greed Part 1: Somalia - the Man-made Famine

[8am uk]
Thanks to GOP punish China Bill, China has hiked its USA import tariff's 40% AND USA will now pour 100's of Billions into Vietnam,Cambodia

French Special Forces Command captured by Green Libyan Patriots (15.10.2011.)
[I remember the vid from last month or even earlier.]

Libya Radio - Gaddafi: "I am in Tripoli, won't give up! We have control of Tripoli!"
[In spirit or one of his children speaking?]

US massacre 100 people in 2 days with HRW silence
...2 days of Drone attacks but HRW is deeply silent. The murders occurred in Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen.

[9am uk]
In 'Free' Tunisia - pro-Gadaffi protesters arrested and media censored. Yes, that's liberated US-style alright.

Obama had Anwar al-Awlaki's 21 yr old son executed & 4 members of Awlaki family via a missile. On what charges?

[10am uk]
BCPL: is back with a new and improved...:

"Clashes in Sirte as families return" Reuters/YouTube

RT_com Poverty Trap: More homeless & hungry with EU funding cuts

National Transitional Council of USA
[NATO to support?]

[11am uk]
RT_com Busting Bigfoot: World's most elusive beast almost spotted
[What size shoes does Gaddafi wear?]

Report Tripoli : Many rebels have died yesterday night street fights. 37 pickup trucks were destroyed. NTC rebels r shooting at civilians

Report Sirte : the rebels are in desert and keep retreating. The people of Sirte captured food and water and weapons from fleeing rebels.

Report Baniwalid : Green resistance moved further into desert and forced the rebels to retreat. Many rebels being called back to Tripoli

Hillary Clinton will travel to Tripoli from Malta,as early as tomorrow,according to a diplomatic source. Green army,do your job!
[Give the wicked witch of the west a full military reception.]

Report Zawiyah : 3 Very large explosions that shook homes even across 20 kilometer range of each blast. Rebel positions were hit

Report Sirte : there are statements by Many individuals in Sirte but still unconfirmed that Sirte Siege is broken because Tripoli uprising

Why I Published US Intelligence Secrets About Israel's Anti-Iran Campaign | Truthout:
...described an Israeli diplomatic campaign in this country to create a hostile environment for relations with Iran

RT_com Uprush for space race: Solar-powered cars blaze across Australia
[No way they'll take off... The Sun doesn't shine on the dark side.]

[12 midday uk]
US drops keeping troops in Iraq but the main question is will they ever dismantle their bases?

4,400 troops have lost their lives in Iraq for NoNobleCause ForWarBuiltOnLies

Regardless of whether US troops remain in or not, there will be a massive US diplomatic presence in Iraq
[There will be a massive presence of taxpayer funded (very expensive) contracted mercenaries under the pretext of security, in fact under direction of bankster puppets. Another method of transferring wealth away from the goyim]

[There you go -]
US Embassy in Baghdad is the largest in the world.5,000 security contractors will protect US diplomats in Iraq. No doubt they want immunity

Iraqis are still angry over incidents such as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal & want US troops subject to Iraqi law.

So Bani Walid is safe? Rats are telling that they have captured the city centre of bani walid.

Rats are nowhere near Baniwalid. The Rats are extremely Demoralized. they are tossing Moatassem lies again

Rebels are suffering they want shift focus on Another subject. "tripoli" war is not easy subject for them
[Or their media-politico cheerleaders!]

[1pm uk]
Someone will confirm for us Conditions of bel haj and situation in Tripoli soon. a caller from Tripoli will explain more details on ground
[Wounded, dead or abroad?]

Right now Belhaj is actually dividing the rats and dividing NTC AlQaeda. He's great division tool. Nothing works with him

after admitting Syria protesters are in fact armed militants MSM still going with "brutal suppression" story

corporate funded Atlantic Council bemoans BRIC blocking NATO murder spree in Syria fear natl. sovereignty will mark "next world order"

Media Spin Medal of the week : Aljazeera is Reporting that Baniwalid is under their control.. morale is terrible. Moatassem lie didnt work

Maybe they really let them in some outskirt areas like they did in Sirte to crush them finally.

135 NATO Mercenaries killed and 50 captured in Bani Walid ambush

[2pm uk]
guns flowing over Syria border 2 "unarmed" protesters who've killed 100s of govt troops. If UN wants 2 stop violence stop US shipping in guns
[And Kurdish rebels]

[3pm uk]
common misconception.Mubarak has never been overthrown. hes still there. he always ruled from Hospital

that sounds like a bad joke from your side. care to elaborate?

Im not joking. Mubarak is in power. Whole Egypt revolution was fake.was all To Spread the fake arab spring

First point. all Generals you see are cronies of mubarak. Point 2 Mubaraks assets and money are untouched

doesnt solve the problem, tantawi is rival. the only thing that makes sense is that he cowered to US threats

"court case" remember Mubarak has no "heir" his son is Rubbish. This is just show to keep people busy

Mubarak is not in power, everything else u said seems to b true

I know but he cowered to US threat to seize the suez. maybe hes in power after all, but now not opposing US

Report Tripoli caller: "A lot of traffic. A lot of foreign solders in tripolis. A lot of CIA. A lot of armed rebels in streets."

new rats from the sirte and bani walid front?

Report Tripoli caller: "Foreign Soldiers and CIA... They are trying force control people and tripolis"

"No police infrastructure, no prison authorities, Justice Ministry not functional.. allegations & evidence of torture"

Looks like the Obamaregime is getting serious about Teheran now.
US 'pressing IAEA to release Iran nuclear data'
Citing unnamed senior administration officials, the newspaper said the nuclear data did not "definitively point to the construction of a weapon" but would force the Iranians to provide answers about their nuclear program.
[If you have eggs you are guilty of conspiring to pelt Camoron.]

Our brave army in Ben walid killed 99 rats and capture two tanks also 7 cars from rats

When Jamahiria declare control of Tripoli all countries of the global south will recognize it as legitimate govt again
[If the Pentagonads' NATO leaves any building standing]

Doctor Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi assured that he and the leader are preparing huge surprises for the imperialist countries who are backing the rats; and Khamis Al-Gaddafi is still alive and guiding the army.

Several Nazi NATO rebel rats commanders were killed in the front at Gharghoun

US are more threat to peace of EA and CA than LRA

Israeli Strategist said "Mubarak and Abdullah of Jordan will be last presidents for those countries. We have Plan for continuity"

In UK 'Liam Fox resignation exposes Tory links to US radical right' nothing like this going on in Australia..

[4pm uk]
Yemen will become a civil war and very long one. It will be like somalia. its all planned to make it into Tiny Countries better to manage
[Don't know about division, I think it is irrelevant. Agree with civil war, the banksters want the whole ME in turmoil so they can move in either as "intervention" wars or peace keeping forces.]

NATO is trying to split somalia into 3 Parts. North and Then Center and south. IRAQ they are trying to split it 3 parts too. Go figure.
[Disagree, Rothschild wants the border further north to increase his holdings (via various "charity" banks) of mineral/hydrocarbon bearing land, hence there are border fights.]

People have right to determine spending of THEIR tax money. Right to say they don't wish to fund foreign wars, NATO, weapons. Not hard.
[When did this change happen?]

Only country that will survive this period is Syria and thats for certain. The rest will go through Disasters. Syria will remain strong
[If the US puppets' Arab League unite against Syria under the pretext of protecting citizens and go to war with NATO support... - it worked in Libya.]

But do not get me Wrong all of these plans of NATO will backfire on them. breaking us into Nothing. we Unite into something bigger easier
[Easier for the banksters to manage and milk. Pentagon plan is for a United States of Arabia - Saudi/Israeli managed]

People mentalities are changing there is no more "international law" we need to unite everyone to survive NATO killers.

Series of NATO strikes target Tripoli

Urgent message from Libya. -It was reported that the ambassadors of France and the United States now meet with Muammar Gaddafi

Syria-Two Law-Enforcement Members Martyred in Hama, Two Car Loaded with Weapons Seized on Homs-Tartous Crossroads. s.

what happens when comedians make more sense than the summation of the corporate media ? Ron Paul 2012

Statue of Martin Luther king Looks like a Man Pinned on A wall. Half his Body stuck in a wall. Thats life of Africans in USA "stuck"
[pic here,_Jr._Memorial]

[5pm uk] 0
[6pm uk]
Reuters: Arab League to discuss suspending Syria: delegate

Report Sirte : 282 Rebels killed in last 4 hours. The rebels have no control of any position and their Top Rebel Commander killed.

Report Sirte : the Rebels 282 Killed and 642 injured and Top rebel commander killed. The rebels fled a Further 2 kilometers.

The rebels did a Major Push on Sirte today after last days of endless Retreats they needed To do something. it failed.

Fighting resumed Sunday between pro-CNT forces and the loyalist forces of the Colonel, in Beni Walid, a stronghold of ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi, after a lull of a week

[7pm uk]
20 rebels killed today in Ben Gashir area in Tripoli

---------I grouped the following-----------
Bel haj made meeting with Qatar and there is talks of him wanting to leave NTC and negotiate with oppositions. Sign of NTC splits.
[Would Gaddafi allow negotiation with Al Qaeda? If he wants revenge he may. The CIA/ western forces have used AQ against Libya, it would be poetic justice.]

"oppositions" hes trying to talk to Rival Brigades and Also trying To negotiate with Green resistance.

there divisions won't matter to Libyans.. Both TNC and alqaeda are enemies and both are nato agents.. So we will finish thm

salabi or some other al qaeda scum will kill belhaj for that.

Salabi is planning to take all of benghazi for himself Right now ALQaEDA salabi taking cash not to do it now

haha but how is benghazi now? isnt it 50% green?
Report Sirte : still heavy fighting the people are fighting the rebels 2 km outside city now.

10-17-11 we shall meet again in Tripoli this will be Saif's Operation and Khamis' brigades

Rebels in Tripoli are desperate, they know they r losing.cannot attack everywhere Sirte BaniWalid Sabha & hold Tripoli.

[8pm uk]
Captured Nato mercenaries Jaques Monse:35, Alan Abano:29, Mark Moren:31, Henry Richardson:26, Ryan Kirk:37 via

PINKtank: This Week in Accountability, October 16, 2011: This Week in Accountability, October 16, 2011 ... Drones and war criminals.

algerian isp says ras jadir and zwarrah now green

cannot confirm that information just passing it through as "algeria isp" information. I'll try to check with contacts in libya

Lot of damage in Rome...the violence has pretty much wrecked the idea of occupy and civil protest movement in Italy at the moment
[OWS Rome infiltrated? Hijacked?]

WP: Libyans bulldoze walls of Gadhafi’s Tripoli compound, calling it symbol of tyranny: TRIPOLI, Libya ...
[I expect now the boot is on the other foot the demolishers may regret the decision.]

NTC field Commander of the libration brigade Hussein Alteer was killed in Sirte just few hours ago! He was one of CNN sources.

Private FED Moves To Ban Critical Video! Alex Jones.
"I will cover this in more detail on the radio Monday..."

[9pm uk]
U.S. military hiding its losses in Libya. Seems that the U.S. military suffered heavy losses...

United Nations: Some seven thousand people were being held in the prisons of the Interim Council
...Who should we the majority of Libya call on? Russia? China? Bric? Who the fuck will help us! When the UN has betrayed what it stands for!!

Press TV: US intelligence notoriously inaccurate:

[10pm uk]
Uganda's oil contracts leaked - a bad deal made worse repeated by the Ugandan government and the oil companies that Uganda has received a very good deal and the best in the region are not only a fiction, but were reliant on the real terms of the contracts being kept secret

Report Libya : the Misrata brigade has pulled many forces with heavy weapons away from Sirte and sent them to Baniwalid frontline
[They've given the Sirte defenders enough of them, now they want the Bani Walid resistance to have their share.]

Report Libya : the rebels were defeated today and fled both frontlines of Sirte and baniwalid after heavy fighting.

Report Tripoli : heavy fighting in Tajoura Neighborhood and hai damascus and Saladin and Garagesh neighborhood.

Looks like rebels suffered a massive defeat at Sirte.

Report sirte : the rebels are killing and torturing all civilians they can find. This has been confirmed by Red cross In baniwalid and sirte

WP: Tunisia’s Islamists set for big gains as world casts wary eye on landmark elections: TUNIS, Tunisia...

Report Baniwalid : Rebel commander and his convoy have been destroyed at baniwalid. the rebels moved towards outskirts but were surrounded

NTC rebel oil Ministry Mahmoud albadi has resigned his statement "there is severe corruption. i cannot continue my functions"
[gasp. shock. Corruption among career criminals.]

Just Got some Information that there is Clashes at Tobruk right now and some rebel offices were torched.

British Ambassador visits 'Zintan' Rebels tribes 15.10.11, Arabic vid

Report Baniwalid : Very very heavy fighting at Baniwalid outskirts there is very heavy battle at valley. many rebels are dying right now

NATO Rebels proud to come up with this idea in Sirte, 'As any Rat would be', vid

Baniwalid caller : "many Rats died they are at Valley and outskirt area of city The clashes are going as we speak" more info soon

Caller from Tripoli : "there are many dead bodies arriving from Baniwalid frontlines and there are clashes happening now in tripoli"

NATO is continuously bombing everything regardless of target. to the point that simply put it has become common news item

WP: Arab League stops short of suspending Syria’s membership over bloody crackdown on protests: CAIRO -

Report Libya : there is clashes in Fernaj and Ain Zara the people Green resistance are uprising

Brother. Reuters is claiming that rats have raised rebel flag in Bani Walid City Centre!!!! I guess its a big fat lie.

[10pm uk]
CNN confirms that rebels are stuck in stalemate and rebel commander was shot twice by lone hero sniper came close to the brigade.

NEW YORK: Citibanks Customers Arrested for Trying to Close Their Accounts

Rebel RAT doctor PressTV "there are many injures bcz fighters enter from two sides we suffered many friendly fire its slowing the advance"

PressTV confirms "the only source for Baniwalid captured" story is actually a rebel commander. New Media spin already is breaking apart

NATO planes are still flying over Sirte searching for children to slaughter

When the information reached the planned operation carried out in Sirte sources...
[Possible use of anthrax by NATO terrorists. Imported but was to be claimed as from Libyan army stores.]

BBCpropagandaNews -Libya: Fighters' revenge on pro-Gaddafi city of Sirte

Killing of Khaled Abdel-Salam Obeid guerrilla commander in the NATO Tragn clients at the hands of the sons of honorable tribes in the south Libyan via

Report Baniwalid : Update i will try to reconfirm this. that many Rebels have died and Top Rebel commander leading all Brigades killed

Report Baniwalid : confirmed that top Rebel commander leading all Rebel brigades has been killed.heavy fighting continues outskirts

[Midnight uk]
MSNBC - Sirte: "almost every house and building either damaged by a rocket or mortar, burned out or riddled with bullets. "

MSNBC/ Sirte Resident "Let me tell you one thing. The people of Sirte are Bedouins and the Bedouin man does not forget to avenge injustice,"

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