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Insight - Syria's Nusra Front may leave Qaeda to form new entity
By Mariam Karouny BEIRUT Wed Mar 4, 2015
(Reuters) - Leaders of Syria's Nusra Front are considering cutting their links with al Qaeda to form a new entity backed by some Gulf states trying to topple President Bashar al-Assad, sources said.
Sources within and close to Nusra said that Qatar, which enjoys good relations with the group, is encouraging the group to go ahead with the move, which would give Nusra a boost in funding.
The exercise could transform Nusra from a weakened militia group into a force capable of taking on Islamic State at a time when it is under pressure from bombing raids and advances by Kurdish and Iraqi military forces.
It could also boost the influence of Qatar and its allies in the campaign to oust Assad, in line with the Gulf state's growing diplomatic ambitions in the region. Qatari officials were not available for comment.
While it awaits the final word from its decision-making Shoura council, Nusra is not wasting time. It has turned on small non-jihadi groups, seizing their territory and forcing them to disarm so as to consolidate Nusra's power in northern Syria and pave the way for the new group.
Intelligence officials from Gulf states including Qatar have met the leader of Nusra, Abu Mohamad al-Golani, several times in the past few months to encourage him to abandon al Qaeda and to discuss what support they could provide, the sources said.
They promised funding once it happens.
"A new entity will see the light soon, which will include Nusra and Jaysh al Muhajereen wel Ansar and other small brigades," said Muzamjer al-Sham, a prominent jihadi figure who is close to Nusra and other Islamist groups in Syria.
"The name of Nusra will be abandoned. It will disengage from al Qaeda. But not all the Nusra emirs agree and that is why the announcement has been delayed," said Sham.
A source close to the foreign ministry confirmed that Qatar wanted Nusra to become a purely Syrian force not linked to al Qaeda.
"They are promising Nusra more support, i.e. money, supplies etc, once they let go of the Qaeda ties," the official said.
The Qatari-led bid to rebrand Nusra and to provide it with new support could further complicate the war in Syria as the United States prepares to arm and train non-jihadist rebels to fight Islamic State.
The Nusra Front is listed as a terrorist group by the United States and has been sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council. But for Qatar at least, rebranding Nusra would remove legal obstacles to supporting it.

So all a terrorist gang has to do to get delisted is change its name then the state sponsors of terrorism, Bilderberg-zionist subject countries (UK and its commonwealth countries, US and its puppet countries, EU, IL) would feel themselves free to throw tax funds, weapons, military and intelligence assistance at the no-longer-terrorist gang.
I wonder which psycho think tank came up with that idea, one of (former PNAC founder and chair) zionist Kristol's  such as the Foreign Policy Initiative or the Foreign Policy Initiative or Soros' CFR? The complicit MSM will sell the covin.
Remember that Syria has a popular, democratically elected government and it is a sovereign country. Cameron and his Bilderberg - zionist cronies ignore international law and repeatedly commit crimes not least interference in the affairs of sovereign countries such as sponsoring and directly and indirectly supporting terrorism to defeat elected gov'ts for the purpose of profit and to advance the zionist - neocon global hegemony agenda. For this a very long jail sentence in a Guantanamo like camp would be fitting imo.

Have UK forces been active in destroying Syrian infrastructure the way the US-NATOCIA forces have? Is there evidence that can be used to get Cameron and Hague before the ICC?
Montana House committee pushes back against "Agenda 21"
Critics of "Agenda 21" have seen it as an evil for years - ranging from bad policy to an erosion of national sovereignty to a harbinger of one-world totalitarian government, grounded in radical principles of environmentalism and socialism. Montana's House Judiciary Committee entered the debate on Monday, endorsing a bill resisting Agenda 21.

How To Commit Terrorism and Get Away With It
By Deek Jackson
So let's say you want to scare your population into accepting war or a new policy, or an extreme version the one you've already got.

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Satanic USSA Lurches Insanely Toward WW-III
You can see it coming.
February 26, 2015 Event Horizon Chronicle, dr.samizdat1618(at)
Just as you know that a hard storm is coming when you see towering thunderclouds billow up on the horizon, and see the lightning flash against the dark, angry sky; so, too, can you tell that one hell of a geopolitical storm is coming.
You have but to consider the depth of the insanity in which it is being nurtured and brought to term, and you know of a certainty that it will be wicked beyond all reckoning.
You know it is going to be bad, I mean really, really bad,  when the USSA keeps trotting out its deranged Vice-President to insist, among other things, that, "Russia cannot be allowed to redraw the map of Europe,"  and that the Russians must get out of Ukraine.
To begin with, the USSA itself has already radically redrawn the map of Europe with its vicious, military dismantling of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. For the lengthy, bloody details please read this and also this analysis of that conflict. There is, indeed, a satanic, psychopathic, fascist butcher of the Balkans and his name is USSA ex-President Bill Clinton. He should be in chains awaiting trial on unpardonable crimes against humanity, with a non-negotiable penalty upon conviction of hanging by the neck until dead.
So who, therefore, is the USSA Vice-President to lecture anyone about redrawing the map of Europe?
As for the Russians having to get out of Ukraine -- they have actually been there from its birth centuries ago!Read more...Collapse )
UK, IL, US and other Western regimes occupied by NATO are accused of supporting ISIL.
Is your gov't the real enemy? Ps, PMs and "representatives" continually lie and always complicit in the lies mainstream media (MSM) continuously acts as a mouthpiece for the enemies of humanity, conceals the truth or diverts attention with warmed over BS such as the latest demonisation of Russia and Putin. As in Libya and Syria the orchestrated opponents of a country that is an obstacle to the advancement of the NWO global hegemony agenda and the Israeli regime's maniacal expansionist scheme are covertly provided with funding, training,  weapons and direction by allied military and intelligence services. There are always secondary reasons for Bilderberg and Israel firsters using NATOCIA, its insurgents and terrorists to terrorise and murder civilians and destroy infrastucture and leave a country in chaos. The reasons include plunging the country into IMF debt, control of the economy, sale of weapons, control of resources and
land and achievements such as Libya and Iraq  by the Pilgrims creation, Bilderberg on behalf of the Black Nobility is bragged about and celebrated by such (alleged servants of Lucifer) as Cameron and Obama. The successes are not for the benefit of the public, it merely pays for them and provides people to do the  dirty work such as bombing, shelling and shooting the inhabitants of target countries. While attention is focused on the ME "jihadists" and the Ukraine's neo nazi fascists, Africa is increasingly receiving the same "largesse" courtesy of the Boko Haram gangsters allegedly provided for by the CIA.

Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL,

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26 February 2015 @ 02:14 pm
The Maidan - one year later
February 21, 2015February 21, 2015Today is the first anniversary of the deal made between Yanukovich and the "opposition" and guaranteed by foreign ministers Radosław Sikorski of Poland, Laurent Fabius of France and Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany.  As we all know, the deal resulted in a withdrawal of the security forces from the Kiev city center immediately followed by an armed insurrection which overthrew the government.  Predictably, Poland, France and Germany did not object.  I won't recount all of the events which happened since this infamous day, but I think that it is important to look at what has changed in a year.  I think that it also makes sense to compare what I had predicted might happen with what actually happened simply to see if a person if a person with no access to any classified data and who is using only "open sources" for his analysis could have predicted what happened or if this was all a huge and totally unpredictable surprise.
So let's look at my predictions in a chronological order.
November 30th, 2013: in "The Gates of Hell are Opening for the Ukraine"
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Bilderbergers in Perspective
By Stewart Ogilby on June 3, 2013

Mr. Karl Marx, when solitarily contemplating the condition and future of humanity in the bowels of the British Museum, illuminated the relationship between those who control wealth and those who, he concluded, create it. In doing so he necessarily postulated class warfare. That concept became a rallying cry for those using political means to propel themselves into power. When successful they would, thereby, control wealth and aggressively employ State military power to further their own objectives. This charming scenario was exposed brilliantly in 1957 by Milovan Djilas in The New Class.
Read on -

NEO – Saakashvili finds extradition protection in Ukraine
Posted by Jim W. Dean on February 21, 2015
The Georgian Government is Upset with Poroshenko’s “Presidential Advisor”
Mikheil Saakashvili , of all people, has become a “presidential advisor” to Ukraine’s new incumbent, Petro Poroshenko.
The Georgian government is understandably rather upset that Ukraine, a country it sees as a friend, has appointed him to such a key post.

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Ukrainegate: NATO weapons for truce
19 February
Initially it seemed surprising that on the first day of the negotiations marathon [1 ] in Minsk a bill to “provide lethal weapons to the Government of Ukraine in order to defend itself against Russian-backed rebel separatists in eastern Ukraine” would be introduced in the US Congress [2]. However, it soon became clear that its sponsor, Sen. James Inhofe, simply harbors no illusions [3] about his Ukrainian partners’ competence or ability to comply with their obligations. He understands that Kiev will inevitably violate the cease-fire and that Washington will soon have to explain why the militias in the devastated region of what is known as the “Debaltsevo cauldron”[4]are in possession of such a vast number of captured weapons originating from NATO countries.
And there can be no doubts whatsoever that this will happen. The militia continues to provide documented evidence of Kiev’s use of NATO-standard weapons, such as Paladin M109 self-propelled howitzers, portable Javelin anti-tank weapons systems, and small arms (M16 rifles and much more).

Video taken in Gorlovka on Feb.1, 2015. Life News reports that the Christian cathedral in the centre of town was shelled by 155mm cannons of a US-made Paladin howitzer.

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20 February 2015 @ 02:16 pm
Dollar collapsing, euro on the brink, enemies of humanity trying to provoke WWIII
The US currency wars are front and center today with Mr. Odintsov's timely article to connect the current dots.
Preamble by Jim the ed sets the scene for the report, "NEO – The Global De-dollarization and the US Policies" that follows.
February 16, 2015
Editor’s note: The US currency wars are front and center today with Mr. Odintsov’s timely article to connect the current dots.
This process had been following a natural slow evolution to allow everyone time to adjust to the changes without major disruptions. But trouble came to paradise.
The banksters decided they did not want to relinquish their lock on international trade having to be done largely in the dollar.
They unleashed their financial attacks through the mega loan fraud and then the super computer derivatives scam that still goes on today.
That brought the transfer of a huge amount of middle class capital into the hands of guess who. And to make sure “they” had no problem with prosecutions, they wisely cut the political establishment in by guaranteeing them superior campaign funding forever, and they have delivered.

But they have also overplayed their hand with the combination terrorism and regime overthrow campaigns they have unleashed, which also cut the Intel and Justice Dept. people in for a piece of the action. Sanction wars came in vogue to make examples of all those who wandered off the plantation.
Those sanctions have boomeranged as de-dollarization, the creation of multiple settlement and credit card systems, dual currency trading agreements and joint national banks, have all joined hands to build firewalls against offensive western sanctions — the modern financial slave collar.
If the West begins to lose the game, the last card to play is the big war, declaration of emergencies, etc., where the game will be re-rigged once again.Read more...Collapse )Jim W. Dean

NEO – The Global De-dollarization and the US Policies
(First published  …  February 2, 2015 )
by Vladimir Odintsov
In its quest for world domination, which the White House has been pursuing for more than a century, it relied on two primary tools: the US dollar and military might.
In order to prevent Washington from establishing complete global hegemony, certain countries have recently been revising their positions towards these two elements by developing alternative military alliances and by breaking with their dependence on the US dollar.
Until the mid-twentieth century, the gold standard was the dominant monetary system, based on a fixed quantity of gold reserves stocked in national banks, which limited lending.

At that time, the United States managed to become the owner of 70% of world’s gold reserves (excluding the USSR), therefore it pushed its weakened competitor, the UK, aside resulting to the creation of the Bretton Woods financial system in 1944. That’s how the US dollar became the predominant currency for international payments.
But a quarter century later this system had proven ineffective due to its inability to contain the economic growth of Germany and Japan, along with the reluctance of the US to adjust its economic policies to maintain the dollar-gold balance.
At that time, the dollar experienced a dramatic decline but it was saved by the support of rich oil exporters, especially once Saudi Arabia began to exchange its black gold for US weapons and support in talks with Richard Nixon.
As a result, President Richard Nixon in 1971 unilaterally ordered the cancellation of the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold, and instead he established the Jamaican currency system, in which oil has become the foundation of the US dollar system. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that from that moment on the control over oil trade has become the number one priority of Washington’s foreign policy.
In the aftermath of the so-called Nixon Shock, the number of US military engagements in the Middle East and other oil producing regions saw a sharp increase. Once this system was supported by OPEC members, the global demand for US petrodollars hit an all time high.
Petrodollars became the basis for America domination over the global financial system which resulted in countries being forced to buy dollars in order to get oil on the international market.
Analysts believe that the share of the United States in today’s world gross domestic product shouldn’t exceed 22%. However, 80% of international payments are made with US dollars.
As a result, the value of the US dollar is exceedingly high in comparison with other currencies, that’s why consumers in the United States receive imported goods at extremely low prices. It provides the United States with significant financial profit, while high demand for dollars in the world allows the US government to refinance its debt at very low interest rates.
Under these circumstances, those hedging against the dollar are considered a direct threat to US economic hegemony and the high living standards of its citizens, and therefore political and business circles in Washington attempt by all means to resist this process.
This resistance manifested itself in the overthrow and the brutal murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who decided to switch to Euros for oil payments, before introducing a gold dinar to replace the European currency.
However, in recent years,
despite Washington’s desire to use whatever means to sustain its position within the international arena, US policies are increasingly faced with opposition.
As a result, a growing number of countries are trying to move from the US dollar along with its dependence on the United States, by pursuing a policy of de-dollarization.
Three states that are particularly active in this domain are China, Russia and Iran. These countries are trying to achieve de-dollarization at a record pace, along with some European banks and energy companies that are operating within their borders.
The Russian government held a meeting on de-dollarization in spring of 2014, where the Ministry of Finance announced the plan to increase the share of ruble-denominated contracts and the consequent abandonment of dollar exchange.
Last May at the Shanghai summit, the Russian delegation manged to sign the so-called “deal of the century” which implies that over the next 30 years China will buy $ 400 billion worth of Russia’s natural gas, while paying in rubles and yuans.
Continues with "Oil payment being accepted in rubles"

The West’s Great Charade Is Coming To An End
February 17, 2015
With the world focused on news out of Greece and Ukraine, today one of the greats in the business told King World News that the West's great charade is coming to an end.  The 50-year veteran also addressed the strange timing of the raid in the gold and silver markets and more.
Eric King:  “John, what will be the ramifications of a severe misstep by the EU over this Greek crisis?”
John Hathaway:  “That’s the $64 trillion question.  Spain and Italy are both waiting and watching.  It could lead to a breakup of the eurozone.  But I can tell you that if it takes a bad turn for Europe, it would fall into the category of a loss of confidence in paper money….

Remember, it is not the people shooting at you that are the enemy, they are uninformed dupes. The real enemy are the people that control the politicians and generals that tell those people to shoot and bomb you and tell you to shoot back. Bilderberg is their front.
Ukrainian General Staff Confirms Losing  Control Over Debaltsevo Forces
 2/17/2017 Translated from Russian by J.Hawk
Earlier today the Russian Spring reported that, according to the information from the relatives of UAF troops located in the vicinity of Debaltsevo, the chain of command has completely broken down and the troops were issued orders to break out of the cauldron on their own. However, several Ukrainian media immediately denied the reports, claiming it was panic-mongering.
However, only an hour ago the acting spokesperson for the Ukrainian General Staff Vladislav Seleznev confirmed this information during a live interview on the TV channel 112, saying that DPR units were assaulting the UAF base-camp at Debaltsevo, and that the headquarters for all UAF forces there has been destroyed.
Oddly enough, Seleznev would not confirm that the Ukrainian forces are in a cauldron. But he did not deny it either.
J.Hawk’s Comment:
So it’s coming to an end. It’s only a matter of how many troops make it out alive. But the loss of equipment, combined with earlier losses here and everywhere, put into question the UAF’s ability to conduct large-scale operations for a long time to come. The days of “Victory” have come to an end. The days of “Treason” are only beginning… Poroshenko and others were able to avoid reckoning for the earlier Ilovaysk debacle apparently only by promising a rematch. They seem to have lost that one too, and Round 3 does not seem in the cards. But Round 2 is the only thing that kept all the different factions of the very fragile "pro-European" junta together.

It's a second Ilovaysk"--Ukrainian reactions to Debaltsevo
“The Debaltsevo Cauldron had closed. It's a second Ilovaysk.”
2/18/2015 By Yuliana Skibitskaya
Translated from Russian and Ukrainian by J.Hawk
We have collected the statements from combat participants and commentary from social networks concerning the events at Debaltsevo.
Dmitriy Gross, Deputy Commander, 25th “Kievan Russ” Battalion
“We are under fire from mortars, Grads, self-propelled howitzers, small arms, and lots of other stuff. There is close combat in the streets. 90% of the civilian population had left. Debaltsevo is not fully surrounded, but all roads leading into it are under militant [sic] fire. It is practically impossible to enter the city.
“Gusar,” an officer of the 128th Brigade (published on the Zerkalo Nedeli web site):
“We are facing the second Ilovaysk. It’s been five days since the cauldron had closed. When the Donetsk Airport was taken, they lied to people for five days that it’s under control. In reality it was the other way around. Debaltsevo is under de-facto encirclement since five days ago. There used to be a small path out, which they tried to use to break out. They lost vehicles but broke out. The enemy occupied the commanding heights along the road and has it covered with fire. People are telling us nice stories that there are still communication routs, some detours, dirt roads…There was a road like that, but as of yesterday the convoy of five vehicles that left Debaltsevo yesterday lost all five of them. Only seven guys made it out. We don’t know what happened to the rest.”
Viktor Baloga, Politician [Transcarpathia oligarch, governor] (comment on facebook).
“Mr. President. You and I both know well that we no longer control Debaltsevo. I’ll say more. Preventing the media from reporting the true state of affairs will not help anyone. Our own HQ is lying worse than the Russians. Moreover, the lies are obvious—there are so many people there that it’s impossible to conceal the truth. My local guys are there, lots of them. But since nobody is doing anything, they are losign faith.
You know what needs to be done, both in the military and diplomatic sense. In other words, either we cancel the ceasefire which had never existed for the entire region, switch on the artillery and send weapons and ammunition in. Or we decide to withdraw. The decision must be made NOW!”
Deputy Commander of the 25th “Kievan Rus” Battalion
“The situation in Debaltsevo is critical, very bad. 90% of Debaltsevo is under their control. It is in operational encirclement. All three roads to the city are mined and under dense enemy fire. Our higher command is gone. The Sector command and commander were here. But in reality he abandoned this position and caused senseless losses. The command is not in control of the situation here.”
“The Debaltsevo cauldron had closed! There is exfiltration by small groups. Somebody is covering the withdrawal and holding positions, gradually abandoning them and withdrawing. We have lost the police HQ and the rail station in the morning. We lost 1/3 of our equipment at Ilovaysk. We’ll lose 1/5th of all equipment, abandoning it because people are more valuable, and there will be nothing to fight with, as always. All withdrawing groups are falling into ambushes and are losing men and equipment. The ambushes are growing stronger and more fortified with every hour, and the percentage of people making it out of the cauldron is dropping. They won’t say this on TV. Everything is great there. Pete [Poroshenko] outplayed everyone, no need for martial law, Europe is concerned, etc.”

Debaltsevo Update, morning 2/17
“The separatists [sic] fired from all kinds of weapons, from mortars to SP howitzers and Uragan rocket launchers. Our guys held their positions to the last. We had no communications with them. They started to come out of the city at night, in a column of trucks and APCs. There were many wounded in the column. Our intelligence was able to find a relatively save path out. Our guys broke into groups. ‘McCloud’s’ group went second. Tolya was behind them. They fell into an ambush. Lost lots of equipment, but managed to break out. But that corridor is now closed.”
From Tyler's Zero hedge
Trapped In A Narrative Of Lies
Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer of The Automatic Earth

Trapped In A Narrative
I’ve addressed the issue a hundred times, and it pains me to see it only gets worse. But it does. And it’s not my pain that counts, it has no meaning whatsoever, it’s the fact that we are inching ever closer to the kind of situations none of us would choose.
That is, war, people dying from sheer misery, people dying because they have no access to the services we take for granted, and even people being shelled by their own government.
All these things are happening as we speak, and we accept them lying down – on our couches - and choose to ignore and even deny them, because we are trapped in narratives spun by those who see a profit in spreading these narratives. And who have a solid grip on what gets spun and what is not.
This is not going to end well. Not unless we speak up. Not for anyone amongst us. This one will not pass by your door, or mine. We’re approaching decision time. For the world, for your life and mine. It’s time to pick sides.
As I said, I’ve talked about this numerous times. I suggest you read for example 2014: The Year Propaganda Came Of Age. And then realize that the age of innocence is gone. That ‘I didn’t know’ no longer counts for anything. That ‘I’m just trying to make a living’ only goes so far. That your life is not only about you.
February 12 seems to have been a busy day. There had been a 16 hour – largely overnight – meeting in Minsk attended by Merkel, Hollande, Petroshenko and Putin. Why Putin was asked to attend – ostensibly representing the Donbass ‘rebels’ – is up for questioning, but he was there. The rebels themselves were not.
Not long after the cease-fire was announced, perhaps even prior to it, US Senator Jim Inhofe released photos, which he claimed prove Russian troops are in Ukraine. These were subsequently found to be fake. Like every other single ‘proof’ has been found wanting.
Think about that for a second, another second: it’s been a year since Maidan, since Yanukovich was chased out, and still not one piece of ‘evidence’ has been made to stick. Not one. While the US have the most advanced spy technology ever seen on the planet, it has not been able to produce one piece of information, for a whole year, to prove its assertions that Russia provides weapons to the ‘rebels’, sends soldiers to fight in the Donbass, or has anything to do with shooting down a plane. Not one single piece of evidence.
And then comes Inhofe. Who’s a bigwig, and whose claims may well sway Senate votes towards sending US arms to Kiev:
Inhofe Releases ‘Exclusive’ Deathly Images To Free Beacon That Are Not'Read more...Collapse )