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Libyagate: Corporation War Gets a Kick In The Teeth

Black Libyans make their stand in Sirte and Bani Walid
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
“Black soldiers are fighting for survival against the world’s biggest lynch mob, armed to the teeth by the United States and Europe.” When it comes to Blacks – whether Libyans or immigrant workers - NATO-backed rebels have shown no respect for the rules of war, or for women and children. If surrender means torture and debasement or summary execution at the hands of racist killers, the only option is a battle to the bitter end.
The Black defenders of Sirte and Bani Walid fight like lions because they have no choice.
Both NATO and their Libyan rebel surrogates express wonder at the fact that loyalist forces continue to fight so fiercely in the contested cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, despite being vastly outnumbered on the ground and unceasingly pummeled from above by the world’s largest air armada. But one look at a picture of Gaddafi loyalist prisoners, captured at a hospital in Sirte, tells the story: they are all Black. The assault on Libya has largely devolved into a race war, and the Black soldiers are fighting for survival against the world’s biggest lynch mob, armed to the teeth by the United States and Europe.

Libya Day of Protest while War Spreads into Tunisia and Algeria
Dr. Christof Lehmann Oct 14 nsnbc
Muammar Ghadafi - Calling Libyans to Protest against NATO and TNC today.
In his most recent address to the Libyan People, Muammar Ghadafi encouraged Libyans to protest NATO´s aggression and the TNC. For today, Friday, the Legitimate Libyan Government has called for nation wide demonstrations. Throughout the day and night there was heavy fighting in several Libyan Cities. Since nsnbc´s report on 3 October that Algerian Tribes are entering the war for Libyan Liberation, the most recent developments support that the war on Libya is spreading to Algeria and Tunisia. The world is waiting in anticipation of todays events.  
3. October nsnbc reported that French Ambassador to Algeria Xavier Driencourt made preparations for an emergency evacuation of the French Embassy, and that Algerian Tribes were entering the war for Libyan war. Tonight nsnbc received confirmed reports that there had been heavy clashes in the border region between Tunisia and Libya. As Tripoli becomes increasingly unstable and the campaign against Sirte is stalling one time after the other, Tunisia has gained logistical importance for resupplying TNC fighters and material for the Sirte Offensive.
The response of Tunisian tribes was to increase their amount of attacks on TNC and NATO convoys headed for the Libyan border. Again last night, two convoys were intercepted, and the TNC fighters attacked and forced to return. TNC fighters in Tunisia, heading for Zuwaiya, terrorized a Tunisian village, took down and burned a Tunisian Flag, which resulted in the population taking up arms against the TNC fighters, killing a dozen of them, while some escaped. Several analysts with knowledge about Tunisian and Tribal matters reported to nsnbc, that last nights events are bound to increase militarized responses to TNC presence in Tunisia.
[CIA's] Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri has yesterday called on Al Qaeda to widen the Libyan war, and to attack the Algerian Government.

Testimony of Libya - Lizzy Phelan

Update on the struggle for the liberation of Libya and the unification of Africa
Oct 14
[...]General news:
The TNC rebels destroyed and looted both the embassies of Syria and Algeria. The TNC rebels have recognized the TNC councils for both Syria and Algeria.  Al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri congratulated the TNC and has called for a war on Algeria. Many of his followers in the TNC are following suit. The recent policy change on Algeria is a clear indication of continued conflict there.
The Tuareg tribe of Mali declared its support for the Jamahiriya government and the Green Flag, and they will send a large force to Libya. Many volunteers around the Muslim and Arab world have arrived in Libya to fight the TNC and rebels and NATO.  The war of Libya has escalated into a regional war with wider implications.
/Full report, Dennis South highlights some of the output on various blogs around the web

Via Twitter, am Oct 15
NTC running away, saving their butts. Hafeez Goukh fled to Qatar.
NTC running away, saving their butts. Ali Altarhuni in Belgium under pretext of co-operation $ agreements
NTC running away, saving their butts. Aldgala fled to Alexandria under pretext of meeting military officials
NTC running away, saving their butts. Hifter ran away to Italy
Qatar favoured Al Qaeda affiliate, listed terrorist org. LIFG leader and insurgents’ Tripoli military commander Belhaj has been missing for several days. Speculation is that he’s done a runner or has been killed.
US ambassador is missing, speculated to be dead.

Visit for news, views and updates from twitter about the dirty war.
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