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27 July 2015 @ 05:46 pm
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The sticky post Which enemy of the UK & humanity will you vote for? A freemason?
95% of crime is committed by Government
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eutruth.org has been taken down. A copy of the source post is at http://chrisspivey.org/the-truth-about-the-eu/
it is a full copy (mine isn't due to character limits) but none of the links to eutruth docs will work.
The Truth About The EU
Couple of comments from there:
Bob Wilson
February 15, 2013
There is an old saying which was used by Oliver Cromwell, that “what you gain by force is nothing”. I would add, “what you gain by criminality, is nothing”. The EU is nothing, it only exists in the mind of criminals and perverts. You have to stop calling us “Britain”, there is no where in the world called Britain. There was the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and even that was de facto. Ever heard the saying, “There will always be an England”? There never realy was a Great Britain, that too was a figment of immagination and occult thinking.
There is no British constitution, only the English constitution, Great Britain existed under a Treaty agreement, in the same way the EU claims it exists under treaty agreement. Once a Treaty is violated, then the imaginary entity is dissolved. Great Britain Dissolved at some point in the nineteenth century, to be then set up as a corporation, which for any one who does not know is an imaginary person. Look at these so called EU treaties, they are all signed by imaginary people, “Great Britain” in our case. In England the nation, and Scotland or Wales for that matter, “Great Britain” is meaningless, in reality “Great Britain” is meaningless, the corrupt elite know this and are desperate to cling on to their imaginary person called “Great Britain”. You show me one EU treaty that has been signed by the de jure nations of either England, Scotland or Wales. You can not because there are none, they are all signed in the imaginary and de facto corporate name of “Great Britain”.
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Fars News Aug 30, 2015
TEHRAN (FNA)- Nowadays, not just for Iraqis and Syrians, but for Yemeni people, it is what is happening in the dark that counts.
While many critics of the Yemen War are still not willing to cut the Obama administration some slack, something more unsettling appears to be going on - just as the case has been for so long in other parts of the Middle East:
The United States has reportedly invaded and occupied Yemen's strategic Island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean and is now building its biggest naval base there. This is while the colonial scheme has no UN blessing and certainly no consent from the Yemeni government.
Hundreds of workers from Asian countries have already been deployed by the US Navy to construct the illegal base between the continents of Asia and Africa. Socotra is a small archipelago of four islands; the largest island, also called Socotra, is about 95 percent of the landmass of the archipelago.ExpandCollapse )
VT. By Kevin Barrett on August 27, 2015
Or were they just trying to be helpful by committing genocide?
The Middle East is a mess.
Iraq is nearly ungovernable, littered with depleted uranium. Four million people are homeless refugees, including two million outside Iraq’s borders. ISIS, known by some as “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service,” continues to rampage, while Iraqi Kurdistan has become an oil colony of Israel.
The Middle East is a mess.
Iraq is nearly ungovernable, littered with depleted uranium. Four million people are homeless refugees, including two million outside Iraq’s borders. ISIS, known by some as “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service,” continues to rampage, while Iraqi Kurdistan has become an oil colony of Israel.
The US-backed war on Syria has left almost ten million Syrians refugees, including 6.5 million inside the country and more than three million who have fled.
Libya, once the most prosperous and developed country in Africa, is now a Mad Max style battleground ruled by warlords.
Sudan, like Iraq, has been smashed into two pieces. And as in Iraq, the smaller, resource-rich piece is unofficially Israeli-occupied territory.
Egypt has seen the first attempt at democracy in its 5,000 year history crushed by the brutal Israeli agent Gen. al-Sisi, who has slaughtered and tortured to death thousands of peaceful activists.
Fifteen to twenty million Middle Eastern refugees are looking for a home. Where should they go?
To solve this problem, we need the truth about who created it.

In yesterday’s Debate show on Press TV (posted above) Robert Evans, a former member of the EU parliament, argued that the devastation of the Middle East is an unintended consequence of well-intentioned policies.
Offended by such evident bad faith, I reminded Evans that the destabilization and Balkanization of the Middle East was the decades-old objective of Israel’s Oded Yinon plan. Reasserted by Netanyahu’s Clean Break document in 1996, re-framed as an “American” plan in PNAC’s “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” in September 2000, and put into action after the 9/11/2001 Zionist coup d’état, the destruction of the Middle East is a long-desired goal, not an unintended consequence.
Four million Muslims have been butchered as a result of 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. Since 1990, eight million Muslims have been killed.
This is a deliberate genocide, a bona fide holocaust.
People like Robert Evans are the real “holocaust deniers.”
This is something that all reasonable people, and maybe even a few unreasonable ones, can agree on. Even Jim Fetzer – who is unable to attend the Conference on Covert Harassment and Mind Control in Berlin this coming October 1st and 2nd due to the possibility he would be arrested for his views on the Nazi holocaust – cannot deny that the massacre of Muslims post 9/11 constitutes a very real case of genocide.

[Watch the latest False Flag Weekly News]

VT http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/08/27/yinon/
As of Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"A tour de force list of scientific papers..."
- Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. Environmental Scientist

"Wow, the list is pretty impressive ...It's Oreskes done right."
- Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist

"I really appreciate your important effort in compiling the list."
- Willie Soon, Ph.D. Astrophysicist and Geoscientist

"An excellent place to start to take stock of the scientific diversity of positions on AGW."
- Emil A.Røyrvik, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist

"...it's a very useful resource. Thanks to the pop tech team."
- Joanne Nova, Author of The Skeptics Handbook

"I do confess a degree of fascination with Poptech's list..."
- John Cook, Cartoonist at Skeptical Science

† This resource has been cited over 90 times, including in scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

Before accepting any criticisms of this list, please read the detailed rebuttals.

Table of Contents:

Counting Method
Criteria for Inclusion
Criteria for Removal

Rebuttals to Criticisms


Climate Sensitivity
Coral Reefs
Gulf Stream
Hockey Stick
Medieval Warm Period
Roman Warm Period
Ocean Acidification
Polar Bears
Sea Level
Species Extinctions

Natural Disasters
Droughts, Floods
Heat Waves

Satellite Temperatures
Urban Heat Island
Weather Stations

1,500-Year Climate Cycle
CO2 Lags Temperature
Cosmic Rays

An Inconvenient Truth
Armed Conflict
Kyoto Protocol
Stern Review


Journal Citation List
Journal Notes
Impact Factor
Scientist Credentials


Tip: Use Ctrl+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac) to search this page.

Preface: The following papers support skeptic arguments against Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC), Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) or Alarmism [Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) or Dangerous Anthropogenic Global Warming (DAGW)].

Alarmism: (defined), "concern relating to a perceived negative environmental or socio-economic effect of ACC/AGW, usually exaggerated as catastrophic."

Disclaimer: Even though the most prolific authors on the list are skeptics, the inclusion of a paper in this list does not imply a specific personal position to any of the authors. While certain authors on the list cannot be labeled skeptics (e.g. Harold Brooks, Roger Pielke Jr., Roger Pielke Sr.) their paper(s) or results from their paper(s) can still support skeptic's arguments against Alarmism. Various papers are mutually exclusive and should be considered independently. This list will be updated and corrected as necessary.

This is a resource for skeptics not a list of skeptics.

Counting Method: Only peer-reviewed papers are counted. Supplemental papers are not counted but listed as references in defense of various papers, these are italicized and proceeded by an asterisk ( * ) so they are not confused with the counted papers.

Supplemental papers include (but are not limited to): Addendums, Comments, Corrections, Discussions, Erratum, Rebuttals, Rejoinders, Replies, Responses, Supplemental Material, Updates and Submitted papers.

This is a dynamic list that is routinely updated. When a significant new number of peer-reviewed papers is added the list title will be updated with the new larger number. The list intentionally includes an additional 10+ peer-reviewed papers as a margin of error at all times, which gradually increases between updates. Thus the actual number of peer-reviewed papers on the list can be much greater than stated.

Criteria for Inclusion: All counted papers must be peer-reviewed, published in a peer-reviewed journal and support a skeptic argument against ACC/AGW or Alarmism. This means they are either written by a skeptic, explicit to a skeptical position, or were already cited by and determined to be in support of a skeptic argument by highly credentialed scientists, such as Sherwood B. Idso Ph.D. Research Scientist Emeritus, U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory and Patrick J. Michaels Ph.D. Climatology.

Criteria for Removal: Papers will only be removed if it is determined by the editor that they have not properly met the criteria for inclusion or have been retracted by the journal. Just like other popular scientific bibliographic resources (e.g. Scopus, Web of Science), no paper will be removed because of the existence of a criticism or published correction. Any known published correction will be included on the list following the original paper to show that these did not affect the author's original conclusions.

Formatting: All papers are cited as: "Paper Name, Journal Name, Volume, Issue or Number, Pages, Date and Authors". All Supplemental papers are preceded by an asterisk and italicized; Addendums, Comments, Corrections, Erratum, Replies, Responses and Submitted papers. Ordering of the papers is chronological per category.

Purpose: To provide a resource for peer-reviewed papers that support skeptic arguments against ACC/AGW or Alarmism and to prove that these papers exist contrary to claims otherwise;

"You realize that there are something like two or three thousand studies all of which concur which have been peer reviewed, and not one of the studies dissenting has been peer reviewed?"
- John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State and Failed U.S. Presidential Candidate (2004)

"There was a massive study of every scientific article in a peer reviewed article written on global warming in the last ten years. They took a big sample of 10 percent, 928 articles. And you know the number of those that disagreed with the scientific consensus that we’re causing global warming and that is a serious problem out of the 928: Zero. The misconception that there is disagreement about the science has been deliberately created by a relatively small number of people."
- Al Gore, Former U.S. Vice President and Failed U.S. Presidential Candidate (2000)

"I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by AGW voices that there are NO qualified skeptics or peer reviewed/published work by them. Including right here by RC regulars. In truth there is serious work and questions raised by significant work by very qualified skeptics which has been peer reviewed and published. It should be at least a bit disturbing for this type of denial to have been perpetrated with such a chorus. It’s one thing to engage and refute. But it’s not right to misrepresent as not even existing the counter viewpoints. I fully recognize the adversarial environment between the two opposing camps which RC and CA/WUWT represent, but the the perpetual declaration that there is no legitimate rejection of AGW is out of line."
- John H., Comment at RealClimate.org

23 August 2015 @ 11:40 pm
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/21/2015 - 22:00
America is a gulag. We are ruled by a government that is devoid of all morality, all integrity, all compassion, all justice. The government of the United States stands for one thing and one thing only: Evil. You are part of the new Captive Nation.
Submitted by Paul Craig Roberts.

America’s First Black President is a traitor to his race and also to justice.
Obama has permitted the corrupt US Department of Justice (sic), over which he wields authority, to overturn the ruling of a US Federal Court of Appeals that prisoners sentenced illegally to longer terms than the law permits must be released once the legal portion of their sentence is served. The DOJ, devoid of all integrity, compassion, and sense of justice, said that “finality” of conviction was more important than justice.

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20 August 2015 @ 08:56 pm
AS a supporter of anti-child abuse initiatives, including calling for a full investigation into institutional paedophilia over the past four decades, I have been particularly interested in the events of the past week.
Published: Sun, March 2, 2014 By Sonia Poulton
[Image] INSIDIOUS: Parliament is ‘encircled by paedophile rings’ influencing our society [PA]

To recap: ­Labour Party members Harriet Harman, her husband Jack Dromey and their  colleague Patricia Hewitt have been at  the centre of a media frenzy for their alleged links to the Paedophile Information Exchange, which campaigned to legalise sex with children in the Seventies.
Naturally, I found their reported connections to PIE disturbing when I first happened upon this information, which is why I wrote about it in the Sunday Express last May.
The reason I did, and why I will now return to the subject, is simple.
In October 2012, MP Tom Watson stood up in the Commons and addressed the Prime Minister. He told David Cameron that he had become aware of rumours of paedophile rings which “encircled parliament” and had done so for decades and he then asked for this to be investigated.
The Prime Minister agreed and Operation Fairbank (later evolving into Operation Fernbridge) was duly launched.
Since Mr Watson’s pronouncement, we have witnessed the arrest of a Catholic priest, two unnamed workers associated with a children’s care home and a sorry display of Seventies light entertainers and present-day soap stars who have been ­paraded before the public and the courts to answer varying charges of abuse from paedophilia to groping.

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A Construct
What is the society we are living in like? We think, we know our neighborhood, friends, if we really have any, and definitely we know or at least we think we know something about our close relatives as well as extended family mostly through personal experiences of our lives but also through narratives that are proliferated among our family members about society at large and ourselves within this society.
What about society at large? Do we really directly know anything about our society beyond our professional or commercial relationships with strangers, mitigated by money or advantage? Do we realize or understand our own role in society beyond narrow family ties and responsibilities?
Are there true human experiences and not fat books of lies, aphorisms, innuendos, misconceptions and omissions supposedly about politics and society, the only source on which we base our entire social worldview?
Is it not, society we live in really our society, meaning that we, ordinary people, create it and control it or at least conscientiously support it in any meaningful ways?
There are no easy answers to above questions. But we do not worry much, since we know we don’t have to know those answers to live our everyday lives, which we believe to have special meaning or wish to have special meaning, purpose for us alone and we vaguely sense, if not conscientiously choose, what such goals are or should be hoping that they would be attainable.
Sadly, all of it, a nice tale about humanity and life struggle, is just an illusion we ourselves help to feed into our minds. The necessary illusion of our own control over our own lives within our own community or even in our own society at large, we are truly oblivious to.
So what is the real society we live in? Is our place and role in the society solely mitigated by our inherited social position, skills, talents, our hard work, dedication and determination and lots of good luck or random chance? Or are we imprisoned behind invisible bars of our knowledge, beliefs, choices, traditions or intellectual horizons, all arbitrary factors instilled in us from within our society making us insensible to great indiscernible walls of desirable comfort and stability of our mind?
Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the society really is and unlike the famous Matrix, nobody can see it with his or her own eyes either, since we cannot simply unplug. What we really have are bits and pieces of societal structure in itself, a substrate separated from myths and obfuscation, examined in “extention” for what it actually is and not what it does.
There is ample documentation for the latter while scarcely anything about the former.
All we know for sure is that society we live in is man-made.
Fortunately, there were men and women in the past such as Michael Foucault and others who understood fundamentals of society with its holographic structures of deceit and suggestive hedonistic innuendos disguised as principles and values as well as its perfect dynamism of control. And they woke up and freed few people from beautiful delusion of radical individualism, as well as from profound believe in possibility of self-effacement deep within the society.
And from them we know what we know.
It is mostly accepted fact that “advanced”, so-called agrarian and/or civil society is organized into political system imposed by minority of ruling elite.
Below there is presented brief review of a model of structure of society under dynamic control of political system that is thought to resemble the society we live in. While plausible, that this model was developed under restraints of deficient or often insufficient data obtained from complex dynamic system.
The issue of emergence of the elite itself is more an issue related to evolution of our human species and individual advancement processes as well as its conditionality regarding social development, generally similar across all higher order species and hence will not be discussed here where focus is being placed on already developed society.

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13 August 2015 @ 11:37 pm
"Deadly Deceit, Low-Level Rad., High-Level Coverup," It's Not Too Late

Examining low-level radiation effects of nuclear bomb tests/reactors
7 Dec 1992 Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc.
(Dave Ratcliffe)
This 1991 book, "Deadly Deceit" provides a wealth of information about the the reality of low-level radiation created in the fallout from nuclear bomb detonations and from nuclear reactors, and how exposure to such material via the food chain may have done far more damage to humans and other living things than previously thought.  The possibility of continued operation of civilian and military nuclear reactors will do irreversible harm to future generations as well.  The chief findings in this book revolve around statistical estimates of excess deaths that have never before been part of the public debate on the dangers of low-level radiation.  The information is "out there."  The question is, are we willing to study it and act upon its implications?  Or are we "too busy"?
Excerpts follow from Chapter 11, (included in its entirety below) examining some of the consequences of "an almost complete absence of serious debate in American scientific and medical journals about the effect of ingested or inhaled fission products on the hormonal and immune systems. -- ratitor
There has been an almost complete absence of serious debate in American scientific and medical journals about the effect of ingested or inhaled fission products on the hormonal and immune systems.  A distinction should be made between the nuclear scientists who permitted national security to take precedence over unwanted truths, and the majority of scientists and physicians who have been unaware of the evidence that free radical-induced biological damage may be thousands of times more efficient at low doses of radiation than at high ones. . . .
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11 August 2015 @ 04:00 pm

"The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. It's purpose is to destroy the United States." (John E. Rankin, a U.S. Congressman)

"The age of nations must end. The governments of nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they will surrender their arms."

The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Common Market, as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed, "We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him."

United Nations, A Brief History

The Ultimate Delusion: by Stephen Ames

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation." (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations)

Pope Urges Strengthening of the UN

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06 August 2015 @ 07:12 pm
By John Marshall
May 1, 2015

Ever notice that the skies are not a deep blue color anymore, but rather a dull milky white most of the time? Ever look up and notice how the spray left by jets lingers for hours and spreads out and falls. Ever notice those patches of trees in the forest that appear to be dying or dead? Ever heard of so many respiratory and skin problems with family and friends like Morgellans, and COPD? Ever see such weather devastation on the planet?
If you have noticed any of these things then you are witnessing BG engineering (bio-geo-engineering) in action. The consequences are extreme and most people don’t realize we’re being fumigated like bugs.
The entire globe is being sprayed under the auspices of climate change formerly known as global warming. That term was changed when it proved to make them look like the liars that they are.
The spray in concert with HAARP is used to divert weather patterns like a weapon on unsuspecting countries or states. These weather weapons are being used right now to cause a drought in California and Oregon. [HAARP Pictures]
Weather weapons are nothing new since they were used on the Ho-Chi-Mein trail in Vietnam to bring in a monsoon to halt the advancement of the enemy. China, Russia, and the USSA all have these weather weapons.
One thing for sure is this country and the world are at extinction level pollution levels. For instance;ExpandCollapse )
Endless enemies - how the US is supporting the Islamic State by fighting it
Nafeez Ahmed 17 July 2015

From al-Qaeda to the Islamic State to Assad, the US is fighting terrorists of its own creation by partnering with other terrorists of its own creation.
Geopolitics is a murky game. Precisely how murky is reflected in the well-worn phrase, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
What happens, though, when you follow that ancient proverb with the faith of a religious believer?
Now that the war on the “Islamic State” (IS) is, ostensibly, in full-swing, the US is making “friends” out of enemies, old and new. Among our new friends is al-Qaeda.
Except they are supposedly not “our” friends, but friends of our allies.

Al-Qaeda, freedom fighters for Gulf monarchies
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Sputnik International
NATO Can’t Break Its Old Habit, Threatens Russia – French Political Expert
NATO drills in Poland demonstrated that the alliance is able to quickly respond in case of a military action. That’s the official version. Unofficially, the large-scale military operation was directed against Russia and was intended to intimidate the Kremlin, said Florent Parmentier, a political expert at Paris Institute of Political Science.
NATO created a Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), a special unit available to respond to threats on short notice. All together the VJTF is expected to have at least 40,000 soldiers ready to be deployed within 48 hours, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
NATO wants to show its strength and to intimidate Russia, wrongly assuming that Moscow wants to "invade" Eastern Europe. "Cold Warriors" from NATO want to demonstrate their usefulness and assume the role of "European protectors," Parmentier said.
The western military alliance has been openly stating that Moscow poses a threat to its neighbors, all the while flashing its military hardware close to Russian borders. However, NATO muscle flexing and enhanced drills in Europe lack any merit since Russia neither poses a military threat to Eastern Europe nor want to frighten its neighbors. Claiming otherwise is simply ridiculous.
The United States tries to justify its military activities in Europe by asserting that Russia is somehow to blame for the civil war in Ukraine, sparked by the US-sponsored coup in February 2014.ExpandCollapse )
By Rory Hall, The Daily Coin
Earlier today I was speaking with Dave Kranzler and we fell into a discussion regarding the current state of gold and silver. This is how I described everything to Dave as we talked:
Beginning in December, as Dave pointed out in Is The Global Financial System On The Brink Of Collapse?, something happened in the derivatives market and I believe something broke and there has been an ongoing smoldering fire just under the surface. The criminals at the too big to prosecute mafia organizations, formerly known as banks, have been doing their level best to keep the fire from coming to the surface. The desperate behavior by the Central Planners reeks of the unmistakable scent of fear. If you think the Wall Street criminals aren’t scared right now, then explain this:
I’ve never seen so many sophisticated Wall Street’ers this scared in my entire career. – This comment comes from a very well-connected Wall Street/DC insider and is in reference to how illiquid the bond markets have become – InvestmentResearchDynamics
ExpandCollapse )
In April we learn, by way of Mr Steve St. Angelo​ of the SRSRocco​ Report, the gold and silver miners are beginning to have serious cash flow problems and output slowing down. We also learned, from Mr Jeff Brown​ when we interviewed him on Shadow of Truth, - See more at: http://thedailycoin.org/?p=37973#sthash.zjTd6xDv.dpuf

In April we learn, by way of Mr Steve St. Angelo​ of the SRSRocco​ Report, the gold and silver miners are beginning to have serious cash flow problems and output slowing down. We also learned, from Mr Jeff Brown​ when we interviewed him on Shadow of Truth, - See more at: http://thedailycoin.org/?p=37973#sthash.zjTd6xDv.dpuf
The plan to crash the Chinese stock market failed somewhat. The crash is supposed to be followed by a depression.
take a large percent of cabal holdings in market A, move them steadily into market B, Market A sees a small decline, B a steady increase. Take out "put" options on market B, withdraw all the holdings in market B to crash it and reinvest in market A. To enhance the crash, rumours are spread beforehand through the media that is controlled by the cabal. Market B crashes, "put" options pay out. Holdings in A  increase in value. Classic Rothschild scam, exactly how that family scammed the market using the Battle of Waterloo to get control of the UK government. Modern times, Soros, fronting for the cabal hit the UK on Black Wednesday.
Seems that the attack was more than just for illegal profit from insider trading and propaganda. The creation of a depression in China was likely the primary objective. China may have played the same scam back by selling gold massively forcing the price down, buying it back and paying the profits into the major Chinese stocks.
I'll probably be able to find out what went down from Tyler at Zero Hedge when I get time to look. That amount of currency movement cannot be done anonymously.
27 July 2015 @ 08:08 am
One-Pager on Latest Developments in Russia (RF Sitrep 2015/07/23)
Patrick Armstrong

EID AL-FITR. Interesting video that shows Russia is also a rather Muslim country. The Chief Mufti supports Putin, by the way. (For those of you who think it’s some evil scheme cooked up by Orthodoxy).

MH17. Watch this BBC interview. Shootdown by Buk “most credible scenario” but also looking at Buk fired “from another region, another place” and scenario of “an air-to-air missile.” Can only mean 2) Buk fired from the Kiev side or 3) Kiev aircraft shot it down. Somebody’s lost control of the narrative. We are told by a Ukrainian official that the report will be published 10 August but not made public. (If scenarios 2 and 3 are really being considered, why is Ukraine even part of the investigation?) Retired US int professionals again call on Washington to release what it has. Simply put, here’s all you need to know: the absence of evidence is the evidence.

UKRAINE: THE WAR. The rebels have announced a pull-back of weapons under 100mm calibre (Minsk II requires 100mm+ weapons moved out of range). Why? I think the Saker is correct: to show they are abiding by Minsk II; but it’s also a trap. OSCE observers corroborate that at least some weapons have been withdrawn and they are off to confirm full withdrawal. But they have also said – I don’t recall this before – that Kiev forces are shelling civilians: “In both cases, the SMM was able to conclude the direction of fire to have been from the area of government-controlled Pisky (11km north-west of Donetsk) and Pervomaiske (17km north-west of Donetsk).So much for the US Ambassador’s retort “How do you know? Were you personally present for this?”. Or RL’s reprinting Kiev claims that the rebels are shelling themselves.

ExpandCollapse )

Caleb Maupin 26 Jul, 2015
All the voices in the US media who gave alarmist predictions in the aftermath of China's stock market plunge earlier in July should be very embarrassed. The aftermath of the market crash has proved China’s economy to be highly resilient.
Since capitalism in China is tightly controlled and not allowed to run rampant, the population is far safer from the harmful effects of market turbulence.
According to the Financial Times, 55 percent of the US public is directly invested in the stock market. The majority of these people have no choice in the matter. They are seniors whose pensions were invested by their employers, or they are employees whose salaries are tied to “stock options” or other mechanisms linking them to the New York Stock Exchange.
As a result of the stock market’s central role in US society, when the financial crash of 2008 occurred, unemployment almost immediately went up to 10.1 percent, the highest it had been since 1983. The rate of hours worked per week dropped to 33, the lowest number ever recorded. Overall, the median household net-worth dropped by 35 percent between 2005 and 2011, according to a Vox Media report. Many people in the United States are still suffering the aftereffects of the financial crash of 2008, despite the widely reported “recovery.”
What makes China different?
Analysts in the US media, probably basing their views on what they know about the US economy, made predictions of catastrophe when China’s stock market plummeted on July 8 and 9. The US press had already spent months describing the “slowdown” in the Chinese economy as proof of impending collapse, at the same time as demonizing China’s President Xi Jinping for allegedly being a “neo-Maoist.” When 1,400 companies filed for a trading halt after a 30 percent drop, the US press went into a frenzy, declaring that the seemingly invincible Chinese economy had finally been brought to its knees.
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21 July 2015 @ 11:21 pm
By Eric Zuesse Global Research, July 21, 2015

Washingtonsblog’s anonymous founder and principal commentator is one of the most deeply knowledgeable writers on current events, and on July 19th he headlined “Governments Worldwide Will Crash the First Week of October … According to 2 Financial Forecasters.” He noted that both Martin Armstrong and Larry Edelson, two of the most respected stock-market predictors, are independently of each other predicting that “virtually all governments worldwide will be hit with a gigantic economic crisis in the first week of October 2015,” due to “a collapse of government solvency” as ricocheting government defaults spiral each other downward; and, because the U.S. won’t be forced to crash as quickly as Europe and Japan, there will then be a temporary worldwide rush into U.S. corporate stocks and bonds, especially stocks, as the short-term safe haven for investors fleeing from sovereign (government) bonds.

The next day, July 20th, Michael Meier’s German Economic News bannered “Clear Signs of Relaxation Between Obama and Putin,” and reported: “The nuclear deal with Iran and the withdrawal of heavy weapons by the rebels in the eastern Ukraine are clear signs of a détente between Russia and the US. The EU now needs to quickly develop their own strategy. Otherwise, the Europeans will have to pay for the chaos in Ukraine.” The article continues, addressing Europeans:

ExpandCollapse )

20 July 2015 @ 09:24 pm
20.07.2015 Author: Tony Cartalucci

It was reported just days ago that US policymakers have signed and dated plans drawn up for the US invasion and occupation of Syria. The plan as described by the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution – a corporate think-tank that has previously drawn up plans for the invasion, occupation, and “surge” in Iraq – is to occupy border regions of Syria with US special forces to then justify a nationwide “no-fly-zone” if and when Syrian forces attempt to retake these “safe zones.”

The “safe zones” are to be used by various terrorists fronts Brookings admits are tied to Al Qaeda, to take refuge from Syrian air power and from which to stage and launch attacks deeper into Syrian territory. The end game is the Balkanization of Syria into ineffectual vassal states the US can later stitch together into a larger client regime.

It was also reported that this signed and dated conspiracy to invade, occupy, and destroy Syria would be followed by widespread propaganda aimed at selling the policy paper under the guise of “defeating” the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL). In reality, hundreds of trucks a day, originating deep within NATO-member Turkey’s territory, cross the Turkish-Syrian border unopposed, destined for ISIS territory, keeping the terrorist front well supplied and armed, along with its ranks full of fresh fighters.

It is clear that US, British, and other regional allies conducting airstrikes on ISIS in Syria are doing so with full knowledge that whatever damage they are doing is quickly absorbed by the logistical torrent they themselves allow, even underwrite, to freely flow into ISIS territory. No attempts have been made by the US or any of the NATO nations involved in the Syrian conflict, to first stem ISIS’ supply lines – an elementary and obvious strategic goal necessary if the West was truly interested in stopping ISIS.

The Propaganda Begins

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July 17, 2015 By 21wire
Patrick Henningsen

21st Century Wire

This month marks the one year anniversary of the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 – an incident that took place against a backdrop of a brutal proxy war – pitting Kiev and its supporters in Washington DC, the EU and NATO – against rebel forces in eastern Ukraine and Russia. As with most 21st century conflicts, truth has been the first casualty of war here.

Last July, 21WIRE released its own preliminary investigation into the disaster. That post still remains one of the most successful articles in the site’s history. One year on, we’ll revisit and review many of those key points and attempt many of the reamining unanswered questions…

On July 17, 2014, flight MH17 traveling east from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – crashed near the village of Grabovo, and on the outskirts of the town of Torez just outside of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, approximately 40 km from the Ukrainian-Russian border.

To call this situation volatile would almost be an understatement. A pivotal event such as this could easily be used as  a pretext for escalating not only a New Cold War between the West and Russia, but also a hot war. Only six months previously, the Ukraine found itself in the throws of a western-backed coup d’état in Kiev which tore the country apart. This was quickly followed by a snap referendum in Crimea, where voters opted for secession from the Ukraine and into the relatively secure arms of the Russian Federation. The west cried foul and so began a new grudge match. Arguably, tensions between the west and Moscow have been at their highest since the apex of the Cold War during the east-west Soviet era. Needless to say, with MH17 the stakes could not be any higher, and regarding the west, it was obvious who would be assigned the blame for this tragedy.

More than any other incident, this one was flushed out firstly through public relations channels, and then secondly through official government bodies. From the onset the West took its position by claiming it had “proof” that ‘Russian-backed rebels’ were responsible for shooting down the passenger airliner. Immediately after the incident took place, the western government-media complex insisted that the murder weapon was a Russian-made BUK Surface to Air Missile system.
Western mainstream media outlets wasted no time in disseminating this government-issued conspiracy theory, backed-up by a number of other clams of “evidence” coming out of the Washington-backed regime in Kiev. At the time, US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed to have a “mountain of evidence” convicting ‘pro-Russian separatists’ and Moscow. Unfortunately, Kerry’s mountain was no more than a mole hill. Nearly all of those claims have since been debunked and exposed as fraudulent – but from a public opinion perspective, the damage was already done.

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They don't care that we know.

TIME Admits ISIS Bringing Arms, Fighters in From NATO Territory

12 July 2015 by Tony Cartalucci

Late last year, Germany’s broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) investigated what turned out to be hundreds of trucks a day carrying billions of dollars in supplies, flowing across the Turkish border into Syria and directly into the hands of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).
The border crossing near the Turkish city of Oncupinar, approximately 100km west of the Syrian city of Kobani, is apparently only one of many such crossings where ISIS fighters, weapons, and materiel move directly under the watch and apparent assistance of NATO.
TIME in their recent article titled, “ISIS Fighters Kill 200 Civilians in Syrian Town,” reported that:

The attacks also came after the group [ISIS] suffered a series of setbacks over the past two weeks, including the loss last week of the Syrian border town of Tal Abyad — one of the group’s main points for bringing in foreign fighters and supplies.

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How “Fascist Capitalism” Functions: The Case of Greece

By Eric Zuesse Global Research, July 12, 2015

There is “democratic capitalism”, and there is “fascist capitalism”. What we have today is fascist capitalism; and the following will explain how it works, using as an example the case of Greece.

Mark Whitehouse at Bloomberg headlined on 27 June 2015, “If Greece Defaults, Europe’s Taxpayers Lose,” and presented his ‘news’ report, which simply assumed that, perhaps someday, Greece will be able to get out of debt without defaulting on it. Other than his unfounded assumption there (which assumption is even in his headline), his report was accurate. Here is what he reported that’s accurate:

He presented two graphs, the first of which shows Greece’s governmental debt to private investors (bondholders) as of, first, December 2009; and, then, five years later, December 2014. This graph shows that, in almost all countries, private investors either eliminated or steeply reduced their holdings of Greek government bonds during that 5-year period. (Overall, it was reduced by 83%; but, in countries such as France, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, and Belgium, it was reduced closer to 100% — all of it.)

In other words: by the time of December 2009, word was out, amongst the aristocracy, that only suckers would want to buy it from them, so they needed suckers and took advantage of the system that the aristocracy had set up for governments to buy aristocrats’ bad bets — for governments to be suckers when private individuals won’t. Not all of it was sold directly to governments; much of it went instead indirectly, to agencies that the aristocracy has set up as basically transfer-agencies for passing junk to governments; in other words, as middlemen, to transfer unpayable debt-obligations to various governments’ taxpayers. Whitehouse presented no indication as to whom those investors sold that debt to, but almost all of it was sold, either directly or indirectly, to Western governments, via those middlemen-agencies, so that, when Greece will default (which it inevitably will), the taxpayers of those Western governments will suffer the losses. The aristocracy will already have wrung what they could out of it.

Who were these governments and middlemen-agencies? As of January 2015, they were: 62% Euro-member governments (including the European Financial Stability Facility); 10% International Monetyary Fund (IMF), and 8% European Central Bank; then, 17% still remained with private investors; and 3% was owned by “other.”

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